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This Time it's Even Worse


This Time it's Even Worse

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Kayn is Super Broken AGAIN... But this time it's even worse.

Kayn abuse just never stops...
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Why the Music in Cats (2019) is Worse than you Thought

Due to a manual copyright claim by UMG (that I'm still working to resolve) some of the music in this video is either muted or replaced with some of the most hilarious stock music YouTube would let me use.
If you'd like to see what this video was supposed to look/sound like, you can check it out here:

In this video I freak out about Cats holding hands


Also, I'd like to make a special mention of Catilin Koi's video Let's Talk About CATS.
I wish I'd done my job a little better and found this video before I made my own, and cited her multiple times because she does a MUCH better job than I do at explaining the plot to the original stage version of Cats, especially everything with Grizabella at the end of the show.
if anything about this video has made you excited about learning about the original Cats then I cannot recommend her video enough


The article penned by the audio leads on Cats
I cannot overstate how much of a fascinating read this is, you owe it to yourself to read it!

Part 1 of the above article with some interesting insights to the film industry
(I liked the part where they lucked out with the forehead-mounted mics not interfering with the dancers' somersaults)

Luciano Berio's Sequenza III performed by Laura Catrani (I love this performance!)

because of course Cats has it's own wiki

The Toronto Star article about the Orchestra having to work up to 2 months before the film released

John Cage's Water Walk

The Greenport Peter Pan Fiasco

Maria Joao Pires prepared a different Mozart concerto to the one that was performed

The same thing happened to pianist Tianxu An in the finals of a Tchaikovsky Competition in 2019

Ray Chen breaks a string during a performance (and the concertmaster doesn't flinch when he has to swap violins like a pro)

The metal pole modern dance thing that we've all seen a million times

If I've missed anything please let me know
Seriously, if I've used a clip from your video in this video and I haven't put it here please contact me!

Pandemics Worse Than Novel Coronavirus in the History of Mankind

While things are a little crazy in the world, with COVID-19 taking up all of the news across the globe, we look to the past to offer some guidance on how to best get through these tough times. In today's video we're looking at some of the worst epidemics and pandemics in history, and we'll see how the Coronavirus compares to the Black Plague and other diseases that were much worse.

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All videos are based on publicly available information unless otherwise noted.

Uganda - Even Worse at Elections Than America: The Daily Show

With the help of several suspicious mishaps on voting day, Yoweri Museveni is reelected president of Uganda for a fifth term.

Watch full episodes of The Daily Show now -- no login required:

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.

The U.S. economic crisis is even worse than it appears. Here's what government can do

A new jobs report details a picture of devastating national unemployment not seen since the Great Depression. Neel Kashkari, president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and former assistant secretary of the treasury, joins Judy Woodruff to discuss why the crisis is likely even worse than it appears, who is hurt the most and what the government can do to try to stabilize the U.S. economy.

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Ooyy - Divergent Ft.@Flying Beast This Time it's Even Worse - Background Cinematic Vlog Music

This Time it's Even Worse Flying Beast Background Es Music

Music Name : Ooyy - Divergent

FLYING BEAST Music (My TOP 5 FAV) Part 2 :-

Part 3 -

Part 4 (Flying Beast Music Video) -

Part 5 (Flying Beast Favourite Music)


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Grubhub Ad but it's even worse somehow

So I edited the grubhub ad to be even worse. all it took was some old memes and the arabic nokia ringtone.
any thoughts?
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#grubhub #memes

Sonic Trailer but it's even worse

To make it even worse, I tried to make the worst video ever.
It was not a good choice

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Sound effects

cravity on crack again but this time it’s even worse

gimme suggestions!!! i’m running out of ideas (unless cravity posts another crack video)!!! THANK YOU FOR WATCHING????

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i do not own any of these clips, all credit goes to the owner.
do not reupload.

Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein - It's Even Worse Than It Looks

It's Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided With the New Politics of Extremism was the topic of discussion with co-authors Thomas Mann, the W. Averell Harriman chair and senior fellow of Governance Studies at The Brookings Institution, and Norman Ornstein, resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, on Tuesday, October 1, 2013, in Dodds Auditorium, Robertson Hall.

The discussion was part of the school's Good Governance lecture series. The series examines the current state of the United States' governing bodies and whether they are currently meeting the needs of our citizens.

It's Even Worse Than It Looks

How the American Constitutional System Collided With the New Politics of Extremism

This being an election year, the airwaves and op-ed pages are full of pundits and politicians declaring what the future will or should bring this fall. Given the fragile economic climate and explosive political environment, the objective insight of seasoned experts is crucial now more than ever.

Join the John Brademas Center for the Study of Congress and NYU Wagner on May 2, 2012 at 3:00PM in welcoming Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein who are sure set off passionate debate among these and other important players in the beltway and beyond.

Boy Gets ‘Pencil’ Stuck In Ear, Doctor Pulls Out Something Much Worse

Boy Gets ‘Pencil’ Stuck In Ear, Doctor Pulls Out Something Much Worse
Voiceover by Jamie Buck -

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Why Timestop in JoJo is even worse than you think

At least timestop still looks cool even if it's bad, right?

Big thanks to Erlikos for some of his clips and for being cool:

List of reasons why timestop sucks:
1. Very specific setup for each character
2. Requires high meter
3. Damage is proportional to the amount of meter you have
4. Very bad damage when timestop is scaled
5. If you try to make it unscaled, you put the risk of yourself being hit while in startup
6. You can die from pulling off the Timestop Glitch

Game: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage for the Future
Platform: PC (Fightcade/Emulator)
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Donna & Russ New Song. “ People Calm Down ( It’s Even Worse ) “ 4-2-21

Donna & Russ new song “ People Calm Down ( It’s Even Worse) “ Had a great time putting this together. Had Donna doing background vocals for the first time. Took me this long to convince her nobody gives a shit.

Yodelling kid at Walmart returns ???? and its even worse this time

Kid comes babck

Is Washington's Partisanship 'Even Worse Than it Looks?'

For more coverage, visit the PBS NewsHour website:

Judy Woodruff discusses the dysfunctional behavior in the nation's capital and what can be done to fix the polarization problems with Thomas Mann and Norman Ornstein, authors of the new book It's Even Worse Than It Looks: How the American Constitutional System Collided With the New Politics of Extremism.

I'm A Pregnant Man From Africa!? NO! It's Much Worse Than That...

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Ilham is 30 and he spent years looking as if he was pregnant. His kinsmen even nicknamed him the pregnant man.

Ilham lives a few hundred miles away from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, in a local tribal village. Do you have any idea what the daily life of an African tribe is like? Well, Ilham's tribe is fairly typical. They have no modern conveniences to speak of.

The nearest hospital is 200 miles away. When doctors visit the village, they bring medicine, but it happens very rarely. And the villagers don't come to the city because they cannot afford the journey. They have no electricity supply and very little water. They're lucky if they can bathe once a month. There was a population transfer programme to relocate them to Kibera, but that remained on paper. It feels like living in a trash can since Ilham's house is made out of garbage.

When Ilham was 16, he noticed a small solid lump next to his navel. It was the size of a chicken egg until it started to grow rapidly. Ilham's father said there was no reason to take him to the city hospital. The local shaman just had to banish the evil spirits that had possessed him. After that, everyone seemed to forget about Ilham and he was left alone with his unusual affliction.

Months would pass without any signs of the lump growing and then it would visibly enlarge within the span of two weeks. It didn't really hurt, but it made him overbalance forward when he walked. He looked as if he was 8 months pregnant. He hid the belly under an oversized shirt until it was just impossible to hide any longer. He half-believed he was in fact pregnant.

Once, the doctors came to the village to deliver medicine and Ilham complained to one of them. The doctor barely touched Ilham's body before he recoiled and said he couldn't determine what was wrong with him on the spot. Ilham needed to be properly examined before starting treatment. That was expensive though. Ilham used to be able to make 1 dollar per day if he was lucky, but he had completely lost his capability to work and make money.

Ilham's neighbors and even his close friends never missed the chance to tease him. Once, his friends stopped him on the street and told him: So how's your baby coming along? When will he be born? We can't wait to see him! I'm sure he's going to grow up into someone extraordinary, like the chieftain or the president. I mean, you're the first man ever to get pregnant! Isn't this insulting to hear?

Taking care of himself was a chore. Ilham couldn't dress without help, and all clothes were too small for him, so he had to wrap himself in rags. Eventually, he stopped leaving the house at all. He was sitting in his stuffy garbage hut and suffering. What had he done to deserve this?

Then one day, Ilham got an idea to charge tourists for taking pictures with a pregnant man. He presented himself as a groundbreaking sensation. After a while, he was able to save up a few hundred dollars. He was delighted to have found a source of easy money. While his neighbors made a dollar a day, Ilham could earn as much as 5 or 7 dollars. He was even richer than the chieftain. When the doctors arrived for another visit and saw Ilham lying in his bed, crushed by his own enormous belly, they said he was going with them. Ilham gave the doctors all his savings and squeezed himself into the car.

As soon as Ilham arrived at the hospital, they conducted a series of tests on him. In the morning, the doctor said they'd remove his pregnancy tomorrow. Ilham stared at him, unsure if he was kidding.

When Ilham woke up after the operation, he kept feeling his stomach for the lump that wasn't there anymore. His doctor said he was an ordinary man now, perfectly able to get married and to get his wife pregnant. He explained Ilham had a tumor that had been growing for several years. The older cells solidified and new cells accumulated around them.

Back home, Ilham paraded around the neighborhood showing off his slim body. He hadn't even been able to stand upright for a few days after the operation. According to his doctor, he needed to find a new center of gravity. And Ilham found it. Even better than that, he found a girlfriend just three days after he was released from the hospital.

Ilham leads a normal life now. He's moonlighting to save up enough money to move to the city. He's getting married soon! He remembers his time as a pregnant man with a smile. It's Ama's turn to be pregnant now!


This Time it’s Even Worse..Profit to Loss



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