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This Will Kill Your Computer


This Will Kill Your Computer

Is the 2016 MacBook Pro Worth It?
The USB Killer will destroy nearly anything you plug it into. Don't try this at home.
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Computer destruction... is it really as easy as plugging in a USB device?

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USB Killer vs iPhone 7 Plus - Instant Death?

What Happens If You Plug a USB Killer v2.0 Into iPhone 7 Plus? or Note 7? The Fastest Way To Kill a Computer!

I bought mine here:

14 Things Destroy Your Computer Slowly and Unnoticeably

Your computer sure makes life easier, but can you say you pay it back the same way? It turns out, seemingly insignificant things, like keeping the battery in or forgetting to unplug your headphones, can slowly kill your electronic buddy. Don’t worry! I’ll fill you in on the most common mistakes in PC care.

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Connecting the laptop to a power supply the wrong way 0:18
Plugging into the power source without removing the battery from the laptop 0:49
Being impatient as you turn on or restart your PC 1:24
Using a tee and extension cable instead of a power strip 1:47
Putting your system unit too close to the wall, furniture and home decor 2:25
Not paying enough attention to your software 3:03
Transporting your laptop in sleep or hibernation mode 3:33
Exposing the screen to direct sunlight 4:06
Mangling the cords 4:33
Keeping your laptop too hot 5:06
Using a cheap replacement power supply 5:32
Installing and uninstalling lots of programs 5:57
Cleaning the screen the wrong way 6:24
Keeping too many gadgets plugged in 6:58

Music by Epidemic Sound

- Always start with connecting the laptop to the charger, then the plug to the outlet and only then turn the laptop on.
- If you frequently use your laptop while it’s plugged in, it’s a good idea to take out the battery after you’ve charged it to about 50–60%.
- Impatience gives your computer too much pressure it can’t handle, causing the operating system to freeze and the distortion of data.
- It’s not just the grid to blame for power surges, lightning can give you a hard time as it sends its pulses through cables and even phone wires.
- Remember, your computer needs an effective cooling system. Otherwise, you’re at risk of overheating and the interrupting functionality.
- For the operating system to run smoothly for many years, give it the treatment it deserves.
- Sleep and hibernation are only good when you’re using the gadget at home and don’t like to constantly wait for the system to fully boot (although it’s worth doing it from time to time).
- One thing that your laptop and computer both have in common is that they hate the Sun. Obviously, it can cause problems with overheating, and its rays can slowly, but surely, kill your display.
- What do the cables and power cords of your laptop look like? If they’re all twisted and bent or wrapped around something to keep them bundled, don’t expect them to serve you a long time.
- Heat is your laptop’s worst enemy, so keep your gadget cool on a flat and firm surface.
- When your power supply burns or gets lost, don’t go for a cheaper version or borrow your friend’s old charger to save money.
- If your disk is full but you don’t think you have too many programs installed, try using some tools that delete rarely used and temporary files.
- Ammonia-based, alcohol-containing substances can seriously damage the anti-reflective coating of your screen and shorten its lifespan.
- Whenever it’s possible, turn off the sound, keyboard backlight, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi if you can work offline.

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Zombieload Will Kill Your PC

ZombieLoad and MDS could change computer designs forever.
Why Apple Is Right About Privacy:
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USB Kill Stick vs MY CAR...Bad Idea?

I plug the USB Killer Kill Stick into my new car…bad idea?
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Shoutout to EverythingApplePro ’s USB Killer vs iPhone 7 Plus - Instant Death? and USB Killer vs PS4 Pro & Xbox One S - Instant Death? and Austin Evans ’s This Will Kill Your Computer for the inspiration!

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This video features the USB Kill Stick vs MY CAR - Bad Idea?

SECRETER comment - what should i plug it into next? get really creative!

USB Flash drive that destroys computers!

I recreated the USB killer, found here: and plugged it into an old Dell desktop PC...The results are INSANE. Next video I will cover the damage...

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Black MIDI songs will kill your brain and your computer

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Have you ever been listening to a normal song and thought, I really wish this normal song had 280 million notes and took up 1.1 terabytes of data and was literally unplayable on any computer? Of course, you're only human. Black MIDI is the hypnotic madness you've been craving.

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30th Anniversary of MIDI:

Roland MIDI system from the 80's:

Synthesia - Super Mario Bros Theme (Kyle Landry):

MIDITrail: Bad Apple!! 7.67 million notes:

Piano From Above- Necrofantasia 4.5 million!:

Touhou 08 stage 6 Lunatic Kaguya Perfect run?:

東方妖々夢 Perfect Cherry Blossom - Phantasm (Part 1):

~IMPOSSIBLE MIDI~ MIDITrail - Necrofantasia 1,700,000 Note Black Remix by Pianokid0051:

[Black MIDI] Synthesia: What does the Fox Say? 1.1 Million Notes - The Fox - Ylvis:

Bad apple 4.6 MILLION!:

Shanghai Teahouse~Chinese 3 Million!!:

Synthesia Jingle Bells 100k Remix Black MIDI:


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The Hobbit is more hip-hop and satanic than you think:


Have you ever been listening to a normal song and thought, I really wish this normal song had 280 million notes and took up 1.1 terabytes of data and was literally unplayable on any computer? Of course, you're only human.

MIDI is a shared language that lets electronic instruments communicate with computers, developed in the early 1980s to provide a technical standard in the burgeoning field of digital music.

MIDI used to sound like this.

Now MIDI is literally at the core of all pop music -- it's how keyboards and laptops and samplers make Katy Perry records. It's how your ring tone works. It's how you use a tiny plastic guitar to play the Freebird solo on Expert. It's basically digital music air. It is in everything.

Black MIDI is a sequenced MIDI file so dense with notes, it literally just appears to be jet black. So instead of sounding like this -

It sounds like this -

Uploaded on February 6th, 2011, that piece of hypnotic mayhem from kakakakaito1998 is the first-ever Black MIDI. Although these files were being traded online as early as 2009 in Japan, kakakakaito1998 an original blacker. Because naturally his subculture has bad-ass lingo.

These songs are created -- or blacked as the bad-ass lingo goes -- by initially layering multiple MIDI files on top of each other, shortening the notes, and then presumably offering some sacrifice to the pagan Gods of yore because seriously this shit is insane and no one who does it seems eager to divulge the secret sauce.

The visual side of black MIDI is as mesmerizing as the notes themselves -- of which that song has 7.67 million. There is an element of technical braggadocio and one ups-manship to not only the number of notes, but the presentation. The description of that video is simply My graphics card has enough memory to run this without invisible notes :D.

Why? Why? Why? Bullet hell.

The most popular blackened MIDIs all originate with the Touhou project, a one-man enterprise that has seen the release of 21 bullet hell games in as many years. The quintessential Japanese shoot 'em ups, Touhou games feature an unending reign of enemy fire and big tunes.

That, for example, is a 2003 Touhou game called Perfect Cherry Blossom. And this is Necrofantasia, a popular song from Perfect Cherry Blossom.

In fact, the 10 largest black MIDIs, according to the Impossible Music Wiki's leaderboard, are all Touhou project songs. But it's YouTube so of course someone did What Does the Fox Say.

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NEVER do THIS to your COMPUTER (Totally FRIED my NEW PC) 😥

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I used a cheap USB hub with my NEW COMPUTER and it TOTALLY FRIED IT!
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Can Static Electricity Kill Your PC?

The DIY crew are PC-building villains, never wearing static wrist bands when putting builds together. But do anti-static wrist straps really protect anything? We pull out a homemade Van De Graaff generator and apply several thousand volts to PC components. Hard drives, RAM, video cards, and motherboards...which ones will fail? Watch the video to find out!

This USB Killer will Kill your Computer !

USB Killer Instantly KILLS New MacBook Pro 2016 , Google Pixel, Iphone 7 and more. USBKiller here: and macbook with touchbar :
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Hindi | USB Killer 2.0 - This will Kill Your Computer, Laptop, Android or Any USB Device

Hindi | USB Killer 2.0 - This will Kill Your Computer, Laptop, Android or Any USB Device

USB Killer 2.0 is a small pen drive which can Destroy your Android Smartphone, laptop, macbook, Computer or any other device which supports USB connection.

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Will ESD kill a computer?

The Fractal Design Meshify C Mini has arrived! -

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Will ESD kill a computer? | JayzTwoCents


How to Kill Your Computer

Original Blacker (Alexander Verevkin)
Midi: 5K-Parody

How to remove a computer virus / malware

Updated and better guide (April 2017):

To Safe Boot in Windows 10, should work for Windows 8/8.1 read below:
- On your desktop hit Windows key + R
- Type: msconfig
- Go to the Boot tab
- Under Boot options, select Safe boot and pick the Network option
- Apply and reboot

A simple, easy and free way to remove a virus or malware.

Music by longzijun

How to make real virus using notepad 2017. [This will kill your Computer]

Please watch: PREM GEET प्रेमगीत Korian version Ma Yasto Geet Gauchhu Anju Panta Sugam Pokharel in Korian vers
hello guys today we are going to learn how to make virus. This video contain the knowledge about How to make virus.
There are many more vedios that I have made like:-

Hack wifi prank

make virus for real

How to increase pendrive size as much as you want 100% working

how to design your photos as cartoon super easy

Kill my PC

Camera footage of an angry young professional working on his PC in the Sydney CBD. He was escorted from the building shortly after.

This can kill a PC in seconds!!! how to destroy others laptop or pc in a minute usb killer blast

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Warning : This video is just for educational purpose ,Don't misuse the contents shown in video.

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A Russian security expert has demoed a tiny electronic device, dubbed ‘USB Killer v2.0’, which can kill a computer – or, in fact, just about any device with a USB port – within seconds of it being inserted.

The tiny object, which looks just like a USB memory stick, draws a small amount of power from the host device and stores it in an internal capacitor until it reaches 220 volts.

This high voltage is then sent back into the host via the USB port and the charge cycle begins again. Within a second or two, the power surge ‘fries’ components on the device’s motherboard, killing it stone dead.

How to make USB Killer!

Buy USB Killer
Lighter for gas
Li-ion battery

Kill your Computer

Dean Senff was wrong, destruction IS profitable for ministry



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