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Time Lapse of Steel Building Being Erected for Church in Bonita, CA


Time Lapse of Steel Building Being Erected for Church in Bonita, CA

The project we are erecting in this video is a church located in Bonita, CA. It is a pre-engineered metal building that will be used for the main structure. The video shows our crew installing the rafters onto the steel columns using a crane. The crane is being used because of the clear span width of the building exceeds 70 ft. which makes it faster and safer to install.

After the rigid frames are up and secured, we place the purlins in between the frames for stability and roof support. A standing seam roof will be attached to the purlins to create a complete envelope. To view more steel building projects from Pascal Steel, visit our website at

Time Lapse of Steel Building Being Erected for Church in Bonita, CA


Titan Steel Structures Metal Church Buildings

Titan Steel Structures manufactures high quality American made prefabricated steel buildings. This 80x100 metal church building is for a congregation in Alabama that will be using it for their church services. Call us today if you and your congregation are outgrowing your current facility. 1-888-807-6006

Titan Steel Structures Church Buildings:

Christ Congregational Church Lufkin - Time Lapse Construction

Time Lapse video of the construction of Christ Congregational Church in Lufkin, Texas.

Time Lapse

This assembly video shows a DIY approach to assembling the Centra Series metal building. Safe practices should be taken when erecting a metal building. More information, including printable instructions, can be found at

Lilly Grove MBC new building time lapse


Metal Building System Construction Time lapse

Metal building systems account for nearly 50% of the total low-rise non-residential construction market in the U.S. They are designed and constructed faster than other forms of construction. This speed comes from the efficiencies of highly experienced metal building designers, system efficiencies in delivery and project staging, and the expertise of specialized contractors and steel erectors. This short video presents a compressed time-lapse example of the erection of a metal building system.

After design approval, work begins with site work and laying the building foundation - while the building is being fabricated in the metal building manufacturers quality controlled facility. Once the fabrication of the building’s components is complete, they are loaded onto trucks and staged for delivery to the site. Each piece of the building arrives as planned to facilitate fast and efficient erection, avoiding costly project delays.

Experienced builders prepare the job site by the time the building materials arrive to remove any down time. After the primary and secondary framing are erected, the insulation and sheeting process takes place. This involves installing the metal wall panels which are attached to the secondary framing. Insulation that meets required specifications and energy codes is also installed at this time. The next step is to attach the weather tight metal roof panels to fully enclose the building so that interior trades can proceed with their work.

Metal building systems today are innovative and come in a variety of shapes and sizes; but at their core, they all utilize a custom engineered structural steel frame and a high-performance metal roof. The versatility and flexibility of metal building systems allows for a myriad of colors, shapes, textures and designs. Metal building systems are energy efficient and durable, and maintenance costs are kept low due to the long-life building system and the weather-tight performance of a metal roof.

Metal building systems offer high quality, high value and allow owners to quickly realize their return on investment with faster launch times for occupancy and operations capabilities.

To learn more about metal building systems, please visit

Time Lapse of Steel Framed Building by Sharp and Strong Ltd 2016

This video shows a time lapse of a steel framed building being erected for a client in Swindon. The steel building is 15m wide x 23m long ad 6m to the eaves in Goosewing Grey with Red Trims .

Syncreon: Warehouse Build Time-Lapse

Maroto United | Quality Pre-Engineered Metal Building Church Steel Erection

Watch a short video of a 120 FT clear span building with insulated roof and wall panels to be used as a church.

Audio: Frozen Star by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Maroto United | Quality Pre-Engineered Metal Building Church Steel Erection

Watch a short video of a pre-engineered metal building erection with insulated roof and wall panels to be used as a church.

Erecting 50' x 100' Metal Building

Watch as a 50' x 100' metal building is erected in 3 days!

Visit for more information.

40'x100' Metal Pole Barn 30 days start to finish

This is a time lapse of the building of a 40'x100' metal pole barn which was built mostly by my son and I with the help at the end of the build three others.....1 with the concrete floor and 2 others traveled 900 miles to help close up the rear of the building after I fell off a ladder and injured my shoulder just a few days before Christmas.

Grace Baptist Church Steel Erection Time Lapse

Yeargin Potter Shackelford Construction is building the Grace Baptist Church in Powdersville, South Carolina. This is a time lapse video of the steel erection phase of the project.

Rio 2016 Olympic City Building Being Built - Timelapse- Steel Framing

Watch as part of the Rio 2016 Olympics comes to life through this timelapse video. The building project, by Gysteel, uses the FRAMECAD system.

Time-lapse - Building a hyper-insulated Steel Hangar -Ice Dreams Antwerp by Frisomat

Check out how our hyper-insulated hangar at the Gedempte Zuiderdokken in Antwerp is erected in only nine days. This 1.250m² thermo building will serve as an event hall for the ice sculpture festival, also taking place in Bruges and Liège. Visit these magical ice events during the winter period.

For more info go to our website or find us on other social media channels:

Steel Church Buildings - Metal Buildings for Sale - Peak Steel Buildings

Steel church buildings are growing in popularity. If your growing congregation gives new meaning to “close fellowship” every Sunday, it may be time to get more room with steel church buildings. In fact, once your service attendance reaches 80% of your sanctuary’s capacity, it’s likely to stop growing. Steel buildings are a viable option for churches, providing the space needed for growth while also supporting good stewardship practices. Oh, and today’s steel church buildings are beautiful, too!

Peak Steel Buildings
2151 Eatonton Road
Building B
Madison, GA 30650
Phone: 706-342-9795

Building It Better: Earthquake Testing Metal Buildings

See all the action as industry and university researchers team up to find the limits of innovative metal building designs as they are subjected to some of the most extreme earthquake shaking ever recorded. Series: Earthquake and Seismology Programs [9/2010] [Science] [Show ID: 18699]

Russian Evangelical Baptist Church - Sunward Steel Buildings

To read more about the project visit our website at


Ornate, Octagon-Shaped Prefab. Baptist Church in Westfield, MA

Sunward Steel Buildings, Inc. had the honor of manufacturing and supplying this pre-engineered steel building in Westfield, Massachusetts, in May of 2011.

Ornate, complex and fully customized down to the last detail, the building now functions as a new addition for Westfield’s Russian Evangelical Baptist Church, a house of worship that has served the surrounding community for more than 18 years. The elegant, eye-catching venue is an architectural work of art, featuring a unique, octagon-shaped design, and the church’s own parishioners played a key role in its erection, coming together to raise the building and give themselves a safe, secure new space to worship and congregate.

Custom Steel Building Kits Manufactured by Worldwide Steel Buildings

Worldwide Steel Buildings manufactures steel building kits for barns, homes, storage units, garages & workshops, churches, aircraft hangars and more. Our steel building kits come with either an open web truss or rigid frame truss design depending on the building style. You can customize your steel building to virtually any size and we have a variety of exterior finishes available so you can match your new steel building to your existing buildings or property. For more information visit our site at



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