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Tomboy ||GLMV ||Gacha life


Tomboy [GLMV]


Class fight, Tomboy, Look at me - Gachalife - GLMV

Hey my lil potatoes I hope you guys enjoyed this video and stay home and be safe love ya’ll❤️

I do not own the music
Credits to the owner who made the songs

Yes I did this at 2 in the morning.. ;-;

Q & A

How old are you?
14 :)

What do you use to edit?
iMovie :) but I’m sorry for the transitions I will fix it soon probably..

Would you do a face reveal?
I’m not quite sure yet..But maybe in the future :)

Who inspired you to make this account?
Technically people honestly if they weren’t for them I wouldn’t have made this account and I got some beautiful and polite fans :)

Do you have other social medias?
Yes, my Instagram is gacha.lil.potato and I also do have ROBLOX if ya’ll wanna follow me I would appreciate that my username is Jenx_oxo

Thank you for watching!~

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Destiny Rogers - Tomboy (Official Video)

Tomboy out now!:

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I’m a girl’s girl, I’m a boss in a man’s world
Yeah I can pick and roll pass ballerina twirl
Skating through the city with my snapback on
Still be looking pretty with no makeup on
Hit Sephora quick, get a red lip
But meet me on the court I’ll ball you up right quick, they be like baby baby how you get so fine
But I don’t do know favors for the studio time

My mama said marry a rich man, and I was like, mama I am that rich man

Oh my me, oh my God
How’d this girl get so fly, I do what you doin’ boy, doin’ it like a tomboy
How’d this girl get so fly, I do what you doin’ boy, doin’ it like a tomboy

Solo ridin’, barely tryin’, they know to call me when they wanna get it poppin’
Sweet like some honey but I always go hard
I don’t like the drama but I’ll finish what you start
I’m makin’ sure you get the memo, yeah
I’ll meet you up on any level, yeah
Independent don’t need help, underestimate me, you’ll be playing yourself

I’ll make a jealous girl my friend, I’ll make an ex want me again
I got the best of both worlds, I can hang with the dudes get pretty with the girls

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Directed by Kyle Camarillo

#DestinyRogers #Tomboy #OfficialVideo

Tomboy|| GLMV ||Part 5

Tomboy GLMV

:3 enjoy uwu hehehehhe


Tomboy || GLMV || (Gacha Life)

Hi :)
i dont own the audio

original song:

if you recommend songs in the comment section below it would be really helpful!

Tomboy ||GLMV||

I’m so sorry that I’m not posting anything I’m very very busy???? and I have a fight with my bf so... yeah???? but I’m so happy to see you????❤️ I love you!????
-Edit apps
•Cute Cut Pro
-Gacha Life

Tomboy||•||GLMV||•||Gacha Life

And here is other of my videos and I hope you like it so much guys and well is time to go guys bye moons see you next time bye

Tomboy||GLMV||gacha life

TomBoy ||Gacha life|| music video (Destiny Rogers)

Tomboy// Nightcore//part 1// Gacha Life Music Video

Tomboy || GLMV || Read Desc. Before watching || 300+ special

There is yuri in the video, so I put a little warning in the video when it’s like a 12+ scene, click off if you feel uncomfortable! Thanks for watching ????

Tomboy //GLMV// Gacha Life


Tomboy | GLMV | New OCs

I really hope you pups enjoyed this took me like 20 tries to upload XD and this is my fav song so enjoy it

Tomboy||GLMV||Gacha life music video||Minimelony

Hewo fwends QwQ I hope life is great! ❤

This video should have been posted so long ago, but my motivation was dead
But today I somehow has loads of motivation, I was even able to finish the video reeeee!

And if you are wondering, yes i did cut a bit of the song, I just want to start working on something else okay QwQ

And by the way y'all can feel free to ask for shout outs UwU

Sub count:5885❤

Apps used:
•KineMaster (free version)
•ibisPaint X
•Gacha Life
•FlipaClip (from 1:20 to 1:22 xD)

Tomboy glmv

Song by Destiny Rogers
Video by me
Song doesn't belong to me,
to rightful owner only
Please no copy right
(Sorry if its horrible)

Tomboy ||glmv|| (old)

I made this awhile ago but sences I can't post the movie I was working on Im going to post this for now and work on a new movie sorry




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