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Top 10 Ways To Protect Endangered Species


Protecting Endangered Species

Here at DP World we believe we all have a role to play. This role includes protecting endangered species. Find out how we help prevent more species from becoming endangered by illegal trade.

Endangered Species: Worth Saving from Extinction?

Species are going extinct at crazy high rates. Does it matter?

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Species are going extinct at crazy high rates. Does it matter? Find out in this video.

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What does it mean when a species goes extinct?
A species goes extinct when there are no longer any more of that species left on earth. That species is gone forever aka extinct.

What is the 6th mass extinction?
Throughout earth’s history there have been five major mass extinction events-- where a large percentage of species died out. Scientists estimate that we are in the middle of the 6th mass extinction event right now, where species are dying out at 1,000 to 10,000 times baseline extinction rates.

Why should we care if a species goes extinct?
Moral and ethical arguments to try to prevent species extinction include reasons like all life has a right to be here, or that we owe it to our grandchildren to protect species so they can see them in the wild. Species also impact the ecosystems they are a part of; plants and animals depend on each other in an ecosystem for things like food and shelter, so if one species dies out, then that could affect other species in an ecosystem. For example sea otters live in kelp forests and eat sea urchins, and when they were hunted almost to extinction the sea urchin population increased and ate all the kelp-- destroying the kelp forest habitat.

What are ecosystem services?
Ecosystem services are the collective benefits we get from ecosystems. Ecosystems provide us with a lot of great things like natural resources and water, and are home to living things we depend on-- like insects that pollinate our crops and decomposers that get rid of our waste. Ecosystems are healthiest when they are the most biodiverse.


Future threats to biodiversity and pathways to their prevention (Nature)
The Biodiversity of species and their rates of extinction, distribution, and protection (Science)

List of Recently Extinct Species:

The Extinction Crisis (Center for Biological Diversity):

What is the point of saving endangered species? (BBC)

Sea Turtles Might Be Threatened, But So Are Their Hunters (National Geographic)

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How Sea Otters Help Save the Planet:

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How We Can Help Endangered Animals!

This video is to help promote the saving of endangered animals and how we need to act now. As well as how easy it is to help. Hope you viewers enjoy.

Endangered Animals!

What's something pandas, orangutans, rhinos, and gorillas have in common? They're all endangered animals. Join Jessi and Squeaks to learn how an animal becomes endagered and what we can do to help them!
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Infrared cameras protect endangered animals

One of the best ways to find and count endangered mammals — and keep them safe from poachers — is to look for the heat they radiate.

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Four Stories About Saving Endangered Species

What do scientists, makeup artists and house cats have in common? They’re all helping to preserve and protect endangered animals.


This story is a part of our Planet Earth series. From mammals to insects and birds to reptiles, we share this great big world with all manner of creatures, large and small. Come with us to faraway places as we explore our great big planet and meet some of its wildest inhabitants.

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7 Species That Were Saved From Extinction

Humans are pretty good at destroying things. Like habitats, animal populations... you catch my drift. But, there have been a few species that humans have helped bring back from the brink of extinction.

Special Thanks to: Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, Kākāpō Recovery, New Zealand Department of Conservation, and Dr. Andrew Digby.

Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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Black-footed ferret:

Galapagos tortoise:

Bald eagle:


(Dr Andrew Digby and Bronwyn Jeynes, personal communication)
Humpback whale:

Wollemi pine:

Sea otter:



Check out these animals about to go extinct! This top 10 list of endangered species has some of the most rare animals that exist in the world today!

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10. Ocean Quahog
The Ocean Quahog, or Arctica Islandica, is a large bivalve that grows up to ten centimeters tall. Large populations can

be found in the ocean waters around Iceland, but they live buried beneath the sea bed all across the Atlantic Ocean.

They hold the record for being the longest known living creatures on our planet, with one specimen that was caught in

2006 thought to be about 507 years old. This means it would have been born in 1499.
Despite their longevity, the Ocean Quahog has been put on the list of at-risk species of the North-East Atlantic Ocean

because numbers have been plummeting. This has happened due to extensive fishing to send to the USA for the manufacture

of clam chowder soup, increased pollution of the seas by plastic and chemical waste, and the destruction of their

habitats by deep sea dredge fishing.
9. The Vaquita
The Vaquita, a small species of porpoise, was only first discovered in 1958- but today finds itself as being the world’s

rarest marine mammal and on the brink of extinction. They are native to the Gulf of California off the coast of Mexico,

where large numbers used to gather, but numbers have severely fallen because of human activity in the area.
A study in 1997 estimated a population in the region of only 600, but this fell to 100 in a similar survey in 2014 and

most recently, in 2016, the total number is though to be around 30. That’s a population decline of over 92 percent since

1997, and means this glorious creature sadly doesn’t have much time left.
Unlike other animals that are facing extinction because of hunting, the loss of Vaquita’s is mainly as a by-product of

the fishing of an endangered fish called the Totoaba. This large, 300 pound fish is highly sought after for its swim

bladder that is popular in Chinese medicine and, as a result, commands a high price. The gillnets that are used to catch

the Totoaba also traps large numbers of Vaquita and has been the single most destructive factor towards Vaquita numbers.

Despite the Mexican governments attempts to limit the fishing of the Totoaba for this reason, even banning the use of

gillnets in 2015 for two years and setting up wildlife refuges, the porpoise has not been able to recover because there

are still lots of trawlers using the nets illegally.
8. Javan Rhinoceros
Rhinos are one of the more famous animals of the world that are endangered, but rather than the more well-known white

and black Rhinos from Africa, the most at-risk type of the five different species is the Javan Rhinoceros.
They used to be prevalent across south east Asia, but with the last Javan Rhino of Vietnam having been poached in 2010,

the only known remaining ones all live in the Ujung Kulon National Park in Java, Indonesia. They are very similar in

appearance to the closely related “Greater One-Horned Rhino” and are a dusky grey color with one horn that grows up to

about ten inches long. The loose folds of their skin make them look like they have armor plating, and they are thought

to live for between thirty and forty years.
With only around 60 of these Rhinos left in the wild, and none in captivity, their future survival depends on the

ability of park rangers to protect them from the threat of poachers- who hunt them for their valuable horns that are a

valuable commodity across the region for their supposed medicinal properties.

15 Rarest & Critically Endangered Animals on Earth

From strawberry tigers to hairy nosed marsupials, we count down 15 of the rarest near-extinct animals ever to walk the Earth.
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5 Animals Saved from Extinction by Humans

Humans have been responsible for extinctions in the past, and for the low populations of many endangered animals. But there are also a lot of humans determined to amend our harmful actions and to bring back the organisms that have had to suffer because of us. In the spirit of Earth Day, here are 5 animals we've saved from extinction.

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How Can We Do To Protect Animals?

How Can We Do To Protect Animals?

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Top 5 Endangered Animal Facts

Some amazing things are being done to conserve, rediscover and even resurrect endangered and extinct species! This list isn't all doom and gloom, but we can't sugarcoat it either. Join us as we count down the Top 5 Facts that you probably didn't know about endangered and extinct animals.

What happens when we don't want to save an at-risk species?
Which everyday animals were once on the verge of extinction?
And can extinct animals be brought back from extinction?

All this and so much more (well, a little more) in this instalment of WMFacts!

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How YOU can help save endangered species

This is a video i made for my PIG class to help advocate for saving endangered species

How Can We Stop Sharks From Going Extinct?

It’s estimated that almost a quarter of the world’s cartilaginous fish, mostly sharks and rays. What’s causing this, and can it be stopped? Join Tara as she discusses this growing problem, and how we can save these incredible animals.

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EU, Egypt, Ecuador, and Costa Rica Throw Lifeline to Overfished Sharks

“Six of the world’s most at-risk shark species could soon benefit from enhanced international cooperation to help them avoid extinction, thanks to recent actions taken by the European Union, Egypt, Ecuador, and Costa Rica.”

10 Ways To Save Sharks

“Most likely, the sale of shark products is legal in your town, yes - your town. The local restaurants, grocery stores, health food stores, beauty salons and even pet stores may sell shark.”

What can you do to stop shark finning?

“Sharks are being driven to the brink of extinction due to a huge increase in demand for their fins over the last 20 years or so.”

One quarter of the world’s cartilaginous fish, namely sharks and rays, face imminent extinction

“One quarter of the world's cartilaginous fish, namely sharks and rays, face extinction within the next few decades, according to the first study to systematically and globally assess their fate.”

This could be the year we start to save, not slaughter, the shark

“The gruesome practice of shark finning – sawing the fins off live sharks in order to make a gourmet soup – appears to be declining following growing western revulsion and a Chinese government crackdown on corruption and extravagant consumption.”


“Humans are taking a greater toll on sharks than sharks have ever taken on humans.”

Overfishing of sharks is harming coral reefs, study suggests

“A team of scientists from Canada and Australia have discovered that the decline in shark populations is detrimental to coral reefs.”

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Why Sharks Breach

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Shark Myths Debunked


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Why save endangered species?

Because we can.

Saving Endangered Species

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Some government regulations that are made with good intentions still lead to bad results. The Endangered Species Act is a good example of such a law. In this video, economics professor Don Boudreaux examines the Endangered Species Act, and uses it to explain how policymakers' good intentions sometimes go awry. While the law intends to preserve threatened animals, it actually has the effect of giving landowners strong reasons to kill any endangered species they find on their property. This phenomenon is known as shoot, shovel, and shut up. Boudreaux implores us not to judge a policy by its intentions, but by its results. We can't assume a policy will be good just because the intentions of the policymakers are good.

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Top 10 endangered fish species in the world | fishes on way of extinction

These are top 10 most endangered fish species arround world. polution, global warming and over fishing are the major cause for their dissapearance.we should take initiative to protect them.

Why should we bother saving species from extinction?

The world is facing a conservation crisis, with more species going extinct every day. But why should we care?

In this video Dom Wormell, head of mammals, and Rick Jones, communications officer, talk about why we should care about extinction, and what Durrell does to save species from it.

For more information about Durrell please check out their website:

I will be uploading a video in the 2015 project for awesome about Durrell today - please vote for it to raise money for this incredibly important charity :)

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Why Can’t We Clone Endangered Species to Save Them?

We know how to clone animals, so why aren't we saving endangered species by cloning their populations?

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