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Corona Virus/ 10 lines on Corona Virus in English/Easy Essay on Corona Virus/ COVID19/#coronavirus

Hello friends in this video we are presenting some easy lines on corona virus in english for kids by talkwithshivi.
Sorry guys in the first line by mistake we have written corona virus in an infection please read it corona virus is an infection.

10 Lines on Corona virus
Corona virus is an infection.
It is caused by socializing.
Its spread ratio is very fast.
It has killed thousands of people in the world.
Its common signs are cough, flu and fever.
It was first discovered in China.
It primarily affects our nervous system and damages it.
It can spread through contact with an infected person.
The attack of Coronavirus can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, failure of kidney and also death.
Any certified treatment of the diseases caused by Coronavirus has not been discovered yet.
We should Wash our hand properly with warm water regularly and follow social distancing.

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