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Top 50 Puzzling Ancient Ruins That Scientists, Archaeologists and Historians Are Still Debating


Top 50 Puzzling Ancient Ruins That Scientists, Archaeologists and Historians Are Still Debating

The Top 50 that changed the World here ...
But today, we look at 50 unexplained ruins that science, archaeology, and history are still debating. Some of these are so mysterious that they seem to defy all logic. Their age, construction method, and creator are still shrouded in mystery. Top 50 ancient ruins compilation that you need to see to believe.

Baffling Ancient Mysteries That History, Science and Archaeology Will Debate For Eons

Phenomenal intrigue in this 'Behind the Scenes' investigation into Baffling Ancient Mysteries, we look at the top 50 enigmas that have left history, science and archaeology without any answers to thee most mysterious artefacts and ruins to have survived the ancient world.

It is difficult to digest just how little we know about our history, and our ancestors. Archaeology often discover clues, such as ancient ruins or art artefacts that are buried deep below the surface, and we attempt to realise what was beyond our time. Specialists have often spent a lifetime investigating and in the end there is no reason or logic.

This ancient enigmas compilation is one you definitely need to see to believe. Leave us a comment or start a discussion, we want to KNOW what YOU think on these incredible findings.

Most MYSTERIOUS Ruins That Defy History!

Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Ruins That Defy History! This top 10 list of strange ancient artifacts found in unexplained ruins has some of the most bizarre and mysterious discoveries ever made!

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9. Çatalhöyük, Turkey
Built in what was once Mesopotamia, the city of Çatalhöyük, which now resides in Turkey, is easily one of the biggest mysteries of the ancient world. I mean reaaaallly ancient, it reached its heyday around 7000 BC!! This place makes ancient Rome look modern!! These tightly clustered mudbrick houses kind of look like honeycombs, don’t you think?

8. Palenque, Mexico
Mexico is a land of many mysteries and lost people and cities. But easily the biggest civilization, with the biggest mystery surrounding them, are the Mayans. This tribe came from an unknown area, arrived in Mexico, and set up an empire that lasted over 3000 years. Then they were gone. To this day, many still study the Mayans in order to find out more about them, and especially what happened to them.

7. Cahokia, United States
This one might come as a surprise. In the United States, there is an old city that used to be the biggest city in North America at one point in time. This was the city of Cahokia, a pre-Columbian Native American City. It was founded around the year 600 and lasted until the 14th century. You can still go there today, it's across from St. Louis on the other side of the Mississippi river.

6. Derinkuyu, Turkey
Turkey is home to another ancient, fascinating and mysterious place: Derinkuyu. The concept of making underground cities may seem like something from fantasy television shows, or Fraggle Rock, but many cultures have made very grand underground cities.

5. Yonaguni Monument, Japan
Off of the coast of Japan, there is a place called Yonaguni Island which was famous for hammerhead sharks. Now, people are more intrigued by some unnerving formations in the water that were found by a diver in 1987. The Yonaguni Monument is a series of rock formations that has the scientific world split as to whether this is a natural design, or something made by humans. And it's a debate that continues on to this day.

4. Machu Picchu, Peru
Machu Picchu is arguably one of the most interesting and revealing places in the world. Why? Because it's through this city that we got to take a look inside the Incan Empire. This civilization ruled a lot of South America for quite some time, and their territory included Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and more. And yet, for a while, we didn't know that much about them, until we found Machu Picchu.

3. Thonis, Egypt
If you're big into history, then you knew that it was only a matter of time before Egypt showed up on my list. And as you know, it is home to many ruins and mysteries, and the main topic of several videos on this channel!! Be sure to check them out when you finish this video!!

2. Great Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe
Sticking with Africa, let's head to Zimbabwe, which holds one of the biggest mysteries of the continent. It's called... Great Zimbabwe. Yeah, doesn't really sound mysterious, does it? But don't let that fool you, there's more to this than you might think.

1. Pompeii, Italy
There are many scary stories in history, but the story of Pompeii is one that we just can’t get over. This is the city that was built in the fertile valley near a volcano, Mt. Vesuvius. When it erupted, it caught people by surprise and buried the city in soot and ash and left it covered and perfectly preserved for hundreds of years. Now much of it has been uncovered and it is a sad historical marvel and many people were frozen in time forever.

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Top 10 Incredible Ancient Ruins

Top 10 Incredible Ancient Ruins // Subscribe: // The images in this video are powered by

The remnants of ancient civilizations forgotten by history, these ruins stand today as incredible reminders of the marvels created by ancient peoples. WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Most Amazing Ancient Ruins! But what will take the top spot on our list? Petra, Machu Picchu or the Roman Colosseum? Watch to find out!

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00:33 #10. Angkor Wat
01:12 #9. Stonehenge
01:54 #8. Ephesus
02:39 #7. Montezuma Castle National Monument
03:23 #6. Roman Forum
03:56 #5. Moai of Rano Raraku
04:44 #4. Borobudur
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Puzzling Ancient Artefacts That Will Show Our History Is Still As Baffling As Ever

Some experts have described these ancient artefacts as strange, and inexplicable. Even after extensive study, they can often raise more questions than answers. Archaeology is a puzzle, and without all the pieces, we’re often just guessing. Which is why it’s important to note that scientific consensus can shift and change, too. Few conclusions are fully set in stone. These were just some of the many discoveries that will show you that our ancient past is full of surprises.

Most MYSTERIOUS Ancient Structures Around The World!

Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Ancient Structures Around The World! From amazing ancient archaeological discoveries to other mysterious hidden buildings, this top 10 list of mysterious ancient architecture will amaze you!

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8. Sadd-el-Kafara, Egypt
When you think of the amazing engineering feats of the Ancient Egyptians, one of the first things that comes to mind are the Great Pyramid at Giza. However, the Ancient Egyptians managed many amazing engineering feats, including what is most likely the oldest dam in the world known as Sadd el-Kafara.

7. Hypogeum of Hal-Saflieni, Malta
Discovered in 1902 in Malta, the Hal-Saflieni Hypogeum is one of the world’s best preserved prehistoric sites. Dating back to 3300 BC, the place is about 6000 years old. This Neolithic, subterranean structure is carved from solid rock and went at least three stories deep. It consists of an underground network of alcoves and corridors that later builders expanded as the years went by creating a type of labyrinth. Over the next few thousand years the place was used as a sanctuary and a necropolis.

6. The Stepwell of Chand Baori, India
This 13-story-deep step-well located in a small village in India is one of the most awe-inspiring visuals you might ever encounter. Built around 900 AD by King Chanda of the Nikumbh Dynasty, the stepwell has 3500 narrow steps that go down 20 meters to the bottom. It is one of the deepest and largest stepwells in India, if not THE largest.

5. Aqueduct of Segovia, Spain
Located in the town of Segovia, an hour north of Madrid, the Aqueduct is one of the best-preserved Roman aqueducts in the world. Built in the first century AD under Emperor Trajan, the aqueduct was an impressive construction with two tiers of arches, bringing water from 10 miles (16km) away from the Frio River. It was built using around 24,000 granite blocks without using mortar.

4. Puma Punku, Bolivia
Puma Punku, whose name means Doorway of the Puma, is part of a larger archaeological complex known as Tiahuanacu, an ancient city part of an important civilization before the Inca Empire. The Tiwanaku empire flourished between 300 and 1000 AD.

3. El Mirador, Guatemala
The ancient city and pyramid complex of El Mirador in Guatemala was an enormous Maya settlement that reached its peak from around the 6th century BC to the 1st century AD. The pyramid of La Danta is the largest known pyramid in the Maya world and is almost the same size as the pyramids in Egypt. At 230 feet tall (70 m), it is considered by some archaeologists to be one of the most massive ancient structures in the world and THE largest pyramid in the world in terms of mass as it contains some 99 million cubic feet of rock (2803368 cubic meter) (but that is still up for debate).

2. The Tower of the Winds, Athens
Also known as the Clock of Andronicus Cyrrhestes, this octagonal marble structure can be found in the Roman agora of Athens. Constructed about 100–50 BC, the building has 8 sides, each of which faces the point on a compass. Each side also has an ornate frieze that is said to depict one of the Greeks’ eight wind deities.

1. Leshan Giant Buddha, China
Located in the Shizhong District of China, the Leshan Giant Buddha stands 71 meters high, making it the largest cliff rock carving in the world. The statue, which is located at the intersection of 3 rivers, is said to have been built as a way to slow down the fierce current. Boats often capsized in the area, so in 713 AD Monk Haitong recruited a team to build the towering statue. He spent 20 years begging to get enough money to start the project.

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12 Most Amazing Finds Archaeologists Still Can't Explain

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The job of an archaeologist is an exciting one - you never quite know what you're going to find! Some of your discoveries will be easy to explain; for example, if you find a piece of jewelry, you know that someone once wore it as a decorative item. Not everything you dig up can be explained away so easily, though, and everything you're about to see in this video is still waiting for an official explanation, months or even years after they were first unearthed.

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Baffling Ancient Temples Ruins That Intrigued Architects, Scientists, and Historians for Decades

Many of these sites are still shrouded in mystery with regards to their past uses and creators. Some of the architecture of these temples seems to defy what we know of ancient building techniques. Did the deities help the ancient builders construct such unique designs or are they an example of unique scientific knowledge that allowed the builders to create such intriguing temples? Most of these places were constructed with design features that have intrigued architects, scientists, and historians for many years. Instead of simply being unique buildings that
gives insight into history, these structures still hold considerable debate amongst archaeologists as there are many questions that remain unanswered.

10 Ancient Structures

Ancient Structures from around the world such as pyramids, temples or the Colosseum in Rome. Subscribe ►

Archaeology Discoveries That Show Something is VERY Wrong With Our Past

Something is wrong with our past. There exist structures that could not have been created by technologically-untrained Stone Age peoples. There are global petroglyphs and religious rituals that are all related to each other. There are writings of ancient historians reporting on cultures and data about which the official archaeology field wants to know nothing. Erich Von Daniken explores the latest discoveries in the fields of prehistory, mythology, lost civilizations, and the mystical wisdom of ancient cultures from the Egyptians to and beyond.

With special thanks to Edgar Cayce Foundation.

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Lost Ancient Super Civilizations

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The Puzzling Ancient Civilisation That Still Holds Far Too Many Unsolved Mysteries

Baffled Archaeologists and historians have studied the Aztecs for a very long time and have found little answers to their questions. They, along with other Mesoamerican cultures. encoded their buildings with intricate carvings. They were written in their unique hieroglyphic language, but who were they leaving this message for? As you will see, the Aztec’s also built some of the most incredible pyramids of the Americas and also some of the largest pyramids in the world. These pyramids had temples at the top and built in various shapes. There were also many amazing artefacts left in the region that show the splendour of this culture.

Lost Ancient Metropolises Abandoned, Forgotten, or Hidden by The Sands of Time

All these magnificent cities were widely considered as the most mysterious lost places on earth. They were later rediscovered, either by chance or by the sheer determination of archaeologists and historians. They show that even when you think there is nothing left to discover, there are many ruins lying just beneath the surface awaiting rediscovery. With so many deserts, forests, islands, and caves (as well as most of the ocean floor) just waiting for us to explore and with extraordinary advances in radar technology, we have to wonder what else we will be found in the near future.

10 Most MYSTERIOUS Archaeological Sites!

From ancient settlements lost underwater, to entire empires we didn’t know existed, here are 10 mysterious archaeological sites that we still don’t know much about.

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10. Norsuntepe
Between 1968 and 1974, the German Archaeological Institute led by Professor Harald Hauptmann, excavated at a site in Eastern Turkey. Located in the Keban Area on the Upper Euphrates River, the settlement of Norsuntepe sits at the crown of a hill of an area that measures between 500 by 300 meters.

9. Lost Temple of Musasir
Villagers living in a hilly region of northern Iraq were surprised to stumble upon a long-lost temple that dates back over 2500 years. Erected in the Iron Age, column bases from a temple were discovered alongside life-sized human statues and other artifacts in what is now the geo-cultural region of Kurdistan.

8. 4600-Year-Old Step Pyramids
With the iconic Great Pyramid at Giza as one of the most recognizable archaeological sites in the world, it might not seem uncommon for new pyramids to be unearthed in Egypt. However archaeologists working near the ancient settlement of Edfu have recently excavated a step pyramid that dates back about 4600 years. The famous pyramids date back to some 4,500 years ago.

7. Shrines to Predict the Future
On a hilltop in Armenia, three shrines dating back about 3300 years were discovered in 2003. Each of the shrines has a single room containing a clay basin filled with ash and ceramic vessels, leading archaeologists to believe the shrines were used for divination and predicting the future.

6. Stone Beehive Ruins
In the US, in the state of Arizona, ruins and ancient dwellings dating back 800 years were discovered in the ghost town of Cochrane. Founded as a mining camp in 1905, the town lasted for about 10 years and gained approximately 100 residents before it was abandoned. Although not much of the town survived, there are a number of strange looking beehive-shaped ruins still remaining.

5. Megalithic Sculptures
The San Agustín Archaeological Park and the National Archaeological Park of Tierradentro in the southern states of Huila and Cauca in Colombia are two World Heritage sites that continue to intrigue both visitors and explorers alike.

4. The Rock Ship of Japan
Asuka is a small village nestled in the hills of Japan. While famous for its Buddhist temples and shrines, there are some strange stone monuments hidden in the hills that don’t fit in with the Buddhist style.

3. Underwater Stonehenge
While Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England is one of the most iconic archaeological structures of all time, it might be particularly surprising to know that there are multiple similar structures within the United Kingdom. However, for those living in the United States, you may not know that you don't have to travel across the ocean to find Stonehenge.

2. Yonaguni Pyramid, Japan
With a population of around 1700, the island holds three towns, but the most striking thing about the island is the discovery made in the 1980s by a team of local divers when an underwater rock formation was found off the southernmost tip of the island.

1. Great Zimbabwe Ruins
Great Zimbabwe was the capital city of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe that flourished during the last Iron Age. It is located in the Masvingo Province about five and a half hours south of the capital of Harare.

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IMPRESSIVE Ancient Structures

There are many structures left over on Earth from ancient times, and some of those stand out from the pack. Here, we’ve collected some genuinely magnificent engineering marvels from the past; from famous ancient buildings and landmarks to the lesser known but still just as marvelous constructions. We now present to you IMPRESSIVE Ancient Structures!

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3. Roman Colosseum
In its time, the Roman Colosseum, measuring 513 feet wide and 620 feet long, was the largest amphitheater in all the land, and it’s still the largest to this day. It is extra impressive as it is a freestanding structure, something that didn’t happen much at the time; most large structures were built into hillsides to ensure they had support, so the Colosseum is extra impressive. Construction began in AD 72 under Vespasian, the emperor at the time, and it was finished under his heir, Titus, in AD 80. On average, it only saw around 65,000 spectators, although it could hold many more—up to 80,000. It was used for many things, including battles involving gladiators, executions, mythology-based dramas, animal hunts, battle reenactments, and mock sea battles. The Colosseum could be flooded for such mock battles, and it’s thought that was achieved via a nearby aqueduct. It was quite advanced for its time, and many mechanisms were set up beneath the floors to pull off all kinds of incredible things. It still stands today, although it has been subject to all sorts of natural and human destruction over time, like being damaged by earthquakes and grave robbers. It is one of Rome’s most famous and visited tourist attractions—taking the number one spot in 2018—and is one of the New7Wonders of the World.

2. Borobudur
The largest Buddhist temple on the planet is called Borobudur, and it’s located in Central Java in Indonesia, in Magelang Regency. It’s a Mahayana Buddhist Temple from the 9th century that is made up of nine different, stacked platforms with a giant, central dome on top. There are a total of 504 Buddha statues which decorate Borobudur, 72 of which surround the central dome. It was built before Cambodia’s famed Angkor Wat, sometime back in the 9th century, and it’s one of the better surviving examples of Javanese Buddhist architecture. It was largely unknown to the world until 1814, when the native Indonesians informed the British ruler of Java at the time, Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, of its existence. It first underwent restoration efforts from 1907 to 1911, and has been restored to its full glory many times since, and, in 1991, it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the most visited tourist attraction in all of Indonesia.


Intriguing Ancient Ruins of Asia That Will Leave You Speechless and in Awe

Over the thousands of years of human history, Asian builders produced some pretty amazing stuff, did they really do this with primitive tools? This continent it is littered with amazing ruins and ancient pyramids that will leave you in awe. Some of these places at still shrouded in mystery, and only time will tell if their ancient mystery will ever be fully unraveled. Researchers are still discovering new archaeological ruins and finding more evidence into what we know about our history, by doing so they are offering new pieces to the puzzle of humanity’s past.

5 Mysterious Ancient Sites That Have Baffled Archaeologists

5 mysterious ancient sites that have baffled archaeologists. Today we take a look at these mysterious ancient sites that have baffled archaeologists.

Over the year’s archaeologists have uncovered some incredible sites. Some of these ancient sites however still remain unexplained. There are various places on our planet that have been built by unknown civilizations and not only that, but their methods are also unknown.

Some of these ancient sites feature massive stones, structures, and temples that are still up and standing after thousands of years. So today we take a look at 5 mysterious ancient sites.

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5 Most Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries

Archaeology gives us a peek into the history of living beings on Earth through the practice of digging up old tombs, ancient cities and so much more. Thanks to these studies, we now have a better understanding of the people that lived before us. However, many of these discoveries have been quite unsettling. This is especially true for the finds that relate to human nature and how war or traditions led to dark events and rituals.


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Puzzling Advanced Ancient Technology That Modern Thinking Cannot Find An Answer For

Did many advanced ancient civilisations exist on Earth? The question is very intriguing, and with the help of some highly skilled researchers, the idea is starting to capture the world’s imagination. Many possible scenarios and theories have been put forward. If there was an advanced civilisation on the planet, they must have left physical traces of their presence. The so-called out of place artefacts are all evidence that some of our ancestors, or entire civilizations, were far more clever than academics were willing to grant them. Ancient sacred texts, precious artifacts, archaeological discoveries, myths, and legends open a window to the past. Perhaps some myths and legends should be treated as an important ancient message to future generations. We should think twice before rejecting our ancestors’ myths as fantasies.

25 Most Amazing Ancient Ruins of the World

The world is home to a plethora of fascinating ancient ruins, from crumbling cities to temples that have withstood the test of time. Many of these ancient societies were incredibly innovative and forward thinking. Just take a look at their meticulous city planning and incredible feats of engineering; some of which we are yet to fully understand. Some of the most captivating ancient ruins are full of thousand-year-old mysteries that will boggle even the most curious of minds.