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Top 10 Undertourism Destinations for Your First Post-Pandemic Trip | MojoTravels

We're obviously aware of and deeply concerned about the global pandemic, and are choosing carefully what to publish as forms of escapism and entertainment to help ease thoughts of anxiety, and provide an alternative from the news. We are obviously NOT encouraging anyone to travel now or discouraging social distancing.

Ready to imagine your first trip in a new world?

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The Entire History of the Cold War Explained | Best Cold War Documentary

The Cold War was an ideological battle between Communism and Capitalism, the East vs the West and the resulting struggle for ideological influence and power. At the end of WW2, the World would lay divided between two great superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. Both sides would stockpile nuclear weapons, with questions over how to use, control and eliminate them becoming central to the conflict. From Stalin to Regan, from the CIA to the KGB, from the Berlin Wall to Hiroshima and Chernobyl, this is the story of The Cold War.

Timestamps ????
Intro: 0:00
Marx 1:50
The Rise of Communism 2:50
The Second World War 5:55
A New World 7:39
The Atomic Bomb 10:04
The Truman Doctrine 11:20
McCarthyism 12:23
The CIA 14:03
The Marshall Plan 15:01
The Berlin Blockade 16:16
The Cold War Comes to Asia 18:13
The Korean War 21:10
The Nuclear Arms Race 24:07
Khrushchev 27:22
The Third World 33:00
The Suez Crisis 36:50
The Berlin Wall 39:10
The Cuban Missile Crisis 41:23
The Vietnam War 47:34
Mao’s China 52:10
Détente 55:31
The Space Race 59:40
Nixon 1:02:46
The End of Détente 1:06:54
Reagan 1:12:24
Gorbachev 1:17:53
Failed Reforms 1:21:30
The Fall of the USSR 1:23:05
Epilogue 1:26:10

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