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Travel Experience During Covid-19 in India | Returning Home During Lockdown! Air Travel Precautions


Travel Experience During Covid-19 in India | Returning Home During Lockdown! Air Travel Precautions

If you are planning to travel during Covid-19 in India, this video is for you!
I recently returned from Bengaluru back to my home in Delhi with Vistara Airlines and sharing my honest experience and precautions to take in this video.

Travel Date : 14th July 2020
Skip to : 2:08 for Travel Protocols

Hope you find it helpful and do share it with someone planning to travel during this pandemic.

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Air travel during Covid19 in India | Domestic Flights Rules During Lockdown

I took a flight from Delhi to Bangalore on June 25, during coronavirus pandemic unlock 1 and have recorded my experience about it.

Shot by: Ankit Bawa
Edit by: Ankit Bawa

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Dr. Dana Hawkinson Shows You How Travel Safely Since COVID-19

First time traveling since COVID-19 hit? Infectious disease physician Dr. Dana Hawkinson at The University of Kansas Health System shows us how he's staying safe while on the move.

Flying home during lockdown| Tips and guidelines if travelling with children during COVID-19

Hey guys,
I have recently travelled from delhi and took a domestic flight to reach my hometown . In this video i have shared my travel experience and tips to travel with kids.There are few guidelines set by the civil aviation minister and I have clearly mentioned all in my video . The total experience is hard for me because I have travelled alone with my 2 year kid and that was really tough .

They are myriad precautions that one must take while travelling during covid-19 .I have presented all the step by step procedure that one must know before you travel during this pandemic .You need to carry hand sanitizers , face mask and a face shield . However, the airline will also provide these three things .You need to print your boarding passes before travel and it's better always to web check in during this period . You need to fill a fo and that will be provided at the airport . The Indira Gandhi international airport is the best one because it followed all rules and social distancing Norms very well .Always disinfect your seats and bags and don't forget to maintain distance .I have also added AP government quarantine rules and process do check if you want to know what are the Quarantine rules of Andhrapradesh.

Hope this video helps you and your family to travel during covid-19 then make sure you subscribe to my channel .



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Travel safety during the COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 is a global issue. The disease is in every country and nearly every city. That's why health experts do not recommend any nonessential travel at this time. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says crowded travel settings, like airports, may increase chances of getting COVID-19 if there are other travelers with COVID-19 infection.

Dr. Abinash Virk, a Mayo Clinic infectious diseases physician, echoes that sentiment and says people should postpone travel if possible. However, if that's not an option, she says it's critical to be cautious about your potential exposures.

In this Q&A, Dr. Virk answers travel questions related to COVID-19 travel-related questions and offers some advice on how travelers can better protect themselves and others around them.

Read more:

More health and medical news on the Mayo Clinic News Network.

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Coronavirus: How to avoid catching Covid-19 and other illnesses on a flight

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Is it better to take a window seat or an aisle? What should you do if you think the person next to you is ill? These are among the most common questions being asked by travellers around the world as the Covid-19 epidemic spreads. Dr David Powell is a veteran medical adviser to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). He spoke with the South China Morning Post about the safety of air travel during a disease outbreak and how best to protect yourself from infections like the deadly coronavirus that causes Covid-19.

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Post lockdown air travel safety tips|| Flying with kid during pandemic ||[2020]

Thinking About Flying With Kids? Here's What to Consider Before You Book That Flight


• 2 x Pair Gloves (
• N95 mask (
• Face shield (
• Skull cover (
• Sports shoes washable.
• Light wt windcheater/ raincoat for kids (
• Two Small hand sanitizer one inside pocket and other in cabin in baggage
Preparation one day Prior
• Web check in
• Select window seat (middle)
• Print Boarding pass and luggage tag
• Cover checkin luggage with cling film incl handle... buy roll
• Cover sides and bottom of cabin baggage with polythene. Top open for taking laptop out.
• Aarogya setu update
• Download movies kids cartoon,Netflix or Prime video
Day of Travel
• Have food at home
• Drink lots of water
• Carry Snacks & water bottle small; but do not drink or eat inside terminal. Only for emergency
• Reach min two and half hrs prior
Outside Terminal
• Wear windcheater, glove, mask & face shield
• No trolley - roll or drag
• Put Boarding pass and adhaar card in easy accessible pocket
• Ball pen in pocket
Inside Terminal
• Arogyasetu ON
• Do not touch any counter
• Security check .. put wallet, mob and belt inside check in baggage.
• Spectacles in pocket
• Use washroom before boarding
• Boarding gate change face shield of airline (if)
• Keep rubbing sanitizer on glove and exposed parts
Inside Aircraft
• Do not drink or eat at all
• Watch movie or sleep.
• No washroom pl
• Keep rubbing sanitizer
• Do not remove gloves
• Sanitize cabin luggage
• Swab test
• Remove glove
• Sanitize hand
• Wear new glove
• Remove mask for test
• Put on mask after test.
• Use own pen with glove on to fill up forms.
Taking a cab
• if possible Screen between driver and passenger compartment
• Load luggage self
• Sit in passengers compartment
• News paper cover on seats.
Arr at Home or Room
• Unload luggage self
• Dispose cling film of both baggages
• Outside home remove foot wear, glove, windcheater, face shield and spray Sodium Hypochlorite
• Do not remove mask.
• Sanitize hand repeatedly
• Spray on luggage.
• Remove used cloths if possible & sanitise
• Sanitize mob and purse
• Wear new mask
• Have shower with lots of soap.
• Better leave luggage outside room for min 01 day

Stay safe and keep everyone safe
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How To Travel and NOT Get Coronavirus - 7 Tips for Flying and Driving in this COVID-19 Pandemic ✈????

How To Travel and NOT Get Coronavirus - 7 Tips for Flying and Driving in this COVID-19 Pandemic ✈????

Catching Coronavirus / COVID-19 in an airplane is possible by inhaling the virus. And the regular face covering that you wear, such as a regular medical mask, won’t prevent you from inhaling the virus if it’s in the air close to you.

Airborne Transmission

Coronavirus | COVID-19 YouTube Video Playlist:

Here are my recommended items:

Regular Medical/Surgical Mask

Elastomeric Respirator Mask to Prevent Inhaling The Virus

Glasses/Goggles to Protect Your Eyes

Air Purifier for Home/Office

Pulse Oximeter to measure your Oxygen at Home

Most airlines are requiring passengers to wear masks. Some airlines are also taking other measures to minimize person to person interaction, such as not serving alcoholic beverages or are skipping snacks altogether. Most commercial flights these days have very clean cabin air. Airplanes accomplish this by the way they have their air intake system setup. Essentially, they have compressed air passing through the jet engines, with its temperature being super hot. That hot air is then cooled, and put under pressure (450) PSI. So between the initial hot temperatures and the high pressure, that makes the air in the cabin very sterile, as bacteria and viruses become destroyed in that process.

And the cabin air is exchanged every 3-4 minutes, which is actually better than offices and homes, which is typically every 5-12 minutes. Also, with newer generations of airplanes, they have high-efficiency particulate air filters, meaning HEPA filters, that filter the recirculated air. They can fish out particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is what an N95 respirator mask can do, as well as an elastomeric mask. Now some might say, well the virus is only about 0.1 microns in diameter or 100 nm…. And this is true. But most of the virus in the air is going to exist within respiratory droplets. So the bottom line is, if the virus is in the air, most of it, about 95% of it, will be filtered out with these HEPA filters on the plane, and the same goes for respirator masks.

When someone is expelling respiratory droplets, the ones that more than 5-10 microns in size, those are the ones that are going to act like ballistics, and fall within 6-12 feet of them, IF… they are NOT wearing a mask. The respiratory droplets that are expelled are less than 5 microns, these are the ones that will stay suspended in the air. If someone is wearing a mask, it will drastically reduce the distance the size of that moist cloud, and the distance that moist cloud can travel, but it won’t be totally prevented.

So if no one sitting close to you, or if someone is sitting close to you but does not have the virus, no worries. But, of course, people are going to be close to you, and it's impossible to know who has the virus. And if that virus is in the air close to you, you’re going to breathe it in, unless….you do tip #1, which is, you wear an N95 respirator mask, or an elastomeric respirator. Both of these filter out at least 95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Right now the CDC recommends the public to not purchase and wear these N95 respirator masks, for one because they need to be reserved for health care workers. I don’t understand how they can be in limited supply this deep into a pandemic, but I digress. But what you can do is get yourself an elastomeric respirator. This is a reusable device with exchangeable cartridge filters. Like an N95 respirator, it also filters out at least 95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. It fits tight against the user's face but is more comfortable than an N95.

Dr. Mike Hansen, MD
Internal Medicine | Pulmonary Disease | Critical Care Medicine
Instagram Account:

#coronavirus #covid19

8 Precautions If You're Flying With Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic

Although COVID-19 transmission is still an issue in the United States, some families have decided to, or have to, take flights elsewhere.

If you’re flying with kids, here are eight ways to keep your family safe.

New Air Travel Guidelines For Indian Passengers During Lockdown | Curly Tales

The minister of civil aviation of India, Hardeep Singh Puri recently listed down several new guidelines for air travel in COVID-19 times. We at Curly Tales bring you all the highlights. Take note. For the detailed guidelines, click here:

#DomesticTravel #Lockdown4 #CurlyTales #Travel

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Air Travel Experience From Mumbai To Delhi During Pandemic | Curly Tales

After 2 long months, finally domestic flights resumed in India. Curly Tales Contributor Rashi Aggarwal who flew from Mumbai to Delhi, shares her first hand flight experience during the pandemic. From her decision of coming back to her family in Delhi, to going through the new checking procedures at the airport. She shares it all, along with some tips and you need to keep in mind if you intend on travelling by air anytime soon. Check out the video to know what all has changed.

#AirTravel #Covid19 #TravelPostLockdown #Lockdown

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Traveling during lockdown | Air travel in India during Covid-19 | UNLOCK 3.0 | Complete travel guide

Hello guys,
This video is all about
Traveling During pandemic, I was traveling to my Native place mangalore, Karnataka- India,
In this video I have shared each and everything in detail about my travel
It was indigo 6E 5327 A320 flight ( BOM - IXE )
In this I have showed how to travel to Karnataka during lockdown or unlock 3.0 unlock 3.O during pandemic
And I have mentioned how to fill seva sindhu form
And how to do indigo web check-in / or indigo kiosks checkin / how to print bag tags .

#Pandemic #Unlock3.0 #Airplane

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Video is all about:
How to travel during pandemic
Mumbai to Bangalore
Mumbai to Mangalore
How to travel during lockdown
How to travel during unlock 3.0
How to travel in flight during pandemic
How to do web check-in
Indigo mumbai to Mangalore
Mangalore airport
Mumbai airport
Air Travel during pandemic
Jet airways spotted
Jet airways news
Sourabh Poojary
Sourabh the fooder
Sourabh the fooder
Air travel during lockdown in India
complete travel guide
seva sindhu form
Karnataka quarantine rules
how to fill seva sindhu form

Travelling to Mumbai during Lockdown | Domestic Flights in India During Lockdown | Airport New rules

Taking a domestic flight? Here are answers to some questions you might have. New air travel guidelines for domestic passengers during lockdown || Airport New rules

State wise quarantine regulation PDF :

/data/user/0/ wise quarantine regulation - Customer Support Guide v9.docx

India Domestic Flights Resume: Is a laptop bag allowed? For how long can you stay at the airport? Who will tag your baggage? What if you feel hungry?

With domestic commercial flights resuming from Monday after being grounded for almost two months due to the Covid-19 lockdown, there are various restrictions in terms of baggage, arrival time, security check requirements, transport to airport and check-in facilities.

The government has issued a price cap and a floor to keep the fares under control, given that there will be a surge in demand that, if left to market forces, could cause fares to skyrocket.

Here is what you may have to do, take care of, and be prepared to go through as you embark on a flight.

1. A new flight structure will be introduced for 3 months until August 24th 11.59pm. Domestic flights will resume from 25 May, 2020

2. The new flight structure will be regulated by the government for the 3 months

3. The focus will be on affordable air travel based on timing and air routes

4. The cap on air fares has been decided in seven categories. Flight operations will restart from major Indian airports, including ones located in tier one cities

5. 40% of seats will be sold at less than average price

6. The minimum fare from Delhi-Mumbai will be Rs 3,500 & the maximum Rs 10,000

7. Middle seats of the airplane will not be kept empty. Air planes will run at full capacity. As per airport authorities keeping the middle seat empty does not solve the purpose.

8. Airports & Airplanes will implement other measures to ensure protection against COVID-19 like disinfection of flight, thermal screening, airport staff & flight crew wearing masks and sanitising etc

9. Passengers will have to do mandatory web check-in, and carry a print out of their boarding pass. Masks & sanitisers will also be mandatory for all passengers.

10. Air travellers must maintain a distance of four feet from co-passenger

11. All passengers will have to compulsorily have the Aarogya Sethu app installed. Anyone showing red on the app will not be allowed to fly.

12. Only one check-in bag will be allowed per passenger.

13. Passengers will have to report 2 hours before departure as per new domestic guidelines.

14. Flight routes have been classified into 7 – 1) Flight time less than 40 minutes, 2) 40 – 60 minutes, 3) 60 – 90 minutes, 4) 90 – 120 minutes, 5) 120 – 150 minutes, 6) 150 – 180 mins, 7) 180 – 210 mins.

Dos & Don’ts To Be Kept In Mind By Travellers
Passengers are requested to maintain social distancing and avoid touching surrounding from the point of origin till the airport. Registering on the Aarogya Setu app is also necessary. So here’s what you need to keep in mind while travelling.

When Travelling To The Airport
Registration on Aarogya Setu app and self-declaration is compulsory.
It’s advised that passengers use digital mode of payment and used authorised taxis.
Only one cabin bag and one check-in bag is permitted
Elderly people, vulnerable people and pregnant women are advised to avoid travelling.
Obtain boarding pass and ensure web check-in
Passengers must download the baggage tag/baggage identification number, print it and fix it on the bag at a prominent place.
In case baggage tag is not printable, PNR number and the name of the passenger must be displayed prominently on the bag
Wearing a mask is compulsory.
Passengers must arrive at the airport at least a couple of hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
Status of health must be updated on the Aarogya Setu app.
Apart from these guidelines, the ministry has also prompted passengers to not reach late. Those living in coronavirus containment zones or who have tested positive for the deadly virus must avoid travelling. The airlines will issue a boarding pass after the passengers have declared that they don’t live in a containment zone and are not showing any symptoms as part of the self-declaration. Passengers must update their health on the Aarogya Setu app and show it to the staff at the entry gate.


Hello friends

My name is Poonam Panchey. Welcome back to my channel.

During the lockdown on 30th I came from Delhi to Hyderabad and I found the journey was not as peaceful as before because during this pandemic many things to be taking care off and also some fear in our mind that what will happend.

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Flying In The Time Of Coronavirus: NDTV On Board A Flight

Air travel resumed across India on Monday, two months after the lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, bringing relief to the aviation sector that was on the brink of collapse. While the passengers wore face shields and masks inside flights, it was a novel sight for fliers to see crew members protective gowns, masks and face shields welcoming them inside the planes. NDTV's Saurabh Shukla took a flight from Delhi to Pune to see what has changed on domestic flights.

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Traveling During Covid-19 l Flying Home with Newborn during Pandemic Vlog

Hi Guys!

I have shared traveling vlog from Ahmedabad to Chandigarh with my newborn baby during this pandemic.

#unlock #quarantine #newborn

Instagram- sneh_loveurmiffin

Air travel during Covid19 in India | Domestic Flights Rules During Lockdown

We took a flight from Pune to Bhubaneshwar during this pandemic and have recorded our experience about it.

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USA to India travel experience VBM flight /precautions for traveling during COVID/

FLYING DURING COVID-19 | GONE WRONG ???? | How to travel in Covid-19 | Domestic Travel in Lockdown

Welcome back guys. This video is an informative video about FLYING DURING COVID-19. This video covers all the measures you need to follow during your aur travel during the pandemic period. This video covers my travel from New Delhi to Guwahati.
Hope you all will like this video. Please leave your valuable reviews in the comments section below. Also, you can ask your queries regarding your doubts on air travel during the pandemic period.

#flyingduringcovid19 #flightnewrules #pandemictravel #covid19travel


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Travelling during Lockdown | Flight travel during COVID-19 (corona) | KVIAN on a plane || Hindi ||

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.This video is guide to how to travel during lockdown or unlock 1 in india.
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.i'am travelling from Mumbai to patna on Spicejet for the very first time on a very new route.

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