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Traveling During the Pandemic Is Possible. But Can You Do It Safely? | WSJ


COVID 19 Travel Tips: Flying During Pandemic, Safety, Restrictions (Air Travel During Coronavirus)

Key strategies to travel safely during the COVID 19 pandemic: What are the current COVID 19 travel restrictions for people living in the United States? How safe is air travel/flying during COVID? How do I optimize safety and convenience while traveling or flying during a pandemic? Where can I find the latest coronavirus safety information on COVID travel and restrictions?

This presentation by Kyle Allred, PA was recorded on February 23, 2021, at the National Conference on Wilderness Medicine:
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00:00 Safe (and convenient) travel during a pandemic
00:39 Why do we travel?
02:33 Travel restrictions and COVID-19 test requirements
05:15 Timing of your COVID-19 test with your travel plans
06:08 How and where to get your COVID-19 test when traveling?
09:04 Providing proof of your negative test to your airline
09:54 Region-specific restrictions throughout the US
11:00 Relative safety of air travel during COVID-19 pandemic
14:10 HEPA filters and SARS-CoV-2
18:00 Portable HEPA filters for travel
19:38 Ventilation and filtration recommendations and considerations
20:57 Mask considerations while traveling: balance comfort and effectiveness
22:29 TSA Pre-Check to mitigate transmission risk in long security lines
23:25 Helpful resources and websites when planning travel and staying up-to-date on restrictions
27:26 Consider using travel insurance for trips during COVID-19 pandemic
28:36 Using CDC website for information as a traveler and/or clinician


Travel.Gov |

CDC for Travelers |

Ventilation & Filtration: Prevent COVID 19 + Optimize Health (Air purifiers, HEPA filters) Prof Joseph Allen |


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- Coronavirus Update 121: Johnson and Johnson Vaccine - Efficacy and Safety vs. Pfizer & Moderna
- Coronavirus Update 120: Anticoagulants (Blood Thinners) Improve Hospital Outcomes (Full Dose)
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- Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2)
- Coronavirus Update 118: AstraZeneca DNA COVID 19 Vaccine Explained (vs. Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna mRNA vaccines)

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Dr. Dana Hawkinson Shows You How Travel Safely Since COVID-19

First time traveling since COVID-19 hit? Infectious disease physician Dr. Dana Hawkinson at The University of Kansas Health System shows us how he's staying safe while on the move.


Today we will share our best tips for traveling safely during the COVID pandemic. Since we travel full-time, we are happily seeing things slowly return back to “normal”. Due to this, we really encourage you to start traveling again—as long as you feel comfortable and follow the necessary rules and precautions. The tips and websites we talked about in this video will help you travel safely during COVID or any pandemic (links below).

After talking about our best tips for traveling during COVID, we also show you what it is really like to travel right now. We hopped on a flight from Ecuador to Lima, Peru and faced some interesting challenges due to different restrictions from Peru…

If you have any questions or tips about traveling safely during the COVID pandemic, then feel free to leave them below! We know this video will help you out with your future travels ????

*DISCLAIMER* We take our masks off in the airport ONLY to talk to the camera. If we don’t, then you can’t hear us.



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How to travel safely during the COVID-19 pandemic

More than one million people have already passed through U.S. airport security checkpoints to spend the holidays with loved ones, despite warnings from health officials.

It marks the first time U.S. airports have screened more than 1 million passengers since Nov. 29. That came at the end of a Thanksgiving weekend that saw far more travel around the country than had been hoped as the weather turned colder and COVID-19 cases were already spiking again.


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Electronic Service Travel Authorization (ESTA)




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Traveling During the Pandemic Is Possible. But Can You Do It Safely? | WSJ

In many places around the world, holiday travel is permitted again. So how do you travel safely if you want to go on vacation this summer? WSJ’s George Downs takes a weekend trip to find out. Photo composite: George Downs

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Pandemic Travel - How to safely vacation during COVID-19


Avoid public transportation when possible
When needed take the shortest most direct way
Wear a mask and eye covering.
Board last and sit closest to front if possible.
Keep healthy distance from others.
Minimize eating, drinking and using restroom.
Disinfect ALL surfaces!
Sanitize your hands after you touch anything.

Car trips and RV road trips are great option.
Be prepared to stop safely for gas and other necessities.
Bring disposable gloves/paper towels for touching anything, like gas pump.
Pack food, drinks and supplies to minimize stops

Choose a rental or hotel where door opens to outside
Avoid indoor traffic and elevators when possible
Disinfect room completely when you arrive
Try to keep housekeeping and others out of your space during stay

Outdoors is always best!
Hike, swim, walk, anything outdoors is great.
Avoid indoor attractions when possible.

Packing List:
Masks, gloves, disinfectant, sanitizer, soap, food, drinks, snacks any health or medical supplies your family uses regularly or may need.

Have a happy, health and safe vacation!

XOXO, Dr. Tanya

Traveling During the Pandemic: Can we do it safely?

In many places around the world, travel is permitted again. So how do you travel safely if you want to travel. Is it safe or not?

If you find the answer, kindly watch the video till the end. All information in this video as per my understanding.

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How to Travel Safely During a Pandemic

Travel has become more complicated than ever. This course walks you through what you should know if you have to travel during times of Pandemic. Learn more at

Maren Hunsberger is a microbiologist and science communicator who makes videos about all the amazing science that helps us understand our universe. In this course she explains how viruses spread and the impact it has on travel- from preparation to airports and considerations when returning home. This is not meant to encourage travel but to help us be safe and aware if travel is must.

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How To Travel SAFELY During COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has affected everyone, everywhere! But as far as the economy is concerned the sector that has suffered the most is probably that of tourism. Since the outbreak began we have learned new ways to work, new ways shop, new ways to communicate, and even new ways to learn! Now that it seems clear that the pandemic will continue for at least another year, we need to find new ways to travel or Tourism will be another COVID Casualty.
Here are some tips on How To Travel Safely During COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Do your research
Just as you would normally check your travel itinerary before leaving, you should now check to see if your Transport and your lodgings have anti-covid measures in place. Covid measures should take precedence over others, for example, a room with a balcony that allows for air circulation is now more desirable than a fixed window with a sea view.

2. A to B
Make your trip as direct as possible, and if possible travel by car. Avoid public transport as much as possible. Avoid public rest stops and stop only when necessary, bring snacks and drinks with you to avoid queues, and wash or sanitize your hands before and after every stop.

3. The Great Outdoors
Respiratory virus transmission mainly occurs indoors, air circulation greatly diminishes the risk, so stay outdoors!. If you have to eat at a restaurant opt for one with outdoor seating and at least 2 meters between tables. Choose outdoor activities like walking and biking over indoor ones, it'll put you less at risk and it's better for you too!

4. Avoid flying
As with any public transport, airports are a risk mainly because of the amount of people that pass through them, If you can, avoid them. If you do have to fly, make sure your airline has anti-covid measures in place and that allows for social distancing. whilst in the airport, be aware of everything you touch and sanitize directly afterwards. Most commercial Aircraft have an air circulation system with approximately 50% outside air and 50% recirculated through HEPA filters, even so, a badly timed sneeze is all it takes so wear your mask onboard!

5. Packing
When preparing for your trip there are a few additional things you should add to your list. Hand sanitizer and hand soap, sanitizing hand wipes, water and snacks for the journey, and n95 face masks, bear in mind that an n95 mask is good for about 8 hours of continual use before becoming saturated and requiring a change, when packing, allow for this and the possibility that one may break or get damaged. when it comes to masks the more the merrier!

6. Be Ingenious!
If you're going to see family members try to avoid staying in their home, book lodgings nearby, or hire a caravan or motorhome or just get a tent and camp on their lawn. Remember that humanity's ability to overcome adversities comes from our adaptability and ingenuity, so rather than bury our heads till it all dies down let's use our heads to carry on living!

Where are you going to visit next?
Comment below!

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How to Travel Safely During the Pandemic | Travel Tips

Do you plan a trip? Uncover top travel tips during the pandemic. In this video interview, Latifah Al-Hazza, a co-founder of Femscape Sojourns and a travel journalist, explains how to safely book a trip online, how to avoid unexpected situations during travel, and what to do if your trip was canceled.

00:00 - Introduction
00:33 - About Latifah Al-Hazza
01:25 - What was the most recent destination that you visited?
02:02 - Tips on how to plan trip wisely and safely
06:22 - Tips on how to book a trip online
10:39 - Checklist for travel booking
12:50 - Example of how to solve an unexpected situation during the trip
15:31 - How to travel safely to such places as Africa
18:27 - Tips on how to get a refund for the canceled trips
21:30 - The safest directions to travel during a pandemic
24:41 - What are the travel trends for 2021?
29:16 - Conclusion

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How to travel safely during the pandemic

Today, we briefly discuss tips on how to travel safely during the pandemic.

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How to Travel Safely During the Pandemic - Airlines & Hotels

Want to know How to Travel Safely During the Pandemic? I am breaking down the Airlines & Hotels I have stayed at over the last few weeks to give you a better idea of what you can expect if you are hitting the roads or the skies in the next few weeks. Airlines, Hotels, campsites, AirBNBs and vacation rentals all have different regulations and rules. So I am including a bunch of tips on how you and your family can stay safe and travel responsibly during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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How To Travel Safely During COVID 19 | 8 Tips for Coronavirus Travel

How To Travel Safely During COVID 19: 8 Tips for Coronavirus Travel!

For anyone else out there who is desperate to travel safely during COVID but has been stuck at home for most of 2020, we feel your pain. These are our top tips for COVID travel while we test out the N-rit face coverings. We finally decided to brave the outside world and go on holiday again for the first time since coronavirus started. We just got back from a trip around 6 different countries in Europe and learned a lot about how to travel safely during this unusual time. Before going we had so many questions: What is the safest way to travel during covid? How to socially distance and travel? Are airports safe during covid? What to take when traveling during covid? So, whether you're interested in local or international travel during covid, we have you covered with our 8 tips for traveling safely during the pandemic.
In this video we share these tips whilst traveling locally, visiting a beautiful hidden nature spot in Somerset, UK.

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*NOTE: We are not medical experts and any kind of travel during this time is not completely risk free. Please follow your government's advice when it comes to protecting yourself against covid and stopping the spread.

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How to Travel Safely During the Pandemic

If you’re nervous about traveling as COVID restrictions begin to lift or just unsure what’s safe, join Dr. Eduardo Sanchez, the American Heart Association’s chief medical officer for prevention, for House Calls: Real Docs, Real Talk.

Get the latest CDC guidance on COVID-19 at

How To Travel Safely During a Pandemic!

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How to travel safely during covid - perfect guide

It’s April 2021 and we start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully soon we will be able to travel again!
But how to travel safely safely during (or in the aftermaths of) the pandemic?

This video is the golden guide to travel - and fly - safely during the covid19 pandemic.

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Tips on flying safely during the pandemic

The airline industry is reeling from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and many companies are trying to figure out how to not only ensure safety but how to make passengers feel safe enough to fly. CEO and founder of The Points Guy Brian Kelly joins “CBS This Morning” to give you some tips on how to travel safely if you have to during this time, and takes a glance into what the future of air travel may look like.

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How to travel safely during covid pandemic? Everything you need to know

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How to Safely Travel By Plane During a Pandemic

Whats Up Beautiful People!

I know many of us have been considering traveling so here is a short little take of my travel experience by plane to help you make decisions on whether traveling during a pandemic works for you.

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