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Treasures Found in Unexpected Places


12 Most Amazing Treasures Found Recently

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The golden years of archaeology are not over. The world is still full of buried and hidden treasure, and experts and specialists are still out there looking for it! You don't even have to be an expert or a specialist to find that treasure, though; you just have to be lucky. Plenty of people have struck lucky with buried treasure in the past few years, and to prove it, we've put this video together so you can check out their amazing discoveries!

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12 Most Incredible Unexpected Treasures Found Recently

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When you’re out hunting for treasure, you never know what you might find next. Will it be a collection of coins that’s been buried for years? A valuable painting? Some solid gold jewelry? Archaeologists are often as surprised by their discoveries as we are, and sometimes it’s not even archaeologists who make the most surprising discoveries! Here are some of the most remarkable discoveries made in recent times - some of which happened entirely by accident.

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10 Incredible Treasures Found In Unexpected Places

10 Incredible Treasures Found In Unexpected Places. If you think we’ve found all the hidden treasure around the world then you’re sorely mistaken. New discoveries are made all the time that can turn regular people into millionaires, but most of these discoveries happen completely by accident. The following 10 incredible treasures found in unexpected places give us all hope that we, too, can get lucky and strike gold.

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Check out these lost treasures found in unexpected places! This top 10 list of amazing discoveries by lucky people has some awesome treasures discovered by accident using a metal detector or just sheer luck!

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10.) Thrift Store Couch Treasure
Three college roommates from New Paltz, New York bought an old and smelly couch at a local Salvation Army thrift store. One day, while sitting watching T.V, they noticed the couch was pretty uncomfortable and lumpy. Looking into why the couch cushions had so many lumps, the roommates discovered that it was lumps of money.

9.) Roman Coins
One day a farmer discovered a treasure trove of gold coins in his backyard, in Ueken, Switzerland. He reported the find and upon further digging by archaeologists, it was discovered that there were over 4,000 Roman gold coins, which were thought to be more than 1,700 years old! A majority of the coins date back as far as Emperor Aurelian's reign in the year 274, while other coins date from the time of Emperor Maximian in the year 294.

8.) A Rabbi’s Desk
Rabbi Noah Muroff and his wife in Connecticut bought a desk for $150.00 off of Craigslist. This desk, unknown to Noah and his wife at the time, held a treasure trove of cash! The Rabbi couldn’t get his new used desk through the door of his office, so he had to take it apart. Once the pieces were separated enough so they could fit, he discovered a plastic bag with a $100 bill in it.

7.) Recycling Barrel
A worker at a Kentucky recycling plant found a barrel with savings bonds worth about $22,000! Mike Rogers, was working one night when he found the treasure of savings bonds. The savings bonds were found amongst a bunch of scrap metal that had been thrown into the barrel.

6.) A Ferrari
During the year 1978, two boys were out playing in their new backyard when they discovered something big and metallic buried in the ground. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that was a 1974 Ferrari Dino 246 GTS. The police were called and they knew that the Ferrari was not meant to be buried long because it was all wrapped in towels like they had tried to mummify it or something!

5.) Coins in Can
A couple living in California took their dog on their usual daily walk down a path when they noticed a can sticking out of the dirt. It’s actually strange they hadn’t seen them before. After removing some moss and dirt, they uncovered a total of eight cans. They brought the cans back home where they found out the cans were chock full of coins!

4.) Airplane Bathroom
Airplane cleaners for the Middle East discount airline Flydubai hit the jackpot when they found a bunch of gold bars in the lavatory on an airplane. Police believe the 70 pounds of gold bars were actually left there by a gold smuggler who traveled on the flight from Dubai to the Bangladeshi capital of Dhaka.

3.) Cash in a TV
Someone took an old TV to a recycling plant in Ontario, Canada and a woman working there was going through the old TV’s when she found a box full of cash inside an old box T.V.!! Like a bank box!! Always check everything before you recycle it or throw it away!! You could be losing thousands of dollars!!

2.) Hoxne Hoard Treasure
One day in 1992, a farmer by the name of Peter Whatling, was working in a tenant field southwest of the village of Hoxne in Suffolk, England, when he lost his hammer. Unable to find it, he called on one of his friend, Eric Lawes, to come over and help look for the hammer with a metal detector.

1.) Declaration of Independence
A man in Pennsylvania found an old frame at a flea market for just $4.00. Once he returned home, he began to take the old torn picture out of the frame to replace it, which is when he noticed that there was a copy of the Declaration of Independence inside.

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HIDDEN Treasures Found In Unexpected Places!

Check out these HIDDEN Treasures Found In Unexpected Places! From amazing discoveries found hidden somewhere to other lost treasures that were suddenly rediscovered, this top 10 list of awesome treasures found in secret places will amaze you!

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9. The Ophel Treasure
In Jerusalem in the country of Israel, archaeologist Eilat Mazar was doing an excavation near the ruins of Temple Mount. When she was digging, her and her team stumbled upon a 36-piece treasure collection that no one had even considered would be there. Even more impressive, the treasure itself was over 1400 years old.

8. The Cuerdale Hoard
In 1840, near the Cuerdale River near Preston, England, some men were during construction work. But as they were digging near a bend in the River Ribble, they came across something that they didn't expect, a giant lead box. Inside this box was a horde of items from ancient Vikings. This massive lead box had silver coins, ingots, jewelry, and many other items of the Viking World.

7. Escobar's Millions
Pablo Escobar was by and large one of the most infamous people in the world during his time. He made billions of dollars smuggling illegal drugs into the United States, and lived like a king for a very long time. And he even walked past US troops looking for him when the time came to take him down. Eventually, he died in 1993, and the search for all the secret deposits of cash that he left behind began.

6. Teotihuacan Treasure
In Mexico, there is a city called Teotihuacan. This city was one of the gems of Mexico during the period of the Maya and other cultures. According to reports, the city, which was full of ancient pyramids, could have easily held over 100,000 people. But in truth, no one actually knows what happened to their civilization.

5. The Declaration of Independence
The original Declaration of Independence, that's safely locked away in Washington D.C., for all to see, is one of the most important documents in American history, if not the most important. However, while there is an original, there were copies of it made back in 1776, and one person found one of them in a very roundabout way.

4. Saddle Ridge Hoard
In California in 2014, a couple was walking their dog on their private property in Gold Country, which is Sierra Nevada, California. The couple had walked their dog around this area many times, but in April of that year they walked down a certain way and noticed an odd metal can sticking out of the ground. Curious, they unearthed it, and when they did, they found gold coins inside the can- 1,427 gold coins.

3. Wall Vault Of Coins
In Pennsylvania, in an abandoned house owned by a certain family. Some of their kids were playing in the house when they noticed some coins lying around. They didn't look like modern coins, so they took them back to their parents. Upon inspection, the parents realized that these coins weren't just old, they were rare. So, they hired a man named Jeff Bidelman, who owned a rare collectibles store, to search the house and see what else he could find.

2. Belitung Shipwreck
The Belitung Shipwreck is one that occurred in 830 AD. This was an Arabian ship set to go from Africa to China. And while it did reach its destination, the return trip didn't go so well. The ship went wildly of course for a reason that no one understands. Eventually, the ship sank off the coast of Belitung Island, Indonesia.

1. Baseball Cards In The Attic
Many people put things in their attics for safe keeping, and for a man named Karl Kissner, he was fortunate enough to be the one to search his grandfather’s attic and find a box of baseball cards. But not just any baseball cards, ones that were older, and much different looking, than modern baseball cards.

Saddle Ridge Hoard large rusted can, Kagin's Inc., CC-BY-SA-3.0
P1130192 Jerusalem, Ricardo Tulio Gandelman, CC-BY-2.0

9 Strange Things Found in Unexpected Places


When we were kids, we all wanted to make a great discovery. We imagined that the cobblestone found in the courtyard is some kind of gem, and we also expected to find ancient treasure in an old sofa. Well, actually, any adult would be happy to find valuable treasure. Of course, the chances of really finding it are slim, but sometimes this happens. Today we will tell you about great discoveries.

15 Amazing Treasures Found By Complete Accident!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure – or say they say. In fact, sometimes that trash, turns out to be treasure worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, so it pays to be careful when throwing out your household junk. What might appear to have no value at all, could be worth a fortune to the right buyer. From the chance finding of a long-since forgotten diamond engagement ring to the five-dollar Jackson Pollock original, here are 15 Amazing Treasures found by Complete Accident.

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8 Biggest Treasures Found In Weird Places

From finding a collection of coins in a wall, to tons of cash in a mattress, and more! Join me as I reveal to you the Best random places valuables have been found!

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8. Wall Vault Of Coins
Coins are something that can be VERY valuable depending on their make, age, composition, etc. So you'd think you'd put them in a safe place like a bank, or a vault, right? One family though had an entirely different idea on where to place their coins. They decided to put their spare the walls of their home. Oh, and not just one or two coins, but many, MANY coins as another family would soon find out.

7. Saddle Ridge Hoard
A couple in California was walking their dog on their private property in Gold Country, which is in Sierra Nevada, California, in 2014. While walking together, they went down a slightly different path than usual, and when they did, they saw a metal can sticking up out of the ground. Which they felt was curious for one reason or another.

6. Storage Lockers
Storage lockers are meant to be a place where people can store their excess items without feeling like they're throwing things away. Which is a nice sentiment, but over time, people kept forgetting to pay for their lockers, and thus, they left their valuables behind. A bad move, because some of these lockers had valuables that were worth thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of dollars.

5. Gold In The Furniture
Who hasn't lost a few coins or maybe a dollar or two while sitting on their couch, sofa, or favorite chair? It's part of the fun as kids to rummage through the furniture to see what's there for the taking. But for one man in Normandy, France, he found something much more shocking in his furniture: gold.
Now, to be clear, this wasn't just a random piece of furniture he bought, but rather, he had inherited a house in Normandy and was checking out the furniture when he indeed found the gold in question.

4. Green Suitcase
Imagine this. You get a brand new home, and you decide to go and renovate it to ensure that you get the most out of it. As you do, you find yourself looking at an odd green suitcase that is stashed within the ceiling of your basement area. When you take it down you carefully open it up and see that there are old newspapers in there dating decades back. An odd find, but nothing too noteworthy.

3. Treasure On The Beach
In 1712, Spain had just won a war for their succession from Britain and France. But the cost of that war for freedom was high. So, they sent a fleet of ships to go across the ocean to places like Cuba, take the treasures that they had acquired, and bring them back to Spain.

2. Flea Market
A man at a flea market might have found one of the most important historical finds ever, the Declaration of Independence. No, not the ORIGINAL declaration, but rather a copy of it. A very well made copy that was worth a lot as you'll see.

1. The Mattress of a Bed
This is a common joke in the world. Mainly, since you can't trust banks or others, you go and hide your money in a mattress because who would suspect that? Except, in this case, it was true, and that money in the mattress was $20 million dollars, and the man who hit it there...was part of a pyramid scheme.


We found treasure buried under this old historic house! The owner asked Jake and I to do some detecting in the crawlspace of the family home. The home was built at the turn of the century and is one of the larger victorian homes in the state. The owner told us the story of a previous family member who buried an unspecified amount of gold coins under the house in coffee cans back in the early 20's . These coins were dug up in 1985, and would now be worth a fortune. There a total of 14 coffee cans full of gold coins that were dug up that day. It was unclear if all of the cans were dug up, so Jake and I were asked to see if we could find anything that may have been missed. As it turns out, we did not find any gold coins, but to our surprise we began finding silver coins buried in the dirt floor. These coins were a mix of silver coins ranging from the 1890's through 1964. The family was not aware of these coins and did not know how they ended up buried in the floor.

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People Who Found Treasure In Unexpected Places

Most VALUABLE Treasures Discovered By ACCIDENT!

Check out the Most VALUABLE Treasures Discovered By ACCIDENT! From amazing buried treasures to mysterious valuable discoveries, this top 10 list of strange objects found accidentally will amaze you!

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As a young boy, John Webber of Dorchester, England was given a small cup with two faces on it by his grandfather, who was a scrap metal dealer. He didn’t think to investigate the item’s worth - after all, while scrap metal retains some value, it usually won’t land someone a fortune, and Webber simply assumed the cup was made out of a material his grandfather typically worked with, such as bronze or brass.


In 2007, a wooden stand sitting outside the bathrooms of the North Yorkshire, England branch of the ASK pizzeria chain caught the eye of a customer, who decided to photograph and investigate the item. The giltwood carving featured garlands and youths, and while it had gone unnoticed by many, something about it piqued this person’s curiosity.

In 1950, a family purchased a home in Sussex, England from a Sri Lankan tea farmer. The property contained a semi-circular, four-by-eight foot (1.2 x 1.5 meters) granite stone weighing nearly a ton. On its surface, the stone depicted animals such as cows, horses, lions, elephants, and birds, along with flowers and foliage. From thereon out, whenever the family moved, they brought the stone with them.

One day in 2009, Hungarian art historian Gergely Barki put the children’s movie Stuart Little on for his bored daughter, Lola. In the background of the movie set, he noticed a painting that he recognized as a Hungarian avant-garde masterpiece that had been missing since 1928.

Sometime during the 1950’s, a man who owed fare money to English taxi driver Charles Funnell, paid him instead with a strange little pot. Attached to the pot was a card identifying the red and black artifact as “Libyan Pottery” dating back to 3,000 BC that had been discovered sometime between 1894 and 1895 by Professor WM Flinders Petrie.

3. Roman Moratorium Turned Birdbath
In 2006, a resident of Alcester, England named Ray Taylor found a flat, clay bowl in his garden while digging for rhubarb and decided to use it as a bird bath. For the next decade or so, that’s where it remained. When Taylor’s daughter, Rebecca, visited the Roman Alcester Heritage Museum, she noticed several similar items on display, and suggested for her dad to take his makeshift bird bath there to learn more.

When archaeologist and television host James Balme noticed a dirty, old garden ornament for sale in Leicester, England, he had an unexplainable-yet-sneaking suspicion that the item was not just a worthless lawn trinket. He purchased the heavy sandstone block and noticed, after cleaning it, that it contained complex engravings that may represent a form of writing.

In 2016, an antiques expert noticed a unique flower pot as he strolled through the gardens of Blenheim Palace, the Oxfordshire, England birthplace and ancestral home of Sir Winston Churchill.

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12 Most Amazing Treasures Found By Accident

There’s a bargain hunter in all of us. You never know what secret treasures might be lurking in a thrift store, in an attic, or down the back of your sofa. An innocuous purchase you made years ago for a few dollars might turn out to be worth thousands today! Every story you’re about to see in this video has one thing in common - they’re valuable and wonderful treasures, found, bought, and sold in the most remarkable circumstances.

Antique Gold Found in an Unexpected Place


Top 5 Most Amazing Treasures Found By Accidentally On Camera

Top 5 Most Amazing Treasures Found By Accidentally On Camera
Treasures are found all the time for ancient artifacts to modern masterpieces. But most of the time they're only discovered after extensive research and exploration by people specifically trying to track them down occasionally though treasures can be found completely by accident and, in some cases these are some of the greatest finds.The following treasures were found in unexpected places, many years after they’d been hidden. Here are Top 5 Most Amazing Treasures Found By Accidentally On Camera
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अचानक चमकी किस्मत मटके में मिला करोड़ों का खजाना | Treasures Found in Unexpected Places


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Man Found Lost Gold Treasures || Treasure Found in Unexpected Places


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10 Unexpected Places Where People Found Treasure

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