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Trello To Evernote Power Up Introduction Beginner Tutorial


Trello Beginner Tutorial (2020): How To Use Trello To Organize Your Personal Life & Business

Trello is a unique project management app. With the use of boards, lists, and notes you'll always have a visual overview of your tasks and projects. Ready to learn how to use Trello? Here's what we'll cover in this tutorial:

???? Video Time Stamps
0:07 What is Trello?
1:38 How to use Trello (Trello tutorial)
12:16 Trello board examples/ideas
Trello Templates:

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3 New Trello Features You Didn't Know Existed! (2019)

Trello is adding new features on a regular basis. New functions to enhance all your Trello cards, lists, and boards. In this video, Scott Friesen shows you his favorite new Trello tips and features of 2019 so far.

If you need a great reporting and exporting app for Trello, be sure to check out Bridge24:


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Scott Friesen is a productivity specialist and founder of Simpletivity training and consulting. He is also a prolific public speaker, workshop leader, and time management coach.

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Content Planning With Hobonichi Weeks, Trello and Evernote| Kuumba Life Designs

Content Planning With Hobonichi Weeks, Trello and Evernote| Kuumba Life Designs
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Hobonichi Planner I used: 2020 Hobonichi Techo Weeks
Hobonichi Weeks Plan With Me| National Sticker Day #stickeringchallenge2020| Kuumba Life Designs #kuumbalifedesigns #hobonichiweeks #nationalstickerday

Hey all! Today I am sharing a quick video on how I content Plan with both the Hobonichi Weeks and Electronic programs Trello and Evernote. This allows me to keep things organized and accessible with I need them. Please leave any questions in the comments below.


Hobonichi Planner I used: 2020 Hobonichi Techo Weeks
Micron 03:
Zebra Sarasa Clip in Black:




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Podcast: Creating While Black~Coming Soon~

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Evernote to Trello Integration - To-dos

Evernote to Trello integration works to instantly send Evernote to-dos to Trello as cards. Just type to-dos with checkboxes, tag the note and TaskClone does the rest.

TaskClone can also:
- Send note titles as tasks
- Create events in your calendar
- Schedule Evernote Reminders in your calendar

TaskClone supports:
- Any Evernote & OneNote note-taking app
- 40+ task apps
- Google Calendar directly and syncing with others

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Webinar - Trello Business Class 101

Get to know everything that Trello Business Class has to offer. In this webinar, we cover:

- New Power-Ups & Integrations
- Board Collections
- The New Team Boards Page
- Advanced Administrative Features
- Priority Support
- Smart Billing

How to use Evernote and Pocket for collecting your ideas

In this video, I will show you how to quickly collect ideas, articles, and notes to help you get started with your next project.

What is your favorite way to record articles or notes for research? Comment below and let me know what you think?

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How to transform Trello in a powerful calendar - video 1/2

This video shows how to setup Trello to become a powerful calendar - video 1 of 2.

1. Create a Trello account
2. Setup a board
3. Setup your lists
4. Create the cards
5. Add Calendar Power-Up
6. Set duedate into your cards
7. Select the calendar view/perspective

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Repeat Trello Cards

In this video I will show you how to add recurring Trello cards or how to repeat cards if yo like.

#1 Add Repeat Cards Power-UP
#2 Add a card
#3 Set the repeating frequency
#4 Check which are the current repeat cards

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How to Automate Your Business With TRELLO and ZAPIER

Today, Im going to teach you how to automate your business so that your clients are informed, happy and also this will make your life much easier and more organized.

Because we're using an automation tool called Zapier its going to allow you to do a variety of tasks and maximize the time you spent on certain client duties.

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New motto: Let's win together!

Social Media Marketing Agency (SMMA) - Baby steps! Success does not happen overnight.

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????Start With Why -
???? Eat the Frog -
???? The ONE Thing -
???? The E-Myth Revisited -

Please comment if you want additional content or topics for me to cover during this journey!
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Configure Settings - Trello Basics Tutorials | Part 3/20

Learn Trello - Full Course for Beginners [Tutorial]


Tools Used to Make Our Training Videos

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Beginner's Guide to Using Trello for Project Management

Learn how to use Trello to manage projects and to track progress toward completion of projects. Trello is a project management tool that helps you see at a glance how a project is progressing. It's fun and simple to use once you understand how the the information is organized and the terminology that the site uses. Trello is great for business, education, non-profit organizations, and more. Click here for my advanced Trello video: ***Consider supporting Technology for Teachers and Students on Patreon***:

Trello Agile Series: The Sprint Board

This webinar covers how to setup a Trello board for agile sprints, including key features, Power-Ups, integrations, and best practices.

Introducing: Power Ups For All!

This webinar covers setting up a Trello team, using Power-Ups, 4 new Power-Ups, and demos of some of our most popular Power-Ups.

Link to Local Evernote Notes From Trello

Bypass the #Evernote web interface and avoid using a #Trello powerup

Notejoy Power-Up in Trello Demo

Watch this short video to see how the Notejoy Power-Up for Trello works!

Our Trello Power-Up brings Notejoy's collaborative notes app together with Trello to create a beautiful experience across your notes & tasks.

It allows you to

* Create & attach rich notes to your Trello cards
* Directly view & edit notes right in Trello
* Collaboratively edit notes with your entire team
* Access your notes anywhere with Notejoy's desktop & mobile apps

Learn more at

Trello Power-ups Tutorial (Butler, Calendar, Harvest)

In this Trello Tutorial, I share 3 of my favorite Power-ups that I've been using to increase your productivity and get organized.

This tutorial will show you how to:
sync your Gmail and Trello calendar
use the harvest time tracker
get started with Butler for Trello
use these 3 power-ups for your content marketing strategy

Time Stamps:
Butler for Trello: 2:46
Gmail for Trello: 5:00
Harvest time tracker: 9:00

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Webinar - Getting Started With Trello

Hosted by Community Manager Brian Cervino, this webinar will goes over everything you need to know to get started with Trello. Topics in this webinar include:

- Trello Board Basics
- Creating A New Trello Board
- Collaborating In Trello
- Essential Trello Features
- Trello Tips & Tricks

Getting Started With Trello (Demo)

Brian from the Trello team walks you through a basic introduction of a Trello board. A full transcript is provided below the video. If you'd prefer a non-video guide, check out

Note: Since this video was made, we've switched the name of Organizations to Teams. The information in this video is still up-to-date, though!



Hey, this is Brian from the Trello team. Today we are going to take a peek at the “Best App Ever” board that Misty River Software created to keep track of their new app. As you can see, this board is made up of lists that represent a workflow. Each list has cards on it. A card is a unit that represents a task, and can hold a variety information for that task.

Adding cards

I can create a new task for this board by adding a card and adding a title to it. Click the card to open up the card back so you can add more information to it. All aspects of the card can be edited on the card back.

For instance, I can change the title of my card to make it a little more informative. I will also add a description to the card to provide more details on what this card is all about.

Since this task has a few layers to it, i’ll add a checklist to the card to create sub tasks or steps. These are each represented as checklist items.

Adding members & notifications

I will then add a few members of my team to this card to assign them the task. Since Ben and Julie are fluent in these languages, I will add them. When board members are added to a card they will receive a notification both within Trello and by email.

Due dates & labels

Since we are on a deadline for this feature, I am going to add a due date to the card so that everyone knows this needs to get done before the beta version ships.

Adding labels to your cards is a great way to add visual information for quick reference. Plus you can filter your board by label, which I will demonstrate later in this video.

Comments to communicate with team members

Commenting on cards is a convenient way to keep ideas and opinions on a task centrally located. @ mention a board member in a comment and they will receive a notification.


Also, since I want to stay on top of the progress on this card, I am going to subscribe it. This way I will receive notifications for any actions that occur on the card.

Oh, it looks like I forgot an important language for our localization feature. Better add it to the card!

Moving cards between lists

As a task progresses from start to finish, cards can be moved across lists by clicking and dragging them to a different list.

Of course, not all lists have to be a part of a workflow, lists can act as repositories for ideas, documents & resources.

Board Menu: Members

Now we are going to take a look at the board menu.
The members section of the board menu displays all of the board members. The members with the blue icon on their avatar are the board admins and they can set the permissions for the board. I can add new members to my board by clicking the add members button and then searching for them by either their username or email address. If I want to add someone to my board that is not a member of Trello, I can enter their email address and an invitation to sign up and join my board will be sent by email.

Also, to make things easier, if your board is a part of an organization, organization members will be suggested as possible board members.
It’s easy to add members to cards by dragging their avatar from the members section and dropping it on to a card.

Board Menu: Activity feed

Next, the activity feed for the board shows all of the actions that have occurred on the board.

Board Menu: Settings

Finally, the board’s menu is where you can find all of the board level settings and features. Board admins can set permissions for the board in “Additional Settings.” Most of these features are self explanatory, but I want to quickly go over some of more interesting and useful ones.

Power-ups: Calendar, voting, card aging

Power-ups are board-level features that you can enable to provide extra functionality on your board, such as a calendar view and voting.


Stickers are a fun way to add visual information to a card, whether it is a status update for the card or just to add a little humor.
Filtering cards on the boards

As mentioned earlier, card filters allow you to focus on cards on a board by labels, members, due dates or keywords.
Archiving cards and lists

Instead of deleting cards and lists, they are archived so that they can easily be referenced or returned to your board at any point in the future. Don’t worry about filling your archive, it’s practically limitless!

Create cards by email

It’s also possible to create new cards by email. Each board member has a unique email address associated with their board that will let them create new cards on that board.

5 Useful Trello Power ups with Scott Friesen | Simpletivity

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Trello Power ups are left untouched by many Trello users. They provide a whole new world of workflow for many power users. Today, Scott dives into 5 Trello power ups he uses every day and how he uses them. Scott uncovers how he uses Snooze, Custom Fields, Agile Teams, Butler and Voting to get things done.

This is Scott's channel and it is an awesome resource for Trello and so much more. You should go and follow today, if you haven't yet.

I'll be over on Scott's channel to discuss Things 3 and how you can use the project management function to advance your own personal projects. With the features such as deadlines, headings and areas, project lists inside of Things 3 can be even more progressive than the likes of Todoist.

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Trello To Evernote Power Up Introduction Beginner Tutorial

Trello To Evernote Power Up Introduction Beginner Tutorial.
Here's an easy way to connect your Trello board to your Evernote.

Here's the link to the PowerUp

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