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Tying It All Together!


How to Tie a Single-Strand Ringbolt Hitch by TIAT

Ringbolt hitching is a beautiful way to decorate a staff or wheel. Also called coxcombing, it was once a common tie used by sailors to dress-up items and parts of a ship. In the following video, JD of Tying It All Together shows you how to do it.

How to Tie a Paracord Snake Knot by TIAT

Paracord Fusion Ties - Volume 1: The Snake Knot, like many Chinese symbols, is considered a representation of good luck. For some, it further embodies the spirit of the Chinese zodiac for the snake. Video by JD of TIAT (Tying It All Together).

Wind Temple Bracelet—Tying It All Together

This bracelet looks great no matter which way you flip it. According to designer J. D. Lenzen, the front represents shifting winds, and the back reveals the temple steps.

Originial video by J. D. Lenzen

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Tying It All Together!


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The decking is all done! We still need to build the handrail and apply the stain, but we think it really helps tie our home all together.

Cobbled Soloman Bar Paracord Bracelet—Tying It All Together

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Original Cobbled Solomon Bar by TyingItAllTogether
Paracord Books by J.D. Lenzen

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How to Make a Snake Knot Viceroy (Paracord) Bracelet by TIAT

PPI Pre-Order Link: There are a variety of ways to mimic the appearance of classic/historical ties. Being able to do so allows tyers (in some cases) to produce seeming complex and time consuming pieces, quickly. In the spirit of this reality, this week's TIAT tie is the Snake Knot Viceroy. More of a weave than a knotted or corkscrewed piece, the end product is sturdy and holds the (general) appearance of a two-color Snake Knot really well. All this and it's a lot easier to tie!

Genre: Paracord Bracelet
By: Tying It All Together
Design: JD Lenzen

How to Make the Double Celtic Knot (Paracord) Medallion by TIAT

Paracord Critters Book Link: The Double Celtic Knot Medallion was originally a gift I made for a dear friend. Now on this day, Valentine's Day (here in the U.S.), I share how I made that gift...with you. Best to you all, and keep tying!

Genre: Paracord Medallion
By: Tying It All Together
Design: JD Lenzen

Let's Learn Layout with LASI! Part 5: Tying it all together: Exploring the OPAMP cell

This is really just a follow-up video to send you on your way. I may make more videos like this in the future, if anyone's interested.

Tying It All Together

Congratulations to Lydia Althouse on earning her Girl Scout Gold Award! Her Tying It All Together Project inspired Masonic Village at Elizabethtown residents to carry on her efforts and give back to their community.

Power Clean Series Part 5 - Adding Plates and Tying it All Together

Part 5 in the series on learning to do and coach the power clean. Mark Rippetoe breaks down the teaching method for the power clean in short videos designed to be easily referred to by lifters and coaches. In part 5, the lifter adds plates and pulls off the floor.

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How tie Tie a Stitched Spine Rock Wrap by JD Lenzen (TIAT)

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Credits: Designer, Writer, Video Producer – JD Lenzen (

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This week’s video shows how to make a supper tight stitched line, down the front spine of a rock, staff, piece of wood, or any other rectangular/cylindrical object. In this video I effectively show you a coxcombing technique used by sailors (old and new), to rap railings and other objects. Aside from adding a decorative flair and added grip to otherwise simple objects, coxcombing is a great way for sailors to pass time on a ship. Please Note: The use of Side Cutters can be replaced with Scissors, and the use of a Lacing Fid can be replaced with a Screwdriver or Butter Knife.

GUITAR SOLOING 020: REVIEW Tying it All Together

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Welcome to Guitar Soloing Episode 20, the final lesson of the Guitar Soloing course. These Guitar Soloing lesson plans have dealt with a lot of material with respect to composing solos, how to phrase your leads, and how to connect lines along the neck. The importance of these topics along with the application of different types of scales, (and the association scales have to the underlying chords being performed), is critical to understand. So, in this final lesson plan, I will be discussing some of the most important ideas we've covered throughout the course for tying all of these principles together, and how you can continue focusing on perfecting this information to keep you moving forward with your soloing, with expanding lead guitar ideas and just all around becoming a better lead guitar player. In; Guitar Soloing 20 we're going to conduct a Guitar Soloing review and discuss how you can start, Tying it all Together.

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Tying it All Together

The webinar features Jenae Bjelland, Executive Director of NASCSP; Kate Blunt, Senior Consultant with NASCSP and OCS, and Rae Tamblyn, Research and Communications Analyst with NASCSP. This webinar focuses on the proposed CSBG Expenditures, Agency Capacity, and Resources, and the intention of ROMA Next Generation to focus the network on robust analysis as well as reporting.

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Illustrated instructions showing How to Tie the Pan Chang (or Mystic) Knot by JD of Tying It All Together. Thank you for subscribing!

Tying it All Together

David Constable, Ph.D., Director of the Green Chemistry Institute concludes the 12 principles of green chemistry presentation at the GC&E Student Workshop June 17, 2013 at the ACS headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Systems Thinking - Tying It All Together

Today I’d like to follow up on the last couple of posts. We’ve been talking about systems thinking and knowledge management. If you can think back to the very beginning of this video series we talked about a framework, developed at EAC, for looking at product development as a system. We call it the Product Development Operating System. The foundation of this system is the Information Flow management system. The idea is to present information where it’s needed, in a timely way, inside of your operation.

As Thomas Davenport pointed out, pure technology is not enough. Your knowledge management system needs to include other elements like Obeya rooms or even face-to-face communication.

Information, when presented and encountered by a human mind, has the opportunity to be converted into new knowledge. This happens inside another subsystem of the Product Development Operating System, the Continuous Improvement subsystem. The learning that occurs in the Continuous Improvement subsystem is applied in the Workflow subsystem where learning about product or technology is applied as innovation inside of product development.

The design of a system of flow, the presentation of information and its conversion to knowledge through your knowledge worker environment is a key factor in increasing productivity. When you look at your product development operation, can you see it as a system? Do you understand how the various elements interoperate? Are you getting the results that you want or do you find yourself fighting fires?

Contact us if you cannot see your system as a system and understand where your points of leverage are. We can help. We have a service product called the Product Development System Assessment. It not only baselines your current state, but it also presents a series of recommended improvements to move your system towards a more systematic operation and a healthier state. Our assessment service is designed to get you back on the road to higher productivity in your product development environment.


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Social Media Marketing Strategy | Tying It All Together!

Social Media Marketing Strategy -


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A practical social media marketing strategy is a must for most business these days. With the emergence of social media over the last decade or so it has allowed businesses to further engage their customer base on a deeper level using different the different platforms to do it. The truth is people in general have different tastes and preferences as to how they best like to communicate.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

There are some that like to read and write in order to communicate and then there are people who are more visual and prefer to watch a video and see images in order to either share or receive a message. The big question is what is your preference and is it worth using all the social media platforms to reach as many folks as possible about your business.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

A strategy that has worked for myself as well as many other individuals who take to social media to grow their business has been to use Facebook as a centralized place for promotion besides their website or blog simply because most people are on Facebook and typically like to hangout there. This the perfect time to get some social proof from your followers.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Lecture 26: Tying it All Together

Tying It All Together - Rope Climb Progression Part 4

What do step-ups, toes to bar, and power snatches have do to with rope climbs? More than meets the eye. Coaches Pawel Wencel and Coco Gerard of Black Flag Athletics continue the theme of skill transfer and our rope climb progression to tie it all together. The rope climb is not as a unique movement as one might think once you break it down to its component parts and apply our previous progression steps. In this video it is finally time to put it all together!

Box Jump Tutorial:

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Paracord Planet Interview of JD of Tying It All Together (2014)

Link: Interested in finding out what first got me into knotting? How I manage to work a full time day job and still producing weekly videos and books? Or perhaps you're interested in knowing a little more about me, my knotting philosophy, or what I have in store for you in my next book? All these insights and more are presented in an interview I gave to Paracord Planet Blog. Click on the link above for the full story.



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