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UC Berkeley SOCIOLOGY 1 lecture 1 ( images & sound corrected)


UC Berkeley SOCIOLOGY 1 lecture 1 ( images & sound corrected)

copy of the original course with improved images & sound

What is Sociology? Lecture by Ann Swidler | Part 1

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UC Berkeley
Fall 2012 Lectures

What is sociology?

In this introduction to the discipline of sociology, Dr. Lori Peek overviews the focus, history and approach of sociological inquiry. She defines sociology as the systematic study of society, and the sociological perspective as one that analyzes patterns of individual experience. She identifies several foundation thinkers, including Comte, Marx, Weber and Durkheim, and describes the major theoretical approaches that derive from them. She also focuses on methodological aspects of sociology, defining the scales at which sociologists work and the differences between quantitative and qualitative data gathering and analysis. She highlights some key sociological concepts, including structure and agency, social stratification and inequality. She ends by discussing the future of sociology, and highlights the move toward interdisciplinary work and new methodologies to address wicked problems.

More information on the Immersion Program and other lectures can be found here:

Sociology 1 Introduction to Sociology Fall 2012 UC Berkeley Lecture 08 Socialization cont

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Sociology 1 Lecture 11 A5UavbzE03E

UC Berkeley Physics 10 Lecture 01 Atoms and Heat

Introduction to Sociology, first day

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Introduction to Sociology - The Sociological Imagination - Part 1

The Sociological Imagination: Who We Are and How We Got Here - Part 1--This course provides a sampling of problems and methods used by sociologists, with
concrete examples from everyday life, history, and contemporary events.

Journeys Through Sociology: Michael Burawoy

In this interview Michael Burawoy discusses the experiences that drew him to sociology, as well as some of the challenges he's faced as a sociologist over the years. He also discusses some of the projects he's currently developing as President of the International Sociological Association (ISA).

This is the first in a series of interviews with the 22 members of the Executive Committee of the ISA. The interviews can be found at the ISA website:

Lecture 1, Introduction to Sociology (SOCA03 2018-2019 University of Toronto Scarborough)

The first lecture of SOCA03: Introduction to Sociology, taught 2018-2019 at the University of Toronto Scarborough by Lawrence Williams.

Lawrence's profiles:

Ch 1 Intro to Sociology

SOC 101: The Sociology of Culture

This video puts together a bit of review regarding the sociology of culture for students in the Introduction to Sociology class of the University of Maine at Augusta. Toward the end of the video, I touch base on the value of cultural relativism and look for more culture in the state of Maine:


Ch - 3 sociology Cutlure its meaning types its functions and chsracteristics...

Sociology ch- 1 -

Sociology ch- 2 -

Sociology ch- 3 -

Sociology ch- 4 -

Sociology ch - 6

2019 UC Berkeley Sociology Department Commencement Ceremony Live

Zellerbach Auditorium
Sunday, May 19th at 8:45am

Keynote speaker: Siobhan Waldron

Siobhan Waldron is a national immigration law expert and managing attorney of Centro Legal de la Raza's Detention Project, which provides representation to individuals in immigration detention who are facing deportation. Siobhan specializes in serving as appointed counsel under Franco-Gonzalez v. Holder for detained individuals in removal proceedings who are found incompetent to represent themselves due to severe and persistent mental health issues.

Prior to joining Centro’s Immigration team, Siobhan worked at the Immigration Center for Women and Children in Los Angeles, where she primarily served as appointed counsel under Franco-Gonzalez v. Holder. Previously, Siobhan handled U Visa, Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), I-751 Battered Spouse Waivers, and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) cases, and legal matters related to those cases.

Siobhan received her Juris Doctor degree from the University of California, Los Angeles, where she specialized in the David J. Epstein Program in Public Interest Law and Policy and Critical Race Studies Program. She received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley in Legal Studies and Spanish, with a concentration in Hispanic Languages and Bilingual Issues. As a student, Siobhan volunteered with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights of the San Francisco Bay Area as an interpreter for Spanish-speaking individuals seeking asylum. She also worked in solidarity with isolated rural villages in El Salvador with the Oakland-based non-profit organization the Central American Refugee Committee (CRECE).

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1 Michael Burawoy – Introducing Global Sociology

feb. 2011

Global Sociology 185

The Declaration Process - Sociology at UC Berkeley

Forms required for declaring the major
(Recorded with

Mod-01 Lec-01 What is sociology?

Introductory Sociology by Prof. A.K. Sharma, Department of Humanities and
Social Sciences,IIT Kanpur.For more details on NPTEL visit

Sociology 1 Lecture 10 AAKUxh 5is

The main concerns of Political Sociology: State, Class, Status, Ideology and Power

Paper: Political sociology

UC Berkeley Sociology Department Commencement Ceremony 2018

Zellerbach Auditorium
Monday, May 14th at 9am

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