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UCI Salton Sea Initiative: Light on the Water


UCI Salton Sea Initiative: Light on the Water

A short video describing the work of the Salton Sea Initiative at the University of California, Irvine. Directed by Bill Russell.

Ocean in the Desert

Sustainability II video project
Group# 25

A. Lo
A. Chandy
J. Prado
N. Koscielski

Salton Sea Authority. About the Sea.
Salton Sea Authority. History Chronology.
Salton Sea Authority. Challenges.
University of California, Irvine Salton Initiative


The Salton Sea

The Sea and Desert Interpretive Association (SDIA) has put together this video about the Salton Sea. Rangers Steve Bier and Paul Reisman present the facts about this water body in Southern California, which was created by an engineering mistake in 1906. Today the Salton Sea is facing a different set of challenges and it's important for everyone to understand the truth behind this fascinating landscape.

Interstellar Overdrive Salton Sea Video

Short Salton Sea video featuring Los Angeles Band The Interstellar Overdrive.

For more information about our Breaking Point documentary visit:

#Влог_Антонова - Salton Sea [ частина 1 ]

Час відновити штампування влогів. В цьому влозі я їду на найбільше озеро в Каліфорнії яке знаходиться в пустелі біля Лос Анджелесу. Побуваю на хіппі-горі Спасіння, в закинутих містечках, на болотяних гейзерах і ще в багатьох цікавих місцях.
Не забудь підписатися старенький і ти старенька теж не забудь
Музика :
3:49 - Bon Jovi – Summertime
7:10 - Blake Shelton – Boys 'Round Here
8:50 - Guns N' Roses – Paradise City
Аутро - B zwax – Death By Horns (Khan)
Перебивка - ТНМК – Да Ти Шо

Palm Springs Day 5 | Dead Fish at the Salton Sea


To The Salton Sea

Swimming in Salton Sea

- Yes, you CAN swim in Salton Sea!
As we hiked from Salt Creek Beach to Bombay Beach at Salton Sea, in the 107°F temperatures, we made several stops to cool down - and what better way to cool down at Salton Sea than to swim in the water!
The bottom is very muddy (i lost my flipflop in the first 2 steps) and the water is very warm, probably about 80°F but in the high heat of the desert it's still very refreshing. The only problem is wading out far enough so the water is deep enough to actually swim.
Our tip: don't drink the water.
In the summer of 2015 we will be walking around the entire shoreline of Salton Sea. Follow along at and on Twitter @SaltonSeaWalk !

Timothy Krantz - New Initiatives for Restoring the Salton Sea

Join Professor Tim Krantz as he discusses the future of the Salton Sea. Once a popular tourist destination, it is now the subject of much concern. The Salton Sea is one of our region's most notable natural features and plays host to over 400 species of birds.

Professor Tim Krantz holds a PhD in Geography from the University of California-Berkeley, and is a professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Redlands. Dr. Krantz is a recognized authority on the Salton Sea, where he served as the Salton Sea Database Program Director for eight years, overseeing a $4.7 million federal-assistance grant to develop a regional geographic database for the area.

Agess Inc - Seawater Farms & Wetlands Expansion

AGESS inc. in collaboration with several industrial partners for seawater farming systems and new productive wetland developments. In the rendition of the animated above, different technologies are combined and utilized to filter water at an efficient rate, while creating algae that is a precursor for bio polymers.

Joshua Tree Mt San Jacinto and The Salton Sea

Saving the Salton Sea

The Salton Sea, which sits about 100 miles east of San Diego and directly on top of the San Andreas fault, is shrinking, and the contaminants that had been hidden below the water are now spreading to nearby communities as toxic dust. In its spring 2019 issue, UCR Magazine explores the many ways in which UCR is helping save California’s largest body of water — and the people who live there.


Salton Sea Restoration

For over 50 Years the Salton Sea has been neglected and this an opportunity not a problem. We need work with Federal, State and Local levels to address the issues with the Salton Sea. We need to create solutions for cleanup and conservation and create viable options like providing tax credits to companies & developers. Generating these public private partnerships is an essential step to make a positive future for the Salton Sea a reality.

Salton Sea Restoration

Video by Shelbie Verbrugh, Kennent Sandoval and Andrea Vallejo.

Saving the Salton Sea

California is trying to save the Salton Sea before it becomes an environmental disaster. Different plans are being presented to the public.

Hunger Banquet- UCI GSM (2015)

Global Sustainability Minor students at the University of California, Irvine participated in a retreat at Anza-Borrego hosted by the Global Sustainability Resource Center at the UC Irvine. This video shows some of the students reflecting on one of the activities they were a part of, the Hunger Banquet.

Real Problems, Real Solutions : Salton Sea

Saving the Salton Sea

This documentary tell the story of the Salton Sea. The history, where it is today (2000) and what could be possible in the future. Hosted and narrated by William Devane. I was the Director of Photography. I was not the producer or the writer. I am not an advocate for any of the policies or opinions. I light them, I shoot them, I walk away. Thank you for your interest and spending the time watching my work.

Salton Beach

Created this after our surreal, little visit to the Salton Sea on Sunday.
Found these photos online and converted them all to black and white.
Then I put them all to music in a PowerPoint slideshow using “Ave Maria Guarani” from the soundtrack of “The Mission”.

Salton Sea Earthquakes



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