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UCI Salton Sea Initiative: Light on the Water


Swimming in Salton Sea

- Yes, you CAN swim in Salton Sea!
As we hiked from Salt Creek Beach to Bombay Beach at Salton Sea, in the 107°F temperatures, we made several stops to cool down - and what better way to cool down at Salton Sea than to swim in the water!
The bottom is very muddy (i lost my flipflop in the first 2 steps) and the water is very warm, probably about 80°F but in the high heat of the desert it's still very refreshing. The only problem is wading out far enough so the water is deep enough to actually swim.
Our tip: don't drink the water.
In the summer of 2015 we will be walking around the entire shoreline of Salton Sea. Follow along at and on Twitter @SaltonSeaWalk !

Sonny and the Lost Room: A Short Film - Indiegogo teaser

SONNY: I didn’t lose Gavin, the way
you lose a lego brick under your
bed. I know exactly where he was
before and where he isn’t now.
That’s why I made a place, a room
where I put all the things I lost
over time, where Gavin would guard
them so that they would never
disappear again. And where I could
guard him.

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Multimedia Artist KFMorrison Salton Sea Sunrise. Save Our Sea Event Site

The EcoMedia Compass Crew takes an Expedition to the Save Our Sea Event Site. We are hosting a Music, Art, Science and Restoration Festival at Salton Sea, CA March 13/15 2014. We wanted to see what the property looks like from our film boat in the Sea, and scout out where we could host an aerial flyby for the SOS Human Banner. Truly a beautiful place, it just needs our help!

As Salton Sea Goes Down, Health Concerns Rise

California's largest lake is shrinking. Activists say it could turn into an environmental disaster and already threatens the health of people who live in the sun-scorched Imperial Valley. (June 3)

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Salton Sea Installation Art Project

The Salton Sea

The Salton Sea was accidentally created 100 years ago when a canal broke. What does a landscape on the brink of destruction look like? Watch the Season 2 Finale of Tom Explores and find out.

map it:

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Palm Springs Day 5 | Dead Fish at the Salton Sea

Harnessing Energy and Water in a terminal lake - the Salton Sea.

Proposal for the Restoration of the Salton Sea - transforming the situation of environmental disaster (liability) – toxic dust storms, health issues, and economic fold into a situation of prosperity (assets) – clean environment, tourism, wildlife sanctuary, production of electricity, and as byproduct potable water and lithium.

Salton Sea - Whitewater River EAST area

I did a mapping mission on the north east side of the whitewater river looking for hazardous mud or other hazards.. And I found it.

That Girl Goes Far: Salton Sea Adventure Part 1

Ride-A-Long with me to the Salton Sea to explore Salvation Mountain and the Mudpots near the sea for part 1 of the Salton Sea Adventures. I had a blast making this and I can't wait for next week when I get to post the second half! There are many more adventures where that came from. Thank You for Your Support!!

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Music: Ranking Pope

The Salton Sea

The Sea and Desert Interpretive Association (SDIA) has put together this video about the Salton Sea. Rangers Steve Bier and Paul Reisman present the facts about this water body in Southern California, which was created by an engineering mistake in 1906. Today the Salton Sea is facing a different set of challenges and it's important for everyone to understand the truth behind this fascinating landscape.

The Shaky Future of the Salton Sea

A former desert oasis faces environmental challenges, a water crisis and someday the Big One. Why we can't let the sun go down on the Salton Sea.

This video was produced for Scripps Institution of Oceanography's FREE, award-winning, explorations e-magazine.

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Finding Veronica (file 34567) @ SALTON SEA moon river


#Влог_Антонова - Salton Sea [ частина 1 ]

Час відновити штампування влогів. В цьому влозі я їду на найбільше озеро в Каліфорнії яке знаходиться в пустелі біля Лос Анджелесу. Побуваю на хіппі-горі Спасіння, в закинутих містечках, на болотяних гейзерах і ще в багатьох цікавих місцях.
Не забудь підписатися старенький і ти старенька теж не забудь
Музика :
3:49 - Bon Jovi – Summertime
7:10 - Blake Shelton – Boys 'Round Here
8:50 - Guns N' Roses – Paradise City
Аутро - B zwax – Death By Horns (Khan)
Перебивка - ТНМК – Да Ти Шо

Salton Sea Geology 101; Volcanic eruption is possible

Salton sea Geology 101; Volcanic eruption is possible: is a movie compiled together a lot of information about the area. With my family I visited the area in May 2015 and fell in love with this amazing place.
I have learned about it's accidental formation, how amazing it has been since it was created at the beginning of the 20st Century?
Important animal life, and the possibility of disappearing soon.
Important information about the increasing salt content and pollution.
The geology of the Salton sea! Amazing plate tectonic setting, earthquakes, volcanic activity can happen any time.
More information, in a much longer video:
The 50 min version can be purchased at:

More about earthquake activity:

SWRCB Final Salton Sea Workshop 2017

Final Salton Sea workshop before mitigation water is no longer delivered to California's largest lake. This has serious consequences for local residents, communities beyond the Salton Sea, as well as other Basin states

Disappearing Salton Sea: Saving the recreational paradise or is it too late?

There have been years of drought and a shrinking shoreline and for once, it is not Lake Mead.

Instead, it is the Salton Sea in California. The state's largest lake has become an environmental nightmare.


Sea-to-Sea Plans

California’s Salton Sea fast approaches a tipping point, driven by declining inflows and the continued absence of mitigation or restoration projects. Salton Sea import/export plans, often known as “Sea-to-Sea” plans, have been proposed and promoted for more than 30 years to address this challenge. They come in a variety of different designs and routes but the general concept is this: raise and stabilize the surface of the Salton Sea and lower and then maintain its salinity.

For more information please visit:

Saving the Salton Sea

Watch and read more here about Saving the Salton Sea:

It's hard to imagine that the Salton Sea was once considered a prime tourist destination in the 1950s.

Over the years, the desert lake has become a post-apocalyptic scene marked by fish carcasses, abandoned structures, and mobile homes. Now, many scientists are claiming that it's an ecological time bomb.

During the 1950s and '60s, the sea was crowded with boats, marathon races, and tourists. Celebrities and politicians made it a point to visit the Salton Sea as a weekend retreat. But the lake's popularity was short-lived after salinity and toxicity levels increased, causing thousands of fish to die, leaving an unpleasant smell and deserted beach town behind.

In this segment of SoCal Connected, reporter Derrick Shore visits the sea to talk to locals and experts about the sea, which is not only becoming an issue for locals, but could be a threat to the environment and the health of residents in larger U.S. Southwestern region and Mexico.

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UCI Salton Sea Initiative: Light on the Water

A short video describing the work of the Salton Sea Initiative at the University of California, Irvine. Directed by Bill Russell.



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