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UI Design: Prototype Your Online Portfolio (beginner) | Freepik course trailer_ENG


UI Design: Prototype Your Online Portfolio (beginner) | Freepik course trailer_ENG

About the course

Sketch has become the most popular toolkit in the world of digital design. It’s your turn to get to know it! And the best way to learn how to use Sketch is by creating your own portfolio.

In this course, we’ll be learning the basics of Sketch from scratch and using it to create our own website. Do you want to share your designs with the rest of the world? Sketch is the perfect tool to show your work!

Which project are we going to develop?

We’re going to design the main interface of our portfolio, where we’ll include different sections: a navigating menu, the main section, a section with our projects, info about us, links to our social networks and a contact form so that users can contact us.

Who is this course for?

This course is intended for graphic designers who want to know more about graphic design and seek innovative and up-to-date toolkits, leaving behind traditional software like Photoshop or Illustrator. Previous knowledge isn’t required.

If you want to download the resources used in this course, follow these links:

If you want to access the full course, follow this playlist:

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Motion Graphics: Animate a Music Website Design (beginner) | Freepik course trailer_ENG

About the course

Music is the best thing in the world, we are all clear on that. No matter what genre you like, if you like 70s music, 80s, 90s, modern music... We grew up listening to music, and we will hopefully continue to enjoy it until the end. So, we are not crazy to think that the best thing in the world should have a nice place on the internet, right? Well that’s what we are going to talk about and learn on this course.

We are going to create a music website and animate it in After Effects. But first, to make sure everything is fine, we are going to take a quick guide about UX and UI design. What are those? Why do they matter? How do they work? And then we will take a look at some nice music websites around the internet. We will show you about wireframes and finally, we will begin to animate our own website, creating smooth transitions and movement that help us get to a point without unnecessary steps.

If you like music, you will probably like this course.

Which project are we going to develop?

We are going to animate a music website to showcase how it will work for a user.

Who is this course for?

This course is for everyone as the explanation is very thorough. However, having at least a basic knowledge of the software (menus, interface, basic animations) will make this course much easier.

If you want to download the resource used in this course, follow this link:

If you want to access the full course, follow this playlist:

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Graphic Design: Create Your Own Mockup Template (beginner) | Freepik Course Trailer_ENG

About the course
A mockup is a representation of a design that we've made digitally; be it a website, flyer, brochure, illustration, photograph, T-shirt etc. These mockups are used to show how the work would look if it were printed out on different mediums, and also to evaluate the quality of a design.

Let's say that someone asks you to make them a business card; if you show them the design on a business card mockup, that gives them more of an idea of what the design will actually look like once it's printed out on a real card.

I'll show you a quick and easy way of creating a mockup from a photograph of a brochure and turning that into a template you can use for any design.

What project are we going to develop?
On this course, you'll learn how to develop a Photoshop mockup from a real photograph. In this case we'll use a bi-fold brochure as a base which we'll to convert into an editable template. We'll then arrange the layers of the the file so it's ready to use and you can make it available to download, which is a great way of earning some extra income. You could also use it to promote your website or portfolio online; you can make the template available to other designers to download for free, but with the condition that they share your website.

Who is this course for?
This course is designed for anyone interested in graphic design, no matter what level of Photoshop you have. You'll learn new techniques and everything is explained very clearly so that even beginners can follow along.

If you want to download the resources used in this course, follow this link/these links:

If you want to access the full course, follow this playlist:

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Illustration: Introduction to Vectorial Illustration (beginner) | Freepik Course Trailer_ENG

About this course
In this course I'm going to explain the Adobe interface that I use when developing my illustrations. After going over the styles that we can find in vectorial illustations, I'll go on to show you how to create with them.

Lastly, we'll apply these styles in a series of mockups, depending on the appearance, to add them to our portfolio, giving it that professional style.

What project are we going to develop?
We'll learn to use the basic tools that Adobe Illustrator has on offer to apply them to our different styled creations we can develop in the program.

Once we've got the hang of these tools, we can put them to use in a series of exercises that I've prepared for you to apply them to.

After showing you the necessary steps for our creations, we'll export the end result.

The objective of this course is to develop an illustration using the basic initial notions after having chosen one of the styles explained in the course. Choosing a theme related to historical events, we'll create a vectorial design that, finally, we'll place in a mockup for their final presentation.

What you'll learn:
- The use of the basic tools in Illustrator
- Apply a limited color pallet to our design
- Using smart objects to apply the final images to mockups
- Use the colors to create a secondary illumination effect
- Apply textures with the brushes in Photoshop to give our work a more handmade look

Who is this course for? Requisites
This course is for those who wish to learn to use the Illustrator program and want to use the creative capacity with the variety of styles we can create with the program. Those that wish to make impacting images thay can be applied to all kinds of products, aesthetics that are now popular on the market, and, for that reason, are useful for those who want to open their way into the world of design and vectorial illustration, and that really want to polish the program.

If you are already familiar with Illustrator, I still recommend doing this course seen as apart from going over the tools that you already know, I'm show you'll learn some tricks that may come in handy in your daily work.

You're going to need the Adobe Illustrator program, and if you want to amplify the experience of the course, I recommend having Photoshop and a tablet. This last part is optional, as in Illustrator, we have a series of resources that we can use to create without a tablet.

If you want to download the resources used in this course, follow this link link:

If you want to access the full course, follow this playlist:

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WEB Portfolio prototype

mobile portfolio testing
모바일 포트폴리오 프로토타입 제작

Citiziens Reviews - UX/UI Project, Prototype; Portfolio

Citiziens Reviews


Cu ajutorul platformei Citizens Review, informatiile specifice despre politica sunt verificate pentru a putea combate dezinformarile aparute in diferite canale media.

Posibilitatea de a centraliza profilele tuturor actorilor implicati in viata politica va facilita o mai buna comunicare cu publicul tinta, electoratul cat facilitarea de a raspunde utilizatorilor intr-un mod direct.

Mediatic politicienii de top sunt cei mai vizibili in favoarea partidului din care fac parte. Prin platforma noastra aducem in centrul atentiei atat primarii din comunele din tara cat si componenta consiliului administrativ a unei comune.


Partea de informare este centrata pe o structura internartionala, nationala, regionala, judeteana cat si locala.

Utilizatorii aplicatiei noastre se pot informa verificand informatiile accesand profilul unui politician. Pagina de profil a unui politician este construita in jurul datelor de interes general fiind documentate si verificate.

Posibilitatea fiecarui utilizator sa reclame, sa sesizeze o nepotrivire a informatiilor din profilul fiecarui politician.

O buna guvernare se bazeaza pe constructia unui plan de guvernare. Pe baza caruia fiecare partid isi lanseaza promisiuni electorale. Cu ajutorul platformei noastre poti verifica, compara planurile de guvernare a partidelor cat si politicienii din aceste partide.


Prin constructia acestei aplicatii in primul rand cel mai important obiectiv este ca utilizatorii nostri sa poata interactiona intr-un mod direct cu politicienii alesi sau desemnati sa ii reprezinte.

Sectiunea de comentarii cat si prezenta tuturor elementelor specifice de interactiune cu continutul media sau direct cu un politician.

Votul public cat si constructia unui versiuni de simulare a unui vot popular dat de catre utilizatorii aplicatiei.

Bring your working UI/UX prototypes from Adobe XD to Behance.

This tutorial shows you how you can add a working prototype of your UIUX Design into your Behance project.

Portfolio prototype vid 1

Video of Zoomooz Isometric cube UI

Zoomooz Isometric cube video for my buddy who has IE7 and can't see it in action.

Создание wow эффекта для страницы на Behance | Веб дизайн | After Effects

Создаю Wow-эффект для дизайна. Показываю как имитировать работу шейдера деформации под курсором в After Effects. Пользуйтесь и получайте больше просмотров на behance.

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