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15 Things NEW ZEALAND Got Right That Other Countries Haven’t

15 Things NEW ZEALAND Got Right That Other Countries Haven’t
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In this video we will be answering the following questions:
What is New Zealand good at?
Why is New Zealand so popular?
Who is Jacinda Ardern?
How did New Zealand handle the Covid19 pandemic?
Why New Zealand is the best country in the world?
Is New Zealand the most beautiful country in the world?
Is it expensive to live in New Zealand?
Is New Zealand better than Australia?
Which is the best country to live Australia or NZ?
Is New Zealand sinking?
Is New Zealand richer than Australia?
Is New Zealand colder than Australia?
What is bad about New Zealand?
What is a good salary in NZ?
Which jobs are in demand in New Zealand?
Can I move to New Zealand?
Is NZ a good place to live?
How much does a house in New Zealand cost?
Which part of New Zealand is the best?
Is New Zealand a friendly country?
Is New Zealand a 1st world country?
What New Zealand is famous for?
How did Jacinda Ardern become famous?
Where did Jacinda Ardern grow up?
Where did Jacinda Ardern go to school?
How did Jacinda Ardern influence others?
Who is current Prime Minister of New Zealand?
Who is the youngest prime minister in the world?
Who was PM before Jacinda Ardern?
Is Jacinda Ardern the youngest prime minister?
Who is the youngest ever prime minister?
What is NZ PM salary?
What age is Jacinda Ardern?
Who is the current deputy prime minister of New Zealand?

00:00 - Intro
00:31 - Jacinda Ardern
01:08 - Exponential increase in state houses
02:03 - Incredible job creation
02:57 - Very little unemployment
03:34 - At the forefront of cancer treatment
04:31 - Mental health is a priority
05:24 - Free public toilets
06:06 - Respectable minimum wage
07:12 - Phenomenal handling of the Covid-19 pandemic
08:37 - Banned single use plastic bags
09:24 - Banned military style semi-automatic rifles
10:09 - Banned smoking in cars with children
10:50 - Lifted the cap on gender reassignment surgeries
11:36 - Microbeads are illegal
12:23 - Supportive of LGBT Rights
13:18 - Question

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