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Unbelievable Places That Really Exist


12 Most Unbelievable Places That Really Exist

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We all have an appreciation for beautiful things, whether they're buildings, places, or people. When we make vacation plans, many of us travel to destinations that feature beautiful scenery. This video isn't about common travel destinations, though - instead, we're going to show you some of the world's most incredible and amazing places. You'll be stunned that they really exist!

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12 Most Incredible Places That Really Exist

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We all know what a standard city or town looks like - rows and rows of offices, apartment buildings, and shops that look pretty much the same from one place to the next. Not everywhere is like that though - cast your eyes a little further afield, and you’ll find crazy places that look like something from the outer reaches of your imagination! Whether they’ve occurred naturally or been built by design geniuses, this video contains the most incredible locations in the world.

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10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

top 10 most amazing places in the world you need to visit
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10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

The Seven Wonders of the Natural World may have been named too quickly. Wonders like The Grand Canyon and Victoria Falls are certainly big, and anyone who sees them will surely be impressed—but sheer size isn’t enough to truly leave a person in awe.
There are other places in this world, though, that are far stranger. Places that seem almost alien, as if they could only exist on a planet that evolved separately from our own. These are places that scientists have had to struggle just to understand how they ever could have been formed. Places that will truly make you wonder—not just because they’re beautiful, but because they seem to follow scientific laws that don’t exist anywhere else on earth. Here are 10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

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12 Most Amazing Places That Actually Exist

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Computer graphics have evolved to the point where movie theaters can make any kind of landscape look real. That sometimes means when we're looking at photos or videos of a location, we can't be sure whether it's real or not. We can assure you that everything you're about to see in this video is one hundred percent real, even though your eyes might tell you that it's impossible. These are simply some of the most amazing, breathtaking places on Earth!

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10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

While natural wonders like Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon are some of the most well-known around the world for their sheer size, the world we live in is filled with mystery . Believe it or not, there are the places that scientists have had to struggle just to understand how they ever could have been formed. Here are the ten scientifically impossible places that actually exist.

Here are 10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

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10 Shockingly Large Creatures That Actually Exist

These massive animals and creatures will give you nightmares!
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Compared to the size of the Earth, humans are pretty darn small. It’s just a fact of life that we already know, but we don’t necessarily “see” it until we are next to something so much bigger than us. Regardless of whether you believe in a creator, in evolution, or both, humans and animals were created to be a certain size for a reason. So when we encounter a creature that is so large that it shocks you to the core, the world definitely takes notice. When it’s an animal that is supposed to be smaller, it’s even more shocking. Scientists then desperately want to intervene and they want to know more about how this animal could have grown to such large proportions. Was it because of genetics? Nuclear waster? An anomaly in the animal kingdom? These creatures certainly prove that we still have a lot to learn about the world around us.

In this video are ten shockingly large creatures that actually exist. From creatures that were meant to be small, to creatures that are out of this world in their size, we have to wonder whether or not bigger is always better? Some of these creatures were intentionally modified to grow to their incredible size while others have genetics and Mother Nature to thank! You could even consider some of these creatures as additional wonders to the world. While we would like to think that we know everything about the world around us, we have only skimmed the surface.

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10 Terrifying Animals You're Glad Are Extinct

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15 Amazing Places on Earth You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Earth is home to some truly Amazing Places, many of the them you won’t believe are real until you actually see them. In this video we take a look at some of the most surreal, amazing and beautiful places in the world.
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McWay Falls, California, USA
Mount Roraima, Venezuela/ Brazil/ Guyana
Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland
Benagil Cave, Algarve, Portugal
The Sea of Stars, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives
Navagio Bay, Greece
Tulip Fields, Netherlands
Rice Terrace Fields, Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam
Cappadocia, Turkey
Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
Plitvice Lakes, Croatia
The Stairway to Heaven, Hawaii
Victoria Falls, Zambia/ Zimbabwe
Milford Sound, New Zealand
Lençóis Maranhenses, Brazil

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13 AMAZING Places That Really Exist!

Insane locales across the world that will blow your mind! From the giant crystals of mexico's Naica Mine to the glowing caves of waitomo these are some of the most unbelievable places on the planet!

#13. “The Richat Structure”- In the country of Mauritania which lies on the northwest coast of Africa there is an astounding geological formation that looks like the flattened fossil of a giant nautilus shell. This colorful spiral known as the Richat Structure, lies in the Sahara Desert and is believed to have once been a geological dome that slow eroded and flattened out. This 30 mile wide wonder is full of beautiful green, blue and red rocks. With its striking appearance and size, the feature commonly referred to as the Eye of Africa, was once used by astronauts as a marker to help calculate their locations.

#12. “Lake Retba”-At first glance Lake Retba, which is just outside the capital city of Dakar, Senegal, looks like someone filled a lake full of Pepto-Bismol, because of its milky pink waters. But this lake is actually full of salt-water which is loved by bacteria called Dunaliella salina which creates a red pigment in order to help with photosynthesis. This salt lake actually has a greater amount of salt in it than the famed Dead Sea and many of the local Senegalese earn a living by harvesting then selling the salt from the lake. Despite its odd appearance it is completely safe to swim in, though it may make you feel like you are on another planet.

#11. “Wisteria Flower Tunnel”- Pictures of the Wisteria Flower Tunnel look like something out of an impressionist painter’s daydream, but this beautiful feature of the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu Japan is a place that you can really visit in the Land of the Rising Sun. The Wisteria Flower Tunnel is a man-made passageway made up of over 150 Wisteria plants. When Wisterias bloom they put out a beautiful lavender colored flower that line the entire tunnel which nature lovers can walkthrough and enjoy. From April 27th to the 29th the garden holds a Wisteria festival to celebrate the peak of the flowers blooming season.

#10. “Naica Mine”- Getting in and out of the Naica Mines in Chihuahua, Mexico can be quite challenging and dangerous for even the most adept cavers but the sights to behold within are some of the most dazzling on Earth. In a recently discovered part of the mines called the Cave of the Crystals one can find millions of gypsum crystals that cover the floor and the walls. And we aren’t just talking about crystals that you can hold in your hand, some of the crystals are over 30 feet in height and 10 feet in diameters. Not only is the cave hard to traverse because of these giants that jut out from every direction, the cave reportedly can reach temperatures up to 135 degrees fahrenheit with almost 100 percent humidity on top of that. The geologists that study the caves are forced to limit their time inside to less than ten minutes to make sure they don’t succumb to the intense heat.

5 Places on Earth Where Gravity Doesn't Seems to Work


For certain you all know the story of Isaac Newton: he was sitting under a tree, and an apple fell on his head, and after that he immediately discovered the law of universal gravitation. But there’re places on the Earth where this law actually doesn’t work. In today's video, we’re gonna tell you about the 5 mysterious places on our planet, where at first sight there’s absolutely no gravity. Ready to learn something new?

Unbelievable Places That Really Exist (Part 1)Watch this video before going here

Unbelievable Places That Really Exist (Part 1)

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Most UNBELIEVABLE Places That Are Actually REAL!

Check out the Most UNBELIEVABLE Places That Are Actually REAL! This top 10 list of incredible and amazing locations around the world has some of the coolest and strangest places on earth that actually exist!

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10 Most Incredible Places On Earth That Really Exist

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If you spend your days walking around the same town or city, or even traveling between similar towns and cities inside your own country, it can be easy to start to feel that everything looks the same. That's why we want to give you something new and spectacular to look at. We've scoured the whole world and found some sights that you simply won't believe are real. This video is full of some of the most incredible places in the world that actually exist.

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10 Amazing Places You'll Never Believe Exist

The world is full of shocking beauty. Seriously, it's crazy how visually striking some these places are and their unique history.

Door To Hell
Tormod Sandtorv

Chand Baori Well

The Temples of Angkor Wat
By: Ian Walton
Getty Images News

Chand Baori Well
Selmer van Alten

Subway Stockholm
Tobias Lindman

The Wave

SS Ayrfield

Maunsell Seaforts

Unbelievable Places that are Hard to Believe Really Exist HD 2014

Unbelievable Places that are Hard to Believe Really Exist 2014 HD 1080p

Our world is so full of wonders that new and amazing places are discovered every day, be that by professional photographers or amateurs. Different geographical locations, climatic conditions and even seasons offer the widest variety of natural wonders: pink lakes, stunning lavender or tulip fields, breath-taking canyons and mountains, and other places you can hardly believe actually exist!

Some of the pictures in this collection will be of all natural sights you can find while traveling around the world, while the others have experienced human interference -- but even in these cases, the result of such collaboration is spectacular. The Japanese learned how to tame thousands of orchids and form a romantic tunnel out of them; another one was formed all the way in Ukraine by a passing train; and what eventually ends up as hot tea in our mugs, first grows in stunning tree fields in Asia.

No wonder that traveling in one of the best forms of recreation -- even looking at these pictures takes your mind to far away places... And yes, all those of those places are real!

10 Places That Don't Look Real, but Really Exist

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Have you ever dreamed of visiting the most beautiful places on Earth and see the most beautiful landscapes created by nature? Well, especially for you, we have compiled a list of incredibly beautiful places, each of which is worth seeing with your own eyes


The world is so full of natural wonders that new, amazing and unbelievable places can be discovered every day.These unbelievable places from all around the world are, in their own right, beautiful. Consisting
10. The Wave, Arizona, U.S.
It is famous for its colorful, undulating forms, and the rugged, trackless hike required to reach it. The Wave is a sandstone rock formation.00:20
9. Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka, Japan
Hitachi Seaside Park is known for its baby blue-eyes flowers covering an area of 190 hectares, with the blooming of 4.5 million of the translucent-petaled blue flowers in the spring. The park features a million daffodils, 170 varieties of tulips, and many other flowers.00:36
8. Tunnel of Love, Klevan, Ukraine
This gorgeous long, leafy luscious green tunnel provides passage for a private train that provides wood to a local factory measuring 1.8 miles long. This beautiful rail route in Eastern Europe is also a popular spot for lovers' promises.00:52
7. Tianzi Mountains, China
Tianzi Mountain is named after Xiang Dakun who led the local farmers' revolt and called himself Tianzi-the Son of Heaven. Bounded by Suoxi Valley on the east, Zhangjiajie on the south, Sangzhi County on the north, Tianzi Mountain is one of the four scenic zones in Wulingyuan.01:13
6. Lake Hillier
The most notable feature of the lake is its pink colour and the colour is permanent and does not alter when the water is taken in a container. The length of the lake is about 600 meters (2,000 ft.).01:28

5. Hang Son Doong, Vietnam
Vietnam's Hang Son Doong cave is the largest in the world, with caverns big enough to fit an entire city street inside them.01:41

4. Pamukkale, Turkey
Pamukkale is a natural attraction in Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey. Snow white Pamukkale's terraces are made of travertine, a sedimentary rock, deposited by water flowing from the hot springs.01:57

3. Bamboo Street, Sagano, Japan
One of the most interesting facts about Sagano Bamboo Forest is the sound which the wind makes while it blows amongst the bamboo. Amazingly enough, this sound has been voted on as one of the one hundred must-be-preserved sounds of Japan by the Japanese government.02:13
2 Tulip Fields in Netherlands
The Netherlands is the world's main producer of commercial tulip plants, producing as many as 3 billion bulbs annually, and the majority for export.02:29
1. Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone National Park, U.S.
The Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park is the largest hot spring in the United States. It is the third largest in the world, after Frying Pan Lake in New Zealand and Boiling Lake in Dominica.02:44

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12 Most Incredible Things That Actually Exist

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Today, we're celebrating the big, the bold, and the brilliant. We're looking at phenomenal futuristic technology and massive mechanical achievements. They're the sort of things that make you stand back and take a second look as you try to convince yourself that what you're seeing is real. They're simply some of the most incredible things that actually exist!

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16 Amazing Unreal Places | Unbelievable Places That Really Exist | 2018



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