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Unboxing AirForce Texan SS


Unboxing and Assembling the Airforce CondorSS

Our Friends at Airgun Depot sent us an Airforce CondorSS to review. I unbox and assemble it in this video.
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The Texan SS Ain’t Your Grand-Dad’s Air Rifle

It fires a 350-grain lead slug at 800 ft/s.
Rated Red's Abby Casey stops by the AirForce International booth at Shot Show 2018 to check out their Texan SS air rifle.
Check this out!!!

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AB - Alabama Boss; IG/Twitter - @realalabamaboss

150 yards with Airforce Texan .45 sub 1

Testing a new *281 grain* HP from NSA (Nielsen Specialty Ammo) I said 181 grain in video, oops.

Benjamin Armada .25 , AirForce Condor .25 , Hatsan Hercules Bully .30 will they go thru a Frying pan

Seeing if the guns got what it takes and what the Predator PolyMag will do.You want to see something else shot put it in the comments.

AirForce Texan Big Bore Airgun: Testing 100 Yards with .457 Boat Tail Cast Bullets

The AirForce Texan line of big bore air guns are amazing for power and accuracy. With that said, the need to take the time and tune your gun to each bullet weight and varying fill pressures and hammer strike with the power wheel will be critical to getting your gun dialed in. This test is with a prototype 360 grain boat tail flat nose bore riding bullet. I was getting 2 inch to 2.5 inch groups at 100 yards. Not going to win any competitions with this - but every one of these shots would put meat in the freezer.

AirForce Texan Big Bore PCP Air Rifle Nielsen 357 178 Gr HP

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+ AirForce Texan Big Bore PCP Air Rifle Nielsen 178 Gr HP

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How many Cast Iron Skillets will the Airforce Texan shoot through?

This is a penetration test of the .457 cal Airforce Texan Air Rifle, I use three different weight bullets to see which one will penetrate through the most cast iron skillets at once. These new high power air rifles are incredibly powerful and capable of penetrating through materials you never would have considered possible with a BB GUN.

Airforce texan ,308 75 100 yard groups 111 gr.

Just a quick video to recap this

I am still learning this airgun.

Benjamin Bulldog or AirForce Texan 45

Well I’ve been fascinated about big bore air guns for a few months. Well like most comments I would see online on forums and other YouTube channels people can’t decide between the Benjamin Bulldog 357 or the AirForce Texan . Neither could I , so I bought both! I’ll be resting and reviewing both and taking you guys on hunts with both stay tuned.
This is the link below I bought but looks like they went back up on the price for camo version the solid black is $599

I’ll also test the ammo I got and load some videos I’ll be on the search for the best one for each gun primarily used for hunting big game.


Whatsapp/phone: 0895332803375
Ig: wildhunter_id

Airforce Texan Transport Wheels

New Product announced April 1st, 2018 by

The Airforce Texan / Condor transport wheels make it easily to move your extra long bigbore airgun around.

Happy April Fools Day 2018!
Disclaimer: No this is not a real product, I was just trying to be funny.

My Making PCP Airgun Hunting (PCP Homemade Airgun) [[PCP Airforce Condor]]

My Making PCP Airgun Hunting (PCP Homemade Airgun) [[PCP Airforce Condor]]
Hello everyone, today I have one video that I want to show is New Valve I just got from the order. My Homemade Airgun [[PCP Airforce Condor]]
This is my Video I want to show you about My PCP airgun, PCP airforce Condor.
Pleas Subscribe My Channel Thank you so much everyone...

Airforce Texan, Replacing the Hammer Spring

Installing the Magnum hammer spring from

AirForce Airguns TEXAN

AirForce Airguns TEXAN @ SHOT SHOW
Media day at shot show.

New 2018 Super Valves for Airforce Texan Rifles from African Air Ordnance / Lethal Air

Here is the new line up Airforce Texan 4500 psi valve Upgrade from and Lethal Air
from left to right 257 cal still to test, 308 cal shooting @380 foot pounds, 9mm shooting @ 412 Foot pounds 457 cal still to Test 50 cal shooting at 766 foot pounds still in prototype stage

Remove Airforce Condor Talon Valve, Tháo van bình condor

Air Force Condor 3D


Airforce Condor/Escape .25 Hunting Pest Pigeons pt. 1

Out doing some pesting on my a friends farm using my hybrid Airforce Condor/Escape .25 w/ 33.95gr JSB's @ 910fps avg. = 64 ft. lbs. this is part 1 of two videos of the same hunt... All shots were taken from my SUV . Video is a little rough but it's my first time w/ new equipment. :)

Texan SS Air Gun Hog Kill

AirForce Airguns Condor SS Easy Performance Upgrades

Condor and Condor SS air rifles are easily modified to your liking. You can increase the power without making the rifle unbearably loud while keeping the accuracy and all of this can be done at home.

Used TalonTunes mods but there are many people out there who make them. Tony was one of the few people who would respond to questions.

Condor SS is setup for hunting within 50 yards. I find myself wanting to shoot longer distances but then the holdover becomes complex so I’m leaving at centered at 50 yards.

People ask me why I like air rifles, their insanely accurate, they are quiet, they don’t kick, and it makes me feel like I’m 8 years old again!

At 106 yards or 97 meters, with a 4 mil dot hold over using a 43.2 grain Seneca (Eun Jin) pellet, hit the center of a 3 wide target on the first shot into the wind.

Also tested Nelson Specialty Ammo 38.5 and 43.5 grain hollow point at 50 yards. 43.5 hit at the same point as the Seneca and the 38.5 grain was ½” high. 45 grain Rat Sniper Slugs hit just below the target.

Have made the decision to sell this air rifle as I need to downsize. It will come with a 4-16 44 mm scope and all the goodies shown in the video. If anybody is interested in giving a fair offer, leave a comment with a means to contact you (won’t show to the world). Before placing a bid, make sure it’s legal where you live! Can only ship within the continental USA.



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