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Universal CityWalk is NOW OPEN & I'm Exploring What's NEW! But Mostly, A Trek for Donuts


Universal CityWalk is NOW OPEN & I'm Exploring What's NEW! But Mostly, A Trek for Donuts.

That's right! CityWalk at Universal Studios Hollywood is NOW OPEN and I couldn't be more excited! There are some many shops and restaurants here that I could not wait to get back to. Plus, I really miss theme parks in general!

I'm taking you on a tour of the outdoor shopping and dining complex, filling you in on the experience, what's open, where to eat, and what you can expect.

I hope you enjoy this tour and that you'll come check out CityWalk on your next trip through Los Angeles!

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Whats NEW At CityWalk?! | Universal CityWalk Hollywood Update

Thanks for Watching! In this video, Jo and Josue venture back to Universal CityWalk Hollywood to see what has changed since its first day of reopening. Enjoy!

The following video, along with the channel it's on, is intended for a general audience over the age of thirteen (13). Viewer discretion is advised.

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USA VLOG DAY 12: HELLO FLORIDA! Hard Rock Hotel Tour, Universal CityWalk

JANUARY 13, 2020

We had the best time in New York and we were so excited to explore the Theme Park Capital of The World, Orlando Florida!
From dry cold weather to humid!
We stayed at Universal's Hard Rock Hotel and had a wonderful dinner at CityWalk. Can't wait to explore the amusements parks in the coming days!
Thank you for watching! ♡

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Mr DAPs' First Trip to Universal CityWalk - DAPS Vlog

Mr. DAPs goes to Universal CityWalk in Hollywood for the very first time. He is joined by Caitie, Roger, and Jenny on this warm Sunday afternoon in August! Not everything is open as CityWalk still comes back from being closed due to COVID-19. Check out this first trip for Mr. DAPs and then share what your favorite part of Universal CityWalk is!

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universal city walk - Orlando, FL

Crêpe Café (NOW OPEN!) | Universal CityWalk Hollywood w/ Omni Adventurers!

Wow, those crêpe's and fries were absolutely DELICIOUS! definitely go try these if you're a spicy lover for the crêpe and ranch/bacon lover for those fries. Was joined with OMNI Adventurer's today and honestly go follow them already!

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First Time Back At Universal CityWalk Hollywood Since Lockdown!

It felt good to be back at Universal's CityWalk Hollywood. Following the recent announcement that HHN will not be happening this year, I wanted to get as close to Universal Studios as possible to see if they had any sort of tribute, but sadly we didn't find anything. I give my thoughts on how they are handling their COVID procedures, and check out whats new! Hope you enjoyed the video, I post a new vid every Tuesday!



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CITYWALK UPDATE!! | Universal Studios CityWalk Update During COVID-19

Hello and welcome to Park Explorers!!
In this video, we show you a quick information update of Universal Studios Hollywood CityWalk during COVID-19! If you have any questions or comments please post them down in the comments below : )
Hope you enjoyed the video and are excited for future content on this channel and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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Downtown Disney is OPEN!!! Is It Crowded? Here's What to Expect

First time back to the Disneyland Resort since Downtown Disney opened in July!

Downtown Disney has been opened for over a month and I finally made my way back. I couldn't wait to see how they are handling safety procedures, crowd levels, and MOST IMPORTANTLY do as much shopping as I could!

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Universal Studios: What's New, What's Coming | Fast & Furious Preview | Super Nintendo World Preview

Click here to subscribe: ~ Hello guys and welcome back to RixFlix today we are back at Universal Studios nothing scary just a regular fun day at Universal Studios. We have a new website, check it out:

So here's the plan for the day we're just going to walk around have some fun talk about what's new what's old what's coming what's going and also today we might as well hide a few Halloween inspired rocks so we're going to hide this first rock over here by the monster Cafe just to the right of the Invisible Man so if you can find the Invisible Man you can find this rock so Shrek 4-D now this has already been replaced and Universal Studios Hollywood with the Kung Fu Panda movies will they replace it here at Universal Studios Orlando I don't know but I do have a Kung-Fu Panda meet and greet over at Islands of Adventure Studios Orlando is Fast and the Furious supercharged now this ride is somewhat already operating at Universal Studios Hollywood as part of their Backlot tour so if you want to see what this new Fast and the Furious supercharged ride is going to be like here at Orlando Studios Orlando check out this footage So what you just saw there is is sort of what it's going to be like here at Universal Studios Orlando just a longer version of that ride the Universal Studios Hollywood Backlot tour is kind of short but our version should be longer now there is already a little bit of controversy regarding this fast and the furious ride here at Universal Studios Orlando if you go on some different social media groups you'll see that a lot of people are kind of tired of the simulation rides like Kong and such so you'll see that there are a lot of people already questioning universals decision to make so many simulation rides but the biggest change coming to Universal Studios Orlando that I want to talk about today is the fact that Super Nintendo world is coming but first there's something I forgot to show you back at Universal Orlando CityWalk let's go check it out here we are the future site of Voodoo Donuts so just to the right of the NBC Bar and Grill here at City Walk you'll see the home of the new Voodoo Donuts this is where Voodoo Donuts is going to go now I don't know if you have already heard of Voodoo Donuts but they already have one at Universal CityWalk in Hollywood but it is very very popular just look at the lines for the donuts and you can see why just look at these Donuts here they look amazing I can't wait because I love me some donuts this is coming soon to Universal Studios Orlando CityWalk and now back over to discuss Super Nintendo World okay now that we're back here at Universal Studios and me tell you about Super Nintendo World so Super Nintendo world is coming to Universal Studios Orlando by first they're building Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan they've already started construction over at Universal But over here in Florida don't worry about the ET Adventure ride it is safe and it will remain here but Woody Woodpecker's KidZone and the animal actor show and all of this you see here is going to be gone because they're bringing in Super Nintendo World the Universal Studios Japan Super Nintendo world is going to open and 20-20 right before they have the Summer Olympic Games and the start of this land is going to be a real life version of Super Mario Kart and boy do I love me some Mario Kart so let's take a look at some of these link map that they have for this Super Nintendo World here for Universal Studios Orlando so in this map that they show a Donkey Kong Island Zelda Kingdom there is a portal area with Peach's castle there is a Kirby's kids Playland and of course a large section that is set aside here at Universal Studios Orlando for Super Mario Kart in Super Nintendo World. Super Nintendo world is going to be the biggest change they've had here at Universal Studios Orlando since they built Diagon Alley and we all know what a great job Universal Studios Orlando did with Diagon Alley so this Super Nintendo world is going to be off-the-charts amazing so just think about it Disney adding Pandora they're going to add Toy Story Land next summer and they're going to add Star Wars land Galaxy Edge the summer after that and Universal is going to build Super Nintendo World it is a great time to be a vlogger and Central Florida and RixFlix will be here to show you all of it. after 21 years of service T2 3D you are terminated now Universal is saying the replacement for T2 3D and here's the actual words and all new live-action experience based on a high-energy Universal franchise so here are some of the things I'm hearing about this I'm here it could be James Bond it could be Jason Bourne and I've even heard it could possibly be Star Trek okay okay I know what you're thinking about It is owned by Paramount Pictures however it is true that Paramount Picture does own Star Trek but...#UniversalStudios


Espero que tenham gostado! Um beijoooooo



An afternoon stroll at Universal City Walk!

It was great to be back at Universal City Walk! Plus check out my buddy's YouTube channel Master Chaos TV with his own vlog on our haunted Hike!


NEW Production Central Store At Universal Studios Hollywood! | New Merch & More!

Today, we visit the all-new Production Central store at Universal Studios Hollywood! With lots of retro merchandise and movie props, there is something for any Universal fan to take home. We hope you enjoy! Thanks so much for watching & be sure to subscribe to stay tuned for more adventures!


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NEW Universal Store at Universal CityWalk Hollywood | Production Central | MouseVibes

We went to Universal Citywalk in Hollywood to check out the newest flagship store to open up, PRODUCTION CENTRAL! So much new merchandise + we show you what to expect there on the weekends!





Hubby’s Birthday @Universal City Walk 2020 #UniversalCitywalk #UniversalStudio #BestDay #Iphoneonly

Hi Loves So Today It’s My Husband Birthday and we’re Celebrating his birthday here In Citywalk!

Thank you and Love yOu All ????

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Universal studios Orlando Florida 2020

Ya sea que viaje con niños pequeños, adolescentes, amigos o su pareja, es probable que encuentre algo para disfrutar en Universal Orlando . Esta extensa área de entretenimiento cuenta con dos parques temáticos, así como Universal CityWalk, una vía peatonal con tiendas, restaurantes, un cine y clubes nocturnos. El parque original, Universal Studios Florida, es el hogar del paseo en 3-D Despicable Me Minion Mayhem y The Simpsons Ride,

Carly Rae Jepsen Live - Universal CityWalk, Los Angeles - 4/14/2012

This concert was recorded at Universal CityWalk in Los Angeles on April 14th, 2012.

No copyright infringement intended, I have uploaded this video because I am a fan of Carly Rae Jepsen. If you like her music, please support the artist and buy her records.


Episode 138: Steve Cha (aka Rockstar Eater) takes you on a Walking Tour of Universal Citywalk Hollywood! Citywalk Hollywood is a part of Universal Studios, and is one of the best attractions of Los Angeles. If you’ve never been to LA, you’re probably asking: What is Universal Citywalk Hollywood like? Or maybe you have been to this place, but you’re wondering: What’s new at Universal Citywalk?

Join Steve as he gives you a virtual walking tour of Citywalk LA to not only show you the sights, but also some best places to eat at Universal Citywalk, from stores like Voodoo Doughnuts to Pink’s Hotdog!

Episode: Walking Tour of Universal Citywalk Hollywood

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Universal Citywalk Hollywood:

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Citywalk has Cafes and restaurants in an outdoor retail complex with a tree-lined esplanade and central fountain with lot of great amenities.


Universal CityWalk 2020

The Squad does Universal CityWalk at Universal Orlando - February 2020 - Walk of Life/Walk This Way



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