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Unsolved Supernatural Season 5 Marathon


The Captive Spirits Of Eastern State Penitentiary

Watch the new and 7th season of BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime!
Does this prison still hold the spirits of its former inmates?

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In BuzzFeed’s hit paranormal docuseries Unsolved Supernatural, Ryan, ever the believer in supernatural phenomena, embarks on a quest to convince his skeptical friend Shane that the paranormal exists, investigating the chillingly real evidence around some of the most notorious and disturbing supernatural folklore.

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SSSCCC/Getty Images
United Kingdom, England, London
reds/Getty Images
Dangerous Mine Entrance
mrdoomits/Getty Images
Madrid, political prisoners in the prison of Carabanchel
Photo 12 / Contributor/Getty Images
Family silhouettes
syntika/Getty Images
Prison officer
Oktay Ortakcioglu/Getty Images
Man In Jail
rudall30/Getty Images
Interior Of Abandoned Prison
Sven Löbbert / EyeEm/Getty Images
Jimmy Clark
Sven Löbbert / EyeEm/Getty Images
Iron gag
Erik Rühling Images
Eastern State Penitentiary is a former American prison located at 2027 Fairmount Avenue between Cori
Buyenlarge / Contributor/Getty Images
Prisoner inside jail
eduardrobert/Getty Images
jail indoor
tiero/Getty Images
Male and female eyes eyebrows vector elements
MicrovOne/Getty Images
Young man wearing retro 1920s checkered jacket with bow tie.
Ysbrand Cosijn/Getty Images
Abandoned corridor
joaoscarceus/Getty Images
Businessmen in Black Series
Illustrious/Getty Images
Multiple images of a businessman in different poses
4x6/Getty Images
Bloody Valentines
FPG / Staff/Getty Images
Prison cell of Al Capone at Eastern State Penitentiary
William Manning/Getty Images
Mugshot of Al Capone.
Universal History Archive / Contributo/Getty Images
Mug Shots of FBI's Most Wanted List
Bettmann / Contributor/Getty Images
Japanese cat on white background
ULTRA.F/Getty Images
Gifford Pinchot
Historical / Contributor/Getty Images
Death Row
Sam Scholes/Getty Images
Directly Above Shot Of Scissors On White Background
Beth Achenbach / EyeEm/Getty Images
Sailor Boy Wanted Mugshot
Nick Dolding/Getty Images
Danny The Fish Wanted Mugshot
Nick Dolding/Getty Images
Eastern state penitentiary
Sky Noir Photography by Bill Dickinson/Getty Images
Forensic symbols
mustafahacalaki/Getty Images
suicide hang rope icon sign
siiixth/Getty Images
Hospital Ward
karenfoleyphotography/Getty Images
Eastern State Penitentiary III
buto/Getty Images
Joshua Ets-Hokin/Getty Images
Detective. Retro illustration.
Panptys/Getty Images
Couple Icon Flat Graphic Design
bubaone/Getty Images
Eastern State Penitentiary
lpkoe/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Hands Over Black Background
Nika Pailodze / EyeEm/Getty Images
blindfold man series
peepo/Getty Images
Mime copy
mediaphotos/Getty Images
Interior Of Empty Prison
Bojan Markovic / EyeEm/Getty Images
Prisoner's hands, Prison Cell / Jail Behind Bars, Criminal
Purplevideos/Getty Images
Friendly senior male at Forbidden City
Christian Petersen-Clausen/Getty Images
Eastern State Penitentiary I
buto/Getty Images
darkness HD
creativeballs/Getty Images
Men sitting on bed in prison cell
berekin/Getty Images
Low Angle View Of Prison Against Clear Sky At Night
Hany Rizk / EyeEm/Getty Images
Old magic leather book
janulla/Getty Images
business man tied rope
gmast3r/Getty Images
man with an amputated leg and wheelchair
nedomacki/Getty Images
Man's hands tied with rope, close-up (B&W)
Steve McAlister/Getty Images


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The Eerie Case Of The Watcher

Watch the new and 7th season of BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime! Who was this mysterious stalker?

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Stanislav Novak/Getty Images
Rear view of a shadowy male figure standing outdoors at night
Mohamad Itani/Getty Images
gangster trio: mother, adult son and his fiancée
SilviaJansen/Getty Images
Exhausted businessman sitting at desk in office at night
Westend61/Getty Images
Senior Woman Standing On Pier At Beach Against Sky
David Pereiras / EyeEm/Getty Images
Portrait of smiling man with stubble wearing grey sweatshirt
Westend61/Getty Images
Multi coloured doors of London
georgeclerk/Getty Images
House for sale blank sign board
White Envelope on White Background
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Senior businesswoman smiling on white background
Morsa Images/Getty Images
Senior couple walking their dog.
Anchiy/Getty Images
Rear View Of Woman Looking Through Window At Home
Aneta Pucia / EyeEm/Getty Images
Trees Seen Through Window
Henry Barlow / EyeEm/Getty Images
Portrait of fashionable young man wearing red hooded jacket
Westend61/Getty Images
Cleveland Suburb Houses
Davel5957/Getty Images
Senior Couple With Dogs On Road
Simona Pilolla / EyeEm/Getty Images
Serious woman standing against white background
Igor Ustynskyy/Getty Images
Monitor on finger of Caucasian girl in hospital
FS Productions/Getty Images
Portrait of Middle Aged Woman
Leland Bobbe/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Garbage Can Against White Background
Sean Locke / EyeEm/Getty Images
Tree Against White Background
Hirun Laowisit / EyeEm/Getty Images
Portrait Of Dog Sticking Out Tongue While Sitting On Grassy Field
Neil Petersen / EyeEm/Getty Images
Close-Up Of Wastepaper Basket At Office
Paolo Cordoni / EyeEm/Getty Images
Portrait of boy looking at camera smiling
Stephen Lux/Getty Images
An artist
Russell Monk/Getty Images
Caucasian girl smiling
Vladimir Serov/Getty Images
Portrait of a young american man looking at camera
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Person Wearing Hooded Shirt Standing On Footbridge At Night
Christopher Pavloff / EyeEm/Getty Images
Low Angle View Of Security Camera On White Wall
Suntorn Niamwhan / EyeEm/Getty Images
H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images
Portrait of young woman against white background, smiling
Rainer Holz/Getty Images
Policeman talking with young woman
KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images
Lighting equipment and folding chairs in film studio
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Crumpled piece of paper
Davies and Starr/Getty Images
studio lighting
ZargonDesign/Getty Images
spxChrome/Getty Images
Mailing miniature letter
PM Images/Getty Images
Brand new suburban house in sunny summer afternoon.
IP Galanternik D.U./Getty Images
Close up of businessman using cell phone
Cultura RM Exclusive/Matelly/Getty Images
Empty blue water bottle on a white background
yesfoto/Getty Images
Mature Adult Woman
Juanmonino/Getty Images
Lawsuit form being filled out by a lawyer
eccolo74/Getty Images
Portrait of man
D. Sharon Pruitt Pink Sherbet Photography/Getty Images
Welcome to New Jersey Sign
Fotosearch/Getty Images
Blank envelope on wooden table
Tetra Images/Getty Images
people at a funeral
RubberBall Productions/Getty Images
Man Looking through Binoculars
Steven Puetzer/Getty Images
Dry Tumbleweed Bush
EuToch/Getty Images
Four year old girl hating broccoli.
Dan Hallman/Getty Images
Home exterior
Stewart Cohen/Getty Images
Male police officers standing behind Do Not Cross tape
UpperCut Images/Getty Images
Stuart Dee/Getty Images

Professional Gamer Playing First-Person Shooter Online Video Game on His Cool Personal Computer. Young Man is Wearing a Cap and Hood. Room and PC have Colorful Neon Led Lights. Cozy Evening at Home.
gorodenkoff/Getty Images
Close up of a young girl dipping her brush in paint and painting on a canvas
Uberstock LLC/Getty Images
Barbecue party in a backyard.
Sony Pictures Entertainment/Getty Images
Hacker in hood cracking code using laptop and computers from his dark hacker room
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incoming letter
Ozanbulbul/Getty Images
selected-takes/Getty Images
Caiafilm/Getty Images

Hey There Demons, It's A Spooky Yule Log

Enjoy 3 of the best true crime stories while watching this haunted yule log. How many ghosts can you spot?

Special thanks to:


Welcome to the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network! This channel is your one-stop destination for all things mystery, conspiracy, supernatural, true crime, and everything in between. Subscribe here:


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4k Halloween Shot of a Horror Woman turning and Screaming with blackout Eyes
MarioProduction/Getty Images
4k Halloween Shot of a Horror Nun Coughing all Dirty
MarioProduction/Getty Images
4k Halloween Shot of a Horror Woman Screaming with Blackout Eyes, close-up
MarioProduction/Getty Images
Angry monster rushes on the camera.
Likozor/Getty Images

Robert The Haunted Doll Rules After Dark at Ft. East Martello Museum Key West

Robert the Doll is over 100 years old and resides in a glass case at Fort East Martello Museum. Since he has come to live at the Fort many strange events have been reported. Blame It on Robert has become a well known excuse for pranks in Key West. None of the museum staff wants to the last to leave the old fort. This is a rather spooky place after sundown, said curator Norman Aberle. A lot of spirits live here, and somehow, I think Robert controls it all.


The first VLOG from the guys who brought you the YouTube sensation Paranormal Quest®.
Take a break from death and focus on life, as the PQ team brings you some of the most beautiful moments from their travels.

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Song: Ikson - Last Summer (Vlog No Copyright Music)
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Video Link:

EVP Ghost Voices Spirit Voices voices of the dead haunted best evp podcast supernatural ghosts ghost talk show paranormal paranormal quest the gill house a family haunted west virginia penitentiary j.c. thompson building the maxwell mansion proof real ghost caught on camera the ghost-addicts podcast ryan zacherl steve hummel dave gear real ghost evidence buzzfeed buzzfeedblue buzzfeed unsolved

Calling All the Monsters

Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group

Calling All the Monsters · China Anne McClain

A.N.T. Farm

℗ 2011 Walt Disney Records

Released on: 2011-10-11

Unknown, Other: Niclas Molinder
Unknown, Other: Joacim Persson
Unknown, Other: Twin and Alke for RedFly
Unknown, Other: Johan Alkenäs
Producer: Johan Alkenas
Producer: Niclas Molinder
Producer: Joacim Persson
Composer Lyricist: Niclas Molinder
Composer Lyricist: Joacim Persson
Composer Lyricist: Johan Alkenäs
Composer Lyricist: Charlie Mason

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Discover hidden gems of Russia | Come and Visit the Subpolar Urals #6

Subpolar Urals. Mount Neroika (Nyor Oika).
What did first explorers feel like when conquering the Subpolar Urals new lands? Those getting through the mountain tundra, fording capricious Ural rivers with no modern equipment? Those discovering and manually exploiting new but high-grade deposits?

Expeditions like this make you reconsider your world view and pay attention to things you never noticed.
While there, we always wonder if we could repeat the experience of those explorers.

Enjoy majestic and sacred mountains, unexplored and untouched nature, picturesque landscapes, miles of cave passages, abandoned quarries, pristine waterfalls and at the same time feel comfortable using the required infrastructure and basic facilities of Ner-Oika hostel.

Go off into the wilderness of the Ural Mountains and discover hidden Russian gems!

Running expeditions since 2006, we spent 13 years exploring the most remote and inaccessible parts of the Urals.
Expedition club Dikiy Sever (in Russian stands for Wild North) – Expeditions to any far-off corner of the Urals.

Recommended video:

The Ural Mountains (English subtitles):

Heli fishing in the Polar Ural (English subtitles):

Manpupuner: Unique Rock Formations west of the Ural Mountains (English subtitles):

Mt. Manaraga from above: Exploring the wild nature of the Ural Mountains (English subtitles):

Dyatlov Pass: a Supernatural Unsolved Mystery (English subtitles):

Helicopter Fly Fishing 7-day expedition:

An all-inclusive 3-day expedition to the Nether-Polar Urals (Mt. Manaraga):

An Off-Road Expedition (ATV Tour) to the Dyatlov Pass combined with the helicopter flight to the Manpupuner (Seven Strong Men) plateau:

Siberian roe deer hunting in Russia (English subtitles):

Roe Deer (Roebuck) Hunting in Russia:

This year Snowmobile Expedition to the Dyatlov Pass:

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Behind The Scenes: Stranger Things Podcast | Ep. 1 - The Starcourt Mall | Netflix

Behind The Scenes: Stranger Things Podcast | Episode 1 - The Starcourt Mall

Learn everything you want to know about the making of Stranger Things 3 with this behind the scenes podcast. It’s summer 1985 and the Starcourt Mall just opened it air conditioned doors. In this episode, you’ll find out how the Stranger Things crew renovated a dilapidated mall, restoring it to it’s 1980s glory. But don’t be fooled by the shiny new Orange Julius and Sam Goody, this mall is hiding some major secrets.

Host Dan Taberski will take you deep into Stranger Things 3 universe with help from the cast and crew. After watching the series, head back here to dive into The Starcourt Mall, The Red Scare and The Mind Flayer.

You can also listen to the podcast on:

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Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with over 148 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

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Behind The Scenes: Stranger Things Podcast | Ep. 1 - The Starcourt Mall | Netflix

When a young boy vanishes, a small town uncovers a mystery involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and one strange little girl.

Booklist Webinar—The Clue is in the Title

Is it criminal to love mysteries this much? We don’t think so. Join us Tuesday, April 28 at 1PM Central as we investigate upcoming titles with thrilling twists, challenging puzzles, and unforgettable characters! Suspects include representatives from Dundurn Press, HarperCollins Publishers, Soho Press, Severn House, and Penguin Random House. Take a break from reality, put on your detective cap, and lose yourself in these whodunits! Moderated by Chief Inspector Annie Bostrom.

[2020/08/14] streaming today! (Minecraft: RLCraft/League of Legends/Valorant)


Stream Chat:

0:00 Just Chatting
50:00 Minecraft
2:16:53 League of Legends
6:42:42 Valorant

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Ipaishe's call to climate action

Right now, a huge crisis is unfolding. At least, 60 million people around the world are at risk of extreme food insecurity as El Niño, fuelled by climate change, is bringing droughts in some places and flooding in others.

In the run-up to #ParisAgreement signing, Ipaishe, a farmer from Zimbabwe, calls on world leaders to release the funds needed to help the poorest adapt to the consequences of climate change.

Sign the petition now and urge them to stop the hunger:

Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman | Audio book with subtitles

Herland is a utopian novel from 1915, written by feminist Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The book describes an isolated society comprised entirely of Aryan women who reproduce via parthenogenesis (asexual reproduction). The result is an ideal social order, free of war, conflict and domination. It first appeared as a serial in Perkin's monthly magazine Forerunner. (Summary from Wikipedia)
Charlotte Perkins GILMAN
Genre(s): Fantastic Fiction

0:25 | Chapter 1 – A Not Unnatural Enterprise
26:02 |Chapter 2 – Rash Advances
52:53 | Chapter 3 – A Peculiar Imprisonment
1:21:00 | Chapter 4 – Our Venture
1:47:25 | Chapter 5 – A Unique History
2:17:37 | Chapter 6 – Comparisons Are Odious
2:42:04 | Chapter 7 – Our Growing Modesty
3:09:18 | Chapter 8 – The Girls of Herland
3:41:01 | Chapter 9 – Our Relations and Theirs
4:12:18 | Chapter 10 – Their Religions and Our Marriages
4:37:44 | Chapter 11 – Our Difficulties
5:07:12 | Chapter 12 – Expelled Audio Book Audiobooks All Rights Reserved. This is a Librivox recording. All Librivox recordings are in the public domain. For more information or to volunteer visit

Calling All the Monsters (In the style of China Anne McClain) (Karaoke)

Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises

Calling All the Monsters (In the style of China Anne McClain) (Karaoke) · The Original Karaoke

Greatest Karaoke Hits 2011 (Karaoke)

℗ 2011 Magenta

Released on: 2011-11-16

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Nick Redfern | British author, journalist, cryptozoologist and ufologist | Arcane Radio 11.10.2015

From Arcane Radio's archive, Nick Redfern joins Lon Strickler & Sean Forker on November 10th, 2015 podcast for a great conversation including topics covering Dogman, Chupcabras, human Blood Types related to UFOs aliens and Men In Black, and more!

Nick Redfern is a full-time author and journalist specializing in a wide range of unsolved mysteries, including Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, the Rendlesham Forest Incident, UFO sightings, government conspiracies, alien abductions and paranormal phenomena. Nick works on the lecture circuit, both in the UK and overseas, and has appeared in internationally syndicated shows discussing the UFO phenomenon.

His most recent books are, The Rendlesham Forest UFO Conspiracy and 'Top Secret Alien Abduction Files: What the Government Doesn't Want You to Know.' as well as Chupacabra Road Trip: In Search of the Elusive Beast For more information visit his website -

Arcane Radio's Nick Redfern Playlist -

Please note- We apologize that the podcast begins abruptly due to some technical editing problems.

The Beyond Explanation YouTube channel presents Lon Strickler’s Phantoms and Monsters real cryptid encounter reports, eyewitness experiences and paranormal investigations together with Arcane Radio’s conversations with noted researchers and experiencers seeking to explain the unexplained. Beyond Explanation shares information and encounters from people who have witnessed or experienced; aliens, UFO/UAP, abductions. bigfoot, cryptids, ghosts, time shifts, paranormal and other supernatural events.

Please tell us about your own experiences, encounters and observations in the comments or at

Lon Strickler's Phantoms & Monsters
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