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Ups and Downs of Pregnancy


Ups and Downs of Pregnancy

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I answer your questions and give you the details about the first trimester of my pregnancy!
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0:00 - Intro
0:32 - Pregnancy during a pandemic
1:47 - Finding out the gender
2:19 - First suspicions of pregnancy
3:07 - Plans for the Westy
3:41 - First trimester symptoms
5:39 - First changes
6:38 - Baby names
7:15 - Traveling with baby
7:51 - Cravings and aversions
9:03 - The end of nausea
9:34 - Emotional update

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Pregnancy is a rollercoaster !

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Pregnancy's ups and downs | May 13, 2015-May 21, 2015

Our video starts while we are on vacation in Malibu/Calabasas and ends with us telling Oscar's mom that Kyra is pregnant, we believe its important to share the ups and downs of pregnancy to show what an adventures roller coaster it can be.


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talking about my pregnancy ups & downs | Birth Story

In this video we talk about why we decided to make a baby, what pregnancy was like and what is was truthfully like to be pregs with your best friends!



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Ups and Downs of Pregnancy | Kyu hamare vlogs nahi aa rahe the ?

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Ups and Downs of Pregnancy | Kyu hamare vlogs nahi aa rahe the ?

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Ups and down of pregnancy || Kaisey pata ki Pregnant hu? || Indian Youtuber

Dhekiye mein ray First trimester kay kuch weird pregnancy symptoms in hindi , kaisey pata chala mujay ki mein pregnant hu when I had negative pregnancy test. Hindi Vlog of early pregnancy symptoms that I had during my first trimester. Currently I am in my second trimester of pregnancy.

#PregnancyVlog #IndianVlogger

Pregnancy Videos :

1. Pregnancy Announcement :

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3. Surprising our Toddler with Pregnancy Announcement :

4. First Trimester Early Ultrasound :

5. PCOD mein kaisey Kita conceive :

6. Kya Khaya Pregnancy Mein :

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Pregnancy Emotions are REAL

#pregnancy #thirdtrimester #pregnancyhormones
Pregnancy hormones are REAL

Listen, I used to kinda think it was BS the whole pregnant ladies get all crazy but I'm here to tell you (with real stories) that we, in fact, are crazy but we can't believe it just as much as you!
How early can pregnancy hormones happen? EARLY! Mine happened before I knew I was pregnant! My first trimester symptoms included hormones (among many other pregnancy symptoms) but my second trimester was primarily emotional due to my hormones!

Have grace try and laugh and know it won't last forever!

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PRACTICAL 2nd Trimester Pregnancy Information

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0:00 practical 2nd trimester pregnancy information
:44 get new underwear in the 2nd trimester
1:03 pantyliners when you’re pregnant
1:05 Moisturize your entire body during your second trimester
1:42 Perineum stretches for tearing during labor
1:54 Pregnancy Pillow (here is a video on this)CARD
2:25 Stay hydrated during pregnancy to avoid stretch marks
2:37 Meditate, to stay calm during pregnancy
3:06 Going to the gym while pregnant
3:17 Can you take electrolytes or magnesium while pregnant?
3:22 Squatty potty if you have hemorrhoids during pregnancy
3:34 Labor and Delivery books to read during pregnancy
4:01 Hypnobirthing with Hypnobabies, I had an unmedicated birth and this was a huge help!
4:27 Google is not your friend
4:51 Just get the GD Maternity clothes, I held off forever and was glad when I finally got them6:07 HORMONES are REAL
7:01 When do you normally feel baby kick?
8:08 Baby apps during pregnancy
8:26 Youtube channel with weekly updates Channel Mum
9:02 Dont tell anyone your baby’s name until you choose
9:33 24 week bump

BABY SHOWER!!! | Sarah's ups and downs of pregnancy | The Beeston Fam

Sarah's baby shower was a success! Her pregnancy is starting to get harder and harder though...

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How To SIT, SLEEP, STAND And WALK During Pregnancy | Gautam Pragya

It is very important to have a good pregnancy posture during pregnancy not only for baby but four you as well. So that is all I am sharing with you in today's video- How to sit during pregnancy, How to Sleep during pregnancy, How to Stand during pregnancy and How to Walk during pregnancy.

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Title: How To SIT, SLEEP, STAND, And WALK During Pregnancy

#pregnancypostures #gautampragya #pregnancycare #sleepingpostion #walkduringpregnancy #sittingpostion #howtostand #pragyapregnancy #pregnancysafty
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What to expect in the second trimester - Second trimester of pregnancy: What to Expect - #Pregnancy

#whattoexpectinthesecondtrimester #secondtrimesterofpregnancywhattoexpect
The second trimester of pregnancy often brings a renewed sense of well-being. The worst of nausea has usually passed, and your baby isn't big enough to make you too uncomfortable. Yet more pregnancy symptoms are on the horizon. Here's what to expect.
During the second trimester of pregnancy, you might experience several physical changes, watch this video until the end for a better understanding.

First Trimester Symptoms | How To Survive Your First Trimester of Pregnancy

As you enter into your first trimester of pregnancy, you are probably wondering what first trimester symptoms to expect. These are some of the most common first trimester symptoms that many of us suffer from. Specifically, this is referring to weeks 1-13 of pregnancy! If you are not feeling well and your early pregnancy symptoms are kicking your butt, hang in there, mama! For most women, these first trimester symptoms usually go away during the blissful second trimester. Comment below what first trimester symptoms won’t leave you alone. Thank so much for watching!

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Morning Sickness Remedies That Work:


18 Pages of labor and delivery details, pregnancy checklists, baby prep lists, and more!


Become a mama-pro before baby arrives! Learn everything about preparing for motherhood, postpartum recovery, what to expect from your newborn, specifics on newborn baby care, breastfeeding, diapering, bathing, safe sleep, returning to work and so much more! You will love it.

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Pregnancy Situations Every Woman Can Relate to / 1st Pregnancy vs 3rd Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is always cool. In today's video, we will show the difference between the first pregnancy and the third. Watch funny situations and features of each of them.


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Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period / Comparing My First And Second Pregnancy

Today I will give you my Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before Missed Period. I will also be Comparing My First And Second Pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different and my two had such different symptoms. I hope these help you if you are trying to figure out if you should test or not. I also hope my story give you hope if you had a BFN and are currently waiting on your miracle baby!

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When Do Babies Turn Head Down in Pregnancy?

Hello, today I’m going to talk about “the drop”. Your baby “dropping” is what people say to refer to your baby settling into a head-down position, which means baby is getting ready for delivery.

If you have hit the 36 - week mark and your baby is still not head down, there are some things you can do to help encourage baby to change position. First of all, s stay active as much as you can. I know it’s hard, especially in the third trimester, but going for even a short walk can help the baby find the right position.

Also, when you are sitting, try to always keep your hips higher than your knees. Whatever you decide to do, r ememb er to share your plan with your doctor or midwife.

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Exercise During Pregnancy

Dr. Siobhan Dolan talks about how exercise can help women have a healthy pregnancies and which exercises are safe during pregnancy.

Pregnancy How to Stand, Sit, Sleep, and walk During Pregnancy | Pregnancy Postures | Correct Posture

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Pregnancy How to Stand, Sit, Sleep, and walk During Pregnancy | Pregnancy Postures | Correct Posture

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My pregnancy story-Major ups and downs! Serious complications..

Dear viewers,its a vlog very close to my emotions and its all about what i went through my phase of pregnancy.All mothers and pregnant ladies can relate and feel my emotions.Give your love to this vlog????
#pregnancyvlog #serious complications #tough phase

Our Pregnancy Story

Here are a few highlights of our nine month journey to baby Kenzlee. Some ups and downs, and a few things in between.



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