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12 Most Incredible Recent Archaeological Discoveries

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This video is going to be a delight for fans of archaeology! No matter how much we dig or where we do the digging, it seems we're never going to stop finding amazing artifacts from long-gone civilizations and cultures. They're like buried treasures left behind by our ancestors for us to find and marvel at. There are active archaeological dig sites all over the world being worked on at this very moment, and here are some of the most incredible treasures they've given up recently.

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Comparing Airlines During COVID-19: American, Delta, Southwest & United

What's it like to fly during the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, it depends largely on what airline you fly.

From blocking middle seats to changing up the boarding process to limiting in-flight snack and drink service, every airline has responded to the pandemic differently. So we put the four largest U.S. airlines to the test: American, Delta, Southwest and United.

00:00 - Intro
00:48 - Southwest Airlines
02:06 - American Airlines
03:06 - United Airlines
04:20 - Delta Airlines
05:18 - The Final Scores...

Follow along the journey see for yourself just what it's like to fly each of these airlines during the COVID-19 pandemic. Which airlines are keeping middle seats empty, and which aren't? Which airlines are doing the best cleaning their aircraft? How has in-flight service changed on each airline?

See our final rankings of these big 4 U.S. airlines at 5:18

It's plain to see that while travel has changed enormously during the pandemic. But it's even more obvious that some airlines have gone farther than others to make flying safer - and make travelers feel safer.

Want to see our category-by-category breakdowns of each of these airlines? Read them at

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