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Valley Breaks Ground on New Hospital in Paramus, NJ!


Valley Breaks Ground on New Hospital in Paramus, NJ!

Donning hard hats and carrying shovels, on November 1, 2019, Valley Health System leadership; philanthropic supporters; community members; and federal, state and local elected officials joined Audrey Meyers, Valley's President and CEO, to break ground on our new, state-of-the-art hospital in Paramus, NJ. New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, Senator Bob Menendez, Rep Josh Gottheimer, Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr., Bergen County Executive Jim Tedesco, and Mayor Richard LaBarbiera, were among the elected officials on hand to show their support! Thanks to all who attended and to all who helped to coordinate this monumental event!

Valley Employees Designing The "New" Valley Hospital!

Who knew that planning and designing a new hospital from the ground up would involve glue guns, yarn, cardboard and other craft materials! It may seem like an art class, but we’ve really been working hard to move forward with the process of planning The “New” Valley Hospital. Staff involvement and input has been an integral part of the process. Teams from services including Patient Admitting, the Surgical Suite, Same Day Surgery, Cardiac Catheterization and Electrophysiology Labs, Diagnostic Imaging and Emergency Services, met for a 5-day, hands-on “3P” workshop event (Production, Preparation, Process). During the multi-day “3P event,” the teams created and tested potential designs. This included designing layouts to scale, building full-size room mock ups, and testing the flow of patients, visitors and services throughout each area!

Meet hepatopancreatobiliary surgeon Michael Passeri, MD!

Valley-Mount Sinai Comprehensive Cancer Care has welcomed Dr. Passeri to its surgical practice at The Valley Institute for Gastrointestinal Cancer! Learn more about Dr. Passeri and his fascinating specialty in this short video!

The Valley Hospital to Move Inpatient Care to Paramus — News 12 NJ


The Valley Hospital Announces Plans to Move to Paramus

Audrey Meyers, President and CEO of The Valley Hospital and Valley Health System, recently announced Valley’s plans to build a new, state-of-the-art hospital in Paramus. Meyers, who was joined by members of Valley’s Board of Trustees, elected officials and community leaders in making the announcement, said the new facility will allow Valley to meet the long-term healthcare needs of northern New Jersey and ensures that residents have access to the highest quality of care.

Moving inpatient and emergency services to Paramus will allow Valley to repurpose its current campus in Ridgewood for a broad range of healthcare services, including an urgent-care center, and laboratory, radiology and endoscopy services. In addition, Valley plans to consolidate existing ambulatory and outpatient services and health system business functions back to the Ridgewood campus.

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Governor comes to Paramus to mark milestone for arts education in NJ

The governor was in Paramus to celebrate 100% of New Jersey public schools offering arts programs.

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Outside Schindler HT Elevator at an Office Complex in Huntersville, NC

Schindler HT

The line at Chick-Fil-A Paramus Park 08/01/12

Apparently people either agree with Dan Cathy or they just love their fried chicken sandwiches and are too lazy to go to KFC.

Trenton, New Jersey | Wikipedia audio article

This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article:
Trenton, New Jersey

00:02:07 1 History
00:04:27 1.1 Riots of 1968
00:06:11 2 Geography
00:08:10 2.1 Panoramic views
00:08:19 2.2 Neighborhoods
00:11:17 2.3 Climate
00:14:54 3 Demographics
00:15:19 3.1 2010 Census
00:18:53 3.2 2000 Census
00:21:54 4 Economy
00:23:18 4.1 Urban Enterprise Zone
00:23:44 4.2 Television market
00:24:18 5 Arts and culture
00:26:39 6 Sports
00:28:19 7 Parks and recreation
00:28:38 7.1 Historic sites
00:29:27 8 Government
00:29:36 8.1 Local government
00:30:10 8.1.1 Mayor and Council
00:30:48 8.1.2 Interim mayor 2014
00:31:17 8.1.3 Mayor's conviction and removal from office
00:32:35 8.2 Federal, state and county representation
00:35:25 8.3 Politics
00:38:41 9 Fire department
00:39:29 10 Education
00:39:38 10.1 Colleges and universities
00:40:20 10.2 Public schools
00:43:07 10.3 Charter schools
00:44:04 10.4 Private schools
00:44:52 11 Crime
00:46:27 11.1 New Jersey State Prison
00:47:25 12 Transportation
00:47:34 12.1 Roads and highways
00:48:58 12.2 Public transportation
00:51:04 13 Media
00:51:51 14 Notable people

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Trenton is the capital city of the U.S. state of New Jersey and the county seat of Mercer County. It was briefly the capital of the United States. The city's metropolitan area is grouped with the New York metropolitan area by the United States Census Bureau, but directly borders the Philadelphia metropolitan area and is part of the Philadelphia Combined Statistical Area and the Federal Communications Commission's Philadelphia Designated Market Area. As of the 2010 United States Census, Trenton had a population of 84,913, making it the state's 10th-most-populous municipality. The Census Bureau estimated that the city's population was 84,034 in 2014.Trenton dates back at least to June 3, 1719, when mention was made of a constable being appointed for Trenton, while the area was still part of Hunterdon County. Boundaries were recorded for Trenton Township as of March 2, 1720, a courthouse and jail were constructed in Trenton around 1720 and the Freeholders of Hunterdon County met annually in Trenton. Trenton became New Jersey's capital as of November 25, 1790, and the City of Trenton was formed within Trenton Township on November 13, 1792. Trenton Township was incorporated as one of New Jersey's initial group of 104 townships by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on February 21, 1798. On February 22, 1834, portions of Trenton Township were taken to form Ewing Township. The remaining portion of Trenton Township was absorbed by the City of Trenton on April 10, 1837. A series of annexations took place over a 50-year period, with the city absorbing South Trenton borough (April 14, 1851), portions of Nottingham Township (April 14, 1856), both the Borough of Chambersburg Township and Millham Township (both on March 30, 1888), as well as Wilbur Borough (February 28, 1898). Portions of Ewing Township and Hamilton Township were annexed to Trenton on March 23, 1900.



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