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Vardaat: Osama bin Laden's final moments and watery burial (PT-1)


The Unknown Story Of Osama Bin Laden | War On Terror

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Osama bin Laden was the founder of Al-Qaeda, the organization that claimed responsibility for the September 11 attacks on the United States, along with numerous other mass-casualty attacks worldwide. Bin Laden was on the American Federal Bureau of Investigation's (FBI) lists of Ten Most Wanted Fugitives and Most Wanted Terrorists for his involvement in the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings. From 2001 to 2011, bin Laden was a major target of the War on Terror, as the FBI placed a $25 million bounty on him in their search for him. On May 2, 2011, bin Laden was shot and killed. Watch the untold story of The Hunt & Attack On Bin Laden.



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