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Vending Machines You'll Wish We Had More Of In The World


Vending Machines You'll Wish We Had More Of In The World

From a machine that accepts hugs instead of money, to robotic convenience stores, lets take a look at 20 machines that should exist in more places around the world.
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Top 15 Craziest Vending Machines Around the World

Top 15 Craziest Vending Machines Around the World
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For 24 Hours I lived just on vending machines in Taiwan. This 24 hour challenge was a interesting way to discover vending machine foods like a cake vending machine, burgers, coconut vending machine and fried chicken, but also to discover different vending machine businesses like a education vending machines and entertainment oriented claw vending machines. Within the night market I also saw Taiwanese street food and specifically handmade pizza. Enjoy this crazy challenge in Taiwan!


And the latest Taiwan video at Taiwan 7-Eleven:


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How Much Money Did I Collect From 25 Vending Machine Locations! HUGE COLLECTION!

How Much Money Did I Collect From 25 Vending Machine Locations! HUGE COLLECTION! Hope Everyone Enjoys!

My Biggest Vending Machine Collections!


5 Things You MUST Know Before Starting A Vending Machine Business

What happens when two college students buy a used vending machine online to start a passive income business? In this video, you'll learn the good, the bad, and the ugly of starting a vending machine as well as important tips for profitability.

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In the summer of 2019, my college roommate and I started a vending machine business. Our goal was to acquire 10 locations by 2020, yet owning this kind of business comes with many obstacles that we did not see coming.. In this video, I tell you steps to open your vending machine business, I give you advice on starting vending machine business, I tell you the best vending machines, and what you shouldn't do when starting a vending machine business. THIS IS EVERY QUESTION BEGINNERS HAVE!

The 5 Things You MUST Know Before Starting A Vending Machine Business

1. Have a location before buying your machine
2. Analyze your target market and don’t buy a snack machine for a place a drink machine would be better
3. Realize you’ll need $500 - $1000 in startup capital
4. Don’t expect passive income, this is active work
5. Scaling is harder than expected, a lot of labor is involved

We made about $90 in total sales, but that was over 9 months of our machine being operational. This was NOT profitable, and we actually ended up losing a lot of money when our snacks expired.

After we realized that this business was NOT passive, we had to come to a tough choice. As students, it was just not the best use of our time and it required a large amount of capital to scale this business. So what did our business do?

Luckily vending machines hold their value really well! So a year later from our initial investment, we sold our machine. The great thing is we recouped all our costs and even sold the machine for a slight profit of $75.

Most of the unsold and expired snacks were able to be eaten by us and did not go to waste. So, all in all, we were slightly cash flow positive, with our machine still holding its value at the time of selling.

If you're interested in starting this business, be sure to do your due diligence before buying a machine! This can be a fun and lucrative business if done correctly! Personally, I would rather spend my free time working on side hustles that can be done online and that lean more towards passive income.

Thanks for watching!

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The vending machine industry generates $23 billion in annual revenue. With low startup costs and high profit margins, it’s one of the most practical businesses that anyone can start.

We linked up with the Vending Machine King aka Kashief Edwards for one of our most educational episodes ever.

On episode 63 he gave a step-by-step blueprint that anyone can use to make huge profits from owning vending machines. #Entrepreneur #Vendingmachine

Link To The Vending Bizz Master Class:

Guest IG: @the_vending_bizz
Book Tip: The Vending Bizz

Selling insects!?Japanese Vending Machines in Akihabara

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Vending Machines You'll Wish We Had More Of In The World

Vending Machines You'll Wish We Had More Of In The World
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Charlie from Top 10s counts down the Vending Machines You'll Wish We Had More Of In The World! We all get food and drink from vending machine every day but in Japan and around the world some vending machines serve more than just a meal or a small toy! #Facts

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Top 30 Weirdest Things Sold in Vending Machines

Have you ever spotted a weird vending machine? Prepare to be amazed by these 30 Weirdest Things Found In Vending Machines.
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[Japan trip] Japanese vending machine

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Weirdest Things Sold At Vending Machines

From flying fish soup to secret beer vending machines, here are 18 weird things sold at vending machines.

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6. Puppies?
This next one is NOT meant to be eaten unlike most things your find at vending machines. It still might be a little too hard to resist if you came across some puppies at a vending machine found in Toyko. If you can buy crabs at a vending machine, why not a puppy? Each dog is about 10,000 yen and they have a person behind the machine to help take care of the them and clean the cages. You might feel slightly bad for the dog and feel the urge to buy one!

5. Canned Bread
The selection of vending machines in Japan can get a little crazy! There’s apparently 1 vending machine for every 23 people in this country! Flavors of this bread include strawberry, chocolate chip, coffee, green tea and fruit. Each canned bread costs you about 340 yen or roughly 4 bucks. You’d have to be slightly curious if you came across one of these machines and never tried canned bread. Don’t judge until you try it! It might not look or sound too appetizing but it’s fairly popular in Japan.

4. Manicure Machine
This one might be a little more popular with the ladies than some of the others we’ve mentioned on the list. This machine prints out any available design onto your nails in a matter of two minutes! You’d have about 5000 patterns you can choose from including little photos of celebrities, or just standard French manicures. The idea is catching on and it’s only a matter of time until we find these in at a metro station in Japan somewhere.

3. Flying Fish Soup
These fish can fly over 50 meters. This marine animal evolved in order to escape the predators of the sea by outsmarting and maneuvering them. However, they aren’t able to escape the human type. The Japanese like to to make them into a type of sushi called tobiko. But they’re also made into soup and sold at vending machines here. For 650 yen you can get yourself a jar with a grilled flying fish inside! It also contains a type of algae for a little extra flavor. This is typically a key ingredients for a slow cooked soup so it’s not necessarily ready to eat upon purchase.

2. The Burrito Machine
Do you love mexican food but just can’t quite seem to take the time to go and find a restaurant? This machine here serves you up a fresh burrito in under 60 seconds! There are a few varieties including chicken, steak, and vegan veggie burritos. You can also choose if you want guac or sour cream on the side,. The burrito box seemingly has everything you could ask for.

1. Condoms and Pokemon Figurines
Do you got a monster in your pocket and need a little protection, just in case? This photo here shows premium ribbed condoms being sold right next to some pokemon figurines. Seems like the one stop machine for all you need. Having a good night with your girlfriend seems to be impossible without the two.

How To Start A Vending Machine Business Without Ever Leaving Your Home| Jaime Ibanez

How to start a vending machine business without ever leaving your home! Jaime Ibanez.

In this video I walk you through a townhome that is zoned for commercial use. Which the idea I had is why not stick a vending machine inside your townhome as part of your business? Think about it most people open up an office in there town home but you can get a location for free by placing a machine inside your townhome and opening it to the public.
I found a town home that is zoned correctly and I know that Jaime Ibanez has been thinking about buying a property and investing in real estate so I figure id throw him and his girlfriend Elizabeth the idea, hopefully they like it.
When investing people usually think about grabbing a duplex of a multi family, but why not just open up you own vending machine business inside a townhome. In this video I walk you through the town home and show you all the possibilities of making money with the vending machine while living in the property that way you never have to leave and your business will be safe because there's no possibility of getting kicked out of your location.

I wanted to share this for all the youtube vendors out there maybe you will like this idea!

1st Collection | Pulling Cash From My Vending Machines:

Which Vending Machine Is The Best To Buy:


Mark Bautista

(562) 619-9567
Serious inquires only if you want to buy a machine!

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Worst Vending Machine EVER

Something that happened during school with the vending machine...

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Minecraft - How to build a Vending Machine (Part 1)(OUTDATED)


Vending Machine Labels DIY (MONEY SAVER $$)

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Having a vending business is one of the ways to make money with a small business. Not only that, but with a great vending machine business plan you can starting making “smart passive income.” But what is passive income? You may have heard that term used in network marketing. The meaning of passive income, for instance, would be starting a vending machine business, whether it’s a coffee vending machine business, healthy vending machine business, or soda vending machine business, where the vending machine sales happen while you’re not there. That’s why if you see a vending machine business for sale, then know that it’s a good way to earn cash and the best passive income when starting a business.

You might be thinking how to earn money when starting your own business with a vending machine business opportunity? Should I hire someone like canteen vending? Obviously, when you buy a vending machine business, you want a vending machine business profit. Well, it’s not an online business or one of those home based jobs, so just like any new business ideas, you’ll need to know how to start a small business and start making residual income and make cash. With vending machine business opportunities, you should look for vending machine business sale, which can lead to streams of passive income from buying a used vending machine.

You can buy a coffee vending machine (vending machine coffee is the perfect idea), healthy vending machine, car vending machine (also known as carvana vending machine, which is normally vending machine in japanese), pizza vending machine (I mean who wouldn’t want vending machine pizza) soda vending machine, candy vending machine, mini vending machine, ice vending machine, cigarette vending machine, used vending machines, and even vending machine toys.

You can literally find these everywhere because everyone wants vending machine food and vending machine snacks. There are japanese vending machines, singapore vending machine business, vending machine business in India, vending machine business in the philippines, UK vending machine business, vending machine business malaysia, and even vending machine business for sale Brisbane. Just look up for sale vending machine business and see what is in your area.

Instead of looking up how to hack a vending machine or vending machine hack, look up vending machine for sale or even vending business for sale because that’s one of the best ways to make passive income. People may want to know how to make money fast or earn money online (like passive income reddit) and the one way to do that is to look for business for sale. To make money online is beneficial because it’s like having jobs from home; however, starting a snack vending machine company can give the same benefits with how to make passive income. Investing for passive income opportunities and passive income investments, whether, it’s how to make money online or buy vending machine business, both match up with the passive income definition.

Most people are in search for business ideas (small), make money from home, online work, online data entry jobs, new business ideas, sources of passive income, passive income online, make money fast, franchise opportunities, how to start a small business, homebasework, startup business ideas, and innovative business ideas. We were just like you, and then we saw the vending machine business pros and cons and were hooked on the idea.

Hope you got value about starting a vending machine business (which is one of the best passive income ideas) and how to choose the best vending machines for sale. Get the free offer above to learn how to make money by starting a profitable vending machine business (even without prior skills/knowledge in the industry or having to drop tons of money).

Watch again: Vending Machine Labels DIY →

Protein Shake Vending machine

First time ever in India...
We, 5G Technologies made our own customization advanced protein shake vending machine.

Massive Hit in Hyderabad.

Our head office is in coimbatore,Tamilnadu

Reach us @

How to Become a Better Operator in 2020 Series: K&R Vending

Episode 1: How to Capitalize on Office Coffee, Office Coffee Plus, and Pantry Services, insights from Bradlee Whitson, K&R Vending Services.

What You’ll Learn from Bradlee:
• The emergence of OCS Plus and Pantry, and why he is focusing on it in 2020
• What 3 things he plans to implement to support this growth opportunity
• His approach to testing new products and technology
• How these past 5 years have taught him to try almost anything
• The trends that have him excited for the future

Live Minnows Vending Machine⁉️ #whitebass #walleyes #crapies

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Incoming Dental Students - What I Wish I Knew! | Question and Answer

*All of these opinions are my own and do not reflect Creighton University School of Dentistry or the Creighton ASDA Chapter*
I encourage you to join me in being flexible and understanding of the ever-changing situation with dental school classes! The administration is continually modifying plans in response to the situation and to provide us with the best dental education possible. Keep in mind these answers were based upon if things are normal (which we know is not the case currently). Hopefully this helps you out!

02:00 Are all lectures recorded?
02:40 Are the professor chill or are they old and strict?
03:18 Is there a tutoring program?
03:48 Do most student buy the required textbooks?
04:28 Do you get a GPA?
04:58 How many people in each classroom?
5:08 Have you had classes canceled for a snow day?
05:43 Could you explain the testing schedule?

06:21 Where to live if you don't want a car? Living recommendations?
Website link:
7:01 For dog owners. Is it manageable to have a dog in your first year?
07:13 What’s the best area to live in?
07:42 Should I bring any winter gear?

Dress Code
08:05 Is there a dress code?
Website link:
08:20 Dress code update
08:34 What exactly is required of female students?
08:41 Women’s shoes that are comfy and work with the dress code?
09:00 Are we allowed to wear dresses or skirts? How about colored jeans?
09:18 How strict is dress code?What types of pants are appropriate for females to wear? Do you have to wear closed toe shoes?
09:49 What is a typical dress code for male students? What shoes can you wear?
10:29 May we wear scrubs if we choose and if so, what color?
10:39 Should I go buy whole new wardrobe for dress code?

11:10 What laptop did you get/do you recommend?
11:24 Does Mac or Windows work better with the software at school?.
11:38Would a bigger screened laptop be more helpful?
12:01 What do most students at Creighton use for taking notes? If many students use a tablet/iPad, which version and how much storage is recommended?
13:11 Is there any technology you suggest buying? Do you use iPads over laptops?
13: 30 Any school supplies which you feel are extra helpful?

14:06 How long is our lunch period and what are our options at the campus?
14:40 What do students usually do for lunch? Do I bring a lunch?
15:08 Do you get hungry during the day?

15:28 Is there any exercise place on campus?
Kiewit Fitness Center:
Rasmussen Center:
16:28 Do you have access to Creighton’s gym for free?
16:40 Do you have time to workout/when?
17:04 How many intramural sports are there?

17:26 Are there any clubs to join?
18:02 Are there any social events, conferences, or fun extracurriculars that D1s can look forward to getting involved with?
18:57 How prominent is Catholicism in your dental school experience?

19:48 How much is parking per semester?
19:51 Is it easy to get a parking spot near school or should I buy the pass?
20:13 I am familiar that dental students have their own parking lot, but do dental students have an assigned parking spot? Or is it more convenient to take the creighton shuttle or public city bus to class every morning?
20:37 Is it easy to get a spot near school?
21:07 Do people bike to school?
21:14 Do you recommend a vehicle with 4-wheel drive?

Link Summary:
Off campus housing:
KFC Gym:
Rasmussen Gym:
Dress Code:



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