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WHO: How to handwash? With soap and water


WHO: How to handwash? With soap and water

Hand hygiene, either with soap and water or with alcohol-based handrub, is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading infections to others. Indeed, hand hygiene is an easy, inexpensive, and effective mean to prevent the spread of germs and keep everyone healthy.

Please, follow carefully the steps shown in this training video to know how to handwash with soap and water, and watch our other video on hand rubbing :

For more indication about hand hygiene in healthcare settings, please visit:

When should you clean your hands?

- BEFORE, DURING and AFTER preparing food.
- BEFORE eating food.
- BEFORE and AFTER caring for a sick person.
- AFTER using the toilet.
- AFTER changing the diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the toilet.
- AFTER blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing.
- AFTER touching animal, animal feed, or animal waste.
- AFTER touching garbage.

Hand-washing Steps Using the WHO Technique

Proper hand hygiene is the most important thing you can do to prevent the spread of germs and to protect yourself and others from illnesses. When not done carefully, germs on the fingertips, palms and thumbs, and between fingers, are often missed. This video demonstrates the World Health Organization (WHO) technique for hand-washing. Watch the video to be sure you are washing your hands thoroughly.

Learn more about the Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control:

How To Make Hand Wash At Home With Soap

How to make hand wash at home with soap very easy and save your lots of money. Homemade handwash with in 5 munites only rs. 5 per 250ml bottle.
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Coronavirus | How to wash your hands

The best way to prevent infection and spread of germs, including the coronavirus is by practising good hand hygiene, and regularly washing your hands with soap and water.

For more information and daily updates on coronavirus, you can read our guide

How to Handwash with Soap and Water

Practising good hand hygiene is important at any time of year, but as winter approaches and pressure on our services continues to increase, we must do all we can to reduce the spread of infection and protect our most vulnerable patients. So here is a short video on how to wash your hands with Soap and Water.

Washing Your Hands with Soap And Water

This is a short clip that shows how to wash your hands correctly with soap and water, within a medical environment. Doing this correctly is an important first step in infection control within all medical establishments. This clip was originally used by Medical Students at the University of Leicester as part of a larger teaching package.

Easy Homemade Hand Wash | Use ANY SOAP | How To Make Hand Wash At Home | Easy Method

Easiest and simplest way to make hand wash from any of your favourite soap. Save money on buying hand wash from stores and make your very own at home using any soap. Make solid soap into liquid soap.


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Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Workers | Hand Washing Soap and Water Technique Nursing Skill

Hand hygiene for healthcare workers: Learn how to perform hand washing with soap and water (nursing procedures).

There are two ways to perform hand hygiene as a nurse. You can use soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub (also called hand sanitizer or hand gel).

Hand hygiene is essential for providing safe patient care. If hand hygiene is not performed regularly, germs can be easily be spread to patients, other healthcare workers, and even yourself.

Hand hygiene is ALWAYS performed before and after patient care, after coming into contact with any type of body fluid or open wounds, when touching any object that is near a patient (hand railing, bedside table etc.), removing gloves, prior to eating, or after using the bathroom.

This video discusses when you should use soap and water versus an alcohol-based hand gel, when to perform hand hygiene, and demonstrates how to perform hand hygiene using soap and water.


More nursing skills:


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Hand Hygiene With Soap And Water

How many steps are there in washing your hands? Did you know that washing with soap and water helps to prevent the spread of germs? Find out how to clean your soiled hands here! #washyourhands

Brought to you by Singapore General Hospital (SGH).

For more health tips, visit

DIY Hand Wash | How To Make Hand Wash At Home With Soap | Homemade Handwash

DIY Hand Wash | How To Make Hand Wash At Home With Soap | Homemade HandWash


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8 steps of hand wash with soap and water || correct hand washing techniques

8 steps of hand wash with soap and water || correct hand washing techniques

Hand washing is one of the most important things we can do avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others

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HAND WASH with Soap and Water

Frequent hand wash is a healthy habit to follow for everybody. This is a hand wash video with soap and water.

Hand Washing Technique with Soap and Water | Ausmed Explains... Hand Hygiene

How to use soap and water for proper hand hygiene.

When soap and water are used, the procedure should take between 40 to 60 seconds to complete. This is the process to follow:

The handwash begins by thoroughly wetting your hands, then you need to apply enough soap or detergent to cover all surfaces of the hands, and also each finger. You need to rub your hands together, ensuring you cover all of your palms. Place your left hand over the back of your right hand and interlace your fingers, and rub them clean. You are trying to clean right between your fingers in all the cracks and crevices, and up and down the inside of your fingers. As well, you are aiming to thoroughly clean the back of your hand. Then, place your right hand over the back of your left hand and repeat this procedure.

Now, reverse and do the insides of your hands. Place your palms together, interlace your fingers and clean both your palms and between your fingers from the inside. Remember to be thorough.

Now, lock your hands together, using your fingers to ensure your palms are opposite to each other. Clean the ends of your fingers and nails really well, making sure the fluid really reaches into the crevices.

Now for your thumbs. Grasp your thumb with the forefingers of the opposite hand and clean it really well in a twisting motion, then do the same on the other hand. You need to completely clean all surfaces of your thumb down to and including your wrist.

Once you have done that, and you feel you are really getting your hands clean, you now need to wash in a circular manner with your clasped fingers into the palm of your hand. Make sure you do this with both hands.

Washed hands should be actively rinsed by rubbing the hands together under tepid or cool running water. When no residual foam is visible, the hands are sufficiently rinsed.

At this stage, you should turn off the taps using a single-use paper towel. Don’t touch the tap itself with your hands as this can cross-contaminate.

Your hands should then be dried immediately with a second single-use paper towel, making sure that the cleaned hands are not recontaminated at turning off or drying procedures.

You are more likely to get skin irritation if you:
- Do not entirely rinse off all soap after your active hand washing;
- Do not ensure hands are completely dry before proceeding with your next task or donning gloves;
- Do not regularly use a compatible hand moisturiser prior to and after each shift.

Damaged skin can change the associated skin flora and potentially increase the risk of transmission of potential pathogens. Healthcare workers with damaged skin are also less inclined to perform hand hygiene when needed, due to the discomfort they may be experiencing. You should regularly moisturise your hands at least before and after each shift.

If healthcare workers experience unusual or prolonged skin irritation, they should bring the matter to the attention of their organisation’s infection control team who will review their technique and use of hand hygiene agents, including glove use.

Learn more about hand hygiene here:

For more information, visit and subscribe to @Ausmed for regular explainers like this!

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How To Make Handwash Using Soap | Without Glycerine | Cheapest Handwash | Aynu's World

Homemade Handwash using this video I'm showing that how to make a Cheapest Handwash at home.

You will get 2Litre Handwash from a single soap.
Glycerine not Added.

You need only only 3 ingredients
Water, soap , Rosewater (optional)

You can make it without Rosewater.Rose water is good for our skin. That's why I'm using this.

Select any soap you wish to use.

Steps to make Handwash:-
1.grate the soap finely
2. Allow 1litre water to boil
3 .Add grated soap & mix well
4 .turn off the flame.
5.cover it & keep for 6 Hours
6. Mix well
7. Add 1litre water& 3tbsp Rosewater
8. Mix well & Transfer into bottles

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How hand washing with soap can kill corona virus?

This video explains how handwashing can kill coronavirus .

Washing hands with liquid soap and water

COVID-19: How To Handwash? With Soap And Water | ARventure Vlogs

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How to handwash? With soap and water to avoid covid 19.
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How soap kills the coronavirus

Plain old soap and water absolutely annihilate coronavirus.

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You've been told a thousand times: wash your hands to stop the spread of COVID-19. But why does this work so well? It has to do with the way the soap molecules are able to absolutely demolish viruses, like the coronavirus.

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How does hand sanitizer compare to soap:
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How does the coronavirus outbreak end? Your biggest questions answered:

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Which is better: Soap or hand sanitizer? - Alex Rosenthal and Pall Thordarson

Dig into the science of how soap breaks down a coronavirus, and the effectiveness of hand sanitizer against a viral outbreak.


Your hands, up close, are anything but smooth. With peaks and valleys, folds and rifts, there are plenty of hiding places for a virus to stick. If you then touch your face, the virus can infect you. But there are two extraordinarily simple ways you can keep that from happening: soap and water, and hand sanitizer. So which is better? Alex Rosenthal and Pall Thordarson investigate.

Lesson by Alex Rosenthal and Pall Thordarson, directed by Artrake Studio.

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How to handwash with soap and water | Detol Handwash




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