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WHY ARE WE HERE? A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story | Full Documentary


They Do Not Want You To Know This! A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story | Full Documentary

This information will change the way you think about the history of humanities origins. What implications does this have for us today?.New Website Bonus Content, Join the Community! : .Paul's Book Escaping from Eden U.S: - U.K

In this Book, Paul documents the links within the Sumerian creation account: The word Annunaki, he explains, means “Those who came from the heavens to Earth,” a phrase that made clear their extraterrestrial origins.

Many of the world’s oldest mythologies claim that governance over human society began with dominance over human beings being established by superior beings or “gods.” And then the job of rulership gets handed over at a later stage to human governors or Kings..

The Bible originated from the ancient Sumerian text. Text found with the same story. Pre-dating the Biblical accounts by thousands of years. Documenting Ancient Aliens.

The Sumerian story begins with the rulers coming down from the heavens. And the glyph for these rulers is a symbol pointing to the sky! The Annunaki were from the heavens. They were sky people! - WHY ARE WE HERE? A Scary Truth Behind the Original Bible Story | Full Documentary

We know this information can be alot to take in.. If you want some help to De-Stress... Check out our NEW Mind & Body Relaxation Channel Guided Meditation, Scripted and read by Mr. Paul Wallis

The Dinosaur Deception (Biblical Documentary 2020)

The Dinosaur Deception a 2020 biblical documentary on dinosaurs in the Bible.

In this 2020 documentary we cover Satan’s deception of dinosaurs, his push to make Leviathan, Behemoth, and Dragons to seem like these monstrous creatures, and we explain all the terms that people refer to as dinosaurs in the Bible.

This biblical movie will help you to understand what Leviathan, Behemoth, and even dragons are in the King James Bible (KJV).

Dinosaurs are said to have existed millions of years ago, which should be a red flag to all Christians, that they must be fake. Anything that tries to push, the Big Bang, evolution, or dinosaurs should be immediately rejected because it does not line up with the scriptures.

We challenge you to take a deep look into this 2020 biblical documentary, The Dinosaur Deception, and we ask that you share it with your friends and family to help them to learn the truth!

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Video courtesy of Pillar of Truth Christian Church, located in Long Island, NY.

Angels & Giants (The Book of Enoch Documentary 2020)

Angels & Giants (Nephilim) in the book of Enoch are explained through this 2020 biblical documentary.

We go through the King James Bible (KJV) in this 2020 documentary to explain the book of Enoch, see if it relates to the bible, and if the angels and giants (Nephilim) described in the book of Enoch match God's word.

If the book of Enoch's angels and giants (or nephilim) do not match up with the King James Bible's (KJV) angels & giants then that must mean it is fraudulent and cannot be considered God's word therefore it must be exposed.

The best way to do this is through this 2020 documentary showing both what God's word states directly next to what the book of Enoch states, and leave it up to you, the viewer, to decide what you believe!

If you end up choosing God's word we pray you will help us to expose this fraudulent book for what it is, a made up heresy!

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Video courtesy of Pillar of Truth Christian Church, located in Long Island, NY.

The Lost City Of Atlantis 2020 - Full Documentary | Paul Wallis / The 5th Kind

For more than 2000 years, scholars of antiquity have been puzzling over Plato’s descriptions of the Island Nation of Atlantis. Questions continue to fascinate researchers and explorers to this day: FREE Newsletter : | Paul's Book Escaping from Eden U.S: - U.K Paul Wallis Channel:
Was Atlantis a real place or merely a literary device – a warning against national pride and hubris?

How could a civilization with the strength to maintain a maritime empire, and to threaten Greece’s security, have simply disappeared? Why is there no mention of Atlantis in any ancient text other than Plato’s? Where was the island capital located?
And what could possibly obliterate this famed nation – as Plato asserted – within a night and a day?

These questions have taken geological researchers all around the world – from Morocco to Indonesia, from Bolivia to the North Sea, from the Mediterranean to the Sahara. All in search of Atlantis.
Still the majority of commentators would regard Plato’s description as nothing more than literary fiction...But what are the implications for humanity if they are a true revelation of lost history..

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Video & Music Production : Alex Ling (EvokeMedia)
Video & Music Production: Tony Barrett

Plato's Atlantis | New Documentary 2020 - Is there a Lost History to our Human Origins Story?

Anunnaki (Documentary)

450,000 years ago our ancestors descended from the heavens to engineer the first human beings. To us they were Giants that ruled as Gods over mankind. Now new evidence and scientific research acknowledges their existence on earth but reveals when they will return. The truth of their real origin and purpose is much more bizarre and amazing than anything previously believed. From the Garden of Eden to the Great Flood; from the God of the Bible to the secrets of Enoch all shall be revealed.

Limits: Satanic - Now in High Quality (Full Documentary)

The end of the millennium crisis brought about many apocalyptic messengers that openly displayed their worship of forces culturally classified as occult or dark. But this type of cult has always existed. This documentary will revise the beliefs linked with satanism. We also focus our attention in sinister cases occurred lately in which the cult of devil is related to violent crime. People who have escaped from satanic sects will offer us an impressive evidence.

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Consciousness and the Mystery of Existence - Documentary about Consciousness and Reality (2020)

An ancient idea is that the mystery of consciousness and the mystery of existence are deeply connected. Today there are a number of respected physicists and philosophers who take this possibility seriously. In this documentary, we explore the possible connection between these two great mysteries.

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Documentary about consciousness
Documentary about Reality
Consciousness documentary BBC
Why is there something instead of nothing?
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Why is there something rather than nothing?
Why does the universe exist?

Cult Witness | DANGEROUS Cults (Love Bombing) | Crime Documentary | True Crime

At the age of 19 Samuel Stefan, consumed by crisis, was drawn into a cult. It would be 10 years before he was able to escape.

Using a technique called ‘love-bombing’ cults prey on the vulnerable, recruiting new members with love and warmth. After a period of brain-washing, members are forbidden to leave, enslaved through psychological control, and in Samuel’s case, even violence. He was finally able to escape in the night, pursued by other members and seek help.

Cult Witness is an intelligent exploration of how cults attract and manipulate their followers, sharing the disturbing firsthand experiences of Cult Witness director Samuel Stefan and six others who have freed themselves from cults: Jill Mytton (The Exclusive Brethren), Jim Bergin and Judy Garvey (The Gentle Wind Project), Lea Saskia Laasner (The Janus Project), and Celeste Jones and Amoreena Winkler (The Children of God).

Analytical insights into the cult experience are provided by leadership expert Betty Sue Flowers; Benjamin Zablocki, chair of the Department of Sociology at Rutgers University; UCLA Professor Emeritus Bertram Raven, an expert on interpersonal influence and social power relationships; psychotherapist Miguel Perlado, who specializes in cult-related problems; and Urs Eschmann, a specialist in legal issues involving cults.

Cult Witness unravels the hidden world of cults; the hold they have on their victims, the reasons people form and fall prey to them and what takes place within..

Distributed by Sideways Film

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The Jesus Story: Flight Of Faith (Biblical Documentary) | Timeline

Flight Of Faith takes to the sky for a God's eye view of the life of Jesus, traveling through his homeland and exploring the settings of many familiar bible stories. Documentary first broadcast in 2009.

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From the original documentary, Flight Of Faith: The Jesus Story.

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Blood On The Altar (Human Sacrifice Documentary) | Timeline

The truth of the damning charges made against this great race.

They invented the alphabet and modern navigation and introduced wine to Europe. But after the sacking of Carthage by the Romans in 146 BC and the destruction of their famous library, the world was left with very little evidence of Phoenician life and culture.

The Greeks and Romans describe them as a race of unscrupulous profiteers, grubby merchants – and worse. They were seen as a morally corrupt race who forcibly prostituted their daughters in sacred rituals and killed their own young in an attempt to win over their violent gods. But were they truly evil or victims of a vicious propaganda campaign?

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The Plague and COVID-19 | DW Documentary

The history of the Oberammergau Passion Play reaches back to the seventeenth century, when a plague known as the Black Death swept through Europe. In 1633 the residents of this Bavarian village vowed to present a play depicting the suffering and death of Jesus Christ every ten years if they were spared extinction. Oberammergau has kept its word for more than 400 years.

But in 2020 the production had to be called off. Every ten years the village of Oberammergau in southern Germany enters a time loop. For six months more than 2,000 villagers don biblical garments. The men sport beards and the school kids grow their hair long. The reason is a five-hour presentation of Christ’s suffering and death to commemorate the village’s survival when a plague swept through Europe in the seventeenth century. This report on the Oberammergau Passion Play takes a look at their extensive preparations for this epic production, on which a new pandemic cast its shadow. Right up until the last moment, the cast hoped to be able to stage their production. But in the end, the village that the plague made famous had to bow to the corona pandemic. Bowed but not broken, the villagers are determined to fulfil their vow and stage the Oberammergau Passion Play in 2022.
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Sodom And Gomorrah | Biblical Documentary | History And Cosmos

Sodom And Gomorrah – the names of these two Biblical cities have long since become bywords for sexual immorality and licentious behaviour. Home of excess and wickedness, they were destroyed by a vengeful God under a hail of fire and brimstone. However, most people regard the story as a metaphorical warning against sin as no strong archaeological evidence for the existence of Sodom and Gomorrah has been found – until now...

Increasingly sophisticated technology has enabled Mike Sanders to make out artificial structures on the bed of the Dead Sea. He believes he can prove that not only are they the relics of the two cities, but also that they were probably destroyed in a catastrophe about 5,000 years ago, the ruins hidden by the advancing waters of the Dead Sea. In Sodom And Gomorrah we follow him as he dives into the depths of the sea and searches for more tantalising clues.

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How Old Are We? Lost History of Humanities Origins - Full Documentary 2020

Exploring the ancient mysteries and connecting subjects surrounding humanities origins. In this Video we cover: Do ancient cave paintings and works of art contain the secrets to unlocking our mysteries origins as a species? Indian Archaeologist J.R Bhagat Believes ancient people may have seen or imagined beings from other planets.

The Discovery of the Kings list in the Ancient city of Nippur - The connections with the biblical and Sumerian instructions for the Ark, The dates of the Kings and the Passover of ruler-ship to Human Kings. .

????Ancient Aliens in Art | The Sumerian King(s) List & Lost Secrets of History - Humanities Origins

Production Credits:
Video & Music Production : Alex Ling (EvokeMedia)
Video & Music Production: Tony Barrett

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Beyond the Limits of Perception - Science Documentary

This Amazing Documentary explores beyond the limits of our human perception in both the microscopic and macrocosmic arenas.

It is the first in the Limits documentary trilogy, the other 2 documentaries can be seen here:


This is a journey form the smallest manmade hole - by removing just one single atom - to the edge of the universe. Man has finally succeeded in making the ancient dream of Greek philosophers come true - to «see» an atom. In another direction we also seem to have unlimited sight: the «Hubble Telescope» grants us a glimpse of the remotest galaxies. This documentary assesses the limits of human perception, taking us on a journey through time from the quasars, millions of light-years away from earth, via the wonders of our populated world to the depths of human genotype and the structure of a single atom.

Deadliest Roads | Vietnam | Free Documentary

World's Most Dangerous Roads: Deadliest Journeys in Vietnam in 2015

Deadliest Roads - Congo:

We are in the Quan Hoa mountains in the Northwest of Vietnam. It is one of the poorest and most isolated regions in the country. Here, most of the inhabitants live on less than a dollar a day. However, this province possesses an inexhaustible treasure: bamboo. Or as the Vietnamese refer to it “green gold”. Some of this bamboo is transported on rafts… Makeshift crafts, assembled in just a few hours, are sent down the twists and turns of the tumultuous river Luong.

This region is also the only region in the country where the roads are not asphalted. During the rainy season, which lasts around three months, parts of the region’s commerce is paralysed. Even 4x4s and trucks can’t handle it… The only engine capable of manoeuvring the roads is Van Ly’s “Tuk Tuk”.

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Free Documentary is dedicated to bringing high-class documentaries to you on YouTube for free. With the latest camera equipment used by well-known filmmakers working for famous production studios. You will see fascinating shots from the deep seas and up in the air, capturing great stories and pictures from everything our beautiful and interesting planet has to offer.

Enjoy stories about nature, wildlife, culture, people, history and more to come.

Space Documentary The Big Question Why are we here?

Space Documentary The Big Question Why are we here?
In this short documentary, Dawkins takes a look at the purpose of human existance and asks the earthshaking question -- Why are we here?
Pointing out that religious stories of human purpose fail miserably, Dawkins indicates that science may be able to offer a better explanation for human existence. Starting out with Darwin, he claims that Darwin's theory of evolution may offer the only explanation for humanity's raison d'état that we are likely to ever get.
Many religious believers may claim that answers for our existence offered by evolution theory mean that humans are nothing special, that we are just another species of animal. They are, of course, correct in saying that we are just another animal species but this does not necessarily mean that are not special.
Clearly humans are different from our animal brothers in that we have the ability to ask questions like why are we here. This also means, however, that with our 'specialness' comes extraordinary responsibilities. This brilliant documentary helps clarify some of the arguments made by evolution and is in no way just more of the same from Dawkins.
Source: Discovery Science

The Other Side of the Ice (FULL DOCUMENTARY)

In 2009, Sprague Theobald and his family set sail for the infamous Northwest Passage, the Arctic sea route connecting the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans. Since 1906 a staggering number have died trying. From Newport, RI, through the Arctic and down to Seattle, it would be a five month, 8500 mile trek filled with deadly danger from ice and severe weather. Reuniting his children and stepchildren after a bad divorce more than fifteen years earlier, the family embarked with untold hurts, and unspoken mistrusts. Mother Nature's fury, and personality clashes threatened to tear the crew apart. The Other Side of the Ice a film of survival, adventure and ultimately redemption.

Banned From the Bible part I Documentary

History Documentary - Origins of The Bible ( Full Documentary )

History Documentary - Origins of The Bible ( Full Documentary )

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THE HIDDEN KING - Biblical Prophecies Coming True ❤️

Here it is the long-awaited documentary about The Hidden King, the story about Joseph Gregory Hallett - King John III. A reminder to stay neutral ;) Take what resonates, simply discard the rest xoxo

Greg seems to be a light-hearted, down-to-earth individual who I've had the pleasure of communicating with recently. I have a good feeling about him and what he says he and Trump are here to do in rolling out NESARA / GESARA, returning the money to the PEOPLE, and assisting with uniting all of humanity, amongst other things.

Many of the BIBLICAL PROPHECIES are coming true!

The Queen was illegitimately placed in her position of power by the Rothchilds in exchange for breeding rights. The Queen has told Prince William he will not be King. The Queen has also left the Buckingham Palace, which is now EMPTY and the Royal Crest has been removed since!

Check out this video I made last month if you haven't already, about Reptilian Queen Elizabeth being ousted from the throne:

EldoRa Rose
#TheHiddenKing #TheGreatAwakening #WWg1WGAworldwide

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