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WOW! A Most Amazing Answer


WOW! A Most Amazing Answer

It's not so simple to solve for this simple answer. Thanks to all patrons! Special thanks this month to: Richard Ohnemus, Michael Anvari, Shrihari Puranik, Kyle.



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Wow Those are Bad Tattoos | Tattoo Artists Answer

Tattoo artists draw examples of how to fix and cover bad tattoos, and explain what makes them bad.

Artists in this video:
Carlos Torres:
Anali De Laney:
Lisette Martinez:
Kevin Boudreau:
Sara Fabel:
Guy Aitchison:
Mark Wade:
Bobby Cupparo:
Teej Poole:
Pony Lawson:
Courtney Raimondi:
Alexandra Fische:
Ruben Barahona:
Joe Smith:
Nikki Simpson:
Yomico Moreno:
Steve Butcher:
Dave Paulo:
Chris Meighan:
Stefano Alcantara:
Bror Wensjoe:

Do you have a bad tattoo that needs to be fixed? Let us know in the comments!

#Inked #TattooArtistsAnswer #BadTattoos


WOW! Justin Trudeau Gets Asked The EXACT SAME Question FOUR TIMES (Reporter Won't Stop Asking)

It's likely that you've often seen politicians bob and weave, and talk, and talk when repeatedly asked the same question, never really answering in an unambiguous, straightforward manner. There is actually a specific strategy for fending off difficult questions which leaders and others in the intense public eye practice and polish to respond, without saying definitive things to which they might be held later:

---First, use some language placeholders, like ah, or well, or just a meaningless phrase like, that is an important question. This will buy your brain some time to fashion a reply.

---Answer the question you wish you were asked, rather than the one actually posed, by--

*Starting with a bit of an answer that just brushes on the question asked, but avoids a direct response;

*Pivoting, or spinning your reply to answer the question you wanted to receive, so you can lay out your own viewpoint on an issue of benefit to you;

*If asked the same question more than once, in an attempt to pin you down, just keep using the technique above, of beginning your answer with a bit of a reference to the specific inquiry, and then pivoting to the information you want to present.

The above video has a classic example of this tool in use by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who dances and dodges through a set of interview questions from a reporter concerning the recently imposed U. S. Trade tariffs.

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