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WOW! A Most Amazing Answer


Try Not To Say WOW Challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

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50 Wow fun facts

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50 Wow fun facts
(If you've watched my other fun fact videos before, then you've probably seen most of these. But there are quiet a few new ones as well)
-1-The Goon Squad, a guild famously known for their in game pranks have unique accomplishment to their name:

They're the only Horde guild to ever kill Thrall.

How, you ask? Well, back in vanilla, there was a quest in Stonetalon, part of which had a quiz, where getting a wrong answer gave you a debuff that made you hostile with your own faction for about 15 minutes. Goon Squad rounded up a bunch of their raiding best, deliberately debuffed themselves, and set off to Orgrimmar to test it out.

Blizzard fixed the quest shortly after the exploit was discovered, knocking the debuff down to five minutes and reducing all stats by 50% rather than turning you hostile.

-2-during alpha, they only inteded to have 200 quest total in the game, 100 for each side. They wanted to have quest supplement grinding and not be the means of leveling. But players liked quests so they added more, but not enough as you could not reach level 60 by just doing quest. Once you got around the 50's you would eventually run out of quest and had to grind.

-3-Alchemists could create flasks only at an Alchemy Lab. There were only two in the game, one in Scholomance and the second one was in BWL. So they had to go there each time they wanted to create a flask.

-4-In firelands, there is a secret path that involves very minor wall jumping that you could take that takes you around some really annoying trash strait to the Spider boss.

-5-An NPC named Oglethorpe Obnoticus can be found in Booty Bay. He's a reference to Oglethorpe, one of the really stupid Plutonian aliens from Aqua Teen hunger froce and their source of knowledge, Orb-naticus, a giant disco ball that Oglethorpe insists is actually a supercomputer.

-6-Over the course of wow, Hunters have had 10 differnet aspects; Aspect of the hawk, Monkey, Beast, iron hawk, Dragonhawk, cheetah, pack, viper, fox and Aspect of the wild.

-7-some raid additions such as /raidwarning, the ability to mark mobs and Threat Meters (wait 3 sunders) were only available with specific addons, before Blizzard added them into the game themselves.

-8-During the Cataclysm beta Blizzard added a mob called ''Epicus Maximus, flying above The Maelstrom. (You can read about it here

-9-In the dread wastes quest line you help free all the paragons of the klaxxi and learn about their history. Then in the SoO you have to kill all of them including one of the bugs you help grow during a series of dailies quests.

-10-When Death Knights were added in Wrath they were extremely overpowered. They had a talent called (Shadow of Death) which turned them into a ghoul when they died,that worked in arenas. Gylph of death and decay had a random chance to horror whoever took damage from it for 2 seconds. They could turn themselvs into an undead with lichborn and heal themselvs up back to full 2 times over with the 2 deathcoil glyphs. Chains of ice would slow movement speed by 90% and would go down as the spell went on, giving them the best slow ever. And on top of all this they dealt massive damage.

-11-Before the Shaman ability Fire Nova, there was a totem called Fire nova totem that once dropped, started a 5 second timer. After 5 seconds it would explode during tons of damage and stunning everyone caught in its blast radius.

-12-In early wrath you could only change out glyphs with a Lexicon of power that are located next to scripe trainers.

-13-Before BC, There were no Guild Banks, so most guilds used low level characters to store everything the guild needed

-14-The Duskwood Night Watch militia is a reference to The Knights watch from a game of thrones as they both share simular names and fight the undead.

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Classic WoW Top 10 Best Weapon Effects

Hey guys. In this video, we take a look at my choice for the top 10 best weapon chance on hit effects in Classic World of Warcraft. It is hard to rate and compare a lot of the effects to each other since they do so much different stuff. For example, how do you compare a weapon effect that's amazing in PvP to a similarly amazing effect in PvE? How do you compare a tanking effect to a DPS effect etc.?
Well, in the making of today's top 10 list I have tried to answer such questions. It has not been an easy task, and I am sure some of my own personal preferences and biases will shine through at least a little bit. I hope you still enjoy the video, and that it will provide some entertainment and inspire some thought. Feel free to comment with at top 10 list of your own and some reasoning behind your choices!

10) Bonereaver's Edge: 1:02
9) Halberd of Smiting: 3:06
8) Thekal's Grasp & Arlokk's Grasp: 4:17
7) The Untamed Blade: 5:38
6) Dark Iron Pulverizer: 7:04
5) Felstriker: 7:52
4) Blade of the Basilisk: 8:54
3) Ironfoe: 10:29
2) Nightfall: 11:57
1) Hand of Edward the Odd: 14:28

Honorable Mentions: 16:45

MOMOLAND: Nancy answers questions from Filipino fans

While we all wait for Momoland's comeback, here's something for you Merries! Watch as Nancy responds to questions from PH fans in this video.

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Dawnia - Level 49 Retribution Paladin Twink PvP - Classic WoW

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▶ Music: Dimension - Black Church

HATERS, READ THIS FIRST: This is a video made for entertainment purposes only. I do not in any way want to show off skills or decent combat where clever use of spells and tactics are involved. This is 100% slaughter, carnage, oneshots and huge crits, intended to do nothing but entertain.

✅ Gearlist
Head: Sunscale Helmet + 100 HP
Neck: Sentinel's Medallion
Shoulder: Earthslag Shoulders
Back: Spritecaster Cape + 3 Agility
Chest: Spiderfang Carapace + 100 HP
Wrists: Bracers of the Stone Princess + 9 Stamina
Mainhand: Kang the Decapitator + Crusader
Gloves: Vice Grips of the Bear + 7 Strength
Belt: Gearforge Girdle
Pants: Elemental Rockridge Leggings + 100 HP
Boots: Obsidian Greaves + 7 Stamina
Ring 1: Protector's Band (Level 48)
Ring 2: Protector's Band (Level 38)
Trinket 1: Mark of the Chosen
Trinket 2: Insignia of the Alliance

Really fun bracket to play a ret pala, the RNG damage is amazing and on many occasions you walk in and do oneshots out of nowhere - I would really recommend people to try out this twink - SO much damage and survivability, and even CC. Really great fun.

I wanna thank all the people who helped me create this video! Sponsors, friends and strangers that became new friends on my way. Thank you all! I wouldn't have come this far without your help!

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The Wow Signal - Actual Proof Of Alien Life? | Answers With Joe

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The Wow Signal is a 72-second radio burst that was recorded in 1977 that has defied explanation for 40 years, leading many to believe it might be proof of intelligent life.

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Fraser Cain

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SETI, or the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, has access to telescopes all around the world, constantly scanning the sky for signals of alien communication.

Processing all of this information is a gargantuan task that would require a massive supercomputer that SETI can’t quite afford. So they came up with a brilliant idea.

It’s called SETI at home. It’s a program you can install on your computer that processes tiny parts of that data in the background.

Spreading that data across thousands of computers around the world, they’re able to crank through mountains of information, without the mountainous cost of a supercomputer.

But back in the 70’s none of that existed. Signals from space had to be printed out and processed by hand.

Which is exactly what astronomer Jerry Ehman was doing on August 18th, 1977. He was going over reams of printouts when he found a massive spike in a certain frequency of radio wave.

It was a spike 30 times higher than the background noise, and it was so noteworthy, he literally wrote “Wow” on the page.

It has since become known as the wow signal, and it’s still confusing scientists 40 years later.

The Big Ear went into operation in 1963 and was initially put to use on the Ohio Sky Survey, which catalogued nearly 20,000 sources of radio waves between 1965 and 1971.

Since it was on the ground, the telescope basically used the rotation of the Earth to scan across the sky.

When it measured a radio signal, they could infer by the time of day what direction the telescope was pointing and match that with visual sky surveys to figure out what star or galaxy it came from.

In 1956 on the grounds of Ohio Wesleyan University, construction crews broke ground on a massive telescope the size of three football fields to monitor the sky for radio signals from deep space.

It was officially known as the Ohio State University Radio Observatory, because it was actually run by Ohio State, but it was more well known by its nickname. The Big Ear.

The Big Ear went into operation in 1963 and was initially put to use on the Ohio Sky Survey, which catalogued nearly 20,000 sources of radio waves between 1965 and 1971.

Since it was on the ground, the telescope basically used the rotation of the Earth to scan across the sky.

When it measured a radio signal, they could infer by the time of day what direction the telescope was pointing and match that with visual sky surveys to figure out what star or galaxy it came from.

So a popular misconception with the wow signal is that 6EQUJ5 is some kind of alien code that we received but it’s actually just a measure of signal strength.

Ehrman and others immediately started pointing telescopes at the spot where the signal originated, which is in the constellation Sagittarius, but nothing has ever shown up.

So, it’s not a star or galaxy or pulsar or black hole because we’d pick up more signals from that location. As far as we know, and we’ve looked there a lot at this point, there’s nothing there.

At least, no cosmic body that would normally produce a radio stream like that.

But the mystery actually gets deeper. Because the frequency that this signal was found on was 1420 MHz. And if you were paying attention in last week’s video about the Voyager missions, 1420 mHz is the frequency that hydrogen atoms expel photons during hyperfine transitions.

(also known as 21-centimeter line or hydrogen line)

This same frequency was used by Carl Sagan and Frank Drake when creating the Pioneer and Voyager plaques as a way to communicate with an alien species should they ever come across the spacecraft.

WOW: Reporter Asks Obama a PERSONAL Question to Wrap Up FINAL Press Conference as President - FNN

Brought to you by Desert Diamond:
President Obama talks about his family as he answers the final question during his Final Press Conference at the White House.

WOW! Last answer... 58 points to go! $20,000 winner? | Family Feud

Cameron got a TON of points for his final answer in Fast Money! Is the Bustos family about to be $20,000 richer?

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The Most SATISFYING Hydraulic Press Video! (TRY NOT TO SAY WOW) Ft. Infinite Lists

Amazing things being crushed! The Most SATISFYING Hydraulic Press Video! (TRY NOT TO SAY WOW)



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WOW #1 ANSWERS! STEVE CAN'T Believe IT! ALL Top Answers On Family Feud Fast Money!

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7 Questions the BLIZZCON Classic WoW Demo WILL ANSWER!

Some people think the Classic Demo is insignificant, but I respectfully disagree. It will teach us a lot :).




If You Say WOW, You LOSE! (IMPOSSIBLE) Ft. Reaction Time & DangMattSmith

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Try Not To Say WOW CHALLENGE.. (Impossible) - Oddly Satisfying Video to Help You Fall Asleep

Try Not To Say WOW CHALLENGE.. (Impossible) - Oddly Satisfying Video to Help You Fall Asleep
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Bollywood Stars On Aap Ki Adalat | WOW Moments | India TV

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WOW! They got EVERY #1 answer! | Family Feud

Darica and Monica pulled off a FANTASTIC Fast Money with Darica scoring an eye-popping 190 points! Have a look at their amazing performance!

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Comeback of the CENTURY! Final answer 64 points! WOW!!! | Family Feud

Mo needs 56 points with his final answer to scoop $20,000 for the Farunia family... Impossible, right? Oh wait...

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WOW! A Most Amazing Answer

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