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Weekend in Lisbon ft. Anne and Solenn and Nico Bolzico


Weekend in Lisbon ft. Anne and Solenn and Nico Bolzico

Lisbon Food and Beverage guide here:

Lisbon isn’t a city that pops up in most people’s priorities, especially if it's their first time in Europe. Paris, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Milan were the top 5 most cities in Europe in 2017. I’m guessing after that, Rome, Madrid, Vienna, Prague, and Dublin would round up the top 10. Lisbon probably only makes it in the top 20s. However, if you find yourself going to Spain anytime soon, I highly suggest adding Portugal to your itinerary, either Porto or Lisbon. There are less people, English is widely spoken, it's cheaper, the food is great and there is lots to see.

Lisbon has always been special to me. We came went there in the summer of 2012 to catch a music festival, where we saw the Cure, Mumford and Sons, The Kooks, Snow Patrol, The Stone Roses, Justice, Florence and the Machine, Mazzy Star, the Kills and Caribou to name a few. Pretty insane line up.

Asides from the great music, what really struck me was that it’s a city that feels lived in. Once you land, you take a quick 20 mins car or bus ride to the city center, you hop on and off trams, or just walk around (with lots of hills). It immediately feels friendly and intimate. The food is also something you need to fly in for. Whereas nearby Spain can sometimes get a little fussy with their culinary scene, here it's all about bold, simple, straightforward and produce driven flavours in a casual setting.

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Songs used in the video:
Barco Negro - Amália Rodrigues
LBL - Cospe
You Make Me Feel - Staffan Carlen

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The Best Solenn-Nico Moments Caught On Video!

It's no secret we absolutely ADORE Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico. They're an unconventional married couple who are both crazy, hilarious, and downright sexy. A love (and hate relationship) like theirs is something we all aspire to have someday.


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JUST IN: Sobrang cute magselos ni Erwan Heausaff kay Gong Yoo!!

Erwan Heausaff is the cutest fiancé ever! Watch how he enjoys teasing Anne by pretending that he's Gong Yoo! He gets jealous in the most adorable way!

Solenn Heussaff NAGULAT Sa GINAWA Ni Nico Bolzico!! FULL VIDEO

Solenn Heussaff NAGULAT Sa GINAWA Ni Nico Bolzico!! FULL VIDEO

ASAWA ni Anne Curtis at Solenn Heussaff PINAGTRIPAN ang KANILANG BABIES

Nico Bolzico at Erwan Heussaff nagcontest kung sino mas magaling humawak ng baby! Anne Curtis NAPASIGAW sa GINAWA ni Erwan kay Baby Dahlia Amelie!

Solenn, tinuruan si Vice mag-French!

Solenn, tinuruan si Vice mag-French!

ANNE CURTIS AT SOLENN Nagulat kay Nico Bolzico/ Erwan Heussaff sa pag-aalaga ng kanilang anak

Nico Bolzico &Erwan Heussaff BABY HANDLING 101????Ganito ang Nangyayari kapag tulog si Solenn heussaff at Anne Curtis????

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Nico Bolzico NAPAIYAK sa ginawa ni Solen Heussaff ngayong FATHERS DAY

Panoorin kung ano ang ginawa ni Solenn Heussaff sa araw mismo ng fathers day para mapaiyak ang ama ng kanyang si Baby Thylane Katana na si Nico Bolzico.

#wifezilla #bulliedhusbandsclub #pochola

Anne, Erwan, Solenn and Nico Workout for the day! Beast Mode sila!!!

Anne, Erwan, Solenn and Nico Workout for the day! Beast Mode sila!!!

Solenn Heussaff HINDI MAPIGILAN ang PAGTAWA kay Nico Bolzico

Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico shares the SECRET ng kanilang relationship. Ayon sa celebrity couple ang kanilang baby girl na si Thylane Katana ang pinka main factor ng kanilang mabuting pagsasama.

Ibinahagi naman ni Nico ang kanilang nakakatawang bloopers na mag-asawa habang gumagawa ng video.

#SolzBolz #WifeZilla #BulliedHusbandsClub

Solenn Heussaff NAKABAWI sa ASAWANG si Nico Bolzico | Wifezilla

Palaging napapagtripan nitong si Nico Bolzico ang asawang si Solenn, Ngayon naman ay si Solenn ang bumawi!

LAUGHTRIP! Solenn Heussaff GINUPITAN at INAHIT ang buhok ni Nico

Solenn Heussaff ginupitan at shinave ang buhok ni Nico dahil bawal lumabas ng bahay.

Ganito KAGANDA ang anak ni Solenn Heussaff at Nico Bolzico | Thylane Katana

Solenn Heussaff baby Thylane Katana sobrang GANDA! Ipinanganak ni Solenn si Thylane sa araw mismo ng new year, January 1, 2020. Talaga naman mapapahanga ka sa ganda ng mukha ng anak nila Nico Bolzico at Solenn Heussaff.

#Wifezilla #Solsbolz #Thylane

Fast Talk with Nico Bolzico

Solenn and Nico's Wedding in France: The Highlights Video

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by Jason Magbanua
Music: Tim & Co.


courtesy : nicobolzico instagram

On the Spot: Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico’s quarantined life

Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heussaff chose to stay at home to tend to their newborn daughter, Thylane Katana during the community quarantine. Check out how they spent their days together in this video.

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Heart Evangelista sinabihan na crazy si Nico Bolzico Asawa ni Solenn heusaff


#SosBolz in Portugal! | Solenn Heussaff

Finally, a new travel vid for you guys! Read about why we were in Portugal in my BLOG:


BTS of #TheWanforAnne Wedding! |

I’m sure you’ve already seen lots of photos and videos of Erwan and Anne's beautiful wedding, and I’m even more sure that all the footage I took won’t really do justice to how amazing that day was. Lol. But I wanted to share a little something of what went on behind the scenes!

Full story in my blog:



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