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What Does It Take To Start a Blog or Ministry Online?


Advice for Starting an Online Christian Ministry (ft. Savannah Lewie)

MEET THE LOVELY SAVANNAH LEWIE! :) She makes LIT Christian videos too!!! We filmed a video on her channel too - you should go check it out & subscribe to her too!!! (*Her video will be up WEDNESDAY!!)

I make all of my videos for Jesus. I don't know where I would be without Him.

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While he was still far away, his Father saw him and was filled with compassion. He ran to his son, threw his arms around him...[and said,] let’s eat and celebrate! Because my son...was lost and has been FOUND. Luke 15:20,23 ISV


How to Start a Church Ministry | Mission, Ideas, Organizing, Leadership, and Money

How to Start a Church | Start a Ministry | Mission, Ideas, Organizing, Leadership, and Money

What is keeping your from starring the ministry that the Lord has put on your heart? Now is the time to take the lead from the Holy Spirit and take action towards starting your ministry. This video will provide you with the first steps leading to a successful start.

This video addresses the following:
how to start a ministry
how to start a ministry with no money
how to start a ministry step by step
how to start a ministry from scratch
how to start a ministry business
how to start a ministry blog
how to start a ministry online

Email Rev Lance at for clarification of any issue touched on in this video.

Do you want a ministry coach that will guide you towards you successful start up? Lance is available.


Is it too late to start blogging in 2018?

Is it too late to start a blog in 2018? Seems like pretty much everyone has one!

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In my new blogging course I have 60+ video tutorials that walk you through everything from choosing brand colors, a name and a niche to tech tutorials, like getting a domain name, setting up hosting and installing wordpress. We talk photography tips, search engine optimization and growing an email list. Everything you need to be successful is there.

There is also an exclusive private Facebook group that you can use to bounce ideas off other bloggers, grow your tribe and have your questions answered.

No matter what your message is, whether you're trying to grow a ministry, sell real estate or promote your handmade candle business, I truly believe that blogging and growing an online platform is the way to do just that! I walk you through how to grow social followings on Facebook and Instagram and how to create graphics for Pinterest to grow blog traffic.

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How to Start a Blog on Easy Tutorial for Beginners

How to Successfully Start a Blog on - In this video, I will discuss how to get started. is a free publishing platform for bloggers to share words, videos, and video.

Get 1-on-1 Blog Coaching
How To Start A Professional Wordpress Blog
How To Make Money Blogging
Step-by-Step Wordpress Tutorial

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What Does It Take To Start a Blog or Ministry Online?

Answering a few questions about what it takes to start a blog or ministry online. If you want to be a full-time Christian blogger--or any kind of blogger--check out these encouraging AND realistic tips!

Find my How To Blog for Profit 101 webinar here:

And find additional, helpful tips here:


Enjoy! Hope this helps! If you're called to blog, I encourage you to go for it!

How To Start A Ministry Blog | Ministry Blogging Tutorial

How To Start A Ministry Blog | Ministry Blogging Tutorial
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I'm excited to provide you with this ministry blogging tutorial. In this video, we go over how to start a ministry blog step by step that is perfect whether you are a veteran blogger or if you are new to ministry blogging. We go over choosing a free domain name, how to choose the best web host, how to set up your ministry blog on WordPress, an introduction to WordPress, and some awesome resources that are helpful when you are customizing, designing, and creating your ministry blog. Now is the time to start a ministry blog on WordPress. By the end of this ministry blogging tutorial video, you will successfully know how to start a ministry blog on WordPress, how to make a ministry blog on WordPress, and how to create a ministry blog on WordPress. Enjoy our ministry blogging tutorial video.

How To Start A Ministry Blog | Ministry Blogging Tutorial

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How to Start Your Own Video Ministry: Introduction to the 10 Commandments

How to Start Your Own Video Ministry: Introduction to the 10 Commandments

Tune in as Justin Khoe from That Christian Vlogger takes you through the 10 Commandments of Digital Missions. Learn from his journey, and get inspired to start or reboot your own video ministry.

That Christian Vlogger is a Christian YouTube channel with over 60,000 subscribers that is making an impact on those searching for answers online.

Youtube Statistics (July 2018):

• Over 30 million daily users
• 1.5 billion monthly active users
• 300 hours of video are uploaded to YT every single minute
• 5 billion videos are watched on YT every day
• Average viewing session on mobile is more than 40 minutes (over 50% growth year over year)
• Youtube reaches more 18-34 year olds than any cable network in the US
• 6/10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV
• YT is the world 2nd largest search engine and the third most visited site after Google & Facebook
• 86% of viewers use YT to learn new things compared to 57% of users who use YT for entertainment purposes

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How to Design a Blog and Start an On-line Ministry

How to design a blog. Blogger or Wordpress? On-line Blogging Ministry...where to begin?

The Christian Girl's Guide to Starting a Ministry



1. Write down your What
2. Narrow your Niche
3. Seek outside Counsel
4. Choose your Platform
5. Be Consistent

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The Book:


How To Start Up Your Own Internet Ministry (In 10 Steps)


Setting Up Your Blog for Ministry

Setting Up Your Blog for Ministry

Launching Online Ministry

In this Facebook Live recording, hear Life.Church Online Pastor Alan George talk about how to get started with online ministry. In this conversation, we cover different platforms to use, the difference between simulated live and live, how to engage attenders online, and more.

During the conversation, Jordan and Alan mention several resources, which are linked below:

Getting Started with Online Ministry:

Online Ministry Equipment Needs:

Church Online Platform:

Online Ministry: In 1976 My Momma Said this is how to create your life.

Make YourSelf Free With TYREE Live@3 online ministry 1/10/17 topic: In 1976 my Momma said this is how to create your life. Write in a Diary what you want to do with your life.

Take time to watch the 15 minute video!

I broadcast live M-F on FB, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

My purpose for doing so is to help you learn what you have to do to disconnect from the brokenness of not having in your life the things that you want.

Those things could consist of money, time freedom, family unity and peace, generational wealth, etc…

Online Ministry

The next step to learning how to create your life is to find the information that tells you how to do it. When you find the information take a look at what the person who wrote the information is doing.

My mom use to write down the things that she wanted me to do and then she would buy books for me to read about the people who were doing those things.

Online Ministry

The next step to learning how to create your life is to find a person that’s doing with their life what you want to do with yours and copy what they are doing.

When you copy them you are coping/using the same Universal Principles of action;
it is the activation of that Principle of action that starts and makes that Principle of action work for you and produces the results and the realness of success that you want to experience in your life.

It is not that person that you are coping that’s teaching you how to create your life by doing the actions that you are doing.

Online Ministry

Da Blog Trucking Preacher

Wisdom is the Principle thing, get wisdom, and in all of thy getting, get an understanding.

Tomorrow I will speak about what my Momma taught me about Laws. She was actually teaching me about the Universal Laws that controls the things around me/you and also protects me/you while me/you are using the Universal Principles to create our life.

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Tyree Thomas Jr Online Ministry

Deep dive into how Rock Church does Online Ministry

The Rock Church is one of the most evangelistic churches in existence. They’ve been streaming their services for the last seven years, but over the previous six months have transitioned to having a full online ministry. Mike Humphrey is the Rock Church's first Online Campus Pastor. I connected with Mike a few months ago, and right from the start, I was excited for what he would be building. In a short time already Mike has been killing it! I ask Mike a series of questions from their online assimilation strategy to things relating to practical tools they use day to day. I know this conversation will inspire you because I was personally.

Link to blog post

9 Simple steps for starting your video ministry from nothing | Tech, No Babel

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On today's Tech, No Babel: 9 Simple steps for starting a video ministry from nothing

1. Create the vision.
2. Define Success.
3. Celebrate milestone successes.
4. Define failure.
5. Start a minimum viable ministry and iterate.
6. Look for assets and assemble them.
7. Fill in the gaps.
8. Do Trial runs.
9. Experiment.

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How To Build A Strong Youth Ministry - Andy Gabruch

Get access to FREE Leadership Video and Resources at

Andy Gabruch Online:

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Recorded at Elevate Conference - Children, Preeteen, Family Ministry, Leadership:

Next Gen Ministries

Who is Andy Gabruch?
Andy has been working with youth and young adults for over 11 years. He has worked with high school assemblies, pastored youth in Richmond and West Kelowna, and had various leadership roles with Canadian Youth Workers Conference, City Youth Forums, and Arrow Leadership. His current role is the Next Generation Ministries Director for the PAOC in the BC/Yukon District. His heart is to raise the next generation of Church. Andy is blessed with a wonderful wife Annick and four kids, Isabelle (8), Joseph (7), Benjamin (3), and Samuel (2).

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SAAT Online Course 23 Juni 2020 - Anchoring Youth Ministry Five Essential Principles

SAAT Online Course adalah bagian dari kontribusi STT-SAAT untuk mendukung para hamba Tuhan dan pelayan di Gereja/Lembaga Kristen dalam mengembangkan diri dan pelayanan mereka. SOC menawarkan materi-materi yang disampaikan secara online untuk dapat diikuti sesuai dengan minat dan bidang pelayanan masing-masing.


Reaching Young People Online // YouTube Youth Ministry // A Conversation with Ben Cutting

Due to the current circumstances with the Corona Virus we have been focussing our efforts on encouraging Youth Leaders to engage with their young people and explore online tools to do this. Much wisdom and a little technical knowhow is required to ensure best practice and creating a safe environment.

We had opportunity, via the wonders of Zoom, for a chat with Mr IntroOutro himself Ben Cutting. Ben has been the Digital Evangelist at Youth For Christ for the past 10 months developing video content for their youtube channel & Instagram - IntroOutro.

We had chance to hear what has led Ben to be doing what he is now, pick his brains on how in this season of living in lockdown the digital and social media worlds can be a place to connect and reach out to young people, as well as asking his advise for those youth leaders who are just starting out on the digital journey, or even just starting to think about starting out on it.

Thank you to Ben for his time, advise and sharing his wisdom in this area with us. We hope this encourages, inspires and sparks your imagination as to what and how you can share the Good News of Jesus with young people, and how to further nurture their faith online through digital means.

Want to find out more about IntroOutro?:


Instagram: @introoutroyt


Check out the Framework from Blackburn Diocesan Board of Ed Team:

Instagram: @BDBofE

TikTok: @claytoncentral

Snapchat: @claytoncentral

Wanting to explore further how to connect with young people digitally?:

Blackburn Diocesan Youth Blog:


Equipping online ministry

What will it actually take to provide an online and offline space for people to meet Jesus?

You’re preparing to go back into your church, and bring people back in too. But what about the community you've seen online for the last three months? The ones that find it difficult to come to a church service, those that are still shielding, and those that find coming into a church building very intimidating? We have a massive opportunity to continue our online ministry and reach the wider community.

In this webinar we explore what we have learnt in lockdown, hear from the experts who do this for a living and think about how can you run digital and in-person services and still have enough energy for everything else.



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