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What Is The Earth Worth?


What Is The Earth Worth?

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What is Earth Worth?

Even Earth has a price - so how much money is our planet actually worth? What are the economics of a planet? And what happens when we turn the world into USD?

Land, sea, people and resources - if Earth was a business, it would be booming. But, is it even possible to calculate its profit or loss? Whether it's cash in hand, money in the bank, stock market value, or general economic worth... In this video, Unveiled uncovers the important figures.

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How Much Money Could We Sell The Earth For?

If aliens came to Earth and offered to buy it, how much should we sell it for?
Watch more: How Much Money Is Space Worth? ►►

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How Much Money is There on Earth?

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Outer Space: "A Beautiful, Beautiful World," The Earth Song by StoryBots

There are eight planets in our solar system, but the most beautiful is the one we call home.

The StoryBots are curious little creatures who live beneath our screens, offering a world of learning and fun for kids, parents and teachers. Explore the StoryBots universe of educational books, videos, games and more →

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(Looking at controls)
We are currently orbiting Planet Earth.

(Listening to headphones attached to controls)
I am picking up some noises...sounds like... cool music...

Such a beautiful...such a beautiful...such a beautiful...
Beautiful world.

I'm the Earth, and for what it's worth
25 thousand miles is my girth
I've got more than 7 billion people living on me
All across my amazing geography
Check out my mountains, valleys, trees so tall
And I've got lakes, rivers and waterfalls
Volcanoes, craters, swamps with alligators
Tropical islands at my equator
The North and South poles have lots of ice
Only Polar Bears say, This weather's nice!
I've got so much land, yeah, I'm so immense
I've got 7 - (STORYBOT 2: Seven!) - 7 different continents
North and South America, Europe, Asia
Africa, Antarctica, and Australia
But the biggest thing,
Everybody can see
Is that I gotta lotta water, all over me!
I have oceans with lobsters, whales, otters
Three quarters of me is covered in water
I orbit the sun - (THE SUN: I'm so hot) - that's his line
And the moon orbits me - (THE MOON: It's my time to shine)
I'm filled with life, both big and small
The most beautiful planet of all.

Such a beautiful...such a beautiful...such a beautiful...
beautiful world.

It is the home to every boy and girl

It's a beautiful, beautiful world. I'm getting homesick.

Me too. Computer, take us home.

How Much Does Planet Earth Weigh?

As far as weight goes, Earth is a pretty hefty celestial body. But exactly how heavy? And how does one measure something so massive? Find out in this episode.

Whether the topic is popcorn or particle physics, you can count on the HowStuffWorks team to explore - and explain - the everyday science in the world around us on BrainStuff.

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This SUPER EARTH DIAMOND Planet Is Worth 26.9 NONILLION Dollars!

Ever dreamed of living in a house full of DIAMONDS? Well, if you lived on the planet 55 Cancri E, you would be able to have as many diamond encrusted objects and diamond rings as you wanted! This carbon rich diamond planet was discovered in 2004 by NASA and their Kepler spacecraft, and can be seen in the Cancer constellation! This planet is so valuable that it's worth 26.9 NONILLION dollars, but the important questions is - could we ever get to the planet and mine the diamonds?


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What Is The Earth Worth?

What Is The Earth Worth?
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Money is a man made concept. Over the course of history, humans have put a price on everything. We see some things as valuable and something as not so valuable… but, what price tag would we put on our beautiful planet? Can you even put a price on earth?

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WHAT'S IT WORTH, PLANET EARTH? performed by The Kaos Signing Choir

What's It Worth, Planet Earth? from SONGS OF KAOS (Vol. 2) DVD / CD
Words & Music: Suzy Davies Copyright © Suzy Davies 2006
Signductor: Alison Wood, Piano/MD: Suzy Davies, Bass: Alan Shaw, Guitar: Ben Glasstone, Drums: Stuart Lawrence
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What is all the Gold, Silver,and Platinum on Earth worth?


What´s The Earth Worth?

What If Earth Had Rings Like Saturn?

The rings of Saturn are one of the Solar System's most iconic features. Steady streams of space dust circling the gas giant planet, Saturn's rings have intrigued scientists, astronomers and philosophers for centuries. But, what would happen if Earth had rings?

What difference would they make to life on Earth? And how would the fundamental rules of our planet change if we had rings like Saturn in our skies? In this video, Unveiled finds out what would happen if Earth had rings.

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How much is your Mother Earth worth?

Like pricing the Earth, getting the right price for your Mother might be harder than you think -

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