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What The World Never Knew About Diana And Charles' Marriage


Princess Diana - 'SOMETHING BAD WILL HAPPEN ' - Interview

Diana, Princess of Wales, died on Aug. 31, 1997. She was 36 years old.
Princess Diana . Bless her. She will always be the Queen of our hearts! 🙏❤️👑
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☆☆ Charles and Diana divorced in 1996 after four years of separation. Diana passed away in 1997 at age 36 from injuries she sustained during a car crash in Paris.

“Diana continues to be the lens in which we view pretty much everything to do with the Windsors,” he explained. “Maybe one of the reasons she is still so alive in our memories and so much part of the contemporary royal scene is that she’s like a reference point … She humanises the royal family, the crown. Diana does it better than anyone else.”

Jephson shared he still misses Diana, a woman who was spontaneous and unpredictable, all while possessing a charming sense of humour. Despite being a schoolteacher when she married Prince Charles in 1981, Jephson insisted she took on the new role like a pro.

“She was a professional to her fingertips,” he explained. “She made everything look easy and she was wonderfully spontaneous, a very astute observer of people and very emotionally empathetic, yet at the flick of a switch, she could out-royal the royals. She had an amazing aristocratic, regal quality, which set her apart from other princesses.

Jephson revealed that despite Diana being depicted by the press as a lonely princess trapped in a tower, she wasn’t always unhappy with life within the palace. In fact, she was a quick learner who spotted key details even her own security would miss and she wasn’t afraid to poke fun at herself either.

“Even if she was in a bad mood or things were really tough, when you couldn’t cheer her out of it, no matter how black the outlook might be, and you can imagine there were some very, very bleak days, you could always persuade her to see the brighter side,” he said.

Still, there was no denying that her marriage to Prince Charles was disintegrating. Even before she married the future king in a televised wedding that attracted about 750 million viewers worldwide, she suspected he was having an ongoing affair with his ex-girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles.

Jephson said her staff tirelessly worked to ensure the public the marriage was a joyous one. However, tabloids were ruthless in uncovering every detail about the soap opera happening within the castle.

“I remember for years, we were telling the world Charles and Diana were fine,” said Jephson. “That these rumours concerning trouble in their marriage were that, just rumours. Everything was OK, they had these lovely boys, it was a happy family. Yes, their life was tough, demanding and full of sacrifices and duty, but they were OK.

“And even though we knew that wasn’t true, we felt compelled to send that message because that’s what people needed to hear. And to be honest, we had no alternative. We never had to deal with a divorce from a prince or princess of Wales before.”

Diana famously gave a shocking interview in 1995 to BBC where she declared, “Well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded.” Jepshon, who believed the interview was “a huge mistake,” claimed it was a tell-all that Diana regretted doing.

“Her children were the centre of her universe,” he said. “Wherever we were in the world, she would always say, ‘I have to make sure I can phone William and Harry.’ She was always in a hurry to get back to them for their bedtime.

“She exposed them, and rightfully so, to the kinds of experiences that normal boys of their age would experience, like going to McDonald’s, going to the movies or theme parks … She introduced them to her homeless charity so they could see that homeless people should not be feared, but rather supported and understood.”

Jephson found a new life in America, a place he’s called home for eight years. But he still wonders about what kind of future Diana could have had.

“In theory, it should have been a job for the rest of my life,” he said. “But fate had other ideas.”


The wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana in 1981

Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer were married July 29, 1981, at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. (Video by Deb Kiner/PennLive)

Charles & Diana ~ The Royal Wedding 1981

St. Paul's Cathedral, London. July 29, 1981. Commentary by Tom Fleming.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles

The happy and loving moments in the relationship of Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Not all the moments in their dating and marriage was a sham and a fiasco.

An E..xplosive Biography Has R-evealed How Prince Charles Really Fe-lt About His Wedding To Diana

Source :
An estimated 750 million people around the globe watched Prince Charles and Princess Diana tying the knot. But the night before his big day, Charles apparently did something that showed how he truly felt about marrying Diana.

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After Diana's Death:Prince Charles Crying(Unseen Public)

19-9-1997:The Prince Of Wales has returned to the public arena to make his first official TX engagement since the funeral of Princess Diana.He talks about his sons' courage after the death of their mummy.

15 Things You Didn't Know About Princess Diana

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How old was Princess Diana when she got married?
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How rich was Princess Diana
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Did Princess Diana had any kids?

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The Madness of Prince Charles (British Royal Family Documentary) | Timeline

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For 56 years Prince Charles has been the king in waiting – a wait that has surely been hard on him. Against the background of his wedding to Camilla the film examines his controversial ideas on architecture (nothing too modern, please), on medicine (coffee enemas and a diet of liquidised fruit) and on religion (flirting with Islam, Sikhism and regularly visiting the Greek orthodox monasteries on Mount Athos). Looking at the heir to the throne's difficult relationships with women, family and the public, we find out what makes Charles tick.

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The Squidggy Gate Full on:

Diana had been married to Prince Charles for 12 years by the time the tapes

‘It was odd’ Princess Diana tapes reveal confessions about sex with Prince Charles
PRINCESS Diana said sex with Prince Charles was “very odd” in a series of candid tapes from her private speech coach sessions.
The tapes were recorded by the princess at Kensington Palace between 1992 and 1993, as she opened up to her tutor Peter Settleten.
They give an insight into the royal’s state of mind during her marriage.
Diana had been married to Prince Charles for 12 years by the time the tapes were recorded.
She said: “Well there was [sex.] There was. There was. But it was odd, very odd.
But it was there then it fizzled out about seven years ago, six years ago, well seven, because Harry was eight.
“Instinct told me, it was just so odd. I don’t know there was no requirement for it from his case.
“Sort of once every three weeks and I kept thinking.
And then I followed a pattern, he used to see his lady once every three weeks before we got married.”
The Princess of Wales had both of her children, princes William and Harry by the time she'd recorded these tapes.
She was also painfully aware of Charles’ ongoing affair with flame Camilla Parker Bowles.
Despite a public outcry, Channel 4 is set to broadcast the secret tapes for the first time on UK television, on August 6 at 8pm.
They expose her childhood, the advice the Queen gave her about Charles and how she felt about Mrs Parker Bowles.

Princess Diana | Royal Wedding | 1981

Thames Television was proud to be part of the team behind the filming of the Wedding between Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on Wednesday 29 July 1981 at St Paul's Cathedral
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Royal Wedding of Charles & Diana july 29 1981 p8


PRINCESS Diana’s doomed marriage and divorce from Prince Charles was a royal

Why did Princess Diana divorce Prince Charles? Why the royal marriage was doomed to fail
PRINCESS Diana’s doomed marriage and divorce from Prince Charles was a royal tragedy that dismayed the nation. But why did Diana divorce Prince Charles?
The royal marriage was fraught with problems right from the start as revealed by tapes featured in a controversial Channel 4 documentary ‘Diana: In Her Own Words’.
The explosive tapes, recorded by Princess Diana’s voice coach Peter Settelen, shed new light on what was happening behind the closed doors of Kensington Palace.
In the videos, Diana claims Prince Philip advised Charles to give his marriage five years and then go back to his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles, if it didn’t work out.
In the footage filmed between the end of 1992 and mid-1993, Diana also confirms that she met Charles just 13 times before their lavish wedding in 1981.
The very first cracks in the fairytale facade appeared during the couple’s engagement interview. Asked if they were in love, Prince Charles replied: “Whatever ‘in love’ means.”
Diana later told Mr Settelen: “That threw me completely. I thought that a strange question and answer. God, absolutely traumatised me.”
Nevertheless the royal nuptials charmed the nation, as did the arrival of Prince William in 1982 and Prince Harry in 1984.
As the royal marriage fell apart, it emerged that Charles’ true love was Camilla Parker-Bowles who had a brief relationship with him in the 1970s.
When Diana confronted Prince Charles over Camilla, she said he replied: I refuse to be the only Prince of Wales who never had a mistress.
Distraught with her failing marriage, Diana said she went to the Queen for advice but the monarch replied: “I don’t know what you should do, Charles is hopeless.”
Despite being dismayed by Charles' unfaithfulness, Diana also had affairs and later admitted to a five-year affair with ex-captain James Hewitt.

The Royal Wedding - Prince Charles and Princess Diana (Lady Diana Spencer) - July 29, 1981

This is 4 hour news coverage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Frances Spencer's Wedding. (Broadcasted in Southern California, July 29, 1981).

This footage also contains the commercial breaks in between.

Prince Charles first love WASN’T Camilla or Diana – how royal wedding could have been

Prince Charles’ first love was not Camilla, or Princess Diana, but the daughter of an aristocrat who he was forbidden from marrying.
But perhaps poetic justice was served to the Royal Family for imposing their strict rules, as it was Lucia Santa Cruz who introduced Charles to a young Camilla Shand.
That relationship would eventually cause the breakdown of the prince’s marriage to Diana, sparking a dramatic royal feud.
Her part in shaping the history of the modern-day Royal Family is little known, with many not knowing her part in Charles' affair with Camilla.

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My Mother, Diana (Royal Documentary) | Real Stories

How the ‘War of the Wales’ shaped the life of Prince William

Nearly thirty years after his parents exchanged their wedding vows, Prince William walked down the aisle at Westminster Abbey with his new bride. 'My Mother Diana' looks at how Diana’s life, her relationship with the House of Windsor, the media and the public have shaped her eldest son, Prince William. When a twenty year-old Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles, the heir to the throne, their wedding at St Paul’s was watched by billions; it was the last great royal wedding to galvanise the British public. But that relationship would develop into a romantic tragedy, whose effects would be more profound than anyone could have imagined. In his marriage to Kate Middleton, Prince William is entering into a new and independent stage of his life…a life in which his mothers influence and presence appear centre-stage and ever-present.. It is easy to forget that William’s formative years were not the idyll with the ’Princess of People’s Hearts’…rather they took place in the midst of a vicious divorce battle. William’s loyalties divided and fought over during the War of the Wales.

‘My Mother Diana’ is the story of Charles and Diana's marriage from a new and revealing point of view. It’s the story of how their marriage shaped William. It explores the effect of his mother’s relationships, the tell-all book she collaborated on with Andrew Morton, the effects of her Panorama interview and William's reaction to his father’s relationship with Camilla. On the surface William appears to be a product of the old order, groomed by the House of Windsor. But William is the son of Diana – who transcended celebrity and transformed the monarchy. This film seeks to understand William by exploring his relationship with his mother and examines where William was as key moments of her later life played out; because what she went through made him who he is today Why did William propose using his mother’s engagement ring? And what does it tell us about this future King and the legacy of his mother Diana? Fourteen years after her death Diana’s influence appears undiminished. But will William be the King Diana wished him to be?

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Diana: The Night She Died (Conspiracy Documentary) | Timeline

After the death of Diana Princess of Wales, conspiracy theories filled the headlines. As so many of the conspiracy theories are absurd, many simple questions about the fatal night of August 31st have never been asked. By the end not only Princess Diana but also Dodi Al Fayed and the driver Henri Paul were dead.

First, police blamed the paparazzi for causing the accident. They had been buzzing round the car like flies. Then 48 hours later they blamed the driver of the Mercedes, Henri Paul. He was said to be three times over the drink limit. This compelling program seeks to answer the many questions overlooked by the enquiry and to uncover what really happened the night Diana died.

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Princess Diana's love to Prince Charles

This video about Princess Diana's love to Prince Charles. She loved him with all of her heart, but he...
Here you can find some happy moments both f them.
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