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What is it Like to Work for Elon Musk?


What is it Like to Work for Elon Musk?

Taken from JRE #1425 w/Garrett Reisman:

'Elon Musk is difficult,' says former SpaceX employee

Former SpaceX employee and Vector CEO Jim Cantrell gives an insiders take on what makes Elon Musk tick.

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Elon Musk's Wild Ride

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This is how Elon Musk hires...

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How To Answer Elon Musk's Favorite Job Question

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk likes to ask one riddle in particular when interviewing candidates for a position with his company, according to the book Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future.

Here's the question and the answer so you can test whether or not you have what it takes to work for him.

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What Would Elon Musk Work On If He Were 22?

Sam Altman asked Elon Musk what he would work in if he were 22 today.

This is a clip from a longer interview, which you can watch here:

I Lived Like Elon Musk for a Week But One Day Was Enough

They say success is a mindset. No offense to whoever “they” are, but that doesn’t really help most people much. So what about a real-life example to live by? If you've got problems with procrastinating, feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff you need to get done, and just overall pitiful time management skills, this is what can help you. Okay, now, who's one of the most successful and productive dudes out there? You're right! It's Elon Musk!

This guy is a productivity ninja who’s mastered the art of time management. He heads multiple companies, the most well-known being Tesla and SpaceX, and has admitted that he works 100 hours a week or more! Let's try to follow his typical schedule for a week.

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6 hours of sleep isn’t enough, Mr. Musk! ???? 1:07
New “diet” 2:35
Golden productivity rule 4:05
The first results (I was mind-blown!) 5:14
What about phone calls? 5:52
Where Musk gets his energy 6:31
The fun part - the weekend! 6:58
Some conclusions 7:35

#elonmusk #success #brightside

Music by Epidemic Sound

- I started on a Sunday evening by planning my week ahead based on what I’d read about Elon Musk’s routine. Much to my dismay, the first thing I found out is that he wakes up at 7am every single day and functions on just 6 hours of sleep!
- I’m a pretty traditional guy – I like to get my recommended 7-9 hours of shuteye each night, so 6 hours was not enough.
- Elon Musk skips breakfast… Well, at least he drinks coffee! To be honest, the first couple of days with no breakfast hit me hard.
- One of Musk’s golden productivity rules is to work in a 5-minute block system, which means that for 5-minutes, I had to stay completely focused on one thing and then switch to another.
- Some of my projects take hours to finish. But by breaking them down into smaller steps that I spent less time on, in the end, it took me fewer hours to get my projects done!
- The first day, what used to take me a solid 8 hours to do ended up taking me just 6. By the week’s end, I’d cut that number down to 4!
- As for phone calls, Elon suggests NOT taking any calls during the day except for emergencies.
- I really saved a lot of time on the email thing. I would’ve never guessed I was wasting so much time going through my inbox!
- So, I hit the gym twice this week, and, I gotta say, I think I understand where Musk gets his energy – working out really does charge your battery, so to speak.
- Getting 6 hours of sleep is not for me, but I like getting up at 7 and having time to plan my day ahead. So, I’ll hit the sack at 12am to get that precious extra hour of shuteye.
- And I’ll spend some of that extra hour on a good breakfast. Even if experts say you can go without, I’d prefer to fill my tank before I head to work!
- Planning the day ahead and tackling tasks in 5-minute blocks will be my new norm.
- I’ll continue ditching my phone during work hours and keeping the emailing at a minimum because this saved me loads of time.
- I’m enjoying the gym, and I feel really good! It’s even become a sort of new hobby of mine.
- As for the weekends, I need my Saturdays, man! I understand Elon has a lot on his plate, but I’m no CEO or entrepreneur, so I can afford to take 2 days off a week instead of just one.

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Top 10 Elon Musk Productivity Secrets for Insane Success | (Elon Musk Work Ethic)

► Information shared by Dan Silvestre. He writes about productivity and personal growth. Join his popular productivity hacking community:

► originally posted on

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Minimalist Living: How to Lead a More Frugal Life

Time Management Exercises for Students and Employees

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► Elon Musk Work Ethic: 10 Secrets for Insane Success

Elon Musk is a smarter than average individual with an enormous ambition and drive. But I think that us–mere mortals–can incorporate some of his productivity secrets into our daily lives.

Here are the top 10 productivity secrets of Elon Musk work ethic and how you can apply them:

#1 Start the Day with Critical Work

As the CEO of three companies — Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink — Elon Musk has a lot of things to stay on top on a day to day basis.

That’s why he starts his day with his most critical work. For Musk, this means dealing with important emails that he needs to address in order to unblock other people’s work and progress.

#2 Use Feedback Loops

An important part of Elon Musk work ethic is to incorporate not only his own feedback but also of others: he urges entrepreneurs to seek preferably negative feedback. While it might be hurtful at first, you normally end up getting a lot more out it.

#3 Reason from First Principles

A first principle is a basic assumption that can’t be deduced from any other proposition. It’s the only sure thing in a complex problem.

Musk reasons from first principles, rather than by analogy (such as previous experiences).

#4 Use Asynchronous Communication

The first productivity hack gave you a slight hint for this one: Elon Musk work ethic dictates that he prefers to communicate on his own terms. That means defaulting to email and texts, both asynchronous ways of communication.

#5 Master Communication

When Musk is not building rockets or revolutionizing the automobile industry, there’s one place you can always find him: on email. He joked on a conference: “I do a lot of email — very good at email. That’s my core competency”.

#6 Batch Tasks

As part of Elon Musk work ethic, he multi-tasks strategically. Whenever possible, he combines several tasks together in a productivity hack known as batching. For example, he answers emails while eating or having a meeting over lunch.

#7 Scheduling

Running three companies is no small feat, which means time is of the essence for Elon Musk. He is constantly trying to optimize his time using feedback loops.

#8 Embrace Stretch Goals

Musk’s stretch goals have given us a world where one of the best cars you can buy is electric, and where we finally have reusable rockets:

#9 Develop a Growth Mindset

Elon Musk is never satisfied with where he is now. His companies have had enormous achievements, but Musk knows that there’s always room for improvement — in every area. There’s always a better, faster, or cheaper way to do things:

#10 Develop a Wide Knowledge Base

Over the years, Musk developed T-shaped skills: a lot of knowledge in one particular field and a substantial amount of knowledge in many other disciplines and topics.

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This video is produced by Rahul Chavda and narrated by Reed Salan.


Tesla Factory Tour with Elon Musk!

Walking and talking through the Tesla factory
Part 1 Interview:
Behind-the-scenes with TLD:

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A Day In The Life Of Elon Musk

Here's an inside look at the daily life and routine of one of the world's most influential people, Elon Musk. The founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX, and more is one of the busiest people on earth.

Nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week. These are the words of multi-billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, who not only runs two of the most innovative companies of current times, Tesla and SpaceX, but also juggles travel, interviews, and a family of 5 teenage sons on a daily basis.

It's no secret that Elon Musk's fruitful ventures have been built off the back of hard work, dedication, and smart decision making – but what about the details? Wouldn't it be great to see how the most influential man in the world organizes his time and manages to cram everything into a seemingly impossible schedule?

Elon Musk's Daily Schedule

In this video we are going to talk about Elon Musk’s Daily Routine, we are also going to talk about his morning routine and what Elon Musk’s Daily schedule looks like.

Elon Musk’s Morning and Daily Routine is something that most people want to know about, mainly because he runs many companies and has 6 children to care for.

The morning routine of Elon musk and Elon Musk’s daily life is quite different from other billionaires, he plans everything ahead of time and follows his schedule religiously.

A day in the life of Elon Musk is filled with many overwhelming and stressful tasks but he manages to get them all done in a couple of hours. Join us as we explore Elon Musk’s daily Routine.

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Elon Musk: Work twice as hard as others

Entrepreneurs need to work 80 to 100 hours a week

Elon Musk Explains Why SpaceX Only Hires Americans | Inverse

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SpaceX CEO Elon Musk explained on September 27 at the International Astronautical Congress in Guadalajara, Mexico why SpaceX only hires American employees -- or those with a special approval.

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What's it Like to Work for Elon Musk

✅ In this video, Elon Musk tell you why no need of degree shows his work ethic.


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Ex-Tesla Employee Tells All; What It's Really Like to Work For Elon Musk!

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Early Tesla employee's insight into working with Elon Musk

Dave Lyons, Peloton Technology co-founder and former Tesla director of engineering, discusses working with Tesla CEO Elon Musk as the SEC subpoenas Tesla over Musk's take-private tweets.


Tesla president on Model 3s, working for Elon Musk

Jerome Guillen, the automotive president of Tesla, takes 60 Minutes to the Gigafactory, a lithium-ion battery factory near Reno, Nevada, that played a crucial role in ramping up the production of Tesla's Model 3. And, he talks with Lesley Stahl about what it's like working for Elon Musk. For the full interview, click here:

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Working with Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and Jeff Dean | Chris Lattner and Lex Fridman

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Elon Musk not an easy person to work for but he wants to do the right thing, says Ron Baron

Ron Baron, Baron Funds CEO and CIO, discusses his conversations with Tesla CEO Elon Musk.



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