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What to Expect When You Fly in the Future | WSJ


What to Expect When You Fly in the Future | WSJ

Air travel is full of opportunities for coronavirus transmission. Touchless check-in, plexiglass shields, temperature checks, back-to-front boarding and planes with empty middle seats are all now part of the flying experience, and the future may bring even more changes. Illustration: Alex Kuzoian

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what to expect when you fly the future | WSJ

tugas ilmu pemerintahan fakultas ilmu sosial dan politik

How does FLY-BY-WIRE work? The future of flight controls! Explained by CAPTAIN JOE

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.... So the best-known feature of the Airbus fly-by-wire system is the sidestick. I did a whole video on the sidestick, which you might wanna checkout right here. So by moving the sidestick, you actually move mechanical levers and dampers which sit below the sidestick and this movement gets converted into a digital signal. Okay, let's say we were to make a left turn. Our left turn digital signal then runs by wire to a set of seven Flight control computers. The first one is ELAC 1. Which stands for Elevator and Aileron Computer. ELAC 2 acts as a backup in case ELAC 1 fails. So the ELAC 1 checks the received digital signal, before sending it off to the flight control surface. What I mean by checking the signal you'll see in a minute. So from ELAC our left turn digital signal then yet again runs through a wire/electric cable to one of the hydraulic actuators on the left-hand aileron and on the right-hand aileron, where our digital signal is then converted into a mechanical force moving the left-hand aileron upwards and the right-hand aileron downwards. Does that make sense so far? 

I hope you enjoy the video and it’s been helpful to you!

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Your Captain Joe

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Here’s What Happens When You Fly a Plane Into Space

Have you ever wondered how high a commercial airliner really can fly? In today's video, we're going to answer that question!

For those of you wondering, this is a simulator called X-Plane 11. It is available for purchase on Steam.

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7 Tips for Flying and Traveling during COVID ✈????

7 Tips for Flying and Traveling during COVID ✈????

Catching the COVID virus in an airplane is possible by inhaling the virus. And the regular face covering that you wear, such as a regular medical mask, won’t prevent you from inhaling the covid virus if it’s in the air close to you.

#covid #covid19 #coronavirus

COVID Update Today by Doctor Mike Hansen (YouTube Video Playlist)

Airborne Transmission -

Most airlines are requiring passengers to wear masks. Some airlines are also taking other measures to minimize person-to-person interactions, such as not serving alcoholic beverages or skipping snacks altogether. Most commercial flights these days have spotless cabin air. Airplanes accomplish this by the way they have their air intake system setup. Essentially, they have compressed air passing through the jet engines, with its temperature being super hot. That hot air is then cooled and put under pressure (450) PSI. So between the initial hot temperatures and the high pressure, the air in the cabin is very sterile, as bacteria and viruses become destroyed in that process.

And the cabin air is exchanged every 3-4 minutes, which is actually better than offices and homes, typically every 5-12 minutes. With newer generations of airplanes, they have high-efficiency particulate air filters, meaning HEPA filters that filter the recirculated air. They can fish out particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is what an N95 respirator mask can do, as well as an elastomeric mask. Some might say that the virus is only about 0.1 microns in diameter or 100 nm. And this is true. But most of the virus in the air is going to exist within respiratory droplets. So the bottom line is, if the virus is in the air, most of it, about 95% of it, will be filtered out with these HEPA filters on the plane, and the same goes for respirator masks.

When someone is expelling respiratory droplets, the ones that are more than 5-10 microns in size, those will act like ballistics and fall within 6-12 feet of them, If they are NOT wearing a mask. The respiratory droplets that are expelled are less than 5 microns. These are the ones that will stay suspended in the air. If someone is wearing a mask, it will drastically reduce the distance between that moist cloud's size and the distance that moist cloud can travel, but it won’t be totally prevented.

So if no one is sitting close to you, or if someone is sitting close to you but does not have the covid virus, no worries. But, of course, people will be close to you, and it's impossible to know who has the covid virus. And if that covid virus is in the air close to you, you’re going to breathe it in, unless….you do tip #1, which is you wear an N95 respirator mask, or an elastomeric respirator—both of these filter out at least 95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. Right now, the CDC recommends the public to not purchase and wear these N95 respirator masks, for one, because they need to be reserved for health care workers. I don’t understand how they can be in limited supply this deep into a pandemic, but I digress. But what you can do is get yourself an elastomeric respirator. This is a reusable device with exchangeable cartridge filters. Like an N95 respirator, it also filters out at least 95% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns. It fits tight against the user's face but is more comfortable than an N95.

Doctor Mike Hansen, MD
Internal Medicine | Pulmonary Disease | Critical Care Medicine
IG Account:
FB Page:

#covid #covid19 #coronavirus

What to expect when you fly NOW! ????✈ Is it really any different?

What to expect when you fly now? Is a question many are asking! We find out! Is it really any different?
Flying British Airways Business Class, Club Europe we find out what to expect when you fly with this airline, how things have changed, what the service looks like and what precautions are in place to protect everyone. The outcome was quite surprising. Join us on this flight trip report.

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Credit:- Bigjet TV Clip of Landing,
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Is it Wrong to Fly? - Glad You Asked S1

Air travel is a quintessential product of the fossil fuel era: It’s both highly convenient and difficult to replace with alternatives. Now as the impacts of climate change are becoming more urgent, a growing “flight shame” movement is prompting consumers to question their air travel. Glad You Asked host Joss Fong explores the ethical implications of flying in a world on the brink of crisis.

Key Sources:
Myclimate flight emission calculator

Observed Arctic sea-ice loss directly follows anthropogenic CO2 emission

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Typical Passenger Vehicle

Carbon Footprint Calculations for Average Americans

Share of airplane trips by American adults

Technological, economic and environmental prospects of all-electric aircraft

Maps of Greenland Ice Sheet

This is how global warming is reshaping Greenland

Contrail cirrus radiative forcing for future air traffic

Hydrocarbon combustion

The year in aviation: Billions of passengers, two high-profile accidents

Boeing CEO: Over 80% of the world has never taken a flight.

As Billions More Fly, Here’s How Aviation Could Evolve

According to the annual Airlines for America report, 48 percent of travelers in the United States flew on an airline in 2017.

Climate change in the US will hurt poor people the most, according to a bombshell federal report


Pipistrel Alpha Electro

Air Transport Action Group

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I Was Born On A Plane So I Can Fly Anywhere For Free

My name is Sky. I’m 17. I’ve never had to pay to fly somewhere on a plane. And I’ll never have to. I can fly to any place in the world for free. How am I able to do that? You will find out when you hear my story. When my mom was pregnant with me, my parents were living in Africa because my dad was working there. My mom wanted to give birth in her home country. She decided to go back home a month before her due date. My dad would take some time off from work and join her there two weeks later. You might not know this but the airline companies have a rule. You can’t get on a plane if you’re over 36 weeks pregnant. My mom 35 weeks, or 8 months pregnant at the time, so she was able to get on her flight without any issues.

Future Aircraft That We Might Fly On - Concept Planes From Airbus, Boeing And More!

These planes may never be built - but they are some of the most creative new aircraft designs we have seen from Boeing, Airbus, and More. What are they, and what would they be like in reality? Let's put on our thinking caps and jump in.

First on our list is the flying V, a project under development at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands in partnership with KLM and Airbus. At first, you might think this is yet another blended wing design, like we have seen from both Boeing and Airbus, but without the middle of the plane. This design choice will save around 20% more fuel burn then the nearest other fuel-efficient planes.

This concept aircraft flies passengers inside the wings, as opposed to the wings becoming part of the plane. It has a capacity for 314 passengers seated across business and first class. There are effectively two passenger cabins, one down each leg of the V shape. Each cabin is 6.1-metre-wide (20 feet), that can have economy passengers in a twin-aisle 10-seat across configuration

So far a scale mock-up of the plane has been tested reaching up to speeds of 80 km per hour. While the flying is more stable than expected, the landing poses some problems as the attack angle needs to be so high like the concord, with extra-long front landing gear.

Speaking of insane Airbus projects, we have the Bird Of Prey concept plane that uses biomimicry technology to bring birds' advantages to modern aviation design.

The propeller plane has four turboprops to power the aircraft for regional routes, and each 'feather' can be individually modified to change the aerodynamics while in flight - much like a hawk. And just like birds, it doesn't have a traditional vertical tail

The regional aircraft would carry as many as 80 passengers up to 1,500 kilometers (930 miles) and burn 30% to 50% less fuel than today’s equivalent planes.

An honorable mention is also the Otto Aviation Celera 500L bullet plane that has 8 times less fuel burn than any other jet aircraft - even flying just as fast as a modern plane.

Sitting only six passengers, this plane can travel at 460mph for more than 4000 nautical miles (7200 km), and costs just $328 per hour to run.

So far it has flown 31 successful test flights with aerodynamic efficiency proven in 2019, bolstering its declaration that the Celera 500L is the most fuel-efficient, commercially viable aircraft in existence.

Otto Aviation has completed its first funding rounds and those successful test flights, but they still need to begin the FAA certification process, find a location for a manufacturing facility and create an initial order book.

Next up we have the Embraer Pulse aircraft, an exudative jet that looks more like Batman owns it than Bruce Wayne. The electric aircraft concept has an interchangeable remote control pod that offers near-360-degree visibility thanks to its use of transparent aluminum alloys and has interactive panels that allow text and other smartphone-like connectivity, and post-flight information.

Upon landing, the pod can be transferred to an autonomous ground car to continue in urban environments, while the flying frame returns with another.

There is also Eviation’s Alice, an 9 seater aircraft designed for short-haul hops powered by three electric engines that has been dubbed the Tesla of the sky.

The plane has a range of 1,000 km (620 mi, 540 nmi) + 45min reserve, making it perfect for smaller areas suited for short flights (such as remote islands) and executive transport. There will be a charge point for the plane to recharge at each destination at 30 minutes per hour of flight time.

At a price of $3 million USD, it costs $200 per hour to operate, which compares to $600–1,000 per hour for existing aircraft of a similar purchase price. Perfect for a weekend getaway. So far the firm has confirmed 150 orders, but another $500 million in funding is needed to get the aircraft in full production. Its first test flight was scheduled for this year.

Airbus is also working on a blended wing concept called the Maverick. So far only a scale model has flown to prove the design in flight. However the demonstrator’s potential to deliver real environmental performance benefits is of significant interest: approximately 20% less fuel burn compared to current single-aisle models with the same engine.

The spacious configuration also opens up the design space, enabling the possible integration of various other types of propulsion systems. . A blended wing body design provides an exceptionally comfortable cabin layout, enabling passengers to benefit from additional legroom and larger aisles for more personal comfort.

Boeing is also working on a Truss-Braced Wing Aircraft called SUGAR Volt with NASA.

The future of flight may be bold and even terrifying, but it's for sure exciting, and likely we will see many of these innovations filter down to future aircraft design in subtle ways.

What happens when you fly | Discovery Space

Flying is quite the adventure! You’ll hear sounds and experience things you’ve never experienced before. So… what’s happening? Want to discover more about flying? Go to the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space:

If You Fly a Drone in a Car, Does it Move With It? (Dangerous In-Car Flight Challenge)

In this video I test what happens when you fly a drone in a vehicle. Will the drone stay with the car as it moves or will it stay in the same location relative to the ground? First, I test what happens when all the doors are closed and I try to fly the drone in the car, then I test what happens when I leave the doors and the trunk open. This is a really neat idea that teaches about frames of reference and also air resistance, and a little bit about how the Mavic Pro works.
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Why can't we fly a plane into space ?

Why can’t we fly a plane into space, what stops it from just flying higher and higher until we are in space?, sounds like a daft question but it has interesting implications that mean we might not be that far from a plane that can fly into space.

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Well, there several issues but assuming we are in something like a normal jet airliner, then one of the main problems is the air, or lack of it as we get closer to space.
A plane flies because as it is propelled forward, the wings, which are shaped to make the air flow faster over the top of them than the bottom, generate lift. As the plane goes faster the wings create more lift and when the lift is greater than the weight of the plane, it will climb up into the air.
For our plane to continue to climb it needs more speed to increase the lift. If you throttle back on the speed a bit, the plane will settle in to level flight and if you decrease the speed the plane will start to fall as lift from the wings is not enough to overcome the weight of the plane.

Title: TimeTrain
Author: P C III
License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0


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0:00 Intro
0:54 Onward Flight
1:29 Visa Extensions
1:45 You May Get Sick
2:13 Learn a Few Words
2:57 Use Grab
3:10 Buses and Vans
3:33 Sim Cards
4:08 Drive for 3 Months
4:23 Rent Motor Bikes
4:33 Take it Slow
5:06 City Traffic
5:45 Popular Islands
6:31 Jollibee
6:44 Mang Inasal
7:25 Street Food
7:34 Locals
7:46 Nicer People
8:20 Scams
8:45 Watch You Things
9:00 Travel How You Like
9:12 No Need to Book Early
9:44 Holy Week
10:02 Expect to Wait
10:31 Agoda and Airbnb
10:55 ATMs
11:09 Trusted Banks
11:15 Take money out in cities
11:37 Large Bills
11:54 Tap Water
12:21 GPS
12:47 Tip Guides
13:42 Bug Spray
14:03 Rain in the Dry Season?
14:21 Rainy Season
14:29 Vaccinations
14:41 Earplugs
15:03 People will Stare
15:27 Filipinos Love Cameras
15:38 Outro

What to expect when traveling during Covid 19 | Traveling During The Pandemic | Future of Travel

I discuss what it's like to travel during the pandemic, how companies are handling travelers and what restrictions and measures are in place for the new travel normal. I will show footage from flying during the pandemic and traveling during Covid 19:
Edited video footage from a previous live chat.
*This is not to advocate traveling during a pandemic but providing insight

Travel Footage Includes:
Atlanta Hartsfield Airport/Southwest Airlines/ flying during covid 19 4:42
Hilton Hotel and Policies 9:17
Restaurants 11:23
Beach Mavic Mini Footage 13:05
Hard Rock Casino 13:43
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I'm Kim and I've created this channel to inspire and help hard-working individuals to take time off and see the world!
You can expect new videos every Sunday! Subscribe for travel videos/guides and travel tips to inspire the busy professional use travel as a self-care regimen. Adding travel to your life will help you perform better at work, alleviate stress and avoid burnout!

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Why You Can't Fly A Plane In Space

Why can't you fly a plane to space? Turns out, you couldn't even make it halfway. Part of the problem is Earth's gravity. You need to escape it in order to reach space.

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ভবিষ্যৎ এ সময়যাত্রা সম্ভব? Time traveling Possible in Future ? Time travel Theory explained.

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Traveling During the Pandemic Is Possible. But Can You Do It Safely? | WSJ

In many places around the world, holiday travel is permitted again. So how do you travel safely if you want to go on vacation this summer? WSJ’s George Downs takes a weekend trip to find out. Photo composite: George Downs

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Could a Rocket Fly Through Jupiter Since It's a Gas Giant?

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We are TRAVELING AGAIN! Didn't expect THIS in LIPA Batangas!

Traveling is slowly allowed for certain regions in the Philippines. So we thought we will hop into the car to travel to nearby Lipa in Batangas to see how it is!

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Is it safe to fly? - What to expect traveling during Covid-19

* The contents and ideas expressed in this video do not reflect the opinions or beliefs of my employer. *

Hello! Thank you for watching this video! I am a 29 year old, New York based #flightattendant who loves his job with all his heart. Although being an FA wasn't always a part of the plan, I truly believe everything happens for a reason and when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. -Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist


Flight attendants have continued to work during the #Covid19 pandemic and the travel experience has evolved! Every now and then I am asked, Is it okay to travel yet?

This is a personal decision you can make with a little more information about what to expect on your journey.

*The travel experience is cleaner than ever
*We appreciate you wearing a mask to protect yourself and others.
*Please be mindful / respectful of others - we can get through this together
*Bring snacks :)
*Your safety continues to be of ultimate importance.

See you on the concourse xoxox


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