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What you see when you’re aiming a compound bow


What you see when you’re aiming a compound bow

Compound bows make use magnified sights to allow archers to be more precise. Steve Anderson shows what he sees when he’s sighting in on target. More archery at and

How to aim a compound bow in archery

Reo Wilde explains what he uses to aim his compound bow, how the peepsight and scope work together and his top tip for aiming well… which has absolutely nothing to do with the sight at all!

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Athletes: Reo Wilde
Event: Odense 2016 (16144)
Tags: Features; Archery Fan Reporter; Archery 101
Commentary: English

How proper posture helps to aim a bow

Aiming starts with the feet. World Archery Excellence Centre director Juan Carlos Holgado explains how solid posture makes the aiming process easier. More archery at and

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Shooting a Compound Bow with your Feet featuring Matt Stutzman

USA Archery partnered with Move United, and through generous grant funding from the VA Adaptive Sports grant Program, we created this video to teach one way to shoot a compound bow with your feet. Learn from Paralympian Matt Stutzman!

You're Doing It Wrong: How to Shoot an Arrow

Think you know how to shoot a bow and arrow? Gotham Archery instructor Russell Johnson shows Men's Journal how it's really done-- along with some surprisingly common mistakes.

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How to aim a recurve bow

Australian archer Ryan Tyack explains the differences between active and passive aiming, the types of aiming point and how the aim relates to shot sequence with a recurve bow. Filmed during the second stage of the 2019 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Shanghai, China. More archery at and

How to shoot a compound bow | Archery 360

From start to finish and in basic terms World Archery Champion Mike Schloesser and Lexi Keller explain how to shoot a compound bow.

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Athletes: Lexi Keller; Mike Schloesser
Tags: Archery 101
Commentary: English

How to hold your compound bow in archery

Lexi Keller breaks down the correct, simple way to hold your compound bow, to make sure YOU “shoot more 10s!”

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Athletes: Lexi Keller
Event: 14249
Tags: Features; Win&Win Fan Reporter; Archery 101

Bowhunting Tech Tip: Peep Sight

This is a video that looks at the pros and cons of using a peep sight for bowhunting, and also features discussions about how to choose and set up a peep sight.

Archery Tip: Stop Aiming!

Spending too much time at full draw? Trying to force yourself to aim steady? This video is for you. 

Mastering the Craft of Archery: John Dudley

It is incredible to see what one person can accomplish when they dedicate their life to mastering a craft.

Meet John Dudley - 3x Archery National Champion, 13x World Medalist, APA Rookie of the Year, Bow Hunter, Wild Game Cook and Coffee Lover

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How to shoot barebow archery

In field archery, the barebow discipline competes alongside the compound and recurve bows. Utilising no sights, stabilisers or clickers, the world’s best barebow athletes competed at the 2016 World Archery Field Championships in Dublin, Ireland.

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Athletes: Jessica Nilsson
Event: Dublin 2016 (15798)
Tags: Features
Commentary: English

How To Sight In A Compound Bow | The Sticks Outfitter EP. 23

Learn how to sight in a bow in 5 easy steps! It's pretty simple once you watch this quick and straight forward tutorial! Be sure to follow your shot (arrow) when adjusting pins. And if you are new to shooting a bow, check out our how to shoot a compound bow video before you get started!




How to shoot a recurve bow | Archery 360

From start to finish and in basic terms Olympian Crispin Duenas, with the help of Naomi Folkard, explains how to shoot a recurve bow.

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Athletes: Crispin Duenas; Naomi Folkard
Tags: Archery 101
Commentary: English

3 Tips To Improve Your Archery Accuracy

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Gregg covers three tips to help you improve your archery accuracy. He talks about your archery target, your shooting anchor point, and a cool trick that uses id's for your arrows. Have some great archery accuracy tips? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for watching and subscribing!

Archery Trick Shots | Dude Perfect

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How To Hold Your Bow Steady

PJ Reilly talks about common issues when holding your bow steady all the way through your shot, and how you can fix them with ease.

A to Z of Archery: The recurve sight

USA Archery’s Brady Ellison explains the job of the sight on a recurve bow. Its parts, how they’re used and what to look for in a good sight…

Ellison is the only archer to win the World Cup Final three times, having just collected his third win at Lausanne 2014, and won an Olympic silver medal the London 2012 Games.

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How to shoot archery in the wind

The USA’s Braden Gellenthien explains what archers do to understand the wind and how they cope with changing wind conditions during the fourth stage of the 2018 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Berlin, Germany. More archery at and

A to Z of Archery: Compound Scope

Linda Ochoa explains how important the scope and sight on a compound is, how it works in pairing with the bow’s peepsight and the process of aiming.

Mexico’s longtime compound pro reveals what lens power she uses and how she shoots so many 10s!

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