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Who owns your data? (Hint: It's not you)


Who owns your data? (Hint: It's not you)

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Irene Ng and David Reynolds talk about privacy and ownership in the digital age. Learn more about the HAT project at:

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Recorded and Animated by Jorge Cham:
Featuring: Irene Ng and David Reynolds

Credits: University of Warwick, University of Cambridge, Surrey University, University of West England, University of Nottingham, The University of Edinburgh, Research Councils UK.

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Who owns your data? With OkCupid's Christian Rudder

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Who owns your data?

A 15 min panel discussion on the ways in which consumers will own and monetise their own data in the near future through their cell phone, car, and life’s other essential gadgets.

In 2018, the dark side of the data economy reared its head. The Facebook scandal demonstrated the awful flaw in allowing one company own so much personal information.

Blockchain has promised a lot, but can this technology also be used to tackle the data economy, give consumers back control of the information they produce and even allow them to keep the revenue they are generating for Silicon Valley?

Find out as CEO of Streamr​, Henri Pihkala, Antti Saarnio, CEO of Zippie and MySQL founder’s team, ​Richard Muirhead discuss their thoughts at Tech Crunch's blockchain conference in Zug, Switzerland.

Data ownership: who owns what and why? with Evgeny Morozov and Isabella de Michelis

Today big corporations have more granular and immediate personal data beyond that of any state. How does this impact the welfare state’s ability to harness and use data for the public good? Leading economist Mariana Mazzucato chairs a discussion with Evgeny Morozov and Isabella de Michelis to discuss the politics of data ownership.

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UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose
The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment

The Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (IIPP) and the British Library presents a public lecture series titled Innovation and the Welfare State. The dynamic lecture series brings together world-leading thinkers to debate how the 21st century welfare state requires rethinking healthcare, green growth, public access to knowledge and new forms of data ownership. Join us in this powerful discussion on delivering public value through innovation.

TMA05 Who owns your data

Who owns your data?


Who owns your data?

Who Owns Your Data? Business Question of the Week

So who owns your data? If you are using an outsourced billing provider, the results may surprise you!

NPBO™ | CBI provides business education, resources, and support for nurse practitioners and other advanced practice clinicians.

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Who owns your data

An open university project. A video response to the question who owns your data?

Response to:- Who Owns Your Data


On Facebook, who actually owns your digital data?

Facebook’s been using your personal data to make money for years. Now one user has uncovered just how valuable your data is. But whose data is it once you share it? Listen to my free Consumer Tech Update for more on this million dollar question.

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Who owns your digital data when you die?

When someone dies, we have a complex, but tried and true, system of laws covering what happens to everything they own. Kim Komando explains, Who owns your digital data when you die?

My "Who Owns Your Data?" Presentation

My presentation response to the question 'Who owns your data?' for TMA05 for TU100 My Digital Life.

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Cloud Computing - Who Owns Your Data?

Who owns your data in the cloud? A message from David Carattini, President and CEO of Arizona Tech Works. Dave invites you to his FREE Executive Lunch & Learn seminar on cloud computing Thursday, August 11th at American Sports Center in Avondale, AZ. Seats are filling up quickly so register today!

Who owns your data

Digital age, who owns your data, Open University study. Peter Balint

Do You Own Your Personal Data?

#MyDataMyRules #OwnIt #PillarProject

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Personal Data should be owned by the individual. That's Pillar Project's premise. Pillar's building a platform that will definitely change the way we interact with the digital world, and we will be in the center of it.

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Where does data ownership start?

Brittany Kaiser answers questions about where data ownership starts (intro by Robert Murtfeld)
#robertmurtfeld #brittanykaiser #tiffanyjohnson #ownyourdata

Who owns your data

This is a short video i made as part of my study

Zuckerberg Testimony: The Creepy Factor - Who Owns Your Data On Facebook?

Zuckerberg's done testifying to Congress. (Post at Who owns your data on Facebook? Zuckerberg disengenously implied you own it. Well, not exactly. What's creepy is how by snooping on your data, Facebook, its advertisers and even nefarious companies like Cambridge Analytica can infer a lot about you... and then attempt to use that information to persuade you. And most American's don't understand how much they are being watched when they are on Facebook, and how Facebook then sells or rents this data to its advertisers. It's not what you share that's critical; it's what Facebook can infer (and sell) about you that can be quite quite creepy.



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