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Why Are Bad Words Bad?


Why Are Bad Words Bad?

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Where Do Bad Words Come From?

Let's get fucking real about language...
Viewer discretion is advised.

This is the first in a 2 part series on Profanity. This video deals with profanity across culture. The next video will be about profanity across time, specifically in the United States since that's what I'm most familiar with.

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If you want to read
Benjamin Bergan - What the F: What Swearing Reveals About Our Language, Our Brains, and Ourselves (Book)
Melissa Mohr - Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing
Steven Pinker - What Are Cuss Words and Why Do We Use Them? (Article)
Wikipedia has a great set of links on profanity -
If you want to listen
Lexicon Valley, Brief History of Swearing Episode (Podcast)
Very Bad Words, any episode (Podcast)
This American Life Ep. 637 (Podcast)

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How not to swear!

Sometimes when you want to swear, you shouldn't... like in a job interview or in front of your grandmother! That's why we have words that are not considered offensive that you can substitute into your vocabulary. This isn't B.S., I promise. Watch this freakin' lesson and learn how NOT to swear!
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Hi, feckers. How you doing? Sometimes, you want to say bad words. But sometimes -- just sometimes -- people get angry if you use bad words. I'm going to teach you how not to swear. I'm also going to teach you how to swear. Perfect.

So we have these words in English called curse, swear, or bad words. Okay? These are words that people -- some people -- think are bad. Part of the reason why people believe that they're bad is people who are very religious -- so if you find yourself in the middle of America, which means you're not on the East Coast; you're not on the West Coast; you're kind of in the middle, smack-dab, or if you're in Calgary or Edmonton or some places in Canada where people are really Christian, a lot of them do not like it when you say shit. So you have to choose a different word. I'm here to teach you this.

So damn -- now, damn has the religious background. So damn is like, Damn you all to hell. Damn is a bad word because they're basically going to hell and not going to heaven. So instead of saying damn, people say dang or darn. Darn it! Some people go as far as to say, Rats! My grandmother's favorite, Oh, dash! Now, my grandmother was from Scotland, so I think this is kind of a Scottish translation of damn. People in movies say goddamn. That's pretty bad if you're really religious.

Then, for all the people out there, Oh, my God. It's been shortened now to OMG. Did you know that OMG meant Oh, my God? Did you know that? So this, maybe, I think, is an acceptable way for people to get around saying Oh, my God. I wonder if really devout Christian people like to say OMG. I don't know.

So instead of saying god, all they do is replace it with either gosh or goodness. So instead of saying, Oh, my God, you can say, Oh, my gosh or, Oh, my goodness. For me, personally, I would say these words because I'm not religious. But, like I said, some people get a little bit freaked out if you use bad language. So just to be nice, this is what you're going to do.

Now, at a work place or in a very formal environment, people do not like it when you say swear words. Now, swear words are typical things like fuck, shit, bullshit, bitch, mother fucker, horseshit, son of a bitch. These words are considered bad. These are bad words. Personally, Ronnie loves bad words. Ronnie says bad words all the time. It's hard for me to not say bad words sometimes. So in an environment like my job, I cannot use bad words. If I'm going for a job interview, I don't want to drop the F-bomb: What's the F-bomb? The F-bomb is just the word fuck. People don't like the word fuck. They think it's bad. So they can say, Ronnie dropped the F-bomb in the job interview. We're not giving her a job. Don't say fuck in a job interview unless you're a porn star; say it all you want.

The Etymology of Curse Words by @laniar

For fun, I'd like to spice the night up with the etymology of some of America's favorite curse words- we should know the history of the expletives we use so freely, especially those of us online, right?

Presented by Lani Rosales

This video was recorded on January 13, 2010 at the first Ignite Austin. If you had 5 minutes, what would you say? Submit a speaker application at

Tydus Said A BAD WORD!

Tydus aka Mini Jake Paul said his first bad word and he is in big trouble!

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Hi, we are Travis and Corey (Trav and Cor). We are a family of 4 that lives in California. Corey and I had our first baby (Tydus) on 5/24/14 and we had our baby girl (Ryatt) on 8/10/16. We are a fun loving family that likes to joke around and laugh. We love vlogging our daily lives to keep a record and to share with all of you! Follow us as we do all sorts of fun and funny things and continue to grow our family. Mahalo!

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Why are Bad words Bad?

Why are Bad words Bad?
why are curse words bad? swearing? cursing?

How to swear in Spanish - Spanish swear words and insults

How to cuss in Spanish. Common Spanish cuss words, Spanish swear words, Spanish insults, Spanish vulgarities, Spanish curse words, and Spanish profanities. Visit for all the Spanish lessons. This video is part of my colloquial Spanish course:

You will never speak bad words again after watching this! The Power of Words are HUGE

Words are not simply sounds caused by air passing through our larynx. Words have real power. God spoke the world into being by the power of His words (Hebrews 11:3), and we are in His image in part because of the power we have with words. Words do more than convey information. The power of our words can actually destroy one’s spirit, even stir up hatred and violence. They not only exacerbate wounds but inflict them directly. Of all the creatures on this planet, only man has the ability to communicate through the spoken word. The power to use words is a unique and powerful gift from God.

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Tell me all the bad words you know...GO!

A friend of mine took this video a couple weeks back, asking his nephew to tell him all the naughty words he knew. He did this to find out just how many bad words he knew, and give him the chance to tell him without getting into trouble. This is the video seen on The Tonight Show, and the Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment Do you know any naughty words?

The New Bad Words You Can't Say

An American Profanity Story (Part 2)

annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it's DEMONETIZED. errr.... was demonetized: UPDATE 5/10/18: After getting a video review, yesterday, part 2 (this video)been deemed appropriate for people! :]

Watch Part 1 here if you haven't yet!

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How to tell somebody to shut up in Arabic. This is a series of bad words in Arabic and some insults I could teach as I won't be getting into detail with curse words as you'e been insisting I'd teach for so long :) I will limit this series of lessons on the funny usage of words in our Shami Dialect to insult somebody.. hope you like it.. stay tuned for more.. we have a lot of expressions of this kind that are worth explaining and teaching as they show how authentic, gutty and spirit showing our language is!

#learnarabicwithmaha #mahayakoub #arabic #arab #oriental #Middle East #Palestinian #Expressions #colloquial #spoken #language #arabo #impara #لهجة #فلسطين


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Wwe saying bad words


Hola mi gente! So many of you have asked for me to include some of the bad words said in PR. If you have translations from any different Spanish - speaking countries, leave them down below!

Curse Like a Puerto Rican pt. 2:



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Pinoy Curse Words



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