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Why Are Bad Words Bad?


Why Are Bad Words Bad?

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100 Kids Say Bad Words | 100 Kids | HiHo Kids

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100 Kids Tell us Bad Words | 100 Kids | HiHo Kids

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How not to swear!

Sometimes when you want to swear, you shouldn't... like in a job interview or in front of your grandmother! That's why we have words that are not considered offensive that you can substitute into your vocabulary. This isn't B.S., I promise. Watch this freakin' lesson and learn how NOT to swear!
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Hi, feckers. How you doing? Sometimes, you want to say bad words. But sometimes -- just sometimes -- people get angry if you use bad words. I'm going to teach you how not to swear. I'm also going to teach you how to swear. Perfect.

So we have these words in English called curse, swear, or bad words. Okay? These are words that people -- some people -- think are bad. Part of the reason why people believe that they're bad is people who are very religious -- so if you find yourself in the middle of America, which means you're not on the East Coast; you're not on the West Coast; you're kind of in the middle, smack-dab, or if you're in Calgary or Edmonton or some places in Canada where people are really Christian, a lot of them do not like it when you say shit. So you have to choose a different word. I'm here to teach you this.

So damn -- now, damn has the religious background. So damn is like, Damn you all to hell. Damn is a bad word because they're basically going to hell and not going to heaven. So instead of saying damn, people say dang or darn. Darn it! Some people go as far as to say, Rats! My grandmother's favorite, Oh, dash! Now, my grandmother was from Scotland, so I think this is kind of a Scottish translation of damn. People in movies say goddamn. That's pretty bad if you're really religious.

Then, for all the people out there, Oh, my God. It's been shortened now to OMG. Did you know that OMG meant Oh, my God? Did you know that? So this, maybe, I think, is an acceptable way for people to get around saying Oh, my God. I wonder if really devout Christian people like to say OMG. I don't know.

So instead of saying god, all they do is replace it with either gosh or goodness. So instead of saying, Oh, my God, you can say, Oh, my gosh or, Oh, my goodness. For me, personally, I would say these words because I'm not religious. But, like I said, some people get a little bit freaked out if you use bad language. So just to be nice, this is what you're going to do.

Now, at a work place or in a very formal environment, people do not like it when you say swear words. Now, swear words are typical things like fuck, shit, bullshit, bitch, mother fucker, horseshit, son of a bitch. These words are considered bad. These are bad words. Personally, Ronnie loves bad words. Ronnie says bad words all the time. It's hard for me to not say bad words sometimes. So in an environment like my job, I cannot use bad words. If I'm going for a job interview, I don't want to drop the F-bomb: What's the F-bomb? The F-bomb is just the word fuck. People don't like the word fuck. They think it's bad. So they can say, Ronnie dropped the F-bomb in the job interview. We're not giving her a job. Don't say fuck in a job interview unless you're a porn star; say it all you want.

Be Aware of these SWEAR, NOTORIOUS, BAD & Curse words in English | Vocabulary Lesson for Beginners.

Be Aware of these SWEAR, NOTORIOUS, BAD & Curse words in English | Vocabulary Lesson for Beginners. Don't get insulted, exit the conversation or ask people to stop being rude.

This English lesson is an attempt to make beginners of English understand the swear, notorious, Curse and bad words in English used on them. Most of the times English learners don’t understand what’s been said by native English speakers and don’t understand that they are being insulted or people are rude with them. Understand these words as they are a signal to exit a conversation or ask people to stop being rude. You are watching this lesson on Let’s Talk English Institute - Our English courses cover topics such as Grammar Usage, Building advanced Vocabulary, Accent Training, American Accent, British accent, Job interviews skills and many more topics to speak English fluently and confidently in the real world.

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How to tell somebody to shut up in Arabic. This is a series of bad words in Arabic and some insults I could teach as I won't be getting into detail with curse words as you'e been insisting I'd teach for so long :) I will limit this series of lessons on the funny usage of words in our Shami Dialect to insult somebody.. hope you like it.. stay tuned for more.. we have a lot of expressions of this kind that are worth explaining and teaching as they show how authentic, gutty and spirit showing our language is!

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Swearing on YouTube: Should You Cut the Profanity?

While you may curse, use swear words, and say all sorts of profanity with your friends, should you use it in your YouTube videos? There's certainly benefits to not swearing in your videos if you're hoping to have as many opportunities available to you as possible (like brand deals), but some creators may feel like they then have to pretend to be someone they're not. What do you think? Do you eliminate swearing from your videos or do you keep it in?

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Jerry Seinfeld Explains How To Be Funny Without Sex Or Swearing

How Matt Santoro Developed His Unique Brand on YouTube

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How to SWEAR in German Part 1: German Bad words - Deutsche Schimpfwörter

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Is Cussing a Sin?

Can a Christian use swear words? Is cussing a sin? What does the Bible say about swearing? Scripture certainly has a lot to say about the power of language, and that power goes far beyond 4 letter words. In this video, Jon discusses the power that language has to build and destroy, while answering yet another question on Christian behavior.


Jon Jorgenson is an author, speaker, and spoken word poet whose YouTube videos have been viewed by more than 15 million people. Jon partners with numerous organizations including Awana International, Moody Bible Institute, the Willow Creek Association, and hundreds of other churches, colleges, and conferences all over the globe. His spoken word poetry provides a dynamic and creative experience that captures the imagination of audiences everywhere. As a former Broadway actor, Chicago native, and very lucky husband, Jon hopes to provide a fresh, unique voice to some of life’s most difficult and challenging questions.











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BAD WORDS in Korean (KWOW #211)

In today's lesson we learn a commonly heard word in Korean entertainment and in daily life (depending on who you hang out with the most). Use it to describe people and objects during dramatic or everyday situations. What a versatile word! Watch the video to learn more.

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F#*%? An Explanation of Curse Words

An introduction to curse words, why they exist, where they come from, how they function, and why they are, in fact, different from other sorts of words.

And, yes, I really did say all of those bad words and, with significant detective skills you can probably figure out what it was that I was saying. Sorry for the was interesting to scream curse words all day!

Also, my facial hair is gone! So all of you hair haters can rejoice, I know The Katherine is.

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The History of Swear Words (feat. Trailer Park Boys) | Mashable

Swearnet founders Trailer Park Boys provide an educational journey through the history of swear words.

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Mashable is the leading independent news site for all things tech, social media, and internet culture.

What Cursing Does To Your Body And Brain

On average, Americans curse about five times every waking hour. Swearing has tons of benefits from relieving stress or pain, to helping you bond with your coworkers. Cursing while working out may even give you an extra boost of energy.


#Swearing #Cursing #ScienceInsider

Following is a transcript of the video:

Americans are cursing more today than ever before. In fact, the average American utters 80 to 90 curse words every day. That’s about five curse words every waking hour. And it might not be in vain. Turns out, swearing may help make you live a happier, healthier life in the long-run.

When you stub your toe and holler your favorite dirty, four-letter word, You’re actually doing yourself a favor. Swearing has been known to raise your heart rate, which can help reduce the pain. For example, one study found that people who held their hand in icy water while cursing lasted 50 percent longer than the people who used neutral words — like “wooden” and “flat.”

And if you’re still not convinced that you should curse more, consider this: Swearing could be the key to improving your workouts. Researchers asked people to curse while riding a stationary bike and holding a device that measured handgrip strength. Wouldn’t you know it, participants pedaled faster and gripped stronger while spewing their favorite expletives.  And swearing won’t just help you get more fit, it can also reduce stress and anxiety.

For instance, one study found that swearing helped drivers better cope with their frustration on the road whenever a pedestrian illegally crossed the street. And in fact, this type of emotional relief is so common, it has a name: Lalochezia. Scientists think that this relief is one reason why we’ve evolved to curse in the first place.Because it’s a way for us to express strong emotions — like anger and frustration — without having to throw a punch or act out.

And this method — of choosing words over violence — has other benefits, too. Studies show that people who curse are perceived as more genuine and sincere. And researchers have found that people who can list the most swear words also come across as more honest when they’re measured on a lie scale.

But there’s still one place where cursing is almost always out of the question: Work. But you might have a good excuse to swear there too. Researchers studied a team of workers at a soap factory in New Zealand, and looked at the use of a particular swear word, we'll call it the f-word.

Turns out that using the f-word helped the workers express politeness, alleviate tension, and bond with each other. So, we’re not saying you should curse out your boss, but a little swearing here and there can’t hurt, and sh-t, it may even help.


Science Insider tells you all you need to know about science: space, medicine, biotech, physiology, and more.

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What Cursing Does To Your Body And Brain

Inoffensive Alternatives to Common Swear Words

To better understand the use of swear words, make sure you read these articles from our blog:
- How to Use Swear Words in English -
- How to Really use the word SHIT: What Most English learners Don't Know -
- 34 Ways to Use the Word ASS: Idioms, Slang and Collocation -
- B*TCH, PLEASE! How to Use the Word Bitch Correctly -

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American Swear Words BRITS Don't Know!

Last week we did a video all about Very British Swear Words. But it made us think that there are definitely some American curse words that we British folk just would never use!! Let us know if you use these words and if we missed any out!

Watch Next, “Questions for Germans”:

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How many swear words can you think of in a minute?

Dr Richard Stephens, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Keele University, talks about the importance of swearing research. Does swearing help us cope with pain? Do we swear more when we're emotional? And, how many swear words can YOU think of in a minute?

Learn to speak English - Swear Words - Bad language - Abusive Rude Words

Learning English swear words. Giving Abuse and using rude words - English lesson. Why do people swear and use bad language? What is swearing? What is the origin of swearing? Why do we use abusive language?

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Learn Japanese Curse Words You Should Never Use!

Don’t forget to download your gifts: 3 FREE Japanese Cheat Sheets from the Top Slang Words you’ll hear in Japan to the Top Rated-R Curse Words:

In this video you will discover why you need at least to understand curse words, you will boost your comprehension skills by learning the power of swear words! Don’t forget to download your gifts!

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How to Avoid Saying Bad Words | English Language: Speaking (American Slang)

How to stop swearing/How to stop cursing/How to avoid bad words. Have you ever been frustrated and wanted to say a bad word? Of course you have! But sometimes, it is inappropriate to use such language. In this video we will show you how to clean up your language and show that you are angry or frustrated without using offensive language. Study English in the USA!

English Language and American Culture Blog
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TRANSCRIPT: So you know when you’re frustrated and you’re having a bad day and you just want to say a really dirty word to make yourself feel better, but the problem is you can’t because there’s a little kid next to you, maybe an elderly person sitting next to you, maybe you’re in school, and you just cannot say a bad word. Well today I’m going to show you how to say those bad words, those curse words, the clean way. So, you can say these words almost anywhere. In fact, if you watch kid’s movies, I guarantee you’ll hear some of these words already. So these are kind of the clean ways of saying words that you probably already know.

Everyone knows the “f” word, and I’m going to show you a way to say the “f” word without actually saying it. So…. right here. Usually you want to say, “That f%$^ing test was so hard!” but you can’t say it because you’re in class and that’s rude. That’s impolite. What you can say is “freaking”. You can say, “That freaking test was so hard! I hate it!” or you can say, “The freaking weather in Chicago is too cold!” And it’s fine. People understand you. You are not cursing, but you are showing that you’re angry somewhat. Another way if you just want to say the “f “ word, if you hurt your hand or your leg and you want to say “F%$^&!” You can say, “Fudge!” Just like the chocolate, “Fudge”. And people understand that you cannot say the “f” word.

Next, “damn”. Damn isn’t as bad as the “f” word, but if there are some children around you and don’t want to say it you can say “Darn” or “Dang”. So next time you want to say “damn”, just practice a new word and say “Darn” or “Dang” instead.

Next, a very famous English phrase that I’ve heard many many people use “WTF”. Now, of course you can just say “WTF” if you want to say that. But if you want to say “What the %^#$%^” you can also say “What the heck?” Now this is a variation from what the hell, but what the hell is also kind of bad. It is also kind of a bad word. So you can say “What the heck” if you do not know what is going on in a situation. “What the heck is going to be on this test tomorrow?”

The next one is another really bad word, as you can see I didn’t want to write it. It starts with an “s” and ends with a “t”. Well, if you want to say that word, but you cannot, you can just say, “shoot”. Now shoot we usually say when something bad happens. For example, “I got a 25% on my test. Shoot!”

The next one is a little bit more aggressive. You say this to people you don’t like. now you can say shut the #$%# up,” bad word right there, or you can say “Shut the heck up”. Now that’s a cleaner way to say a dirty word, right? It’s a cleaner way to be aggressive or explicit if there’s little kids around, right?

The next one is more of an insult, right? This one is pretty strong. You can say “Son of a gun” instead of “Son of a $%^”. I’ll let you figure out that last word for yourself. That’s your homework. You can say, “That guy… man, he’s a real son of a gun.” And that means that he is mean, or you do not like him or you think that he is a bad person or something like that.

And the last one, this last one is really fun. It’s just “bleep.” Now this is the sound that you hear in movies when they curse and it’s on TV and they “bleep”. They make a bleep noise, so you cannot hear the bad word. You can use this for any bad word at all. For example, “Bleep that bleepin’ bleep right there!” What did I say? You probably know what I wanted to say, but I could not say it. So the next time you want to say a curse word practice saying “Bleep!” and that way you know that you are censoring yourself. You’re cleaning your language yourself.

Three Types of Forbidden Words

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How to say BAD words in British English (politely)

I hate saying bad words and if I can help it I prefer alternative ways to swear. I share the swear words in context so you can understand. Here are the words I'm going to share.

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