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Why Australia's Wildfires Will Get WORSE | Mashable Explains


The Amazon isn't Burning - It's Being Burned

This is a thing that is happening right now, and (taking a page from the global warming playbook) a think I've been hearing from Bolsonaro's supporters is, Who even knows how bad it is...deforestation is actually down.

It's so sad to watch us play with words and numbers when the reality is obvious to anyone with eyes. Deforestation is down because when you don't count burning, and we don't know how much land has been burned because it's still burning and determining the extent of a forest fire is extremely labor intensive. It takes time to do these surveys. But what we do know for sure is that the number of fires is up all over the Amazon.

And we also know that Bolsonaro's government had decreased inspections dramatically, put military officials in charge of environmental organizations, and fired every scientist who publicly disagrees with him.

There has never been a greater reminder that nationalism is a disaster of an ideology, and that how we imagine the world and who we end up voting for matters. A lot.


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How much worse will Australia's bushfire crisis get?

Wednesday, 8 January 2020
How much worse will Australia's bushfire crisis get? | Orange Way
How much worse will Australia's bushfire crisis get?

How much worse will Australia's bushfire crisis get?

Tuesday, 7 January 2020
How much worse will Australia's bushfire crisis get? | Orange Story
How much worse will Australia's bushfire crisis get?

Australian Bushfire Fake News Needs To STOP

News of the Australian bushfire crisis has swept the globe. A pity that so much of that news is fake. Allow me to clear up some of the very, very fake news that I'm sure you've heard; here's what's really going on...

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What Actually Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

What is the coronavirus and what does it actually do in your body?

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Australian bush fire fundraiser and hotshots in about 3 minutes

All ad revenue from this video, for the duration of summer will be donated to the Australian bush fire charities below.

Victoria Bushfire appeal :

Country fire Authority

Wildlife victoria

Warriors 4 wildlife

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Also a short summary of hotshots in about 3 minutes

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Artist: Víctor Pérez Corbella
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Bemboka bushfire, New South Wales bushfires, Australia wildfires

Bemboka bushfire, New South Wales bushfires, Australia wildfires
New South Wales
Bemboka is located in New South WalesBembokaBemboka
Coordinates 36°38′0″S 149°35′0″ECoordinates: 36°38′0″S 149°35′0″E
Population 577 (2016 census)[1]
Postcode(s) 2550
474 km (295 mi) SSW of Sydney
193 km (120 mi) S of Canberra
36 km (22 mi) W of Bega
77 km (48 mi) SE of Cooma
LGA(s) Bega Valley Shire
State electorate(s) Bega
Federal Division(s) Eden-Monaro
Bemboka is a town in the South Coast region of New South Wales, Australia. The town is located on the Snowy Mountains Highway, in the Bega Valley Shire local government area, 474 kilometres (295 miles) south of the state capital, Sydney. At the 2016 census, the Bemboka gazetted locality had a population of 577avel,
holiday,The town economy is based on dairying. In the late 1890s there were six known butter and cheese factories in the area. These were superseded by cooperatives, with the Bemboka Co-operative Factory at the east end of town remaining in business until 1980.[13] During the 1980s and 1990s, the old cheese factory building was used by Bemboka Handmade Paper Pty Ltd to make quality handmade paper that was marketed worldwide.[14]

Bemboka is notable for retaining most of its older timber buildings. These include the stores which once lined the main street, some of which are now used as private homes. The original Bemboka Pie Shop built in 1930 still operates as a bakery and pie shop with a reputation built from a long history of providing refreshment to motorists coming down to the coast from the Monaro and ACT.[15]

In the surrounding state forests, woodchipping and logging was a major industry until the late 1980s, when activism by conservationists resulted in the reservation of 15,300 hectares as Bemboka National Park.[16] In 1997, this area was merged into the South East Forests National Park.[8]

For a small community, the people of Bemboka have a history of working together to achieve big things. From 1956–1967, the village ran its own weekly picture show in the School of Arts Hall using the school's 16mm projector, to raise money to build the current Bemboka Memorial Hall.[17] During the 1970s, the village raised funds through housie nights, catering and grants to build a swimming pool in the town.[18] Most recently, Bemboka has become known for its banquet, a community initiative of the Bemboka Show Society, which in 2012 served 150 guests a four course dinner of five entrees, five main courses, five desserts and five cheeses, with 90 per cent of ingredients sourced from within 10 kilometres of the Bemboka Memorial Hall.[19][20]

Queensland fire emergency leaves Brisbane's air quality worse than Beijing

Monday, 11 November 2019
Queensland fire emergency leaves Brisbane's air quality worse than Beijing | Sky Australia Sports
If you're finding it hard to breathe in Brisbane today there's a good reason — thanks to the smoke haze from southern Queensland bushfires the air quality is currently worse than Beijing.

Australia is in a 'danger zone' with Trump over the Mueller Report

Sky News contributor Bruce Wolpe says Australia is in a danger zone with US President Donald Trump over its role in the launch of the Mueller Report.

Are bees going extinct?

According to reports, we’re facing the beepocalypse. Pollinators are dying out, and the result will be much of our food will disappear with bee extinction.

If true, it’s seriously worrying. But is it true? Let’s have a look.

The Mallen Baker Show is aimed at all people who see themselves as change makers, with commentary on issues and change movements with a particular focus on climate change and environment, social issues, free speech and corporate social responsibility.






















Nope Level Australia

Nope Level Australia

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Azadi | Kashmir, Hong Kong, Catalonia Separatism | Explained by Dhruv Rathee

Why do some people want a separate country? What is the reason behind separatist movements? What are the results of these separatist movements, do they lead to better life for the citizens or worse? I explain all this in this video using the examples across the world -

- Hong Kong
- Catalonia
- Eritrea
- Kurdistan
- South Sudan
- Kosovo
- Timor Leste
- Kashmir

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Chris Hemsworth and Elton John Among Celebs Donating to Australian Bushfire Relief

Chris Hemsworth, Elton John and many more celebrities are joining the fight against the devastating bushfires raging in Australia that have killed dozens of people. In addition to the human fatalities, almost 1 billion animals have been killed and more than 2,000 homes have been destroyed from the flames that have burned almost 11 million hectares of land.

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Heartbroken Kylie Minogue donates huge sum for horrific Australian bushfires

Thanks for watching my video.
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Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use (
For any copyright, please send me a message.  Heartbroken pop star Kylie Minogue has donated £265,000 to the bushfire crisis which is destroying her homeland.  More than 200 bushfires continues to rage through New South Wales, endangering animals, destroying vegetation and killing at least 24 people to date.  The former Neighbours actress has taken to Instagram to confirmed that she and her family, including sister Dannii, are donating $500 Austrialian dollars (£265k).  Kyle, 51, shared a snap of herself on the photo sharing site standing in a field with burnt out and the stunning Aussie backdrop behind her.  Explaining her devastation at the state of her birth place in her caption, Kylie penned: Last year I had the incredible opportunity of visiting some of the many beautiful places in my homeland for the first time. Returning home to such devastation throughout much of the country is heartbreaking.  As a family, we’ve donated $500,000 towards the immediate firefighting efforts and the ongoing support which will be required. Big or small, from near or far, any support will help those affected by the devastating bushfires.  The Can't Get You Out Of My Head singer was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1968.  Kylie's sister and former X Factor judge Dannii, 48, currently resides Down under and she recently shared advice on how to stay safe in Oz.  Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth and his family have also pledged $1 million towards the crisis and has encouraged his 39 million followers to donate whatever they can afford in a bid to save his country.  Taking to Instagram, Thor actor Chris penned: The bushfires in Australia have caused massive devastation.  They continue to burn, there’s warmer weather on its way, we’re really still in the thick of it here and there’s plenty of challenging times still to come.  What we need is your support.  US hitmaker Pink has also taken to Twitter to reveal she intends to donate $500,00 to the crisis services.  The Just Give Me A Reason singer wrote: I am totally devastated watching what is happening in Australia right now with the horrific bushfires.  I am pledging a donation of $500,000 directly to the local fire services that are battling so hard on the frontlines.  My heart goes out to our friends and family in Oz.

Climate change: Why we need 70% of U.S. politicians to unite | Daniel Esty | Big Think

Climate change: Why we need 70% of U.S. politicians to unite
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When it comes to politically addressing the climate crisis, we need politicians from both sides of the aisle to work together to create policies that bring about a more sustainable tomorrow.

If we enact policies that require companies to pay for their greenhouse gas emissions, we would see an immediate change of behavior from them, in regard to how much they contribute to climate change.

There's growing agreement that the climate crisis is real among both Republicans and Democrats. The main concern, however, among those who are still critical of its significance is whether it will limit people's choices or slow the economy.
Daniel C. Esty is the Hillhouse Professor of Environmental Law and Policy at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and the Yale Law School. Known for his innovative policy ideas and commitment to transformative change, Dan served as head of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection from 2011 to 2014 and in several leadership roles at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency from 1989 to 1993. He is the editor of A Better Planet: 40 Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future (Yale University Press).

A Better Planet: 40 Big Ideas for a Sustainable Future is available here:
DAN ESTY: So when I served at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the late 1980s and early 1990s climate change first came onto the public agenda in a big way, and there was at the time a UN process launched to think about this issue. There was, in fact, the inner governmental panel on climate change that was chartered to go out and look at the science and provide a foundation for diplomats getting together and to fashion a global response to what was already understood to be a risk that the planet was warming and that we were going to see things like sea level rise, changed rainfall patterns, more droughts, more floods and frankly a whole series of risks including hurricanes and more intense and frequent windstorms that began to really get people worried. So there was a sense that there was a big issue there.

I worked at that time as part of the EPA team that negotiated the 1992 framework convention on climate change. And what was interesting at that moment is how it brought people together across party lines. So democrats and republicans thought this was an important issue. And when that treaty was finally concluded in the spring of 1992 and later presented to the United States Senate for ratification which, of course, requires a two-thirds vote seemingly unimaginable in today's politics. The end result was the senate passed the treaty by voice vote effectively unanimously. So not only the democrats but all the republicans said this is an issue we need to move forward on and together we advanced that agenda.

But by the mid-1990s there was a political divide and it became a partisan issue. In fact, worse than that it became a wedge issue which the republicans uses in one respect to enliven their base. The democrats pushed in another direction and the two parties saw no value in coming together. So I think we really have a serious problem on our hands where this is a partisan issue because frankly the climate change problem in particular, but he need to move to a sustainable future more broadly cannot be done on a one party basis. Transformative change of the kind that's required here, relaying the energy foundation of our economy and our society can only be done when you come up the middle with about 70 percent of the public and the political sphere moving together.

And that is by definition not going to happen on a one party basis. So I think there's now an urgent need and the Better Planet book I think represents a response to think about what's the up the middle strategy, what are the technologies, what are the approaches, what are the ideas that might allow us to come together and move towards this sustainable future.

Looking out towards 2021 and beyond I think you're going to see the republican party in the United States reposition itself on climate change. I'm already hearing from a number of republicans who believe that they need to have a serious and thoughtful approach to the issue. The big divide which has often been framed around the science with one side being called science deniers actually hasn't really been about the science. The science is an excuse particularly for some republicans who fear the implications of the science for policy.


Amazon Rainforest Fires | Why We MUST Care

The #Amazon rainforest #fires have become an urgent issue for the health of our planet. This is a video explaining why we MUST care and how we can help preserve the rainforest for future generations. I will also share some of my personal experience there to explain why we need to act to preserve the majestic rainforest.
The Amazon rainforest fires have rightfully gathered global attention. Since January of 2019, the Amazon rainforest has faced about 75,000 fires! Now fires happen every year in the tropics and they are important for the ecosystem. Many fires in Brazil are on rainforest-turned-farms while drier forests in Bolivia and Paraguay are burning. However, the frequency and intensity of the Amazon Rainforest Fires is increasing. The recent fires of 2019 in the #rainforest are an 85% increase since last year and things may get worse in the coming years if we don’t act now. The forest is being burnt.

SPECIAL THANKS to Andrea Nicolau for the interview and Jonathan Weisberger for the life-changing Amazon trip.

Article references are pasted below – Please do read if you wish to dig deeper:

The Intercept: Loss of the rainforest -

Land use and climate change risks in the Amazon:

Amazon rainforest can save humans:

Uptick in Amazon rainforest fire activity in 2019 -

Satellite images of Amazon fires in near real-time:

How Indigenous people protect the Earth’s biodiversity:

Resurgence of Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon:

Three things to know about the recent Amazon fires:

Deforestation trend in the Amazon from Mongabay:

We must not barter the Amazon rainforest for steaks and hamburgers:

Carbon Monoxide map of fires by NASA JPL:

MAAP report from Amazon Conservation on the recent fires:

Five myths on tropical rainforests:

Ayahuasca curing depression:

Palm Oil expansion in Ecuador:

Videos used (licensed under creative commons – thank you creators!)
Humanity’s True Purpose by Sustainable Human:

The Amazon Rainforest isn’t burning – It is being burnt:

What a Brazilian feedlot looks like:

Action links – click below to engage in action to save the rainforest and ourselves:
1) What the Rainforest alliance certification means:

2) Download Ecosia browser to plant trees for free -

3) Use Global Forest Watch for yourself:

4) Become a member of Amazon Watch:

5) Become a member of Amazon Conservation Team:

6) Check out the work of Amazon Frontlines:

Donation and membership links to reliable organizations:
1) DONATE to Amazon Conservation here:

2) Donate to Amazon Watch here:

3) Buy an acre of the Amazon by donating to Rainforest Action Network:

4) Become an active member of Pachamama Alliance which is an amazing transparent organization working directly with indigenous tribes in Peru and Ecuador:

Subscribe here:

'Forced penetration' of renewables 'destabilising entire power system'

Executive Director of the Energy Policy Institute of Australia Robert Pritchard told Sky News that ‘forced penetration of renewables is destabilising the entire power system.’

Weather helps prevent bushfires

Heavy rain and cooler temperatures over summer have helped reduce the fire risk in the ACT for the 2011-12 bushfire season.

California's Renewable Energy Problem

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Unfinished Story - Kikoru
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I See Blue - Dye O
Timetable 20 - Gunnar Johnsen
Quietly Tense 1 - Gunnar Johnsen
A Trip To The Moon - Aiolos Rue
Scripts Untold - Magnus Ringblom

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East coast wet continues as residents fight to clean up | ABC News

Sydney and Brisbane continue to mop up after rains continued to wreak havoc across the mid-east coast.

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