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Why Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics


Why Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics

Coronavirus can be terrifying for an average healthy person but what about those who are considered “high risk.” The Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization state those at higher risk for the worst outcomes for the virus are older adults and people with chronic illnesses like heart disease, lung disease and diabetes.
CNBC explores why is coronavirus more dangerous for diabetics.

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Why Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics

Everyone with Diabetes must prepare for COVID-19

All references, resources, and transcripts here:
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Advice about COVID-19 and Diabetes

Joslin's Chief Medical Officer Dr. Robert Gabbay shares some general advice about #COVID-19 and diabetes.

Coronavirus: Does risk of death rise with diabetes? [Dr. Explains]

In this video Dr. Ahmet Ergin, founder of explains whether the risk of the death rate due to the Coronavirus (covid-19) is higher for diabetic patients and patients with chronic health conditions. Dr. Ergin will explain what exactly is the Coronavirus and will provide a full explanation about any increased risk of death for people suffering from diabetes and chronic health conditions. In this video you will learn if diabetic patients are more likely to develop complications from Coronavirus (covid-19) due to diabetes and chronic health problems and how you can mitigate, reduce and manage any related risks to protect yourself and your loved ones. Also, watch the following video for more detailed information about coronavirus.

Can coronavirus risk increase in diabetic patient || Why Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics

Dr. Vijay Kumar talking about how coronavirus risk increase in diabetic patient || Why Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics.

#coronavirus #COVID19 #diabetics

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COVID-19 Insights: Diabetes and COVID-19

Diabetes and COVID-19

Characteristics of and Important Lessons From the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Outbreak in China

Chinese data till February 11th 2020
Case fatality rate (CFR)
Cardiovascular diseases: 10.5%
Diabetes: 7.3%
Chronic respiratory diseases: 6.3%
Hypertension: 6%
Cancer: 5.6%

Prevention steps to stay healthy

Diabetic patients are
More prone to dehydration due to elevated glucose. (As the kidneys throw the glucose out and in the process throw the water out as well.) So keep it controlled.
When A1C goes in 9-10 range then the risk of complications increases significantly.

What to do?
Wash hands
Wear mask
Get a flu shot
If you are insulin dependent then keep extra insulin at hand.
Keep your diabetes and hypertension well managed.

What happens to immune system in diabetes?

Chronic hyperglycemia causes blood vessel narrowing and damage leading to slower perfusion and nerve damage. Nerve damage occurs both because of poor blood supply to the nerves and the accumulation of glucose in the myeline sheath and damaging it.

High glucose levels impair neutrophil activity (innate arm.)
Cytosolic calcium increases in PMN cells. This in turn reduces their ability to phagocytose. It happens because high levels of calcium reduce the synthesis of ATP that in turn is needed for the cellular function.
Study showing that the hyperglycemia increases intracellular calcium:

PMN chemotaxis is also impaired.
Reduced complement response
Reduced leukocyte adherence to the blood vessels. Study mentioining endothelial dysfunction:
Reduced response to pathogens
Chronic hyperglycemia leads to acidosis which further reduces the activity of the immune system. (Study mentioning immune dysregulation with various acids:
Skin cells become less efficient and skin and urinary infections become common.

Additionally, the reduced carbohydrate metabolism causes increased fatty acids mobilization. This results in the vascular endothelium to become atherosclerotic. Resulting also, in the narrowing of the blood vessels and reduced perfusion.
High free fatty acids also cause high levels of reactive oxygen species. This in turn makes our tissues prone to easy damage.
FFA cause disruption of insulin responding mechanisms.
Inflammation caused by ROS leading to adipocyte insulin resistance and inflammation:

Hyperglycemia causes an increase of dicarbonyl production. Dicarbonyl in turn reduces the function of beta-definsins. That are necessary to kill pathogens.

Endocrine and metabolic link to coronavirus infection

MERS COV and diabetes
Comorbid diabetes results in immune dysregulation and enhanced disease severity following MERS-CoV infection

T Helper 17 cells that release IL-17alpha

Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β), interleukin 6 (IL-6), interleukin 21 (IL-21) and interleukin 23 (IL-23) contribute to Th17 formation in mice and humans.

Vitamin D in turn severely impairs the production of the TH17 cells. Hence, reducing the proinflammatory behavior.

ACE2 activity is upgregulated in pancreas of the diabetic patients.

Binding of SARS coronavirus to its receptor damages islets and causes acute diabetes

Why Is Coronavirus a Bigger Worry for People With Diabetes?

Everything You Should Know About Coronavirus and Diabetes

Are people with diabetes more likely to get COVID-19?

How about DKA and complication?

What are the concerning signs?
Shortness of breath
Persistent pressure/pain in the chest
New confusion or inability to arouse
Bluish lips/tongue or face

High blood sugar means that cells have less sugar to function. This includes the immune cells. Hence, all cells become an easy target.

Calcium depletion in the presence of hyperglycemia

Diabetes Patients and Coronavirus or Covid- 19 | Dr. Manjunath Malige - Aster RV Hospital

Dr. Manjunath Malige, Lead Consultant - Endocrinology & Diabetes, Aster RV, addresses the recent query of diabetic patients.
How much a diabetic patient is at risk if she/he is diagnosed with COVID-19?
Watch the video to find out more about COVID-19 and the post-contamination effect on the diabetic patient.

Dr. Manjunath Malige is the Chief and Senior Endocrinologist and Diabetologist at Aster RV Hospital. Before joining Aster, he was Chief and Senior Consultant in Endocrinology, Diabetes, Sports Diabetes, and Bariatric Medicine (weight management ) at Fortis Hospital, Bengaluru.
He has expertise in diagnosing and managing various types of diabetes including Gestational Diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), Diabetes-related complications and various hormone abnormalities including those of the Thyroid, Parathyroid, Pituitary and Adrenal glands. He is competent in managing patients with complicated Diabetes and endocrine conditions and Endocrine Cancers particularly thyroid and adrenal cancers. Dr. Manjunath is also specially trained and competent in diagnosing and managing Osteoporosis (brittle bone disease), having had the opportunity to work at the Osteoporosis and Metabolic Bone Disorder Clinic at Central Manchester Foundation Trust. He has a special interest in managing Diabetes in individuals taking part in various recreational and competitive sports.


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COVID-19: Impact on Diabetes

Dr. Reshmi Srinath discusses the impact of COVID-19 on diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes increases your risk of complications from Covid-19

Read more
Here are three myths you need to know to take control of your health and reverse your diabetes.

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Coronavirus deaths and diabetes statistics explained | Diabetes UK

Coronavirus deaths and diabetes stats in England explained by Dr Lucy Chambers, Head of Research Communications here at Diabetes UK. Find out more at

House Call: COVID-19 and Diabetes Risk

What's known about at-risk cardiometabolic patient care during the pandemic.

Diabetes & Cancer Patients at Greater Risk | COVID-19 | Dr. PC Manoria

COVID-19: Diabetes & Cancer patients at greater risk says Dr. PC Manoria | TheRightDoctors

Dr PC Manoria is the past president of Cardiology Society of India and Director of Manoria Heart and Critical Care Hospital Bhopal

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Diabetes and COVID-19: your questions answered

Associate Professor Spiros Fourlanos, Head of The Royal Melbourne Hospital's Diabetes and Endocrinology Unit answers your questions on COVID-19 and diabetes.

#COVID19 Diabetes and COVID-19: Three Patient Cases

Transcript, references, and resources available here:

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What COVID-19 means for people with diabetes

The CDC and World Health Organization have both found that people with chronic medical conditions are at higher risk for experiencing more serious complications from the new coronavirus, and are at a higher risk for death.

My Experience in the COVID-19 Pandemic (with Type 1 diabetes!)

My thoughts around the Coronavirus Pandemic and how it has affected my daily life so far.

JDRF info on Coronavirus and Type 1 Diabetes:



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[DISCLAIMER: While I am a Registered Nurse, nothing that I post should ever be taken as medical/nursing advice. Please consult your doctor if you have questions about your individual diabetes management and overall health.]

Third of coronavirus deaths in England's hospitals linked to diabetes

The NHS has found that almost a third of all coronavirus deaths in England's hospitals are linked to diabetes - with the highest risk for people with type 1 diabetes, who are three and a half times more likely to die from the virus than non-diabetics.


But the overwhelming majority of Covid patients with diabetes who have died are Type 2 diabetics. Their risk of dying is twice that of people without diabetes.

Factors like age and obesity, which are common in Type 2, make a significant difference.
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Low Immunity, High Risk; Coronavirus Is Dangerous For Diabetics | V6 News

The COVID-19 infection is a double challenge for people with diabetes Patients.Many patients with diabetes are obese and obesity is also a risk factor. #DiabetesPatients #Corona

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Coronavirus and Type 1 Diabetes Q&A

Every day, we receive a flurry of questions from our type 1 diabetes (T1D) community about the coronavirus and what it means for those of us living with T1D. Throughout this pandemic, we will share the top questions we receive and responses from experts in the field.

We here at JDRF are not medical experts, but we do work with the nation’s top professionals in the field and are looking to them to help with your questions. Even so, these responses are not intended to be medical advice, for that—as always—you must consult your own personal physician.

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COVID-19 & Diabetes by Dr V Mohan

#covid19 #covid2019 #coronavirus #diabetesprevention

Due to the present scare due to COVID-19 infection, many people with diabetes have been
contacting us asking whether people with diabetes are more prone to COVID-19. It is true
that the people with diabetes are prone to all infections. There is some emerging data to
suggest that people with diabetes are also more prone to COVID-19. Moreover, even in
those with infections like COVID-19, which leads to pneumonia, the chances of a secondary
bacterial infection complicating the viral pneumonia is also there. Hence, people with
diabetes should take particular precautions with respect to COVID-19, as they already have
a slightly immuno- compromised state.

What can be done to prevent COVID-19 infection?
What special precautions should people with diabetes take?

We learn that how we can prevent covid-19 infection from the diabetic patient. What special precaution we need to take to prevent covid2019 from diabetes.

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