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Why Scientists Don't Freak Out About UFO Videos


US Navy confirms UFO videos are the real deal

The US Navy has confirmed that certain UFO videos made public over the past several years do indeed show unidentified aerial phenomena. #CNN #News

Secret Pentagon UFO program revealed

Newly released footage from the Department of Defense shows an apparent UFO caught on tape.

Former Government Official's Video Shows Navy Spotting UFO Off California, Recalls Experience | TIME

A former Navy pilot has opened up about an otherworldly experience he says he experienced in 2004. His testimony comes just days after the Pentagon officially revealed the existence of a secret office investigating the existence of UFOs.
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Former Government Official's Video Shows Navy Spotting UFO Off California, Recalls Experience | TIME

Three UFOs spotted in Canada every day in 2017: survey

There were three UFO sightings in Canada every day in 2017 according to a survey by UFOlogy Research of Manitoba. Janet Dirks has the story. Footage of the 'Squamish Orb' was captured by Rob Freeman.

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Secretive program tracked UFOs for 5 years

The now-defunct secretive federal program designed to track unidentified flying objects is facing new scrutiny while some officials deem it a national security priority. CNN's Brian Todd reports.

Pentagon declassifies Navy 'UFO' videos (VIDEO 1/3)

Navy video from 2004 and declassified by the Pentagon shows unexplained aerial phenomena.


The Pentagon has declassified three previously leaked top secret U.S. Navy videos that show unexplained aerial phenomena and that some believe could show Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in an effort to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real or whether or not there is more to the videos, said a Pentagon spokesperson.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 UFO mystery - how to see an alien ship

GTA 5's Mount Chiliad mystery is back with the Red Dead Redemption 2 UFO hunt. Here's how to track the flying saucer down.

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Expert: UFOs frequently come close to hitting airliners

Britain's real-life 'Fox Mulder' says in recent years, governments have been taking UFOs more seriously and they need to become a national security issue. #Tucker

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Adorable Googly-Eyed Sea Creature Puzzles Scientists | National Geographic

Scientists aboard the Nautilus vessel recently spotted this cuddly creature 2,950 feet (900 meters) below the surface of the water off the coast of California. But is it a cuttlefish? Or an octopus? Or something else? Stare into these googly eyes as you watch this video to find out the answer!
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#NationalGeographic #StubbySquid #Squids

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Read more about this Muppet-like creature and why it appears so still.

Footage courtesy: OET/Nautilus Live
Associate Producer: Jed Winer

(Answer: Stubby squid, aka North Pacific bobtail squid)

Adorable Googly-Eyed Sea Creature Puzzles Scientists | National Geographic

National Geographic

UFO? Chilean Navy releases video of mysterious flying object

Chilean Navy declassifies and releases 2014 video of mysterious flying object

7 Mysteries of Underwater Aliens (Part 1)

UFO sightings & Alien Encounters are not Exclusive to land.

Submerged and forgotten cities render street formations, staircases, alleyways, ports, and even statues bearing the faces of Gods and Kings.

Surely, these sites signify a foundation for ancient artifact and ruin— but could these evidential findings of prehistoric life beneath the sea, cast a glimpse into the evolution of mankind?

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7. The Ice Age May be to Blame
Scientific theory can only speculate that with the ending of the last Ice Age, substantial changes were made to our earth’s surface. With thirty percent of the planet covered in ice, water levels were suggestively lower at the time. Imagine glaciers of ice stuck to the land masses of greater Europe and North America— as that water began to melt, mass floods consumed approximately 10 million square miles of land all over the globe. 11,000 years of water washing away the earth’s surface would explain the 200 cities lost underneath the Mediterranean alone.

6. Unidentified Floating Objects
The Baltic Sea: At the bottom of the Atlantic lies what Swedish divers—combing the ocean floor in pursuit of sunken treasure— believe to be a close replica of the Millennium Falcon. Despite being a fictional spacecraft in the famous Star Wars franchise, the men swear by this 2011 discovery as their sonar readings detected an object 200 feet wide. The unidentified mass also affected electrical equipment as one eye-witness recounted: “Anything electric out there, and the satellite phone as well, stopped working when we were above the object. When we got away about 200 meters, it turned on again, and when we got back over the object it didn't work.
Baja California, Mexico: Just off the gulf of Baja California lies a speculated superhighway of UFO activity. Here large linear road-like networks span a length of seventy-sixth miles long, just forty-five miles from the coast of Mexico. An underwater city and alien portal are presumed to reside under these waters, as one online personality paralleled these lines to the Nazca outlines found in Pampa Colorada, Peru.
Malibu, California: Off the coast of sunny Southern California, sits a peculiar structure on the sea-bed floor. The strange structure sits 2,000 feat below the surface and is approximately three miles wide— but what’s strange is that it appears to be detached from the earth’s crust surrounding it; rather, the oval appears to be surrounded by a black outline.

5. Ancient Astronauts
In pseudoscience, the notion of ancient aliens renders a highly intelligent extraterrestrial presence which visited our planet and connected with early civilization. Theorists propose that this prehistoric contact paved a foundation for developing cultures, contemporary technologies, religions and even biology. These aliens of antiquity are thought to have even lived among us, sharing their intelligence and findings with the otherwise infantile earthlings of the time. As Sergio A. Tsoukalos, a historian from the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens suggests: “They landed, and knowledge spread.” These theories stem from prehistoric cave-drawings, spiritual relics and figurines, scripture, and classic legend and folklore. One widespread idea maintains that the deities and gods of mythology and various religion are of extraterrestrial origin, holding divine status and powers far removed from this earth. Did these prehistoric astronauts land and help spread their knowledge; if so, can we contribute our history to these mystifying Martians.

4. A Gateway to the Heavens
In Sanskrit, ‘Gateway to Heaven’ is the name of the modern municipal of Dwarka, a state in the north-western Indian region of Gujarat. The sacred city is known as the most coveted of the four sacred pilgrimage centers of Hinduism, and one of the seven most religious sites in the country. Within this modern dwelling is the link to the mythological city of Dvaraka— a settlement once ruled by Krishna, a major deity of Hinduism and revered by many as a Supreme God. As legend would have it, the sacred settlement was once an industrial powerhouse, prominent for its 9000 royal palaces crusted with silver, crystals and jewels. Boulevards spanned the city with marketplaces, assembly halls and temples. This primitive metropolis has been so imbedded into the minds of the devout, that its authenticity is not to be questioned. According to Hindu text, a grave battle broke out between Krishna and an evil king by the name of Salva— Dvarake was attacked by a flying machine with weaponry so advanced, alien theorists have raced to the battlefront. Due to the sophistication in technology and energy weapons like lightning, accounts deem incident a war in orbit.

Part 2 Coming Soon!

3 Triangle UFOs Fly By The International Space Station

On the 21st of February 2019 an astronaut on board of the international space station filmed 3 UFO's from the spacestation viewport. These 3 mysterious objects passed the international space station in a straight line. When we zoom in on these objects they seem to triangular in form. One seem to change into a butterfly formation. What's important is that these object flew by the international space station in matter of seconds. The mathematical possibility that 3 pieces of space debris fly by the ISS in a straight line and appear very similar is close to ZERO. We don't know what these objects are but we know that astronauts are capturing these UFO's on film all the time. Could it be that this is part of UFO disclosure?

Tucker vs. Bill Nye the Science Guy

Bill Nye has argued that climate change deniers suffer psychological delusions. Tucker takes him on in an unforgettable debate #Tucker

Top 20 Deep Sea Mysteries That Will Freak You Out

71% of the planet’s surface is covered in water. That’s a whole lot of space for secrets to hide. For this list, we’ll be looking at a variety of curious, compelling or even sinister deep sea discoveries and oceanic enigmas. Our list includes Julia Sound, Adam's Bridge, Australia’s Cannibal Shark, Colossal Squids, The Ruins of Dwarka, The Megalodon and more! Did YOUR favorite deep sea terror make the list? Let us know in the comments!

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My BIGGEST Flipbook EVER - The RETURN of Grumpy Cloud

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This is the longest flipbook I have ever made! The Return of Grumpy Cloud
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Robot Revolution | FULL LENGTH | MagellanTV

Roboticist Rodney Brooks has spent the past 24 years pursuing and perfecting machines to do the work of humans. Now, he is given five months by the US Government to build a robot from scratch with the simple brief that it be able to play a board game.

Here at MagellanTV it is our mission to bring you the finest documentaries from around the world. With over 2000 streaming titles ranging in subject from science and space to nature and history, we hope to broaden your mind by introducing you to a world of educational and entertaining content. We believe in the power of telling real stories that have defined the human experience and point the way to the future. We call it: Documentaries worth watching.

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Why Scientists Don't Freak Out About UFO Videos

Why Scientists Don't Freak Out About UFO Videos

UFO Trailer (2018)

Official UFO Movie Trailer 2018 | Subscribe ➤ | Ella Purnell Movie Trailer | Release: 4 Sep 2018 | More
Derek (Alex Sharp) a brilliant college student, haunted by a childhood UFO sighting, believes that mysterious sightings reported at multiple airports across the United States are UFO’s. With the help of his girlfriend, Natalie (Ella Purnell), and his advanced mathematics professor, Dr. Hendricks (Gillian Anderson), Derek races to unravel the mystery with FBI special agent Franklin Ahls (David Strathairn) on his heels.

UFO is the new science fiction movie by Ryan Eslinger, starring Ella Purnell, Alex Sharp and Gillian Anderson.

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Note | #UFO #Trailer courtesy of Sony Pictures Releasing. | All Rights Reserved. | #KinoCheck®

US Navy confirms multiple UFO videos are real| CCTV English

The US Navy has finally acknowledged footage purported to show UFOs hurtling through the air. And while officials said they don't know what the objects are, they're not indulging any hints either.

Bizarre Midair UFO Sighting Freaks Out Plane Passengers New York Post

NO intent on copyright infringement.

This is not the result of CGI. This is as real as it gets.
Denial of their existence is a result of experiencing Cognitive Dissonance.
The fact of their existence challenges ones paradigm, or core belief tenets.
That is okay because denying their existence does not mean they don't exist.



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