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Why Study Political Science?


Why Study Political Science?

Professor Peter Hill advises prospective students who are interested in Covenant's political science program.

Why Study Politics ? or Importance of Political Science

In this tutorial, we shall learn and understand Why Study Politics? OR what is the Importance of Political Science?

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what I wish I knew before picking my major (political science)

in today's video, I am going to be discussing all the things I wish I would have known before deciding to be a political science major

Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for watching!

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Video about why I picked political science:

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Why Major in Political Science?

Undecided about your college major? Why major in political science? What is political science? This filmed lecture was part of a 'Pizza and Politics' series lecture held at Duke University. To learn more about political science as a college major, visit the American Political Science Associate section dedicated to careers in the field -

To learn more about The National Political Science Honor Society, visit -
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Produced by Shaun King, Duke University Department of Political Science Multimedia Specialist

why I am majoring in political science

in today's video, I talk about my decision to major in political science

Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for watching!

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Top 10 Jobs For Political Science Majors! (High Paying)

Here are the Top Ten Jobs for political science majors! These are great high paying majors that you can get as a political science major. In this top ten you may find some jobs that you have not heard of yet. Political Science is one of the most common majors out there and there are a lot of job opportunities for political science majors.

Video Outline:
Job #10: 1:18
Job #9: 2:22
Job #8: 3:20
Job #7: 4:33
Job #6: 5:47
Job #5: 6:55
Job #4: 8:47
Job #3: 10:31
Job #2: 12:05
Job #1: 12:27

Comment Below: What are some other jobs for political science majors?

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Why study political philosophy?

What is the history of political philosophy, and what are the reasons for studying it?

Copyright 2016 Prof. Judith A. Swanson of the Boston University Department of Political Science. Production by Kindea Labs.

Should I Major in Political Science?

Are you considering majoring or minoring in political science? In this video I walk through some of the reasons why political science might be a good fit for you! Best advice I can give is to seek multiple opinions--talk to your advisor, faculty in the department, and current majors!

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Useful links:
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Is a Political Science Degree Worth It?

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Sources and further readings for jobs and college degrees: of labor statistics) center for educational statistics)
payscale(provides information on jobs and degrees)

Why Study Political Science with Reasons | Homework Minutes

Political science is the study of governmental systems and their relations with the neighboring countries. It helps us in understanding the law, politics, diplomatic, and governmental regulations. However, most of us don’t know much about the political and legal scenario. Therefore, to help you get a better knowledge of how the governmental systems, here are some reasons why study political science.

1. It helps you get a good hold of law and order as given in the constitution.
2. Political science introduces us to the wide-world activities going around us.
3. It develops research ability in us and improves our critical thinking.
4. Studying political science makes us aware of political dogmas.
5. Political science majors know well about governmental administration.
6. You’ll get a hinge on domestic and international relations.
7. Political science majors emerge out to great politicians and speakers.
8. It improves our perspective and clears our vision towards the world.

Hopefully, all these factors are enough to understand how studying political science benefits us. If you got any other query related to political science or a pending assignment to do; refer to our political science assignment help online.

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4 Reasons Why YOU Should Study Politics at University (TRUTHFUL)

If you're thinking of studying politics, or you're currently studying politics at university, this video can help! I explain how a politics degree at university can benefit you, when it comes to things like building skills, and getting jobs. I genuinely believe that my politics degree has helped me a ton, in various ways, and if used properly, it could be a fantastic university degree for you. Subscribe and turn the bell notifications on as I'm posting content every single week that is aimed to help you!

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Introduction to Political Science

What is political science? Why study political science? What are the major subdisciplines within the broad discipline of political science? What are some career options available to those who major or minor in political science? Why should political science interest you? How does it impact your life? How is political science relevant today? In this video (recorded on 11/23/2013), Professor Sukkary answers the questions above and briefly introduces the discipline of political science.

Below are some additional Political Science resources that I recommend:

Introductory books: and

Careers in Political Science: and

American Government: and

Comparative Politics: and

International Relations: and

Politics of the Middle East:


Dictionary of Political Science:

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Why study politics?

Associate Professor Douglas Hunt talks about why you should study political science

What is Political Science? What You Should Know, What Do We Study)

Hey guys! It's Liz, I'm a Filipina youtuber and I live in the Manila, Philippines. I vlog about my lifestyle, travels, and campus life. Today, I am starting a three-part college series! As you know, I am studying up political science and these are the things I've learned as a student, I hope this video is helpful for those who want to take up my course!


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What is Political Science?

Dr. Anna Rannou advises prospective students who are interested in Covenant's political science program.

Netflix Study Tips: Poli Sci 110 | Introduction to Applied Political Science | Netflix

The first rule of politics… there are no rules. Michael Kelly and Neve Campbell share some poli-tips to guarantee you pass the test.


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Netflix Study Tips: Poli Sci 110 | Introduction to Applied Political Science | Netflix

Why study Political Science at Carleton?

What are the advantages of studying at Carleton and in Ottawa? What will you learn? Who will teach you? What are the learning opportunities outside the classroom? How can you use your degree in Political Science once you graduate? Watch this video to find out more!

What is the Political Science Major?

The political science major at Notre Dame offers a full range of courses in American politics, international relations, comparative politics, and political theory. The political science major combines breadth and depth, providing structure with enough flexibility to allow students to tailor their choice of courses to help explore, discover, and develop their interests.


With 20 departments across the humanities, arts, and social sciences, the College of Arts and Letters is home to exceptional faculty and talented students who are studying what they love. It's an environment to ask big questions, read classic texts, and explore languages and cultures.

We're not just about learning through acquisition. We're about learning through exploration. Our undergraduate students travel the globe to research topics that fascinate them, then turn their observations into conclusions about the world.

Through the liberal arts, you learn to read deeply. Think about issues critically. Discuss topics thoughtfully. Write arguments persuasively. Contribute to projects creatively. And these abilities aren't just vital in the classroom—they're exactly what employers, graduate schools, and service organizations are looking for.

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First Things First: Why I Study Political Science | UConn

UConn students share what first inspired them to declare their current major.

#UConn #UConnNation

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Bruce Nesmith - Professor of Political Science - Why study political science?

Joan and Abbott Lipsky Professor of Political Science answers the question, Why study political science? He goes on to describe all of opportunities Coe political science students have had in a variety careers after graduation.



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