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Why This Is The Best Pellet Gun Under $200!!


BEST .22 Caliber AIR RIFLE Under $200? - Hunting / Camping / Survival Gun - FUN to SHOOT

Light, Accurate, Affordable and LETHAL is Why this GAMO Air Rifle is My Favorite Sub $200 Air Gun - GAMO Rifle (LINK) - (This is the UPGRADED MODEL)

First... Here's Air Guns Shown in this Video (See More .22s below):

Gamo Fusion MACH 1 .22 Caliber Air Rifle NEWER Version of Silent Stalker Whisper):

Gamo Whisper Silent Cat (Similar to the Silent Whisper Stalker):

Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrel Air Pistol:

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HERE Are LINKS to ALL the Gear Mentioned in this Video:

Ruger 10/22 Tactical Takedown .22 Caliber Rifle:

Browning Buck Mark Hunter .22 Caliber Pistol:

Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle:

Walther P-22 .22 Caliber Tactical Pistol:

Gamo Whisper Fusion .22 Caliber Air Rifle

Benjamin Trail NP Break Barrle Air Pistol:


David's Range TARGETS:

AR500 Steel Silhouette Target:

12 inch GONG Target:

8 inch Knock Down Plate Targets:

6 inch Knock Down Plate Targets:

Animal Silhouette Targets:


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Top 10 Best and Cheapest .22 Hunting Air Rifles April 2017

Hey guys Hunter Tom here, today I'm going to look at April's top ten best and cheapest .22 hunting air rifles. I will look at the top ten airguns in the US and the top 5 in Canada. Remember this is judged under my criteria of what I would consider a good budget friendly air rifle for small pest hunting. If you have any comments on these air rifles or if you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments bellow, thank you. Hope you enjoy.
Go to 8:21 for top 5 .22 hunting pellet guns in Canada in 2017
Pictures from:

Thomas Sassen

Crosman 2100 - $60 Gets You Shootin'!

CROSMAN 20% off COUPON!! Works on all Marauder Rifles (all calibers) and the Marauder Pistol.

I have secured a promotional deal with Crosman Corp. It will get you 20% off the Benjamin Marauder, Discovery, or Trail if buy directly from Crosman's website. Here's what you have to do. Click on the following link:

This link will register your discount with Crosman's promotional vendor, and you will immediately be directed to Crosman's official website. You must go through this link for the promotion to work.

Once there, add your gun to your cart. When you go to checkout, you will have the option to enter a promotional code. Enter the following:


BAM! DONE! You could get 20% off your gun.

Now, here's the strait dope. You get 20% off, and I get a small kick-back from Crosman - a sort of finders fee, I suppose. It will help me pay for lead, equipment, guns, and range fees. So, if you are looking to buy a Crosman/Benjamin gun, and would also like to support my work, please consider this offer.



The Crosman 2100 is a multi-pump pneumatic air rifle. It was known as the Crosman 766 when I was a kid. The gun is assemble in the United States, and is made from parts both foreign and domestic.

Purchasing Links (best prices I found).



Here are the Manufacturer's specs for the gun:
Power Source: Pneumatic pump action
Mechanism: Bolt Action
Caliber: .177
Ammunition: Airgun Pellet / Steel Shot BB
Magazine: 18 BB's
Reservoir: 200 BB's (located in the Pistol Grip)
Weight: 4lbs 3oz
Length: 39.75 in.
Barrel: 20.84 in. Rifled Steel
Rear Sight: Adjustable for windage and elevation
Front Sight: Fiber Optic
Safety: Cross Bolt
*Maximum Velocity: BB's up to 755fps. Pellets up to 725fps
Warranty: 1 year

*A NOTE ABOUT PERFORMANCE AND WARRANTY. Many factors affect velocity and accuracy, including ammunition type, size, and weight of projectile, lubrication, barrel condition, indoor/outdoor shooting and temperature. Best accuracy and performance are achieved at 33 feet or under. This airgun has been inspected and test-fired at the factory. Crosman products are quality constructed. We stand behind this product with a limited one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. See warranty provisions inside.

Cheap pellet gun vs. 150 dollar pellet gun


What pellet gun to buy?

We are a new YouTube channel and we need your support so we can keep on reviewing pellet guns you want to see-thanks from GunGear.tester

Ruger Impact .22 Spring Air. Best Air Rifle under $100.00 ? Part 1

Best Air Rifle under $100.00 ? Ruger Impact .22 Refubish from Airgun Depot for 89.99 with scope. Part one unpacking video

20 Budget Airsoft Guns For Under $200 - Airsoft Beginners Guide

20 Budget Airsoft Guns For Under $200 - Airsoft Beginners Guide

Booligan Airsoft’s review of the G&G Firehawk:

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Hatsan 125QE Sniper .22 Caliber Air Rifle - This Is Not A Toy!

Is the Hatsan 125QE Sniper .22 caliber air rifle a practical survival rifle? In this 1st look video we talk about why an airgun might be a good choice and take a quick look at what this air gun can do.

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Crossman Crusher Nitro Piston .22 cal Pellet Rifle

Crossman Crusher Nitro Piston .22 cal Pellet Rifle

$50 Pellet Gun From Walmart...Crosman "American Classic" Pistol


Best Budget .22 caliber air rifle

I no longer sell this product sorry!

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Airgun Calibers .177 or .22 Which one to choose?

Airgun Calibers .177 or .22 Which one to choose?

You want to purchase a new pellet rifle or pistol but your not sure which caliber to purchase?
In this video I talk about the pros and cons of each caliber to help you make a better decision when your making your next pellet gun purchase.

Video links:
Crosman 1377 Chrony Test:

Crosman 1322 Chrony Test:

Benjamin Discovery .22 Cal :

RWS 850 Air Rifle Review:

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