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Why do Armenian Names end with “IAN” ?


Armenian History, part 4 Origin of the names Armen- Armenia (continue)

Հայոց պատմություն‚ Արմեն-Արմենիա անունների առաջացումը‚ նախորդ հաղորդման շարունակությունը։

How to tell if your man is Armenian?

Its not about the last name, the proof is under the hood.

Armenian names , ''Hayki Serund'' NGO

''Hayki Serund '' eritasardakan hasarakakan kazmakerputyun

The Origin of the name "Armenia/Armani" -The Sons of Light

What Armenia means, where do Armenians come, origin of Armenian people, Sun God, Sun God AR, Sun Worshippers,Inoe European Sun God, Indo European Sun worshippers

Typical Armenian - Fun Facts About People in Armenia | Ani Manukyan

Fun Facts About Armenia and Armenians.

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In Defense of Armenian History and Language.

April 17, 2017

The history of Armenia Summarized

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The history of Armenia explained (Documentary)

Historical Dictionary of Armenia by Rouben Paul Adalian
Larousse Encyclopedia of Ancient and Medieval History
A History of Armenia by Vahan M. Kurkjian
Armenia: Art, Religion, and Trade in the Middle Ages
The Kingdom of Armenia: A History by M. Chahin

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-ian Meaning

Video shows what -ian means. From, related to, or like.. One from, belonging to, relating to, or like.. Having a certain profession.. -ian pronunciation. How to pronounce, definition by Wiktionary dictionary. -ian meaning. Powered by MaryTTS

Meaning Of The Name Ian

Meaning Of The Name Ian

Interesting facts about Armenian culture

Interesting facts about Armenian culture.

What's your name (Ian)

Interesting facts about the Armenian language

Interesting facts about the Armenian language.

Learn to speak Armenian: Greeting in Armenian

Useful vocabulary to this video:
բարի [bari] - good
լույս [lu:js] - light
առավոտ [aṙavòt]-morning
օր [or] - day
երեկո [jereko] - evening
գիշեր [giʃer]-night
վաղը[vaʁə] - tomorrow

How to say "Hello My Name is Daniel" in Armenian

barev dzez em anun Daniel em - Hello, my name is Daniel

Greek, Armenian & Albanian Language- Countries & Languages

Other Indo European Language Family:
voice samples
The translations are not 100% accurate.

Hellenic- Greek

The Untold History of the Armenians

What is the untold history of Armenia? One of the most downtrodden, yet at the same time, proud nations in the entirety of the post-Soviet/Southwest Asian/Eastern European sphere.

Today, we will discuss the history behind the Armenian nation, and how they have evolved in the past few thousand years, from one of the great superpowers of the ancient world, to the modestly-sized country we see today that still has quite an impressive international reach through it's culture and extensive diaspora.

Be sure to let me know your thoughts on the old Armenian Empire and the current state of affairs for the Armenian nation, and as always, thanks for watching!


This goes without saying, but no hate is intended towards those of Azeri or Turkish descent (I myself am part Azeri,) but facts are facts.

How to say " Thank You" in Armenian

shnorhakalutyun - thank you

How to say "What is your Name" in Armenian

What is your name? = Intch eh anounet?

1000 faces : Armenian People

Many thanks to all participants especially to those ones whose pictures I couldn't include in the video because of some technical difficulties.

PS Im not sure about the ethnic background of the girl 0:55. She had armenian name and surname, but later she deleted her FB profile.

Cool facts about Armenian language + Advice on learning to speak Armenian

Cool facts about Armenian language + Advice on learning to speak Armenian.



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