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This tutorial will teach you how to record IPTV on any Android-powered device, This can be of great help to record Sports or recording Movies or TV series, plus you can record news channels. This process works great on most Android TV Boxes, NVIDIA SHIELD, Mi Box, and 1st/2nd Generation Fire TV Boxes.

To follow this tutorial, you will need an :-
1 - Android device or Android BOX with free space to record
2- IPTV subscription that allows you to use their URL for setup purposes. IPTV service below tested on this so far..
1 - Arabic TV -
2 - Playersklub -
3 - OTTTV -
4 - KODI Solution -
5 - KODI Ace TV
more to be tested - leave comment below fo
leave comment on this video if you have tested this process on a different service

Replacing cable and satellite with an IPTV service is something that many people are doing, which saves lots of money. One big feature that has been missing is the ability to record IPTV on streaming devices.

Although many of us no longer require recorded television due to all of the on-demand content available, there are still times when this is needed. There are some broadcasts that are typically difficult to find through on-demand outlets such as sports, news shows, special events, and daily shows.

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Who are you, really? The puzzle of personality | Brian Little

What makes you, you? Psychologists like to talk about our traits, or defined characteristics that make us who we are. But Brian Little is more interested in moments when we transcend those traits — sometimes because our culture demands it of us, and sometimes because we demand it of ourselves. Join Little as he dissects the surprising differences between introverts and extroverts and explains why your personality may be more malleable than you think.

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
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3HRS Stunning Underwater Footage + Relaxing Music | French Polynesia, Indonesia 4K Upscale

NO MUSIC VERSION @ | Watch via On-Demand: | DOWNLOAD/DVD: | ABOUT THIS FILM: From the cinematographer: The footage for this film was shot over a period of some years in French Polynesia, Micronesia, Indonesia and East Timor. Unfortunately there are not that vibrant anymore today. Coral reefs have suffered from the rise of water temperature, rise in acidity, destructive fishing methods and severe storms caused by climate change. - Peter Schneider. Rainbow Reef Relaxation is a 3-hour long, sweeping yet majestic & vibrant underwater journey to the world's most beautiful lagoons, as captured by Nature Relaxation collaborator Peter Schneider (Underwatercam) paired with ambient underwater sounds and brand new ambient music by the Cynic Project. Filmed in High Definition several years ago, thanks to its age this film offers magical glimpses of an underwater world that is bursting with life, color, and beauty. Unfortunately, reefs today in most of the world are suffering from severe bleaching and so with this film we hope to raise awareness by showcasing the divine beauty that only pristine underwater reefs can present, in hopes that it will motivate the viewer to take action and help save them before its too late! (

More from Peter S:
We all know that nowadays! This gives us the privilege and also duty to change and rethink our role in nature. What we also know today is that everything is connected and we are all a part of Nature, yes we are nature. So we don’t have to save the world, but recognize it as family. What we do to the world, the world will give it back to us. Equally the good and the bad things, that is law. The good news in it is, is all up to you and me and everyone. You matter, I matter because we are all belonging to the same family. Now take a deep breath and join us for a dive beneath the waves.

MUSIC INFORMATION: Filmed by The Cynic Project ( by Alex Smith.

Watching Nature films has been clinically proven to boost mood and mental focus, while simultaneously treating high anxiety & blood pressure, insomnia, depression, drug addiction, & other health problems - without doctors or pills.** Learn more about how Nature heals at That's why our tagline is Replace Your Worries with Wonder!

From soaring over majestic mountaintops in Patagonia to swimming underwater with dolphins in Tahiti, the Nature Relaxation™ On-Demand Apps + Access is your ticket to experiencing the world's most famous and hidden natural wonders in 4K UHD &HD. Learn more at or on David Huting's website at

In case you wonder why I run ads on the videos, it's so that I can continue to develop better ways to bring Nature Relaxation™ into your world, allowing you to relax and connect with nature on demand - and benefit from reduced stress, blood pressure mental fog, and a more positive mood & mental outlook - just from simply watching. Isn't Nature amazing? To date I offer a super-simple and high quality web streaming service plus apps on SEVEN platforms - yes, that's a lucky number. TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT at or on the app store link below:

APP STORE LINKS (Free to download/try):
iOS App:
APPLETV: Search for Nature Relaxation on the Apple TV store

Designed for therapeutic relaxation in patient care settings, such as hospitals, high stress workplaces, nursing homes, and for individuals at home that love Nature and are seeking enhanced vitality through their digital devices. Learn more about Nature Relaxation at

Top 5 Coolest Looking Rocks ever Found

► New channel!
Nature can create some beautiful things! Today we're doing the top five coolest looking minerals ever found! Let me know whether you liked this video in the comments

*The videos used in this compilation qualify under fair use*
Video Attributions: RUBEN REYES, kozel opal, Cullen Wulf, Matthew Price, Lozen BrownBear, KingOfQuartz, Mineral Explorers, Seren Petrichor, WinWebWorks, cojomolo, Daniel Dantes, Ethiopiaopals, Maine Mining, Cross Jewelers, Mozambican Gems, Dominion Gems, Crystal Information, Caver461, Explore With Us, Opal Quest

The Top Fives channel brings you informational and entertaining top five videos from around the world. Join us and subscribe for more.

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Note: The videos featured on the Top Fives channel are for educational and informational purposes. If you have a good idea for a video, leave us a comment! We try to read each and every comment made.

Blogging How to write a blog post and add a photo gallery CJsAttic

Blogging How to write a blog post and add a photo gallery
• write a blog post
• add a featured image
• insert a photo gallery

Lec 1 | MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Fall 2008

Lecture 1: Goals of the course; what is computation; introduction to data types, operators, and variables
Instructors: Prof. Eric Grimson, Prof. John Guttag
View the complete course at:

License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
More information at
More courses at

Top 4 High-End Careers in 2018 (No Degree Required)

We explore the top 4 careers in 2018. All of these careers have the potential to earn 100k and have a ton of opportunities to work remote. Best of all, they don't require a degree.

Skillshare course on data science:

Skillshare course on web development:

Skillshare course on copywriting:

My recommended course on digital marketing (not on skillshare):

Process Engineer - A day in the life

A day in the life of a process engineer, Emma Brown.

Music by Scott Holmes
Happy Go Lucky -

T'as peur de parler en français ?

Dans cette vidéo, je réponds à plusieurs personnes qui m'ont parlé de leur peur de parler français. Je parle aussi de mon expérience quand je parle anglais et les différents sentiments que je peux éprouver.
Je parle aussi d'autres choses mais je ne vais pas tout vous dire ici, regardez ;)
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Panama part 6/10 - One hour 4K footage of the Gamboa wildlife

One hour extended footage in 4K of some of the birds and other wildlife of the beautiful country of Panama, filmed in the Gamboa region. Link to full 10 part series:

Species in this compilation:

- Green Iguana
- Yellow-Tailed Oriole
- Collared Aracari
- Black Vulture
- Southern Mealy Parrot
- Golden Crowned Spadebill

For licensing up to 4K: 1-800-208-3340 -

© The 4K Guy 2018

The secret US prisons you've never heard of before | Will Potter

Investigative journalist Will Potter is the only reporter who has been inside a Communications Management Unit, or CMU, within a US prison. These units were opened secretly, and radically alter how prisoners are treated — even preventing them from hugging their children. Potter, a TED Fellow, shows us who is imprisoned here, and how the government is trying to keep them hidden. The message was clear, he says. Don’t talk about this place. Find sources for this talk at

TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more.
Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at

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Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Camera Review! | The Tech Chap

Which has the best Camera? Huawei P20 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (S9+)? I compare Photos, Selfies & Video to find out which smartphone has the best camera. Buy S9+ US: | UK: - Buy P20 Pro | UK:

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ثـــورة الجواميـــس !! انها فرصـــة الانتقـــام!

للاشتراك بقناتنا الجديدة

صفحة القناة على الفايسبوك

ChuChu TV Alphabet Animals Song with Animal Names & Animal Sounds | Nursery Rhymes for Kids

ChuChu TV Animal Alphabets Song with Animal Names & Animal Sounds | Nursery Rhymes for Kids

Video: Copyright 2017 ChuChu TV® Studios
Music and Lyrics: Copyright 2017 ChuChu TV® Studios
ChuChu TV ®, Cutians ®, all the characters and logos
used are the registered trademarks of ChuChu TV Studios

Será Que O Curiosity Encontrou Vida Em Marte? - Space Today TV Ep.1065

O ano começou agitado em Marte para o rover Curiosity.

O rover se deparou com duas descobertas interessantes e que podem estar relacionadas com a vida no Planeta Vermelho, uma delas está chamando muito a atenção por conta das imagens, a outra é mais, digamos elusiva.

Vamos falar primeiro dessa mais elusiva.

O rover Curiosity recentemente mediu um novo pico de emissão de gás metano em Marte.

Mas o que o gás metano tem relacionado com a vida?

Bem, na Terra, as emissões de metano estão em grande maioria relacionadas com processos biológicos, embora processos geológicos também causem a emissão do gás.

Desde que pousou em Marte em 2012, nas ocasiões que fez essas medidas, o Curiosity notou que em alguns momentos existem picos da emissão desse gás, o que seria uma emissão sazonal.

Esse na verdade é o grande mistério em Marte relacionado ao metano, por que ele tem um pico sazonal, isso ninguém conseguiu responder ainda, mas a sonda TGO, a Trace Gas Orbiter da ESA está lá para isso, e daqui a pouco ela começa a fazer medidas que serão cruciais para esse entendimento.

Muito provavelmente a fonte de emissão do metano seja geológica, o gás pode ficar absorvido nos poros das rochas e de tempos em tempos ocorre essa emissão. Ou pode mesmo estar relacionado a processo biológicos, como na Terra onde micróbios são responsáveis por isso. E aí qual a sua opinião?

Para instigar mais ainda a questão sobre vida em Marte, o rover que está escalando o Monte Sharp, fez imagens muito interessantes, onde mostrou rochas em formas de pequenos tubos nos afloramentos em Marte.

Lógico, não podemos negar as imagens, olhando num primeiro momento elas lembram muito alguns fósseis encontrados na Terra, ou tubos deixados por certos animais que posteriormente são preenchidos por sedimento, resultado de um processo conhecido como bioturbação, ou seja, a perturbação biológica causada nas rochas.

Os tubos encontrados em Marte, são muito pequenos, de tamanho milimétrico.

E provavelmente não estão relacionados com alguma forma de vida.

A explicação geológica para a presença desses tubos é que a rocha poderia possuir algum tipo de cristal e esse cristal foi então retirado dali por algum tipo de processo como a percolação de água.

Pode ser também um tipo de mineralização que aconteceu na rocha, ou algum tipo de concreção que também são encontradas em rochas na Terra.

Óbvio que como pesquisadores nenhuma hipótese é descartada, eles estão fazendo mais análises para poder ter certeza do que sejam essas feições.

Se for uma bioturbação, por exemplo, seria espetacular, pois mostraria que algum tipo de vida bem mais evoluída do que simples bactérias estiveram presente em Marte.

Temos que aguardar as análises futuras e eu trarei aqui no canal.

O importante de tudo isso é o seguinte, o rover não tem esse nome do nada, o Curiosity, realmente a cada imagem que faz de Marte, a cada análise que faz do planeta vermelho desperta e muito a nossa curiosidade sobre o que está acontecendo com o nosso vizinho planetário.

Outra coisa importante, não acreditem em tudo que vocês leem por aí, essa semana já tivemos o caso do zuma, e agora essas imagens de Marte que tem muita gente afirmando com certeza que são tipos de vidas que foram ali encontradas. Tomem muito cuidado com as fake news e com a desinformação que ronda por aí, vão atrás das fontes, leiam as fontes das notícias, e leiam diferentes análises, para poder construir uma visão crítica sobre o assunto.

Mas que desperta a nossa curiosidade isso desperta.



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4600 Years Old Advanced City Mohenjo Daro.[HINDI]

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Hello Friends.
This Video Is About The 4600 Years Old Civilization Of Mohenjo Daro.
They Were So Advance In Their Lifestyle.

Pls Watch The Full Video To Know About Them. Its Very Intersting Guyzz.

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मानव इतिहास में दिए गए 10 सबसे क्रूर सजाए | Top 10 Most Dnagerous Punishments In Human History

New Discovery Of 6000 Years Old City In India.[HINDI]

Once Upon A Time India Was Vishwaguru | The Golden India | Every Indian Must Watch This Video.

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Town Where Half Of Its Residents Talks To Ghosts.[HINDI]


7 Biggest Mysterious Disappearances Events In Monster Bermuda Triangle[HINDI]

WARNING 18+] 7 Worlds Most Haunted Places[HINDI

India's Top 4 Mind Blowing Hackers[HINDI]

Lake That Turns Birds & Animals Into Stone.

The Femine Of Bengal

Mysterious BlackHole

7 Mysterious Places Of India Which Is Still a Mystery

Voice By.
Suraj Kumar
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Building Apps Without Code | Tara Reed | TEDxDetroit

As a non-technical founder, Tara Reed built Kollecto's app without writing a single line of code. Tara frequently blogs about how to 'build without code' and has inspired hundreds of non-technical to founders to launch their own apps, using what she calls a 'code-free toolkit'.

Tara Reed is a Detroit based entrepreneur & the CEO of fast-growing startup, Kollecto. Prior to launching Kollecto, Tara drove software marketing initiatives at Google, Foursquare, & Microsoft.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

The BEST Programming Language To Start With

I'm finally back from a couple of weeks of travel to talk about beginning your programming journey: Which programming language should you start with?

There's a lot of misinformation out there, so I want to clear things up once and for all.If you're in doubt, you should totally just pick python and start making things. You won't regret it.

Should I do more videos like this? What do you want to see?

How to Think like a Computer Scientist [Book]

This book covers so much and is really accessible

Udacity 101 - Intro to Computer Science [Online Course]

I seriously love udacity courses

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Joakim Karud - Vacation

How the Universe Works Season 3 Episode 6 | Weapons of Mass Extinction

Birds singing in paradise - 3 hrs flowing river, nightingale, robin & blackbird song - Nature sound

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Audiovisual experience by George Georgitzikis.
Crystal Clear Nature Sounds!


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