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World Record Archery Brown Bear


Standing Grizzly Bear with a recurve - Fred Eichler

When there's a grizzly bear standing and staring you down only 25 yards away, you better make your shot count. Fred makes two great shots with his recurve to take this big grizzly.

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Fred Eichler is a man of personal achievement. His passion for bowhunting has taken him all over the world in pursuit of his next adventure. Fred truly believes that any animal with a bow is a trophy. His personal quest to complete the North American Super Slam with a recurve bow reflects that state of mind. In mid August of 2009 Fred harvested a cow Tule Elk to become the first to take all 29 North American big game animals with a recurve bow and complete the Super Slam. Fred has been fortunate enough to share his love and enthusiasm of the sport with fellow bowhunters across the country through his television shows and personal appearances. If you ever run across Fred in the woods or at your local bow shop you’ll be greeted with a big smile and friendly handshake. Bowhunting is more than a passion for him, it’s a way of life.

RECORD BULL MOOSE Encounters GRIZZLY, enormous alaska trophy moose brown bears

Several coastal grizzlies eye a giant bull moose in full rut while looking for salmon. Katmai Coast, Alaska. Seen on bear viewing expedition: details visit

images and film by Naturalist Guide Brad Josephs
Brown bears, or coastal grizzlies, converge on streams during summer to feed on spawning salmon in Coastal Alaska. September is moose mating season, and bull moose grow huge antlers, and have elevated testosterone levels. Bull moose in rut are fearless as they search out female mates. Sometimes the shortest distance to a female moose is close to the bears, but bears rarely try to kill giant moose. A bear attacking a moose is risky, and they have plenty of salmon to eat. This moose is an exceptionally large bull, with flattened antlers, a huge spread, and massive bulk. This moose would be a trophy bull, but Hunting is outlawed in Katmai National Park, about 30 miles across the water from Kodiak, Alaska.
all bears in this video are alaska coastal brown bears, which is the smae species as a grizzly, but grow large on salmon and rich vegetation.
'Moose vs. Grizzly. Moose vs. brown bear. Alces. sarah palin moose hunter

Kodiak Bear Speed – How Fast Can a Kodiak Bear Run?

The Kodiak brown bear is the biggest bear in the world, and while a huge, full-grown Kodiak may seem like a slow, lumbersome beast as it casually saunters around the wilderness or along a salmon stream, these massive burins can also be astonishingly fast when they want to. Popular questions that people have about the speed of the mighty Kodiak bear include the following: “What’s the top speed of a Kodiak bear? Can you outrun a Kodiak bear? How fast can a Kodiak bear run? How fast can a Kodiak bear walk? This video will answer all of these questions and more.

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Yulia Lipnitskaya's Phenomenal Free Program - Team Figure Skating | Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics

Relive the amazing free program of Russia's 15 year old Yulia Lipnitskaya from the Team Figure Skating event at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games as she scores an incredible 141.51

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Hiker Records Video As Mama Bear And Cubs Follow Him Along Trail

A mother grizzly bear and her two cubs followed a hiker, and he kept his cell phone camera rolling during the entire encounter. Most people would be paralyzed by fear but not 74-year-old Geoffrey Glassner, who was visiting National Park in Alaska recently when the bears followed him. Glassner remained calm the whole time. He hoped the grizzly family would turn off the trail, but they just kept coming. The cubs wouldn't stop, and of course protective mother followed close behind.



Record Book Kodiak Brown Bear: Duane Dunham

May, 2012: Duane Dunham of Waupaca, Wisconsin, heads to Kodiak Island, Alaska, in search of a world record brown bear via muzzleloader. Duane used one Parker Productions .45 caliber 300 grain Match Hunter projectile. More information can be found at both and .

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Polar Bear Hunt 2019 (East Turnavick Island)

For me, this is the ultimate hunt, truly is a dream come true :)

Shipok Polar Bear Hunt 2015 -

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Alaskan Brown Bear Archery Hunt

Jay's Outdoor Magazine pro staffer Gus Congemi travels to Alaska to hunt a brown bear with his bow.

The 4 Largest Bears Ever Taken by Hunters

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The biggest bears have some things going for them. First, they have to live in near-perfect habitat; second, they need to grow old enough to reach peak size; and third, to become a world-record size, they must hit the DNA lottery. They need the right genetic code to grow to outsized proportions. Let’s look at the biggest bears of all four species that have been shot by hunters or found and entered into the Boone and Crockett Records. We can learn some things about where the largest of each of these species can be found.

700-Pound Black Bear Killed By Bow and Arrow, Setting New Record

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A 700-pound black bear (Ursus americanus) is the largest of its species to have been shot with a bow and arrow, says bow hunting group the Pope and Young Club. The killing took place on October 14, 2019, in Morris County, New Jersey, and is believed to be a world record. According to the orgnaization, a Special Panel of Judges in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, convened by the Pope and Young Club confirmed it as the largest bow-harvested black bear in North America on February 8, 2020. Its skull was measured at 23 5/16 inches, surpassing the previous record shot by Robert J. Shuttleworth Jr. in Mendocino County, California, on September 4th, 1993. Shuttleworth's bear skull was a fraction of an inch smaller at 23 3/16 inches.New Jersey, my home state, has its First-Ever World Record Animal! said hunter Jeff Melillos, who shot the bear, the Pope and Young Club report. Many years ago, I read an article in Outdoor Life Magazine stating that the New World Record Black Bear will most likely come from New Jersey. They were spot on, and I never doubted it for one second.I'm very grateful that I get to be a part of all this. Pursuing bears with bow and arrow is a passion of mine.Last year, New Jersey's Black Bear Season ran from October 14 to 19 and December 9 to 14, and was extended for another four days between December 18 and 21 because fewer than 20 percent of tagged bears were shot. According to the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife, 315 bears were killed in total, resulting in a harvesting rate of 15.3 percent. Bear hunting is a controversial hobby. While its supporters claim it is necessary to maintain balance and reduce human-bear conflict, critics say it is cruel and indiscriminate.This is not about sound science or a way of managing bears, it's about politics, Jeff Tittel, New Jersey Sierra Club Director, said of the hunts in 2010. According to the Associated Press, the hunt was reintroduced in New Jersey in 2003 when black bear populations were growing. Governor Phil Murphy promised to ban the practice during his campaign and has so far banned hunting on state lands, meaning the 2019 hunt was restricted to private lands. A petition is currently circulating, calling for the hunts to be stopped in their entirety. It states: Bears are, in fact, one of the natural world's most remarkable creatures; their conservation should be based on a foundation of inter-species respect, not an attitude of contempt.According to North American Bear Center, the black bear once existed across North America from Alaska in the northwest to Florida in the southeast. Today, it can be found through most of Canada and in 40 of the 50 states, but its range is more scattered than it was historically

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700-Pound Black Bear Killed By Bow and Arrow, Setting New Record:

This Man Broke WORLD RECORD - David Rush Has Broken World Record

This Man Broke WORLD RECORD - David Rush Has Broken World Record


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Alaska brown bear hunt

Alaska brown bear hunt

Fred Bear Special Event

The highly acclaimed documentary about one of the greatest hunters of our time; Fred Bear: Father of Bowhunting. Then, not seen in over 40 years, Fred's greatest hunt; Kodiak Country. *Begins Wednesday 9.25.13 7PM ET*

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Watch These Bears Walk on Hind Legs Entertaining Surprised Tourists

Check out these bears as they jump on their hind legs to shock some unsuspecting tourists. Visitors at the Everland Park in South Korea were entertained watching two bears stand up on their hind legs as they caught some treats in their mouth. One of the bears even continued to follow the bus while running, he looked just like a human as he walked along the bus.



With jaws powerful enough to crush a bowling ball, The Grizzly Bear is definitely a force of nature that commands respect. Luckily human encounters with them in the wild are rare due to their remote wilderness habitat… However make no mistake, they do happen and being prepared on how to react can mean the difference between life and death.

In this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote Peterson will show you first hand of what to do and NOT do in the event that you ever stumble upon one of these beautiful animals. He will do this using the aid of a 750lb male Grizzly Bear who is an ambassador for his species; helping people learn more about why these bears need to be respected and admired, not feared.

This is one episode that you have to see to believe – Coyote is going toe to claw with a Grizzly Bear!

*This video has won an Emmy Award in the teen/youth program category. Thanks to the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for this honor.

Breaking Trail leaves the map behind and follows adventurer and animal enthusiast Coyote Peterson and his crew as they explore a variety of wildlife in the most amazing environments throughout North America! 

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Grizzly charge on bow hunters

These guys definitely got their hearts mine started just watching...I gues the guide's muzzle blast was enough to make her change her mind.

Fred Bear Polar Bear Hunt!

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Archery Reflections #20 | Getting it Right

A training breakthrough, and recovery from a slump?

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