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World's Most Dangerous Roads - Philippines


World's Most Dangerous Roads - Philippines

The headhunters road Kalinga in filipino is aptly named even if the region's heads haven't been rolling for a long time. It said the spirits of the mountains still have a taste for them when it comes to cutting the road.
Christopher and his men face the same struggle against the mountain every day. Their job is to remove the thousands of cubic meters of rocks blocking the road in record time.
Further down the valley lies the town of Bontoc. It is neither Airport nor railway station, so the road is vital for its 15,000 inhabitants. If the Kalinga is blocked, the entire region is paralyzed and even the bone snake charms are powerless.
Bus 532 with 20 years of service is about to leave for one of the most dangerous roads in the Philippines: the Kalinga on the island of Luzon. It relays Bontoc to the regional capital of Tabuk to the north through the Cordillera mountains. A Tough road under construction for nearly a century, but which still resembles a track. It takes almost a day if all goes well to travel.

Top 5 most dangerous road in the Philippines

In this video we featured the top 5 most dangerous road in the Philippines

1. Commonwealth Avenue,
2. Kennon Road,
3. Sampaloc Road,
4. Halsema Highway,
5. Old Zigzag Road

The Halsema Highway in Cordillera Philippines // One of the most dangerous road in the world

Halsema Highway (also known as the Benguet–Mountain Province Road, Baguio–Bontoc Road or Mountain Trail) is a national secondary highway in the Philippines.

Situated within the Cordillera Central range in northern Luzon, it stretches from the city limit of Baguio to the municipality of Bontoc.Its highest point is at 7,400 feet (2,300 m) above sea level in the municipality of Atok.

It was officially recognized as the highest altitude highway in the Philippines until 2019 when the 2,428.66 m (7,968.0 ft) high point Kiangan–Tinoc–Buguias Road in Tinoc, Ifugao was recognized as the new holder of the distinction.

The 150-kilometre (93.2 mi) highway covers 95 kilometres (59 mi)of Benguet province and traverses eight of its municipalities (La Trinidad, Tublay, Atok, Bokod, Kabayan, Buguias, Bakun, and Mankayan).

It also covers four Mountain Province towns (Bauko, Sabangan, Bontoc, and Sagada).The road splits into two upon reaching the village of Dantay, in Bontoc. One road leads to downtown Bontoc, while the other leads to the town of Sagada, 29 kilometres (18.0 mi) farther from the junction.

The entire highway forms a component of the National Route 204 (N204) of the Philippine highway network.

Source: Wikipedia


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Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the Philippines

MUST WATCH: Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the Philippines


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188KM Ride Tacloban to San Ricardo Port // Passing the Most Dangerous road in the Philippines

The saddle road leading to Benit port in San Ricardo town is currently the region’s most dangerous road section.

The highway is tagged as a vital link that connects Eastern Visayas to Mindanao.

DPWH observed that more buses and rolling cargoes use the Benit port in San Ricardo town instead of nearby Liloan port considering the former’s proximity to Surigao.

The route is being serviced by Montenegro Shipping Lines Inc. using a roll-on roll-off vessel, which makes four round trips daily.
Sea travel from San Ricardo to Lipata port in Surigao del Norte takes an hour, way shorter compared to more than three hours of travel time through Liloan port.

San Ricardo is about 40 kilometers away from Liloan town, traversing a paved road.

Although Benit port is closer to Surigao, some motorists prefer to take the Liloan port despite irregular trips, considering the difficulty in maneuvering along the saddle road in Pintuyan town.

The road steep incline and blind curves besides deep cliff make the road section the most dangerous in Eastern Visayas.


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Halsema Highway | The Philippines' Most Dangerous Road

Halsema Highway is also one of the most dangerous roads in the world. It’s certainly the most dangerous road in the country.

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What this Video is About:
Halsema Highway | The Philippines' Most Dangerous Road
Halsema Highway is also one of the most dangerous roads in the world.
It’s certainly the most dangerous road in the country.

Deadliest Journeys - Philippines : When The Mountain Rumbles

Thousands make a perilous journey in the Philippines to see a saint in the hope of miracles. To complete the journey they must survive mudslides, ancient transport and deadly ravines. -

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DEATH ROAD after the massive Earthquake // One of the most dangerous roads in Philippines

It's dangerous, crazy but awesome and one of the most challenging experience to cross this dangerous road also called by locals as death road of the Philippines.

#DeathRoad #DangerousRoads

Work on the 22-kilometer Burauen-Albuera road has been completed, according to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Leyte 2nd Engineering District.

Leyte 2nd District Engineer Carlo G. Veloso announced the opening of the national road to refute criticisms that it is a “ghost” project.

Veloso said the road is six meters wide and runs from the Burauen town proper to Albuera.

The Albuera-Ormoc City section of the road is still under construction and needs more funds for its completion, he said.

The opening of the road cuts travel time from Tacloban City to Ormoc City via Burauen.


Dangerous highway in the Philippines - vpro Metropolis 2014

The Halsema Highway is one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Big stones tumble from the peaks onto the road. And along with the cloud forest comes mist that complicates Halsema Highways already dangerous conditions. No picnic for driver Dennis.

vpro Metropolis was a video project by Dutch broadcast organisation vpro, that ran from 2008 to 2015. Metropolis is made by a global collective of young filmmakers and TV producers, reporting on remarkable stories from their own country/city. We made a trip around the globe on one single issue: from local beauty ideals to Elvis impersonators, to what's it like being gay, or an outcast or a dog in different cultures.

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WORLD Most Dangerous Roads - PHILIPPINES is encluded

this is a video of the most dangerous roads in the world including the Bitukang Manok and Alhema road in the Philippines

Please watch: Romy Diaz May Mensahe para Kay Mystica


Best road on the Philippines (Roxas - San Jose - Pandan)


Halsema Highway was considered one of the most dangerous highways in the world and the highest point is about 7,400 ft above sea level!! Landslides, mud slides, and falling rocks are common along this road. Extreme foggy conditions and slippery roads during rainy season complicate the driving, turning the road even more dangerous. But the road has now improved, much more car friendly and the view is phenomenal! Make sure to always be careful in driving guys!

Banaue to Sagada roadtrip via Banaue-Bontoc Road -
Halsema Highway

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The world's most dangerous bus route ???? | Mountain: Life at the Extreme - BBC

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This Peruvian bus driver puts his life at risk to drive his passengers safely across a treacherous bus route.

Documentary series revealing the extraordinary animals and remarkable people who make a home on the iconic mountain ranges of the world - Rockies, Himalaya and Andes.

The Andes is the longest mountain range in the world and home to astonishing hidden worlds, extraordinary animals and remarkable people. A female puma and her three cubs hunt in the mountains of the frozen south. Spectacled bears search for water on scorched mountain forests, and the descendants of the Inca gather in an ancient ceremony to build a bridge made from woven grass. High in the cloud forest, a newly discovered shape-shifting frog baffles scientists with its superpowers and in the Atacama desert - the driest place in the world - strange reptiles battle for access to precious water. This is the mountain range of surprise and wonder.

Mountain: Life at the Extreme | Series 1 Episode 3 | BBC Two

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Sagada to Vigan ROADTRIP (Most Dangerous Road in the Philippines?) | Philippines Travel

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Our North Philippines roadtrip continues! Today we take in the incredible views of the Filipino Mountains as we drive down one of the most dangerous roads in the Philippines from Sagada to Vigan.

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Most Dangerous mountain roads In The World, Heavy Equipment Truck Skill Driving 2019, Dangerous trip

Most Dangerous mountain roads In The World, Heavy Equipment Truck Skill Driving 2019, Dangerous trip


Zigzag Road in Taal Caldera // One of the most dangerous saddle road in Philippines

The Tagaytay-Talisay Road is a very steep and challenging mountain road located on the Philippine island Luzon.

The road is paved with some concrete parts and runs north-south from the village of Tagaytay to Talisay. It’s 11.7km long with 10 hairpin turns and a few dangerous turns. It’s a difficult road.

High risk of rock slides. Along the way are a few natural viewpoints. The drive offers stunning views of Taal Lake, in the caldera of an active volcano. The drive is pretty steep. Starting from Talisay, at sea level, the elevation gain is 603 meters. The average gradient is 5.15%.


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Racing On The World's Most Dangerous Road: Kamaz Truck VS Rally Car

Kamaz Truck races a rally car on one of the world's most dangerous raods: the D-915 in Turkey.
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We're in Turkey, on the D-915, one of the Most dangerous roads in the world, with a Rally Car driven by five-time Turkish Rally Championship winner Yağız Avcı and the legendary Kamaz truck driven by pilot Dmitry Sotnikov - two-time Silk Way Rally champion.
Full blast on the endless bends and hairpins of that singular road.
The chrono is on, and at the end of the stage it's time to...
Change vehicle!
Built by Turks and Russians together in 1915, the terrifying hairpin bends on the foot of Soganli Mountain are seen as one of the toughest road challenges. But nothing's too big for the two drivers.
Who'll take the lead on that one?
Avcı revealed: It was quite a risky track that did justice to its notoriety. The track was quite dangerous, but also very exciting and competitive. It was a high-adrenaline challenge with plenty of tight and hairpin bends, pushing the limits of the car and tyres. Stones and rocks created fewer problems for it (Sotnikov's Kamaz - Master truck) than for me. Our exhilarating race was a nice contribution to the story of the road.

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World's Most Dangerous Roads?? | Adventure in Philippines | 2020

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The MOST DANGEROUS ROADS in the world!

From Brazil to China, Mat's back to share with you a list of the 13 most dangerous roads in the world! Working out the average deaths each year per ten miles, these are thirteen roads which you should definitely avoid, no matter what car you're driving! But can you guess which will come in at number one? And have you driven on any of them before?! Let us know in the comments below!

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????????10 Most Dangerous Roads In The Philippines You Should Know About It

Hello friends in this video i have talked about the most dangerous road in the Philippines and you should know these places before going there and use every safelty meassures i hope you all like this video ans dont forget to subscribe before leaving and comment any topic from philipines you want we will make that in next video Salamat po

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