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World's Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes |


WORST Engineering Mistakes In History!

Check out the worst engineering mistakes in history! This top 10 list of biggest architecture miscalculations and building disasters lead to some of the most epic engineering fails ever made!

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10. The Hubble Telescope
The Hubble Space telescope has changed the way that we see the Universe since its launch in 1990. It was one of the greatest technological achievements at the time, but things almost didn’t work out so well….and all because of a tiny miscalculation.

9. The Havilland Comet
Why are plane windows rounded you ask?? I’ll tell you! Following the second world war, the development of aircraft went into overdrive, with companies realizing the potential that faster commercial travel would offer. During the 1950’s a number of pilots lost their lives in the development of fast jet flight, but in 1952 the world’s first jet airliner was brought into service- the ‘de Havilland Comet’.

8. The Millennium Bridge
The year 2000 was a time when countries around the world felt like they should build something special to celebrate the occasion, but London’s Millennium bridge didn’t quite live up to expectations.

7. The Hindenburg
It was once thought that airships would be the best way to travel, but the infamous case of the Hindenburg kind of was a buzzkill on that idea, following a tragedy that happened due to a design error.

6. French Railway Cars
France’s railway network is one of the best in Europe, and it’s perfect for getting around the country. That’s why in 2014, the results of a 15 billion Euro investment into the Regional Express Trains was welcome news. When the new trains began being delivered, though, it soon became clear that a major mistake had been made- the trains were too wide for the platforms of more than 1,300 of the stations.

5. Big Ben
Does this look familiar? Big Ben is the bell that chimes near the Houses of Parliament in London, but it took its designers more than one attempt to get it right. The first bell cracked during testing in 1857, so it had to be melted down to be recast. The new bell was then lifted into position in 1859, but over the next three days, it also cracked.

4. Mizuho Securities
The financial world is full of stories of those who made it big, and lost it all. But one of the most costly mistakes of all time took place in 2005, when Mizuho Securities Co lost 27 billion yen, or 225 million dollars, on one trade.

3. The Laufenburg Bridge
The Laufenburg bridge was a much hailed project to connect the towns of Laufenburg in Germany with Laufenburg in Switzerland- two twin towns on the opposing banks of the Rhine river that relied on each other.

2. Mars Climate Orbiter
Since its discovery by Galileo in 1610, Mars has captivated people’s imagination! I mean, some people even want to live there!! We love researching Mars! It took hundreds of years to develop the technology to actually visit the red planet but finally, in 1971, Mariner 9 became the first probe to enter its orbit.

1. Ronald Wayne
Ronald Wayne was one of the three founders of Apple in 1976, alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but you’d be forgiven for not recognizing his name. The reason for this is that he sold his 10% stake in the company just 12 days later for 800 dollars.

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Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes

Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes.
Over the last few centuries human beings have produce some incredible examples of engineering masterpieces, from the pyramids to London's shard. However, as a species we haven't always got it right - in this video, we take a look at some of the world's most costly engineering mistakes, both in terms of financial and human cost. Hope you will enjoy it!

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13. Star Wars Merchandising
When George Lucas persuaded Fox to release his film Star Wars: A New Hope, the company was not entirely on board. In fact, they were convinced that the film would flop. It’s a miracle the movie was made in the first place! In order to save a little money, the studio came up with what they thought was a clever solution. They persuaded Lucas to pass on an additional $500,000 in directing fees. In exchange, Lucas kept all of the licensing and merchandising rights for himself.
The movie, however, turned out to be a major, culture-shifting hit. In 1978, more than 40 million Star Wars figures flew off the shelves, reaching a gross sale of more than $100 million. The notoriety and love for the movie only grew with time. It didn’t even matter if a new movie was coming out, the toys continued to sell. For example, in 2011, a year where there was no new Star Wars movie, Star Wars toys brought in more than $3 billion. No so good for Fox, but George Lucas became a billionaire!

12. Mars Climate Orbiter
In the late 1990s, NASA developed the Mars Climate Orbiter to study the climate on Mars (like its name suggests). The purpose of the orbiter was simple and no one really expected anything to go wrong. It’s also the general assumption that NASA checks and double-checks everything. Well, with the orbiter, something small but critical slipped through the cracks.
On Sept. 23, 1999, the Mars Climate Orbiter crashed into the red planet. Why? Because of math. Specifically, because of a conversion error in the math. One engineering team in charge of the orbiter used metric units. Since most of planet Earth uses metric, that probably didn’t appear to be a problem, except that the United States is one of a handful of countries still on the Imperial System. A second team of engineers used feet and inches and the math was not properly converted.
This caused the navigation in the orbiter to go a little awry. After nearly 10 months in space, the Mars Climate Orbiter came too close to the planet’s surface on the day it was supposed to enter Mars’ orbit. In a written statement, NASA said, “People sometimes make errors.” This error cost $125 million and countless hours of work.

11. The Millennium Bridge
The Millenium Bridge in London opened in June, 2000. The designers called it a “pure expression of engineering structure” and were extremely proud of their cool, sleek bridge that cost 18.2 million pounds. It was the first bridge to be built over the Thames in more than 100 years and around 80,000 people crossed it on its opening day. Unfortunately, it had to be closed right away.
Why? Because it wobbled. As more and more people started walking on the bridge, it started to sway. To keep their balance, people started planting their feet wide and walking in near perfect unison.
Engineers used “lateral suspension” in building the bridge. This innovation allows bridges to be built without tall supporting columns. When a large number of people walked on the bridge, it caused a phenomenon known as “Synchronous Lateral Excitation”. Essentially, it swayed and twisted in regular intervals. As people started to walk in unison to adapt to the movement of the bridge, it just made it worse! The engineers blamed the “synchronized footfall” for the failure of the bridge.
It was closed and engineers installed dampers and springs to absorb the shock of all the pedestrian feet. The repair cost another five million pounds. Today, the Millennium Bridge still carries the nickname of the Wobbly Bridge, even though it doesn’t wobble any more.

10. Destruction of 150-year-old guitar
Quentin Tarantino’s Western The Hateful Eight is famous for several reasons but I think one of the most important scenes is when Kurt Russell’s character breaks a guitar. There was nothing particularly special about the acting of that moment, it was all about the musical instrument.
In the movie, Jennifer Leigh’s character strums a guitar and everyone told her to be super careful with it. It turns out the guitar used in that shot was a 150-year-old rare guitar rented from the Martin Guitar Museum in Pennsylvania.
Russell’s character is like, give me that guitar! And he snatches it from her hands and smashes it on a post.

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World's Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes

World's Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes



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Wonder if these were actually mistakes or designed by few engineers having a great sense of humor.

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World funniest engineering mistakes

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Some funny mistakes of Engineers

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