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World's Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes |


World's Funniest Engineering Fails

These are 75 of the world's funniest & most EXTREME building & engineering fails ever! World's Dumbest Engineering Fails.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. - Albert Einstein

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WORST Engineering Mistakes In History!

Check out the worst engineering mistakes in history! This top 10 list of biggest architecture miscalculations and building disasters lead to some of the most epic engineering fails ever made!

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10. The Hubble Telescope
The Hubble Space telescope has changed the way that we see the Universe since its launch in 1990. It was one of the greatest technological achievements at the time, but things almost didn’t work out so well….and all because of a tiny miscalculation.

9. The Havilland Comet
Why are plane windows rounded you ask?? I’ll tell you! Following the second world war, the development of aircraft went into overdrive, with companies realizing the potential that faster commercial travel would offer. During the 1950’s a number of pilots lost their lives in the development of fast jet flight, but in 1952 the world’s first jet airliner was brought into service- the ‘de Havilland Comet’.

8. The Millennium Bridge
The year 2000 was a time when countries around the world felt like they should build something special to celebrate the occasion, but London’s Millennium bridge didn’t quite live up to expectations.

7. The Hindenburg
It was once thought that airships would be the best way to travel, but the infamous case of the Hindenburg kind of was a buzzkill on that idea, following a tragedy that happened due to a design error.

6. French Railway Cars
France’s railway network is one of the best in Europe, and it’s perfect for getting around the country. That’s why in 2014, the results of a 15 billion Euro investment into the Regional Express Trains was welcome news. When the new trains began being delivered, though, it soon became clear that a major mistake had been made- the trains were too wide for the platforms of more than 1,300 of the stations.

5. Big Ben
Does this look familiar? Big Ben is the bell that chimes near the Houses of Parliament in London, but it took its designers more than one attempt to get it right. The first bell cracked during testing in 1857, so it had to be melted down to be recast. The new bell was then lifted into position in 1859, but over the next three days, it also cracked.

4. Mizuho Securities
The financial world is full of stories of those who made it big, and lost it all. But one of the most costly mistakes of all time took place in 2005, when Mizuho Securities Co lost 27 billion yen, or 225 million dollars, on one trade.

3. The Laufenburg Bridge
The Laufenburg bridge was a much hailed project to connect the towns of Laufenburg in Germany with Laufenburg in Switzerland- two twin towns on the opposing banks of the Rhine river that relied on each other.

2. Mars Climate Orbiter
Since its discovery by Galileo in 1610, Mars has captivated people’s imagination! I mean, some people even want to live there!! We love researching Mars! It took hundreds of years to develop the technology to actually visit the red planet but finally, in 1971, Mariner 9 became the first probe to enter its orbit.

1. Ronald Wayne
Ronald Wayne was one of the three founders of Apple in 1976, alongside Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but you’d be forgiven for not recognizing his name. The reason for this is that he sold his 10% stake in the company just 12 days later for 800 dollars.

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World funniest engineering mistakes

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World's Most Funniest Engineering & Architectural Mistakes

World's Most Funniest Engineering & Architectural Mistakes

IDIOT Construction FAILS Compilation Dumb Engineering Mistakes | Building Fail

frameworks, libraries; design patterns; mobile strategies.

Worst Architecture Decision Award Goes To...

Worst Architecture Decision Award Goes To...

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World s Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes

construction fails

Some funny pictures of construction failures.

TOP 10 Accidents In Metal Industry ✅

10 Accidents In Metal Industry!
This Video talks about different kinds of risks that is associated in metal industry. So. that we can aware you about safety instructions.
As you know safety of workers or individuals are primary concern for TTI.


# 10 Slag Explosions
Slag or metal waste is the waste material that remains after Ore-Purification. And that won't be used in the metal processing.
Generally when metal impurities mix with water, for instance, a big explosion may occur.

#9 Electric Arc Furnaces
The electric arc furnaces have been substituting traditional furnaces in many steel plants worldwide.

#8 Boiler Explosion
Boilers are very important in the metal industry. They are defined as a closed pressure vessel where a fluid is heated by applying the resulting heat externally.

#7 Fires
One of the hazards to be considered in the metal industry is fire. Fire increases the possibilities for accidents to occur.

#6 Moisture
Water entry or just simple moisture in the boiler can produce bad results that could put at risk the worker’s live in the metal industry.

#5 Slag Dumping
We cannot consider the slag dumping as an accident, but the consequences of this action can be very negative. Slag or waste originate from ore smelting to purify metals.

#4 Steel Casting ladle break
Broadly speaking, the steel casting ladle is a tool used in the metal refining and casting. it is used to transport and pour the red hot metal. They are made of steel and have a refractory lining to withstand high temperatures.

#3 Molten Metal Splashes
One of the most common risks in metal smelting are the splashes of molten metal. It is in fact one of the points for risk prevention.

#2 Eruptions in Metal Casting Centres
A very risky event is the metal casting process. This process consists of pouring the smelted metal into a cast for it to become solid.

#1 Fire Loops or Cobble
this kind of accident can be lethal for workers who are near. The temperature of this kind of molten metal loops is extremely high.


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Engineering mistakes | world's funniest engineering fails

this video contains engineering mistakes and Engineering fails in different projects, designing Building Planning and road plan watching this funny building and construction and have fun

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Ugliest Design Mistakes Ever

You've made a mistake before right? Well these have to be the aboslute ugliest fails in design history! From airplanes with radar detection, that look like they've got a fat nose, to the smallest planes on earth! Even cars, and bridges are out of bounds!

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Did you ever see a prototype of a car, or a plane, and just instantly know that it was going to be a failure? Well, the people who designed these prototypes sure could use that skill.

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Well, when you’re part of the design team for a flying prototype, or for a new, innovative bridge, mistakes are definitely bound to happen. Unfortunately, its times like these when mistakes can land you in especially hot water. Design flaws in car, airplane, bridge, or architectural prototypes can have very costly consequences for the companies producing them, and for the people testing them. From flawed structural designs, to downright strange aesthetics, design failures can result in someone, or maybe even a whole team getting canned! Incidentally, many of the design failures we’re about to show look like they came straight out of a can! We’re kidding, but you’ll see what we mean. Join us as we open this can of worms, and take a look at some of the biggest design failures humankind has ever conceived!

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50+ World's Big Mistakes of Engineering-Great Funniest Engineering Fails-Biggest Engineering Fails

50+ World's Big Mistakes of Engineering, Great Funniest Engineering Fails in the world, The Biggest Engineering Mistakes & fails in 2016-2017

12 Engineering Mistakes That Turned Out Not to Be Fails

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Not every finished product resembles the blueprint it was based on. Sometimes mistakes are made. Sometimes plans have to be changed. Often, an engineer will finish creating something only to realize that there’s a big problem with their design - one that they never thought of before they started building! Sometimes a mistake like this will doom a construction project completely, but other times they’ll turn out to be happy little accidents - like all the incredible engineering calculations you’re about to see in this video!

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Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes| Epic Civil Engineering Fails

Do you want to take a dose of laughter? Just watch the hilarious mistakes made by civil engineers in construction projects and try not to laugh.
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World's Top 10 Funniest Engineering Mistakes

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World's Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes

World's Most Funniest Engineering Mistakes

Funniest Engineering Fails and Dumb Engineering Mistakes

Some builders should not be builders. They break more than they make. Here's a video of just some of those building fails.

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World's Funniest Engineering Fails

Who approved these blue prints? These are 57 of the world's funniest & most EXTREME building & engineering fails ever!

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50. At the corner of Auschwitz lane and holocaust road. How did no one see this in the blueprints?
49. In the event of an emergency, grab a crowbar or a torch and weld the bars off from around this hydrant. Good luck, you’re going to need it.
48. Duck! These stairs are for the vertically challenged individuals only.
47. We can stay at the second Best Western just to see what the inside of the room. Staying in the corner room non-smoking and by the hallway.
46. Your new office is right this way!
45. These condos come equipped with a workout facility, pool, and every unit comes with a balcony.
44. New improved ATM they are child proof and have the latest technology to keep your money secure. You cannot even see the numbers to punch in your own pin.
43. Child’s ATM, Is there no middle ground? It’s a small world after all.
42. Window access to the stairs.
41. The landscaping is through the roof in this home.
40. The landscaping is off the wall in this one.
39. It is a good thing they stopped there someone could have gotten hurt with no railing on the stairs.
38. Bridge by IKEA. Let’s make sure we read the instructions correctly. I’ll meet you halfway.
37. The menswear is up the stairs.
36. Is this what they mean when they say they have a half-flush toilet?
35. It’s the most fun you’ll never have again. I suppose every playground has a tunnel built on the ground by children leading to China.
34. They must feel walled inside. Think they could try and leave the window open?
33. There is plenty of room to build additional stairs. Seems up to code.
32. Looks about right parking should not be an issue living here.
31. A metaphor for life? Or Dr. Kevorkian kitchen?
30. Introducing the most exclusive club in town. Where’s the doorman?
29. Every employee must be sure to wash their hands five times before returning to work.
28. Stairs are coming soon. I may be able to reach this one.
27. Thank goodness for that handrail it’s the stairway to platform 9 ¾.
26. It is a handi-trap.
25. Don’t hit the wrong switch I suppose the projector needs to cool down.
24. Economy seats still cost $300 on StubHub.
23. Is this a team-building exercise?
22. You have arrived at your destination; please exit to the left. Is this the airport?
21. Stairs are for wussies! These stairs are even handi-capable.
20. Even the trees do not want to be here.
19. These stairs are spiraling out of control.
18. That is not how it is supposed to work.
17. Do we forget what that symbol means? Apparently you need to bring your own ramp.
16. Nice save, looks right, at least, someone is trying to keep up with the time.
15. Almost as bad as going into the stall and realizing after you go there is not toilet paper. Go ahead reach for it!
14. Narnia’s exit door. This secret room is a truly a secret.
13. Not the most comfortable seat around, but hey there is a beautiful ocean view.
12. Yes, seriously just build the stairs six feet to the left. Someone evidently followed instructions.
11. Ring your little bell now, Mr. Cyclist and see what happens. This appears to be an excellent place to put a large pole on the cement path.
10. It’s not stupid if it works, but how are you supposed to shut the door when you get in there stand on the toilet?
9. How’s that meant to work? Just open the door and jump after climbing over the railing.
8. This belongs in a skate park or a playground to be a slide, very x-treme.
7. Suck it in, guys or you will never get out this way.
6. Our bathrooms boast an intimate and friendly setting to help you relax while you use the bathroom.
5. Even more intimate and friendly.
4. The sidewalk is closed you need to make your own pathway.
3. World’s largest pay phone. Wonder what kind of money it takes? Pay phones still exist? Hang on.
2. I’m not a contractor, but I am reasonably sure that building is supposed to be in the middle of the highway. Detour!
1. All Employees must wash fingers only before returning to work. How did these ever make it past the blueprint stage? Someone needs to get fired!

Which one of these building blenders made you face palm? Leave a comment below! Dont forget to subscribe for more fun videos like this. Thanks for watching!



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