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You think (thought) you were free. Time to accept the REAL TRUTH they are blinding us from.

CAN YOU HANDLE THE TRUTH It's Time To Wake Up updated by anonymous galaxy

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We must revive the 2011 Anonymous plan before this world plummets too far into hell. Please join us and fight for freedom! First half of this video is credited to Anonymous Uploads. Check them out here:
Here’s the link to the original video by anonymous galaxy:


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W҉e҉ ҉ A҉r҉e҉ ҉ A҉n҉o҉n҉y҉m҉o҉u҉s҉
҉W҉e҉ ҉ A҉r҉e҉ ҉ L҉e҉g҉i҉o҉n҉
҉W҉e҉ ҉ D҉o҉ ҉ N҉o҉t҉ ҉ F҉o҉r҉g҉i҉v҉e҉
҉W҉e҉ ҉ d҉o҉ ҉ N҉o҉t҉ ҉ F҉o҉r҉g҉e҉t҉
҉W҉e҉ ҉ W҉i҉l҉l҉ ҉ A҉l҉w҉a҉y҉s҉ ҉ B҉e҉ ҉ U҉n҉i҉t҉e҉d҉,҉
҉A҉n҉d҉ ҉ C҉a҉n҉ ҉ N҉e҉v҉e҉r҉ ҉ B҉e҉ ҉ D҉i҉v҉i҉d҉e҉d҉!҉
҉E҉x҉p҉e҉c҉t҉ ҉ U҉s҉.҉.҉.҉

A hacker explains the best way to browse the internet anonymously

While it may seem difficult these days to remain anonymous online, it's not impossible. We spoke with Kevin Mitnick, author of The Art of Invisibility, who told us the one tool you should be using if you want to protect your identity.

Read more:


Joe Rogan Experience #1098 - Eddie Bravo

Eddie Bravo is an American Jiu-Jitsu instructor, musician, former UFC analyst, and is the founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu.


Every Karlie Kloss appearance in Casey Neistat's vlog until her latest one in 04/23/17.
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Disclaimer: *All credit and original content made by CASEY NEISTAT*
The man, the myth, the legend:

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#QANON - Why it’s NOT a Conspiracy Theory!

In our first video of #Qanon we provided evidence that proves that #Q is actually an elaborate plan generated by President #Trump and his team to relay uncensored information to the people by completely bypassing the #MainstreamMedia.

In this episode we cover how we are all in the crossfire of a massive battle between 2 sides. We go to work, pay our bills, attend school, have a social life (well maybe not everyone), raise our family, etc.

On one side we are told that all who believe in conspiracies are disrupting the peace and seem to have some mental disorders and need to come back to reality. The media reinstates this and tells us that anyone who thinks this way, should be avoided at all costs.

On the other side, we are being told that we are living inside a controlled environment where the very people who are saying we are crazy, are actually a part of an elaborate plot to control the American people. It is said, they tell us what to think, what to wear, what to listen to, what to watch, and that we are a slave to the system, which brings them a ton of money through our taxes, which is being used to fund programs that keeps us more in control.

Some say Qanon is breaking this cycle of being in this controlled environment and is revealing the truth to the American people in which the other side can't stand and is fearful of. So they are launching attacks against anyone who follows this.

In this episode we answer questions for people looking for answers to questions that you may have but can't seem to find answers to. Such as is this really a right-wing crazy conspiracy that the media says it is and why are they attacking him so much? And if he is he really a LARP why are so many people following him?

Also why is Q using 4Chan and 8Chan to communicate instead of the media? And If Qanon is real why is he posting anonymously and why hasn't anyone he is talking about being arrested?

On today's episode of Edge of Wonder we address all of these issues and questions and more on the Q Phenomena that has taken the world by storm.

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Q Anon for Beginners

In this video, I review the history of Qanon, explain the basic terms he uses and lay out some of Q's posts. My goal is to help you decide for yourself whether Q is worth your time.

My website:

Original Twitter thread with links:

Sinclair's script for stations

Spiritually Anonymous Message (Anon I mus) - We are Legion, ANONYMOUS

Dear Brothers and Sisters, now is the time to WAKE UP and embrace universal oneness on our planet. The great shift is upon us.

ANONYMOUS-UNMASKED- A Message From vIDiUs -Revelation

ANONYMOUS-UNMASKED- A Message From vIDiUs -Revelation

REVISED FOR BETTER SOUND QUALITY Greetings World, I am no longer behind a mask, my voice is no longer hidden and I will disclose my identity here in this world and what has come of me within this world. I am unmasking as this time to speak directly to you, the people of the world in hopes that you will hear the words I speak and not judge the person. It is however, important that you know who I have been so you might understand who it is that I have become. I am no longer of this world although I am still in it. I am by all accounts a very successful man but I did not become so by the typical paths followed by former colleagues, or others within similar circles I have worked within. I was a Senior Business Strategist at Microsoft, A Senior Vice President at Paramount Pictures, A manager of an Academy Award winning Actor, A film Producer, A Technologist in Crypto Currencies, A Cryptographer, A CEO Of an Israeli Intelligence Company, An Executive of a file sharing company battling the single largest copyright battle of our time and an Entrepreneur of Several other companies I either sold or folded. I have given testimony before the most powerful committees before both houses of congress and been involved in political information operations that with my good friend Andrew Breitbart in the disclosing of information that lead to Anthony Weiner resigning from his elected office. I was the last person to Speak to Andrew Breitbart before he was killed, I have been a target of shadow agents from within our governments leaders for capturing or disclosing the nefarious and even evil activities of corrupt and greedy leaders within this country and around the world. I was a family man married for almost 30 years to a beautiful a kind woman with 2 amazing daughters and 2 grandsons. I do not tell you this to boast or to have you exalt me in anyway whatsoever. I tell you of these things so that you will understand the gravity of what I am here to disclose to you today because of all the things I have just spoken, all of it is true an easily verifiable by simple searching my name. I have either advantage or disadvantage by having a name that no other man has on earth, so searching my name will yield only results of my life on this earth. My name allows no cloak behind others. All that I have spoken is not simply the truth, but it is also incomplete because all that I have done, aside from fathering my two daughters, is worthless and gone. All that I built established, accomplished, saved, or been a part is worthless for everything that you might think it valuable. I ask you to listen to the things that I have to say. I will never monetize any videos or seek any form of monetary compensation for what I do so that my motive remains unchanged, clean from corruption that so easily happens within a bankrupt world. All things of my past are dead and gone and only the things of a new shift in consciousness remain. One of truth and one of love.


You simply must share this series exposing the Entertainment & Military Industrial Complexes far & wide, it is absolutely revelatory. If you can, download the videos yourself, for cannot imagine them remaining available for long, they are that damning.

Tim Fitzgerald introduces the series thusly: The first nine videos are rather dry if you are an avid conspiracy researcher. The good stuff starts at about Part 10. Part 14, where ex-Illuminatus John Todd reveals that every record album produced has a spell cast on it by witches, is the most interesting video out of the entire series in my opinion. The rest reveal some very interesting, little-known facts and piece everything together.

The Hollywood Kabbalah Cult Unmasked
Wed 23 May 2012 01:16

By Timothy Fitzpatrick

If you ever wondered why the lives of Hollywood stars are so troubled but concluded the reason was nothing more than vanity, substance abuse, and too much money, think again.

Hollywood is ruled by a Kabbalistic cult—also known as the Illuminati—which is wreaking havoc in the lives those on the silver screen and in the music industry, according to blogger 101TheDestroyer in The Wake Up series.

TheDestroyer has created a series of videos shedding light on Hollywood's deep dark secret, and all the big names are implicated. MK Ultra mind control, ritual murder, witchcraft, Freemasonry, membership at the Kabbalah Centre, and selling one's soul to the devil are not the exception to the rule to making it in Hollywood but are actually prerequisites.

Anonymous-The Time To Awake Is Now-2018

Greetings Humanity of the World.

We are Anonymous.

My dearest family. It saddens Us to see so much in-justice that is in Our society, & in Our World. There is so much corruption, that when We see it, We are All not surprised, that We, are not even shocked by it, because it has become a routine. The future of Our World, depends on All of Us! Let Us explain what We mean by that!

All of Humanity, must realize, that All of Our children, are learning everything they see in the World. Like little computers, they absorb everything. By the time All of Our children reach their early teens, & You have not told or taught them what is right & what is wrong, & what they should really make a stand for, then the corporate paid system, will be happy to do that for You, But If You decide to keep your children in the corporate paid school system, then You must be extremely vigilant! Teaching truth to Our children is Our job! We have always stated that, the best way to educate your child, is through truth, believe Us, You are more than qualified to tell All of Our children the truth!

But what about the United States adults? All of Humanity must realize, that the majority of Our World leaders, which appear on the corporate paid & controlled main stream media television, are actors & actresses, the politicians, & the religious institutions, are the true problem to Our World. You know, the ones who are always on television acting like there is nothing wrong with Our World, but there is something definitely wrong with Our World, & the majority of Humanity knows this. These so called leaders, are more corrupt & deviant than anyone of Us! That is who All Our children will learn from, that is who they will imitate & listen too.

Let Us All not be like the saying. Monkey see, monkey do The majority of Humanity is guilty of that behavior. Humanity had moral principles that they have forgotten. Yes! The corrupt rich elites found a way to make You forget them! The television, is their best & most ultimate weapon! But it is Our responsibility, as an awaken human, to understand this, & shut the television off.

All of Humanity must start thinking for themselves. My Family, when will You wake up? If All of Humanity do not stand for what is right, & what Our moral principles are, then We will say to You, that You, have become corrupt & deviant yourselves. If Humanity does not stand up for righteousness, for justice, for equality, then what is the difference between the corrupt rich elites & You? If justice & equality does not matter to You, then Humanity are doomed as a species.

Remember brothers & sisters, the fate of Humanity, Is & will always be, in your hands. That responsibility is yours, & of the populous of the World. But We must clean up Our mess first that the corrupt elitists left for Us in Our mind, before We can say or complain to anyone else. Let Us All Unite, & Let Us All change the perception of Mankind!

We. Are. Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect Us.

Anonymous: The Matrix

Video by: Anon Safety

Official Music Video for 'The Matrix Has You' by ODD TV from the rap / hip hop album 'Never Sleep Again' (2017)

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Thank you for supporting my truth music. This will be the last video for Never Sleep Again. It's time to go to work on something else for 2018.

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There is a hidden agenda at play, same old bullshit but a different day
They’re tellin’ us lies and they’re getting’ away, deceiving the world and it isn’t okay
Get out my way ‘cause I’m shinin’ the light on these bastards with every chance that I get
Attempting to wake people up to this nonsense until the elite just can’t handle this shit
Sick of livin’ life in utter madness, so sick of them treating us like maggots
Look at text books taught in classes, Do some research, nothing matches
Then they start wavin’ their Hollywood wand, no sign of a brain because all of it’s gone
That’s where they wanted you at all along, stuff that you think you know, all of it’s wrong
These people stay lyin’, eventhough most ain’t buyin’
The mainstream manipulation but still they stay tryin’
Look what happened on 911, look what happened at sandy hook
These fancy crooks write lies as history in their fancy books

Welcome to your trauma based mind control, when will this shit end man, I don’t know
Until then there’s no place I won’t go – I’m tryin’ to wise up, rise up and fight the foe
& I don’t give a fuck if you call the cops, This is over to the dose and I’m not gon’ stop
Nobody in my life is gonna call the shots, unless it’s just me so it’s all or not
The way that they have us all livin’ is sad, humans are stupid, conditions are bad
I promise that you won’t be diggin’ the future, you’re gonna be missin’ the shit that you had
I don’t even know if we could ever even win, the only thing I’m sure of is I’ll never sleep again
If you think you know anything, then you better think again, you’re taking part in a story that might ever even end
Oh no! How can it be - This world is testin’ me
Won’t give up readily - This is my destiny
I won’t quit ‘til my heart stops tickin’, always searchin’ for the part that’s missin’
Seekin’ truth, I’m on a mission, I can see, I got that vision

In debt, your payments past due, your life just races past you
Wake up! The matrix has you – Wake up! The matrix has you
We are enslaved like cattle – Held back with chains and shackles
Wake up! The matrix has you – Wake up! The matrix has you

There is a hidden agenda and it’s hidden right out in plain sight
You can try your best to not let ‘em get ya, but the new world order’s ‘bout to take flight

Attention All Dormant Anons

There are still many Anons who aren't working hard to help improve this world or aren't working hard to help the defenseless. We need all Anons to wake up, help improve the Anonymous Nation, and work more to improve this amazing world. Please visit Anonymous Galaxy's channel and check out Galaxy's 2011 Anonymous Plan video and Time To Wake Up video.
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Skull Babylon: Neogonzo-Journalist of the Future
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Secret Anonymous Idea
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Q-Anon Revealed? Hillary Treason Charges? EMP Attack NK?

Lots of info and updates on the fight against the cabal! Just who is Q-Anon. Space X Satellite launch for EMP? Attack on Petrol dollar increasing. 7 shipping containers tracked for human trafficking. Only a matter of time now for Hillary. Beware January 31st.
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6 IRL Damages of False Prophet ‘Q anon’

Steemit Post w/ Links:

With all the blatant elite corruption being more exposed to the public than ever before in history, the people desperately needed a hero – and they got ‘Q anon’.

As more people are waking up to the fact that ‘Q anon’ is a mountain of lies, a lot of people are dismissing the whole thing to say “oh well, what harm?

I will tell you what harm.

I just got new info on how they were able to predict Trump tweets from the user ESOTERICshade on voat. Sorry. Disinformation is unnecessary, I know.

How they were doing the Twitter tricks:
They were pulling Trump's Tweets from this site about five minutes sooner than they would show up on Twitter.

Tweets will show up to the Tweeter immediately but sometimes it takes a couple of minutes for the server to take a Tweet site wide. They were grabbing the Tweets earlier than everybody else. That is how they knew there would be misspellings etc....

Twitter caught on to the scam and changed the code. Now they can't grab the Tweets early and that is why they suddenly stopped predicting Trump's Tweets. They lost the ability to continue the Twitter scam.





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