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a day in the life of a software engineer


A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer

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A day in the life of a software engineer. I worked really hard on this video and I hope y’all enjoy it! This is a fairly typical day in my life as a software engineer. I understand I may have glossed over a few things, so please, leave your questions below!

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I document and share my experiences on topics including computer science & software engineering. I'm a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time YouTuber. My less nerdy activities include fishing, hunting, surfing, and snowboarding. I'm just here to have some fun.

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a day in the life of a software engineer

… hi youtube

here’s my first video, giving you an inside look to a typical day in the life of me, a software engineer. hope you enjoy!

x, mayuko

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all footage was shot on an iPhone 7.

A Day In the Life of a Software Engineer Intern

Watch my newest video here!

Hey everyone!

This was basically my entire summer and I wanted to film an example of what it's like working as an intern as there aren't too many videos about that on YouTube.
Shout-outs to Mayuko/Joma/Jarvis and all the other software engineers who made day in the life of videos, I definitely was inspired by them!
Thank you so much for watching and let me know what other videos you'd like me to make in the comments below!

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a day in the life of a software engineer

A day in the life of a software engineer

This is a typical day in the life of me as I both work part time as a front end web developer and as I am studying Software Engineering in Sweden. Generally my days look like this. Hope you enjoy it!


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A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer in London

A day in the life of a software engineer. This is a typical day in my life as a software engineer in London. I did skip through some meetings though. This was my first ever vlog.

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A Day in the Life of a Software Engineering Student | ConU

I wanted to take you guys into my journey to give you a broad overview of what its like to study software engineering. As a second year student, I have many things I’d love to share with you video-graphically. Why do I say video-graphically? As some of my viewers know, I have been active on Instagram for the past year, documenting my journey as I become a software engineer and make my way into owning my own business. With all this being said, I think sharing those experiences through YouTube would definitely be a nice way of motivating people to accomplish their studies and goals.

About Me
/** ————————————————————— **/
How old am I?

Where was I born?
Valencia, Venezuela

Where do I live?
Montreal, Canada

Current year of Software Engineering?
2nd year out of 4 since Engineering is a 4 year degree.

Favourite Programming Language?

First programming language?

Current interest in software?
Web development (used to be iOS)

My biggest obsession?
Cars and football

Why did you start YouTube?
Throughout the year, my followers on Instagram wanted me to start a YouTube channel. Along the way, I fell in love with creating content and motivating people to achieve
their goals through my daily grind. I think YouTube is the perfect place to expand that and build on top of it.

How often will I post?
As often as I can, depending on how busy school and work gets.

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A day in the life of a software engineer and startup founder.

A typical day in the life of a software engineer and founder of a seed-funded startup in Toronto.


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A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer | New York City (WFH)

I work as a software engineer for a startup in Manhattan and today I decided to work from home. This is what a typical day is like for me if I work remotely. I love my company and I'm extremely lucky to be able to work remotely and do the things I do! This is my day as a software engineer working in New York City. A Day in the Life of a Software Engineer | New York City (WFH) i.e. Work From Home.

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#adayinthelife #softwareengineering #coding

A Day in the Life as a Software Engineer | Disney Intern Edition | LA

Check out my day as a software engineer intern with Disney.

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thanks for watching my first vid :)

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a day in the life of a software engineer in New York City

5 tips on studying programming :

Hi My name is Chris, and I am a software engineer in NYC!
This is a day in a life of a software engineer in new york city. I have been programming full time for the last year.

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A Day In The Life Of A Computer Software Engineer - Vlog

How To Get Internships At Top Tech Companies -

hey YouTube! I work as a software engineer and here's my typical day.

Thanks for joining!

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First Day of Work as a Software Engineer | Day in the Life

First Day of Work as a SOFTWARE ENGINEER! CHeeeeeeCk! Thank you for watching my first video on this channel. Let me know in the comments below what your first day of work looked like? 👀

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Title: First Day of Work as a Software Engineer | Day in the Life
Life As A Software Engineer Playlist:

Happy Coding! 😉

Days in the Life of a Facebook Software Engineer Intern

Hi erbody,

It's Bea and I wanted to share with you a day a couple days in the life of a software engineer intern! I couldn't show you most of Facebook but here's a glimpse (; . Also I do work guys lol

Bea is a computer science student at the University of British Columbia, and a professional software engineer intern (lol) who has interned at Twilio, Amazon, Twitter, Airbnb, and Facebook and is currently back in school. She loves to code and loves helping others!

instagram: @coderbea
twitter: @coderbea

Day in the Life of a Cybersecurity Student

Yet another day in the life of a cybersecurity student. I thought I would hop on the trend and document my day through this video. I already know... What windows?! You are cybersecurity... and to that I say, deal with it... I am a student...

Hope you enjoy the video!

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A Day in the Life of a Microsoft Intern - TheTechTwins

I (Mark) began my internship at Microsoft today! Here's a day in the life.

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First time here? Welcome!

We’re identical twins and Juniors at UC Berkeley double majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Business. Together, we’ve interned at Apple, Tesla, and Microsoft.

Our mission is to inform and inspire students to pursue a career in tech, and empower them to use it to help solve society’s biggest problems.


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A Day in the life of a Software Engineer at a Tech company

A Day in the life of a software engineer.

Highly requested video of a day in the life of a software engineer at a tech company in San Francisco, California. A few people have already done this video very well like Mayuko and Jarvis Johnson but here is my detailed story.

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Day in the life of a software developer.

A Day In The Life Of Silicon Valley Engineers

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Day in the Life of a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley 2019

Sup! This is a short video about a day in my life as a software engineer. Just for context, I recently graduated from college with a degree in computer science and recently started working in silicon valley. My days involve writing some code, eating, and working out. Hope you enjoy :)

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Thanks for watching. You da best.



#softwareengineer #computerscience #womenintech

Day in the Life of a Software Engineer | New York

Yet another look at an average day as a Software Engineer
living in New York
working full time in the Game Industry

Inspired by mayuko’s video:
and Jarvis:

Hope you enjoy!

Jon Lu


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All footage shot with Google Pixel XL


Erik Conover Video Blog Ep.251 WORKING AT GOOGLE! Internship
NOVEMBER 24th, 2015

Full Google HQ Tour vlog:



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